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<plasma41>Happy GNU Year!
<nyc>Happy GNU Year!
<kilobug>happy GNU year !
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<AlmuHS>happy new year!!
<AlmuHS>yesterday, I was testing the Debian GNU/Hurd's latest updates in my Thinkpad R60e and T60. It seems that the freezing when the NIC is up has disappeared
<AlmuHS>in T60 I have a strange package broken problem, I think I will need to reinstall. Where can I get a newer iso image? (2019 iso is buggy)
<AlmuHS>youpi: Where can I get a newer iso image than 2019?
<jrtc27>20190705 is still the latest
<azeem>pfft, it's been over 21 hours in 2020 already
<youpi>AlmuHS: see my mail on debian-hurd
<youpi>and see the site
<youpi>that's where you'd always have the latest information
<AlmuHS>youpi: what email? in what date this mail was sent?
<youpi>Subject: Re: Recent debian hurd fixes
<youpi>Date: Wed, 1 Jan 2020 19:55:24 +0100
<AlmuHS>oh, thanks. I found new images in
<AlmuHS>I go to test It in VM and in my Thinkpad
<AlmuHS>in virtualbox It seems runs well. Network configuration doesn't freeze. When installation will finish, I will validate It
<azeem>is anybody working on sem_init() etc. support?
<youpi>sem_init already works :)
<youpi>it's sem_open which doesn't exist yet
<youpi>I don't think anybody has started anythong
<azeem>ah ok, I just looked at the postgresql build log and it says: "FATAL: sem_init failed: Operation not supported"
<youpi>ideally it'd be along shared-memory mutexes
<youpi>ah, I guess it passes pshared=1
<youpi>so that's again the shared-memory issue
<azeem>if (sem_init(sem, 1, 1) < 0)
<youpi>normally the gnumach gsync support would allow to implement something
<AlmuHS>in latest image, there are little problems, but the system essentially runs well
<AlmuHS>in in the installer we say to add a mirror, this add the same debian-ports unreleased added by default
<AlmuHS>but there are another problem in repositories:
<youpi>unreleased doesn't work for deb-src yes
<AlmuHS>and deb-src is debian, not debian-ports
<AlmuHS>It might be "deb-src unstable main"
<youpi>that'd have to be fixed in apt-setup
<AlmuHS>and, there are an error which says "getty[]: bad syntax". what is this?
<youpi>see my latest commit on the debian hurd repo
<youpi>drop the --noclear from /etc/inittab
<AlmuHS>where is debian-hurd repo?
<youpi>debcheckout hurd
<AlmuHS>is this a command?
<AlmuHS>debcheckout: command not found :/
<youpi>apt-file search debcheckout
<AlmuHS>wait. updating apt-file cache...
<AlmuHS>devscripts is the package, I think
<AlmuHS>ok. clonning repository using "debcheckout hurd"
<AlmuHS>excuse me the delay, my internet connection is slow :(
<AlmuHS>ok: removing --noclear getty doesn't shows the error