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<gnu_srs1>Seems to be a problem with the dynamically linked files: (13:13:52) srs: file mount/bin/ld: ... interpreter /tools/lib/, for GNU/Hurd 0.0.0, ...: Any ideas?
***Server sets mode: +nt
<gnu_srs1>How do I access Hurd the old way with the login: prompt and an empty password? login root <enter> and Password:<enter> fails
<gnu_srs1><I can access all files offline via Linux>
<gnu_srs1>login: Authentication failure: Invalid argument
<gnu_srs1>Wow: A completely cross-built Hurd booted successfully :) ;) :D
<Gooberpatrol66>there are working scripts for cross-compiling hurd on z3ntu's github
<gnu_srs1>I have rewritten most of flavios scripts by now, including download, bootstrap, compile and create-image. (sigh, a lot of effort) Have not checked z3ntu's scripts recently though.
<gnu_srs1>Will upload them to savannah soon.
<gnu_srs1>And: gcc-9.2.0, glibc-2.30, hurd, gnumach, mig from git, latest versions of bash, binutils, coreutils, e2fsprogs, flex, grub, sed, shadow, util-linux, nano, ...