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<AlmuHS>hi. How can I clone a savannah repo as member? When I try to do "git clone" as member, It reject my password
<AlmuHS>I did "git clone". Then, I add the fingerprint, and git ask me the password. But, when I write the password, Git reject It
<AlmuHS>"Permission denied, please try again."
<AlmuHS>how can I solve this?
<youpi>AlmuHS: git clone
<AlmuHS>youpi: same problem
<alextee[m]>AlmuHS: didn't you upload your ssh key to savannah? iirc it doesn't ask you for a password
<alextee[m]>i only used non-gnu though so not sure if it's different
<AlmuHS>mmm... I think I didn't upload It
<AlmuHS>where is my ssh key?
<AlmuHS>ok, I'm reading
<AlmuHS>I don't know how create my ssh ley
<alextee[m]>AlmuHS: ssh-keygen
<alextee[m]>that will create ~/.ssh/id_rsa and ~/.ssh/ by default
<alextee[m]>you're supposed to upload your public key ( to savannah iirc
<AlmuHS>yes, but, when I want to upload this key to savannah, have I to replace the domain?
<AlmuHS>I'm tring to put my key here:
<alextee[m]>what do you mean by "replace the domain"?
<AlmuHS>ssh-keygen add this user and domain to my key "almu@debian"
<AlmuHS>has I to replace this to "" ?
<alextee[m]>ah that's irrelevant. it's like a comment so it doesnt matter what that is
<AlmuHS>how can I upload my key to savannah iirc?
<alextee[m]>iirc= if i recall correctly. i don't remember, sorry. i don't use a savannah account at the moment
<alextee[m]>but when i did i just uploaded my key somewhere in my account and then git worked
<alextee[m]>there should be a savannah manual somewhere that explains this
<AlmuHS>ok, XD
<AlmuHS>alextee[m]: finally, I've just get to add my ssh key to savannah
<AlmuHS>now I can "git clone" as member without problem
<alextee[m]>did it work?
<AlmuHS>yes. I was copying the ssh "summary" key, not the fully key from
<AlmuHS>I copied the entire key from the file, and now It works
<AlmuHS>4 years after, I can upload my source code to my gac repository :-)
<alextee[m]>lol yeah just cat it and copy paste
<AlmuHS>my repo:
<AlmuHS>(spanish code, sorry. It's an old project)