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<gnu_srs1>youpi: Is there some way to see built packages at -ports. does not. Are the -ports built packages included in the graphs?
<youpi>gnu_srs1: by "packages at -ports", you mean "packages in unreleased" ?
<youpi>the sid packages in the ports archive do appear on
<youpi>the unreleased packages don't, I don't think stats are done for them
<youpi>anything about ports would normally be referenced from
<gnu_srs1>So the build stats are only referring to packages in sid. Is there any method to include the unreleased ones?
<youpi>I don't know
<youpi>I'm not admin of these
<gnu_srs1>Additionally, when building packages in unreleased you close bugs, but they are not officially closed in sid.
<youpi>we already discussed that
<gnu_srs1>I don't remember you answering.
<youpi>jrtc27 answered
<youpi>17:53:23) jrtc27: unreleased isn't tracked by the BTS
<youpi>and I answered before
<youpi>(19:36:12) Samuel Thibault: gnu_srs1: yes, because they're not done: the main archive doesn't contain the fixes
<gnu_srs1>I just scrolled back and did not find your reply. I must have been offline then.
<gnu_srs1>What happened to the irc-logs?
<gnu_srs1>(17:55:11) srs: So what's the idea of flagging bugs as closed then?
<gnu_srs1>(17:56:20) srs: It would be better to make an NMU of the package in question, or??
<youpi>why bothering with an NMU?
<gnu_srs1>Why not?
<youpi>it takes time
<youpi>so why doing it?
<youpi>gnu_srs1: could you build-test and submit a patch to backport the semaphore timing fix to gcc-9?
<youpi>perhaps golang packages will not actually need that fix to build fine, but probably better have it
<gnu_srs1>building gcc-9 with the sem_timedwait fix (and the sigaltstack fix in glibc-2.29)
<gnu_srs1>I see that you are now building golang packages, exciting :D
<youpi>buildds are, not me :)
<gnu_srs1>of course, but you enabled the builds right?
<youpi>I gave back what uses sigaltstack and failed, yes
<youpi>that's not only golang packages
<youpi>gnu_srs1: golang-goprotobuf seems to need to investigation
<gnu_srs1>youpi: Sorry to disappoint you: About the same number of libgo tests fails. The sem_timedwait did not seem to change anything.
<gnu_srs1>However, two SIGSEGV failures have now disappeared, but still fails, probably due to the gcc fix of sigaltstack.
<gnu_srs1>Most tests fails due to timeouts (I have increased the value several times, no change)
<youpi>gnu_srs1: that the test don't sigsegvs any more means progress :)
<gnu_srs1>Agreed :)