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<gnu_srs1>youpi: I always suspected something was wrong with the timing on the Hurd patches. Thanks for finding out. Do the libgo tests show less failures now?
<youpi>I don't know, gcc hasn't finished building yet
<gnu_srs1>youpi: Problem with 10-20191208-1 is that the commit by Ian is not yet included.
<alextee[m]>why does this not work? qemu-system-i386 -m 4096 -boot d -smp 3 -net nic -net user -hda debian-hurd-20190705.img
<alextee[m]>maybe it needs kvm
<gnu_srs1>alextee[m]: I don't think -smp 3 is supported. And you should add -enable-kvm yes.
<gnu_srs1>I use -net nic,model=e1000
<alextee[m]>having problems enabling kvm on my guix atm :/ will try another time
<youpi>alextee[m]: pasting the error message would help a lot to get any idea what is going wrong
<alextee[m]>youpi: it just says failed to boot from hard drive
<youpi>drop -boot d
<youpi>you only have a disk, you you need to let it boot the disk
<youpi>(i.e. -boot c, the default)
<alextee[m]>that didnt make a difference
<alextee[m]>youpi: sry it actually says : booting from hard disk, error: unknown file system, entering rescue mode
<youpi>alextee[m]: how did you get debian-hurd-20190705.img exactly?
<youpi>to check that it's correct, you can run md5sum debian-hurd-20190705.img
<youpi>it should be 86ced8b0a5ee7e97915e441e37ab07f4
<alextee[m]>hmm it's not, maybe my download was broken
<alextee[m]>let me try again, thanks
<alextee[m]>i got it from here
<youpi>yes, but the question is how exactly :)
<youpi>(which tool to download, which command to unpack it, etc.)
<alextee[m]>im a simpleton, i just download from icecat
<alextee[m]>and extract with gnome right click lol
<alextee[m]>i downloaded the .tar.xz before
<alextee[m]>going for this now:
<jrtc27>% curl -L '' | xzcat | tar -xO debian-hurd-20190705.img | md5sum -
<jrtc27>86ced8b0a5ee7e97915e441e37ab07f4 -
<jrtc27>should have worked before...
<alextee[m]>ok sum is correct now
<alextee[m]>what's the login/pw?
<alextee[m]>can't find it here
<alextee[m]>oh root with no pw w orked
<alextee[m]>also found demo in /home/
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