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<alextee[m]>does this work with a USB?
<damo22>alextee[m]: hurd has no USB support currently
<alextee[m]>oh damn
<alextee[m]>thankfully i have a USB CD-ROM so i can try that
<damo22>probably wont work
<damo22>boot hurd in qemu
<alextee[m]>ok thats probably the best choice
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<paulusasol>Regarding the mercurial test failure & pflocal:
<paulusasol>I have created a test program which results in ECONNRESET on both LInux and OpenBSD
<paulusasol>It is at and tries to mimic the failing test
<youpi>paulusasol: oh, that's a peculiar one
<damo22>youpi: im working with netbsd devs, he added softfloat support to the kernel so i can add a floating point calculation to the audio stack
<damo22>to compute a DLL sync'd buffer position
<youpi>softfloat? rump can use hardfloat
<damo22>yeah but to upstream this, he wants it to work on any machine with no fpu even
<damo22>its a fairly cheap computation, i dont think it needs to be hardfloat
<damo22>its a couple of * / + -
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