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<jack_rip_vim>anyone who can share a docment and a complier tool for complier a GNU hurd distro
<jack_rip_vim>lol, I think I should use debain hurd first lol
<damo22>youpi: i think i worked out why rumpdisk is failing... pci_conf_read() and pci_conf_write() in libhurduser RPC name collision with rump api
<damo22>i never tested it before because i was not using pci-arbiter and was not testing that code path
<damo22>i dont know how to resolve it, do we rename the RPC in glibc?
<damo22>why is libhurduser part of glibc instead of in hurd repo
<youpi>gnu_srs: I added you in Cc of the gcc bug tracker entry for the libgo build failure
<youpi>(in gcc 10)
<gnu_srs>Thanks, I just saw that the build failed. I'll take a look.
<gnu_srs>Is Savannah down or attacked by a DDoS?
<gnu_srs>wow: emacs 1:26.3+1-1 built, nice :) Suddenly it built, just out of the blue??
<youpi>I just tried to build it on my VM, it went fine, so I uploaded it
<gnu_srs>tks ;)
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