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<damo22>gnu_srs: i have been at work all day, just got home
<damo22>my contributions are quite small compared to what has already been done. I am motivated by having a hurd system to run Ardour
<damo22>on native hw
<damo22>with a decent audio stack
<damo22>im curious to see if i can get more reliable performance on hurd than on linux
<damo22>there seems to be a bug in pci-userspace preventing rumpdisk from probing AHCI
<damo22>because i am using the "detect" patch on top of 0.16
<damo22>for libpciaccess
<damo22>i know i am using the pci-arbiter
<damo22>or theres a bug in libpciaccess
<damo22>huh my pci-arbiter does not have libpciaccess as a ldd dependency
<damo22>im on hurd 0.9.git20191029-3 is that the latest youpi?
<damo22>i cant test rumpdisk accurately unless i replace pci-arbiter with one that dynamically links to libpciaccess
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<damo22>AHA! pci_conf_read() and pci_conf_write() are duplicate symbols in rump and libpciaccess
<damo22>libhurduser ? maybe
<damo22>crap i need to rebuild glibc
<gnu_srs>youpi: Instead of copying files from /tools to / when building a cross-image would it be better to use a chroot or even a subhurd?
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<gnu_srs>youpi: ^^
<youpi>gnu_srs: I don't know enough of your situation to be able to answer something