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<gnu_srs1>youpi: I think the cross-hurd scripts should be hosted somewhere, e.g. savannah. WDYT?
<gnu_srs1>Even if the built image does not boot, they are usable. Next I'll create packages for Guix bootstrap.
<gnu_srs1>We could even port some software that needs self-bootstrap, e.g. fpc, rust?
<damo22>gnu_srs1: what is the goal of cross-hurd?
<damo22>im trying to get all drivers out of gnumach, thats my goal currently
<gnu_srs1>It is usable for e.g building software not yet ported to Hurd: fpc, rustc.
<gnu_srs1>It is also usable for creating bootstrap binaries for Guix on Hurd.
<gnu_srs1>Of course this can also be made natively, but anyway.
<damo22>gnu_srs1: has anyone tried porting hurd to x86_64 native?
<damo22>i feel like that would be a very useful thing to do
<gnu_srs1>damo22: You are doing vary important stuff. Your work can lead to more people running Hurd on real HW.
<damo22>yeah i hope so
<gnu_srs1>If only the work of multicore could be completed.
<damo22>i need to finish rumpdisk, then take a look at APIC again
<gnu_srs1>Then the list would be shorter: 64-bit, audio (ongoing), USB, etc??
<damo22>i think usb already works, but no one has tested it
<damo22>i think we can just link umass driver to the rumpdisk binary and it should give usb disk support
<damo22>but i havent had time to try
<gnu_srs1>Dunno anything about porting Hurd to x86_64 native.
<gnu_srs1>"umass driver"?
<damo22>yeah, netbsd's usb mass storage
<gnu_srs1>ok :)
<damo22>but i need to chase down this pci bug first
<gnu_srs1>Maybe rumpdisk can be used for network too? Retiring netdde!
<damo22>im not sure if we need to
<damo22>but its possible
<damo22>rumpnet :P
<gnu_srs1>Cleaning out all linux code from gnumach and hurd, replacing it with lwip, rumpdisk, rumpnet? would be a very, very nice achievement.
<gnu_srs1>And of course making Hurd GPLv3 ;)
<gnu_srs1>Another usage of the cross-built Hurd (when booting) is to make distributions other than Debian, like Arch Hurd that existed some years ago.
<z3ntu>I hear Arch Hurd ;)
<gnu_srs>z3ntu: Hi, maybe you could help debugging why the cross-built Hurd image does not boot hanging on runscript. When that image boots, I think installing other packages would be rather easy.
<gnu_srs>All cross-built packages are the latest, e.g. hurd/gnumach from git, gcc-9.2.0, glibc-2.30 etc.
<z3ntu>gnu_srs: interesting that you got glibc to compile, it always fails with some floating point errors for me
<z3ntu>At the end of October I made a working image with cross-hurd, see
<gnu_srs>I based the cross-compile on Flavio Cruz work:
<z3ntu>my repo is also a fork from his repo
<z3ntu>Those scripts set up translators the first time really early in the boot process (the SETUP file in the repo)
<gnu_srs>I did a major rework of these scripts and have now all prepared, but the runsystem file fails to run properly when booting.
<gnu_srs>Any help (and hosting) would be appreciated.
<gnu_srs>youpi: You are not interested in hosting? If not I'll find some other host :(
<gnu_srs>For me next would be to create the needed tarballs for Guix bootstrap. The current ones are broken...
<z3ntu>link to your modified scripts?
<youpi>gnu_srs: hosting what?
<youpi>really, you have to work on your way of asking questions
<youpi>"you are not interested in [foo]"
<youpi>is really not a way to ask for something
<gnu_srs>I asked for hosting of the cross-hurd scripts: (08:57:38 AM) gnu_srs1: youpi: I think the cross-hurd scripts should be hosted somewhere, e.g. savannah. WDYT?
<gnu_srs>And you were logged in at that time
<gnu_srs>Maybe you don't scroll back?
<z3ntu>gnu_srs: just upload them to any random git host, I can't help you if I don't know what you're doing
<gnu_srs>OK, I'd not use github though. Maybe gitlab.
<gnu_srs>Sorry, the comment about scrolling back was to youpi, not you.
<youpi>gnu_srs1: my computer crashed this morning, I didn't get to read the irc backlog
<youpi>xorg doesn't like multiple screen + xlock
<youpi>the incubator is there for hosting anything people want
<gnu_srs>youpi: Sorry about your computer.
<gnu_srs>OK, how do I get access to the incubator?
<gnu_srs>I'm trying something dangerous now: Resetting mate-panel. It takes half of my 32GiB memory space. BBL, hopefully.
<youpi>gnu_srs: create a savannah account, request for joining the hurd project there
<gnu_srs>youpi: Thanks :)
<gnu_srs>killall mate-panel worked, it was respawned. Memory usage is now down from 50% to 0.1% :-D
<gnu_srs>More memory space for more interesting applications, like Hurd, kFreeBSD, Devuan, etc (including build hosts)
<youpi>z3ntu: you should request it as well
<youpi>there is no reason for people hacking on the hurd not doing it in the savannah repo
<z3ntu>it's fine for me imo, contributions with git send-email work independent of the git host ;)
<youpi>yes, but a rendez-vous point is important
<youpi>otherwise we have all kinds of things everywhere
<youpi>without coherency
<youpi>people not knowing what exists
<gnu_srs>youpi: You don't seem to be one of the responsible people behind "The GNU Hurd" group. Maybe you should?
<gnu_srs>The names there are mainly oldtimers, except Thomas.
<z3ntu>youpi does most of the things Hurd related, as far as I know
<gnu_srs>z3ntu: Yes, I know, but requesting to join the GNU Hurd group sent mails to: Thomas B, Roland, Marcus, Neil, and Thomas S.
<youpi>gnu_srs: that's not for me to decide
<Gooberpatrol66>gnu_srs: post a link here when you get it hosted please? :)
<gnu_srs>Gooberpatrol66: Will do.
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<Aquza>can i ask a question here about glibc? #glibc is feeling dead?
<gnu_srs>damo22: Are you awake? I'm about to get to bed now.
<gnu_srs>Nevertheless I think your contributions are awesome. How would we further-on?
<gnu_srs>A roadmap?