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<damo22>Gooberpatrol66: thats not a bad idea
<damo22>youpi: have you heard of pipewire?
<youpi>just heard of it
<youpi>but I guess that'll indeed be the replacement of pulseaudio
<damo22>it could be a good solution as the front facing api
<youpi>since pulseaudio is not so well maintained
<youpi>and people thought "let's (again) rewrite from scratch somethin"
<youpi>we had esd, then pulseaudio, now pipewire
<damo22>well apparently it supports pulse and jack interfaces as emulation
<damo22>but its goal is to unify video and audio
<damo22>so sync issues dont happen
<damo22>that is what i have heard
<youpi>oh, interesting
<youpi>that'll be a hard goal though, since you'll want to get sync with both hardware at the same time
<youpi>(and their respective drivers)
<damo22>hmm yea
<damo22>i think the problem is, when they "rewrite from scratch" they only go as deep as the kernel api, which is flawed for sound, so everything they try to fix and build is based on the same mistakes
<damo22>we can fix this properly if we do it all in userspace
<damo22>because we're not limited to the linux kernel api
<damo22>but we should be smart and reuse code where we can
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<gnu_srs1>Hello, I need some help: After cross-compiling hurd, the boot hangs executing the setup runsystem script:
<gnu_srs1>Added set +x to runsystem
<gnu_srs1>how to compile a debug version of gnumach?
<gnu_srs1>Where do I find commands to use for gnumach/kdb?
<gnu_srs1>show task prints gnumach 7 threads, all with addresses and cryptic abbreviations?
<youpi>gnu_srs1: the gnumach manual
<gnu_srs1>show all threads give me 7 tasks, each having more than one thread: gnumach, ext2fs, exec, /hurd/startup, /hurd/proc, /hurd/auth, /hurd/term(9)
<gnu_srs1>Is it possible to debug an qemu image?