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<damo22>youpi: if i want to drop the last commit can i reset HEAD^ and force push to incubator?
<damo22>or just commit a revert?
<youpi>commit a revert
<youpi>once published, you can't just drop a commit
<damo22>no worries
<youpi>anybody that have already pulled will see it anyway
<damo22>its not a problem i just thought i could keep the tree even cleaner
<youpi>the incubator doesn't need to be clean :)
<damo22>i am going to test reverting my netbsd timeout
<damo22>if that is not needed, there will only be source additions for adding ahci/ide config
<damo22>i could even upstream that to rump
<damo22>although im not certain if everyone will want native disk support in rump
<damo22>youpi: i fixed the only outstanding issue in upstream rump (pci-userspace) :) see
<damo22>wtf my pc rebooted and boot sector was gone
<damo22>very strange
<alextee[m]>damo22: are you the author of zamplugins?