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<damo22>`rsync -alDx src/* dst` from a real disk to a disk image ext2 partition in linux does not work in hurd
<damo22>the symlinks are all broken
<damo22>something about rsyncing symlinks is b0rked under hurd
<damo22>how do i resymlink every symlink
<damo22>youpi: something that linux does when rsyncing symlinks is broken under hurd
<damo22>for ext2fs
<damo22>all the symlinks point nowhere
<youpi>you mean you rsync with linux and then mount with hurd?
<youpi>but when building symlinks by hand on liunx it works?
<damo22>im not sure about the last point
<damo22>but im sure that when i use rsync -alDx it creates symlinks that look okay in linux but point nowhere in hurd
<damo22>x= one file system only, D = --devices --specials l= symlinks as symlinks -a a bunch of flags
<damo22>i can delete them in hurd and i get a strange error about zero size
<damo22>in mach_print
<damo22>i'll do it again and get the erro
<damo22>ext2fs: /dev/hd0s1: ext2_free_blocks: freeing blocks not in datazone - block =19324420204, count=1
<damo22>also block 3223151
<damo22>the partition is 5G in size
<youpi>that's very odd indeed
<youpi>I don't think it's a partition size error
<youpi>it'd be useful to make sure by creating the symlink by hand with ln -s that it happens too
<youpi>and then look with debug2fs how different the inodes are between a hurd-created and a linux-created symlink
<damo22>ok ln -s has the same effect
<damo22>when done from linux
<damo22>lrwxrwxrwx hurdsymlink -> hurd
<damo22>lrwxrwxrwx linuxsymlink
<damo22>$ stat linuxsymlink
<damo22> File: linuxsymlinkstat: cannot read symbolic link 'linuxsymlink' input/output error
<damo22>Inode: 17
<damo22>its got ACL and Xattr
<damo22>not sure why those got copied over, but interestingly the block count is 8
<damo22>instead of 0
<damo22>I set the ACL to 0 and removed the Xattr for selinux manually with debugfs but the symlink is still pointing nowhere
<damo22>its the blockcount = 8 that breaks it
<damo22>i set it to 0 and it fixed the symlink
<damo22>ext2fs must be assuming when blockcount != 0 there are blocks to read
<damo22>even for a symlink
<damo22>but if the link is present it can tell from that surely?
<youpi>gnu_srs: oh, when I open vnc port :8 of your host for mahler, I am getting a gdm prompt instead of the mahler VM console
<youpi>(nothing urging, just noticed that and better fix it before I need to use it :) )
<gnu_srs1>youpi: It was lightdm running mate. Sorry for the problem, that image is now using another vnc.
<heth>hi. what's the performance penalty compared to mainline?
<heth>linux kernel that is
<Gooberpatrol66>heth: there's no multicore yet
<heth>Gooberpatrol66, I see. what's the culpit?
<Gooberpatrol66>support on intel processors isn't enabled in the kernel
<Gooberpatrol66>someone's working on it