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<damo22>youpi: i meant "another time" as in I was going to sleep
<damo22>youpi: heres a useful macro for kern/printf.h
<damo22>#ifdef MACH_KDB
<damo22># define mach_printf(fmt, ...) printf(fmt, ##__VA_ARGS__)
<damo22># define mach_printf(fmt, ...)
<damo22>but i think it only works for inside mach
<damo22>youpi: ive dropped to db> from a mach deallocate, what do i look for?
<damo22>0x01273580 in mach_msg_server_timeout () from /lib/i386-gnu/
<damo22>(gdb) n
<damo22>Single stepping until exit from function mach_msg_server_timeout,
<damo22>which has no line number information.
<damo22>Thread 24 received signal SIGTRAP, Trace/breakpoint trap.
<damo22>(gdb) n
<damo22>223 *devp = ports_get_right (bd);
<damo22>(gdb) s
<damo22>what is msgh_id
<damo22>im getting 2904(outp) and 2804(inp) on port 108
<damo22>which causes the deallocation bug
<damo22>i think im supposed to be using a MACH_MSG_TYPE_PORT_SEND_ONCE poly
<damo22>but i wasnt
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<damo22>that fixed the spurious messages
<damo22>but now it wont mount
<damo22> *devp = ports_get_send_right (bd); <---- i dont know what needs to go here
<damo22> *devicePoly = MACH_MSG_TYPE_PORT_SEND_ONCE;
<youpi>damo22: in kdb, use trace/u
<youpi>to print the backtrace (both kernelland and userland)
<youpi>msgh_id is the message number, see values in /usr/include/msgids
<damo22>do i just put *devp = (device_t)(&bd->somemember);
<youpi>using SEND_ONCE can't be correct
<youpi>the port you return needs to be used several times
<youpi>so it'd be either MAKE_SEND or MOVE_SEND
<youpi>again, look at what is known to work, e.g. libmachdev/net.c
<damo22>when i put SEND_ONCE it doesnt have the spurious messages
<youpi>don't set *devp like in the kernel, the mig rules are not the same
<youpi>use libmachdev/net.c
<youpi>perhaps, but most probably for a bad reason
<youpi>SEND_ONCe really doesn't make sens here
<youpi>you are giving a way to do only *one* thing on the device
<damo22>device_types.h says the polything is a SEND_ONCE
<youpi>how that?
<youpi>I don't see the word "once" in that file
<damo22>device_reply.defs sorry
<damo22>type reply_port_t = polymorphic|MACH_MSG_TYPE_PORT_SEND_ONCE
<youpi>why do you look at the reply_port?
<youpi>device_open returns a normal port, not a reply port
<youpi>make suire you resad the proper paremeters
<youpi>the reply is indeed to a reply port
<youpi>(the first parameter)
<youpi>but what is given to it is a normal port (the last parameter)
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<pep7>to whoever is developing/using GNU/Hurd, I fucking love you <3