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<gnu_srs2>youpi: Solved: Cross-compiling Hurd finds the installed libraries by setting PKG_CONFIG_PATH to the environment for configure.
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<youpi>damo22: had you tried your remove-picmask patch with netdde? I'm getting a hang at network configuration here, with the e1000 qemu nic model
<youpi>the gnumach dde patch makes use of mask_irq/unmask_irq, it probably needs to be fixed to properly mask/unmask irqs for userland netdde
<youpi>as mentioned in the device.defs patch, the very presence of an device_intr_enable RPC is actually odd
<youpi>I don't think we want to let userland disable/enable irqs
<youpi>and userland should rather manage its own interrupt notification masking
<youpi>that said, there is possibly irq acknowledgment which needs to be done somehow
<youpi>we need to sort that out
<youpi>be it for netdde or rump
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<gnu_srs2>damo22: Are you awake?
<gnu_srs2>Sorry, too early, ignore!!