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<AlmuHS>if anyone needs to know the english translation of any spanish computing term, I'm writting some translations here:
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<AlmuHS>me voy a dormir (I go to sleep). Adios (bye) ;)
<gnu_srs2>(13:48:56) damo22: lets see if this thing works: How did it go?
<damo22>__save_flags(x) and __restore_flags(x) in linux drivers might be wrong
<damo22>im trying to remove pic_mask and setting of PIC masks
<damo22>and instead just letting mach enable and disable interrupts totally
<damo22>can someone check my logic here: if i am saving the flags inside a linux driver, i need to test if the current IPL is greater than zero, and if it is, set the linux "flags" variable to (1 << EFLAGS_IF_SHIFT) otherwise zero
<damo22>or is it the reverse
<damo22>spl0 means interrupts are enabled, spl >0 means interrupts are enabled
<damo22>spl0 means interrupts are enabled, spl >0 means interrupts are disabled
<damo22>if the state of interrupts is currently disabled, is the IF set or cleared?
<youpi>sti means setting the interrupt flag
<youpi>i.e. interrupts are enabled
<youpi>so if ipl is greater than zero, the if should be cleared
<youpi>st = set
<youpi>cl = cear
<damo22>thank you
<damo22>i had it backward
<damo22>also linux expects the flags variable to be raw flag, not 0 or 7 ipl
<damo22>so i need to translate that :)
<damo22>hmm still timed out
<damo22>i think this __SMP__ path is opening a new can of worms that has not been looked at before because up to this point we never had more than one processor using linux drivers?
<damo22>hmm but i am not using the smp code
<gnu_srs2>I asked you this a few days ago: (23:08:04) gnu_srs2: damo22: Doesn't combining your work with the smp development unnecessary complicated?
<damo22>gnu_srs2: i wanted to attempt adding APIC support and it needs ACPI which almuhs added
<damo22>so it was logical to work ontop of his branch
<damo22>i have it mostly working there, but i can simplify it a lot if i do what you are saying
<damo22>so now i am working on debian kernel as a base
<damo22>attempting some simplifications of the irq handling
<damo22>i have one patch so far that can probably be added
<damo22>and im working on the second patch
<damo22>what is MACH_KDB
<damo22>is that the AC config option that gets enabled if we are building with the kernel debugger?
<youpi>you can send the first patch already
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<gnu_srs2>(16:13:29) youpi: and don't look at the 2.29 sources, rather look at the 2.30 sources, I have renamed some of them to "git-" bnecause they have been applied: git clone --branch xx?
<youpi> is not a repository, it's a web page
<youpi> is a repository
<youpi>and there you have the glibc-2.30 branch
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<gnu_srs2>youpi: Detecting pkg-config, libpciaccess, etc in configure for hurd does not work when cross-compiling.
<gnu_srs2>Have to find out which rules to use, any ideas?