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<apteryx>I'd say yes, if it's a Rust library :-)
<apteryx>mirai: glad to see you around, by the way!
<apteryx>if you'd like to pick-up the little bits remaining to finalize giving you commit rights, give a shout!
<apteryx>not much was missing other than an account on savannah with your gpg key there, IIRC.
<kitty>Hey, anyone know how I could edit fontconfig?
<kitty>man, I still don't have any luck lmao
<kitty>oh I might be stupid
<kitty>nvm hmm
<kitty>also I think I kind of get it now haha
<kitty>does anyone have any example of a fontconfig home configuration I could look at?
<kitty>the manual shows an example of is being used to describe nix fonts, but, I am struggling to figure out how to use it to, say, change antialising settings
<elevenkb>I wonder why do we use propagated-inputs for emacs dependencies?
<adanska>hi guix!
<elevenkb>hi adanska !
<adanska>hi elevenkb! what are you up to today?
<elevenkb>I'm packaging lean4 (an initial draft of a package). I've been building for 18 hours total so far.
<elevenkb>Main problem AFAICT was 4 failing tests, and I've reduced that to 1 and know what is broken on that test.
<elevenkb>also might have a fix, but want to test it out before spending another 6 hours waiting for it to bootstrap.
<elevenkb>That will be the first sketch, then I want to package the bootstrapping process as intermediate non-public packages and hand in upstream maybe.
<adanska>oooh, cool! seems like an interesting language too :-)
<elevenkb>thanks adanska :-). what are you up to?
<adanska>elevenkb: not much at the moment. just updated linux-firmware for nonguix. im wondering if i should try and tackle packaging sagemath... could be fun
<adanska>or tedious!
<elevenkb>adanska: it's always tedious for me tbqh. I think there's a certain level of CS that I'm missing. I want to teach myself a "CS degree for mathematicians," then apply my knowledge to personal sysadmin #someday.
<adanska>elevenkb: yeah thats very fair. packaging stuff is really meta-work: you aren't creating anything much, and its just time you need to spend to get something working. it can be hard to motivate myself sometimes to do it. but it always feels nice sending a patch upstream and getting it commited :-)
<adanska>i feel like Guix packaging really isnt about CS because of that. you learn a lot about build systems though, but less about how to actually program
<adanska>its a good supplementary task in that sense
<elevenkb>sure, but I feel that if you had a wholistic, systematic yet practical understanding of how computers work then that would be easier. e.g. you could use tools like strace to see what system calls are being invoked and prune down to find the information you are looking for.
<adanska>elevenkb: thats very true. as soon as things get too far off the beaten track, you do need a very deep understanding of the computing environment and of how guix machinery works to get things working. stuff like updating gnome packages, GRUB, etc can get really hairy and you need to know a lot, in like you said, a systemic way
<ngz>Hello Guix!
<elevenkb>hi ngz!
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<futurile>Morning civodul, ngz - all
<adanska>hi all!
<PotentialUser-51>civodul: Good morning. You mentioned yesterday that hash mismatch is back. Can you elaborate this? I get hash mismatch for jaxlib on aarch64 as well and do not know how to fix it
<civodul>PotentialUser-51: hello! i was referring to Git in the ‘core-updates’ branch
<civodul>a rebase that introduced a discrepancy i suppose
<civodul>if you’re on ‘master’, that’s fine
<civodul>the jaxlib issue must be something else
<cbaines>I see the git-manpages thing now civodul, it's quite possible that something went wrong with the rebase, there's some quite complicated git changes on core-updates
<cbaines>as a side note, what are the implications of having an origin that's not the source or inputs for any package (as is the case here)?
<PotentialUser-51>civodul: Thank you for the explanation
<nikolar>i've just installed guix on a foreign distro
<nikolar>every time i try to do something with packages, it tells to do a guix pull and guix package -u
<nikolar>which i did
<dariqq>nikolar: did you use the install script or a distro-package?
<nikolar>i did it manually
<nikolar>dariqq: ^
<nikolar>i think it happens when i do guix pull, and then guix package -d
<nikolar>but only as my user, not as root
<dariqq>it might be that some environment variables are not set up correctly. What is the output of which guix ?
<nikolar>dariqq: /usr/local/bin/guix
<nikolar>ah did GUIX_PROFILE get moved at some point from .guix-profile to .config/guix/current
<dariqq>nikolar: Ah i see with the manual step the global guix is the one from the root user which shadows your own guix (which is in .config/guix/current which is linked to /var/guix/profiles/per-user/USER/current-guix/)
<nikolar>yes something like that
<nikolar>when i source from .config/guix/current, it's fine
<dariqq>nikolar: the install script also adds some environment variables (that among other things prepends the user guix to the path).
<nikolar>yeah, but everything seems to work now
<nikolar>i'll keep that in mind
<juliannn>i'm new to guix: how do i go about running programs that try to operate on directories in the store?
<dariqq>juliannn: could you be more specific of what youd want to do?
<PotentialUser-51>juliannn: The store is read only. If you want to store something like logfiles you have to use locations outside the store
<juliannn>i was just curious about running something like for example mktexlsr
<juliannn>which cant really do anything since the store is read only
<PotentialUser-51>juliannn: In the package definition of texlive I see that mktexlsr is called in the post install phase. I have no knowledge on tex internas, but you might create your own package reading from your input and install it again if you change something dynamically
<julian_>i see.
<julian_>idk why my name changed
<futurile>julian_: somehow your connection to the server dropped for a few seconds, and then it logged you back in, the old you julannn was still there - so most IRC clients will then log you back in as your nickname but with an underscore
<ngz>julian_: Why do you need mktexlsr for?
<julian_>i don't need it i was just curious about programs that modify package directories
<ngz>I noticed that "mumi compose" leaves a number next to the prompt in the terminal. I dont't know if that's expected or not.
<melodylane>hello! I'm stuck building gtk (or more accurately checking the build):
<melodylane>"building /gnu/store/h5n70pziy0hhvp01wnmc8ynv8k3vdzsf-gtk-4.14.2.drv...
<melodylane>  1% 'check' ▕▉  "
<melodylane>has anyone run into this?
<ieure>melodylane, "check" is the phase that runs the unit tests for the thing being built; they're either broken/stuck or very slow.
<ieure>How long has it been stuck for? Some packages (nss) have test suites that can take an hour or more to run.
<civodul>hi melodylane! did you disable substitutes by any chance?
<civodul>there are substitutes available for gtk in ‘master’ AFAICS
<PotentialUser-51>melodylane: What does htop tell you about cpu usage?
<melodylane>It's been stuck for about a half hour (or maybe just running but not showing progress).
<melodylane>It's actually running in a vm also. I don't have htop but I see very high cpu usage in the host machine
<PotentialUser-51>melodylane: I would wait it little longer
<melodylane>civodul: I didn't explicitly disable or enable substitutes. I'm not really familiar with that system
<PotentialUser-51>melodylane: x64 or aarch64?
<PotentialUser-51>melodylane: OK.
<PotentialUser-51>There might be a problem with the aarch64 substitutes. Welcome to my world.
<melodylane>ah yeah. It eventually failed:
<melodylane>cannot build derivation `/gnu/store/58nz0xzzsh48amffngllz4wrs9lznzfr-libnma-1.10.6.drv': 1 dependencies couldn't be built
<melodylane>guix system: error: build of `/gnu/store/58nz0xzzsh48amffngllz4wrs9lznzfr-libnma-1.10.6.drv' failed
<PotentialUser-51>melodylane: Can you post the log file to pastebin?
<efraim>gtk@4 is known to fail its tests on aarch64
<PotentialUser-51>melodylane: I usually install Debian on my aarch64 machines and run guix on top of them. It saves you a lot of trouble. But I do not write gtk-applications
<melodylane>PotentialUser-51: sorry I'm not sure which is the log file
<PotentialUser-51>melodylane: It ends with log.gz and it is written on the console output somewhere inbetween
<PotentialUser-51>It ends with drv.gz. Sorry
<PotentialUser-51>Like this: View build log at '/var/log/guix/drvs/i6/22rp4agpllk00767nmz9yqml5806d5-python-jaxlib-0.4.20-bazel-deps.tar.xz.drv.gz'
<PotentialUser-51>You can open it with zless
<melodylane>no worries I found it. The whole build log is too large for pastebin unfortunately... I can try to just link the more relevant parts
<melodylane>PotentialUser-51: I put the relevant bits of the build log here
<PotentialUser-51>melodylane: There might be a bug in the MESA test suite that chooses the vulkan driver even if there is no appropriate hardware. Which MESA version do you use? This might be related as well
<melodylane>PotentialUser-51: I'm not sure how to check the version. All of this was from trying to install xfce.
<melodylane>I didn't include mesa before that
<PotentialUser-51>melodylane: I can try to figure it out at home. I am still working. But guix on aarch64 is better suited by using a foreign distro and install guix as package manager on top of it
<melodylane>Ok, I'll go that route for now. Thanks.
<sepeth>melodylane: I fixed the failing test but it hasn't got merged yet: If you don't want to wait for that, you can pull guix repo, apply the patch or make the same change since it is a single char, then use pre-inst-env.
<melodylane>sepeth: great, thanks!
<sepeth>If you haven't used pre-inst-env before, the manual's Contributing section was super helpful for me and it went smooth for me.
<melodylane>another noob question: I feel like I'm misunderstanding something about Guix SD. I would think the benefit of it is that you could use the same configuration to easily install the exact same system on multiple machines, but I'm not sure how you could re-use the config. The graphical installer creates a new image. Do you need to do a manual install
<melodylane>for that?
<sepeth>I am also a noob, it has been a few weeks since I started using guix, so afaik, along with `guix system reconfigure`, there's also `guix system init` which can take an arg like /mnt, which you can run on a foreign distro and/or live linux.
<melodylane>ah, this is the explanation I was looking for
<RavenJoad>Is there an ETA for the plasma 6 stuff? I saw the KDE team had it mostly packaged modulo some random dependencies failing.