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<jaft``>Anyone here ever run Node's Playwright? Got the message "Host system is missing dependencies to run browsers." Wondering if anyone's had any direct experience with trying it.
<yziquel_1>make install fails because doc/guix-copy.1 is not in the source tree. is it me ? or is it guix ?
<yziquel_1>how are the man pages generated ?
<yziquel_1>jaft``: i have run node playwright. but not from guix.
<RavenJoad>Does Guix have Xen's guest tools packaged? I have a Guix VM running on XCP-ng and want to have proper support there.
<jaft``>yziquel_1: Yeah; I'm /trying/ to see if --emulate-fhs might make things work but not sure, yet.
<sneek>janneke: wb :)
<lilyp>I don't know if this has been asked, but can we get force-with-lease enabled on non-master branches?
<lilyp>"delete then push" seems a little error-prone
<ngz>Hello. Do we know why bordeaux stopped processing core-updates?
<ngz>Ah. `r-with-tests' was broken. My fault :(
<aidan>Hi, I was wondering is does Guix have a Nix Flake or Node's package-lock.json equivalent? Locking package version to specific commits for example, for better reproducibility?
<fnat>What's the recommended way to disable root access from a login prompt? Setting the shell to '(file-append shadow "/sbin/nologin")'?
<fnat>Hm, it'd seem so, that's how the user nobody is set up in '%base-user-accounts' for example.
<yziquel_1>I tried building guix from source. ./pre-inst-env guix show works fine, but ./pre-inst-env guix copy yields "guix: copy: command not found". How do I check what the guix search path for copy.scm is ?
<yziquel_1>./pre-inst-env env | grep GUIX does not show a value for GUIX_EXTENSIONS_PATH.
<nmeum>aidan: you can pin a specific channel version by creating a channels.scm file and using guix time-machine to invoke a specific command with the pinned channels, see
<yziquel_1>how do check what the value of command-files in ui.scm is at runtime ?
<yziquel_1>anyone would like to help getting into ui.scm without having to undergo a full 30 minutes / 1 hour rebuild of guix to do some print debugging line by line ?
<unwox>hey guix! does anyone know a bluetooth (and i wouldn't also mind wifi) usb dongle that works with the libre kernel? preferably buyable on aliexpress because otherwise i won't be able to get it shipped to me
<civodul>unwox: hi! for wifi i have an ath9k_htc-based USB dongle i’ve been using for years but i can’t even remember the brand/model
<civodul>for Bluetooth i have no idea
<civodul>not too helpful i guess :-/
<unwox>civodul: thanks for the input anyway :j
<civodul>the resources mentioned at are mostly unhelpful these days i’m afraid
<efraim>I can lookup what I bought, but IIRC I searched Amazon/AliExpress for the specific ARXXXX model and bought one on faith. When it worked I bought 3 more
<efraim>I've never tried working bluetooth, so also not so helpful there :/
<yziquel_1>unwox thank you for making me discover the libre kernel.
<unwox>thanks everyone. for bluetooth i've found a usb dongle with the same chipset as here: when it arrives i'll test it and report back
<aidans>I'm a little confused about installing Guix System. If I were to install the stable binary and then update it- would that be effectively the same as just installed the latest binary?
<aidans>Or is that locked to specifically 1.40 release packages?
<unwox>aidans: the former
<aidans>unwox: thanks!
<unwox>when you run "guix pull" you effectively download and compile the latest guix binary for the user the command is run under
<graywolf>Hm, I ran into interesting issue with (guix modules). (file-name->module-name (location-file (package-location package))) seems to produce module name with leading dot. (#{.}# wolfsden packages tls) might be related to -L .
<graywolf>Does anyone know how to fix this?
<yziquel_1>I can't compile guix/scripts/copy.scm to copy.go with standard build instructions...
<yziquel_1>I can't figure out if it compilation that fails or if the build system does not pick up copy.scm.
<dariqq>yziquel_1: do you have guile-ssh?
<yziquel_1>dariqq: checking.
<yziquel_1>dariqq: likely not. still checking. but that's likely it. isn't that kind of thing supposed to be checked by configure ?
<dariqq>it should be mentioned in the configure output (but the ssh support is afaik optional)
<yziquel_1>dariqq: ok. good to know.
<dariqq>but might be that it is not truly optional if you are getting errors without it
<yziquel_1>dariqq: the build succeeds, but when I try to use guix functionality as indicated by blog posts and chatgpt, i run into that.
<dariqq>yziquel_1: here is where i looked btw
<yziquel_1>dariqq yes, guile-ssh was missing. i try to run into such build failures on purpose as i try to get acquainted to the guile ecosystem. more or less on purpose.
<JetpackJackson>is there a good way to debug a python package building successfully but not being imported in a test .py file? i decided to just try and write the package myself but it doesnt import lol
<yziquel_1>dariqq: is there a configure flag to build everything ? and enable such checks for guile-ssh ?
<yziquel_1>there is GUIX_CHECK_GUILE_SSH in, but i do not know how to enable it.
<dariqq>i dont think so. But you could check the output of configure: Should be something like checking whether Guile-SSH is available and recent enough
<sarg>is there a way to make a `computed-file` executable? I've made a simple wrapper which adds `(chmod #$output #o555)`, but maybe I've missed something built-in?
<yziquel_1>dariqq: yes. configure does indeed detect that guile-ssh is not present. now, finding the correct way to deal with that kind of output intelligently... not the kind of things I'm used to do.
<jakiki6>Hello, would it be possible to export %operating-system-packages in gnu/system.scm so you can modify every field in operating-system with set-fields (it's the only field that's gated behind a wrapper called operating-system-packages that checks for duplicate nss-certs)
<graywolf>Am I the only one who gets occasional feeling of just being too stupid for this whole "guix" thing?
<yziquel_1>graywolf: no. me too. however, it's the kind of things i've always wanted to do. so i endure my pain with joy.
<graywolf>Good. Well, not good, but I am glad I am not the only one. ^_^
<graywolf>But I agree that I also like the pain. It is fun.
<graywolf>Well, after 3 hours torture session I ended up with channel that works nicely, but cannot be pulled by stock Guix.
<jakiki6>what does it say when you pull it
<graywolf>builder for `/gnu/store/hv9rdfwya52gc15az29waks6d7z8p7vh-wolfsden.drv' failed to produce output path `/gnu/store/9jq2hfs91410z8pa41cglq3r2aa51pmf-wolfsden'
<graywolf>And in the file:
<graywolf>(exception wrong-type-arg (value "symbol->string") (value "Wrong type argument in position ~A (expecting ~A): ~S") (value (1 "symbol" #f)) (value (#f)))
<graywolf>It works with my Guix fork, so I will just be happy with that I guess.
<jakiki6>what did you change
<graywolf>summary is in this tooth but the change itself is here
<jakiki6>yeah I have no idea either
<elevenkb>has anyone signed up for
<aldum>hey people
<aldum>sshd is not picking up ~/.ssh/authorized_keys, is that expected behavior?
<nikolar>sshd isn't supposed to, no?
<yziquel_1>dariqq: cool ! got it working and complaing with guile-ssh not here ! thanks !
<yziquel_1>elevenkb the dam seems pretty cool. i might sign up.
<ngz>graywolf: is libreoffice still broken?
<aldum>ah ok, that was not it, works with non-root, probably the PermitRootLogin setting ; thanks for rubberducking
<dariqq>yziquel_1: awesome :)
<elevenkb>i have a bit of a strange question.... may laptop is slower than normal for compiling and stuff b.c. it lacks a battery so is running at 800Mhz. (apparantely).
<yziquel_1>dariqq: well, having been semi-homeless, I know the value of having a dematerialised unix system like this. and for 10 euros, it's really good insurance.
<elevenkb>yziquel_1: btw, when you click through you eventually see that it isn't 10euros forever but 10euros per year (so it seems -- I haven't signed up yet).
<yziquel_1>elevenkb: 10 euros per year is still a bargain.
<yziquel_1>the only thing I have a problem with guix is the fact that it seems hard as hell not to run it as root.
<nikolar>yeah nix doesn't need root generally
<yziquel_1>nikolar: build and deployment instructions to make it run rootless are not that easy to come by. I believe I'll be in for yet a whole night.
<nikolar>why do
<nikolar>erm, why is it an issue if it's running as root
<yziquel_1>nikolar: aesthetic suffering.
<nikolar>lol right
<PotentialUser-4>Hello. I believe that on Nix you could define a setup file that included the packages to install as well as their config files. Is there anything of the sort for Guix?
<char>PotentialUser-4: Perhaps manifests?
<PotentialUser-4>Manifests seem to track only the packages. At least I did not see anything related to config files.
<ngz>PotentialUser-4: You can define a (home) service that provides a package and configure it.
<PotentialUser-4>I will look more into that. Thank you ngz and char.
<ngz>PotentialUser-4: Here (<>), the service provides nss-certs and export environment variables accordingly.
<stanrifkin>Which Thinkpads are unproblematic with guix?
<PotentialUser-4>I am in a guix shell --development <package>, but I wish to see a list of packages that it installed. How can I see that?
<PotentialUser-4>stanrifkin I imagine that old ones that do not require binary blobs. Perhaps Intel 10th gen?
<ngz>For PotentialUser-4 (which left by may be reading the logs), `guix package --profile=$GUIX_ENVIRONMENT -I' should do.