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<monaho>i am trying to push some commits but i get "guix git: error: wrong number of arguments; expected COMMIT and SIGNER"
<monaho>it is triggered by "exec guix git authenticate" in the pre-push hook
<apteryx>cbaines: sent over encrypted email
<porcupirate>Hi guix, I need help diagnosing a deploy failure.
<porcupirate>guix deploy: error: failed to deploy target: failed to switch systems while deploying '':
<porcupirate>system-error "symlink" "~A" ("File exists") (17)
<porcupirate>What should I look for in the config to fix this?
<trevdev>Has anyone encountered any dbus authentication problems with notifier services such as `sbcl-stumpwm-notify`?
<PuercoPop>I'm trying to remove the check phase of a package, I'm getting a warning about overriding a core binding
<PuercoPop>WARNING: (glue packages waiting): imported module (guix build utils) overrides core binding `delete'
<PuercoPop>Is it ok to ignore that? How can I avoid it? Should I always import build utils with a prefix?
<PuercoPop>The answer seemed to be related to where I was importing modiphy-phases from. (guix build utils) instead of (guix utils)
<s777>hello, I am somewhat new to guix but am trying to package typst. I got a package definition that appears to work and am wondering what I should do to get it added to the main repo (I also have another question about unknown licenses)
<ngz>s777: Great! There's a "Contributing" section in the Guix manual you should read. You can find it online, too, at <>.
<ngz>s777: AFAICT typst seems to use asl2.0 license terms.
<s777>ngz: The main issue I had was some of the libraries used Unicode 3.0 license and I saw a license:unicode option but I only saw one program using it and it pointed to a wiki page titled Unicode-DFS-2012
<s777>ngz: there was also another library I saw using a license "Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception"
<s777>so I'm not sure what to put there
<dariqq>Can i kindly ask someone to take a look at a oneline change in #71653?
<peanuts>"[PATCH] import/github: Honor upstream-name property."
<ngz>s777: You probably need to create a new license entry for Unicode 3.0
<ngz>s777: in a separate patch, of course.
<ngz>s777: I think Apache-2.0 is good enough to represent Apache-2.0 with LLVM exception.
<ngz>dariqq: it looks good. I'll apply it in a short while.
<dariqq>ngz: Thanks :)
<ngz>dariqq: Done.
<sarg>hey guix, why is cmake-minimal version lower than regular cmake (3.24 vs 3.25)?
<dariqq>thank you
<craigbro>I'm a bit rusty on my scheme, but wondering why when I have a package definition with '(guile ..) it will not throw an error but when I have (list guile ..) it will (because guile should be guile-3.0 or whatever)
<craigbro>I would assume '(..) and (list ..) are equiv
<craigbro>`(,guile ) will do as I expext...
<craigbro>oh that's my clue...
<elevenkb>Hey there people, I'm packaging lean4 but there are tests that rely on git. Should I just add those to `native-inputs' or just remove them?
<wolfdog>craigbro: you probably already got it, but '(guile) is the same as (list 'guile) in this case, hence why it's not giving you any error
<aidan>I'm looking to come from NixOS on an old Chromebook to Guix- slightly for drama reasons but mostly because I don't like the Nix language and the Nix packaging framework. I have some questions:
<aidan> 1. Is there a Disko equivalent where I can configure partitions and swap? 2. Is WM setup better? I don't really care about X11 vs Wayland- I just would like to configure it all in my unified config. 2-1. I don't really care about a DE(this computer can barely handle a browser) but I would like to use expanded fonts and colors which from my understand means I probably need a terminal emulator and can't just use TTY. 3. Will resources
<aidan>be more of a concern than on Nix? My understanding is builds can be slower because more stuff in Guix is built from source- and currently rebuilding on Nix crashes if I have too many windows open.
<aidan> 4. How is WiFi network and other secret management generally done in Guix?
<aidan>Thank you!
<ngz>aidan: About ressources, Guix (much like Nix, I suppose) provides substitutes, i.e., pre-built packages. So, if you refresh package definitions (guix pull) and wait some time for the substitute servers to catch up before upgrading (guix upgrade), you shouldn't have much, if anything, to build.
<aidan>Okay, thanks!
<ngz>There's even a command to know if your substitutes are already cooked up: guix weather
<aidan>Is that based on commits to the source or release versions?
<ngz>I'm not sure to understand your question =/
<ngz>elevenkb: There is git-minimal. It can be useful, as long as tests do not require network access.
<craigbro>wolfdog: yup, got it. momentary brain fart.
<ngz>aidan: About 2., you can generate any configuration file from you system and home declaration. I don't think there is a special interface for WM configuration yet, but you can certainly build a string that represents the contents of the expected conf file.
<aidan>@ngz, I think I phrased it poorly- I guess it probably depends on the package, but are the pre-built binaries built on every commit to the main branch of the source- or are they only built on official releases(for packages that have official releases)
<ngz>Each set of commits on the main branch trigger rebuilds that are then handled by the substitute servers.
<aidan>I see, thanks!
<JetpackJackson>hi all, having a strange issue with guix import, could it be because the python module doesn't have a description? heres the paste:
<sepeth>Hi, I am a bit confused about `guix install` warnings when I run it as a normal user. It suggests to me to set GUIX_PROFILE to $HOME/.config/guix/current or /var/guix/profiles/per-user/sepeth/guix-profile depending on which is set. Which one is the right one?
<sepeth>I couldn't find much about this in the manual :(
<yziquel_1>hi. i came some weeks ago here about a problem building guix w/r texinfo translation. it still is happening. doc/ is essentially in german, except some places which are in english, like @menu * Configuring Git:: which is in english, and which thus reference a node that does not exist since it has been translated in german. anyone would care to help me perform this guix build from git
<yziquel_1>source by helping me fix this ?
<yziquel_1>it should be translated as Git einrichten and is not
<yziquel_1>ah. outdated po4a. stupid me.
<elevenkb>Has there ever been a discussion about incorporating stuff like ccache into guix?
<elevenkb>My question here is prompted by the annyoying fact that I've got a good first draft of a lean4 package.
<aras>I've got an issue. I'm using guix, and I've got two screens. One of them refuses to use refreshrate above 24hz, could this be due to opensource nvidia driver?
<elevenkb>... but the problem is that on my first build 99% of the tests failed.
<elevenkb>so now I have to fix them and rebuild from scratch :-\.
<attila_lendvai>elevenkb, you can try to `guix build -K ...` and manually run the tests in a shell to experiment faster than a full build cycle.
<attila_lendvai>ACTION goes to sleep... o/
<elevenkb>attila_lendvai: nightio.