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<Deltafire>Guest82: did you try disabling secure boot?
<Guest82>Deltafire: Hi, yes, secure boot is disabled, but thanks for suggesting it.
<zjabbar35>Does anyone know which package gives ``?
<jakef>zjabbaris that mesa?
<mange>I'll second "mesa".
<zjabbar35>I will try that. Unfortunately adding that to my profile didn't seem to work at first.
<zjabbar35>Ill do some extra experimenting thanks everyone
<PuercoPop>Is there a way to temporarily apply patches on top of the guix channel so that I don't need to wait for patches to land?
<PuercoPop>Or is I want to do that my best bet have a separate git repo from guix that I regularly sync?
<PuercoPop>Ah, I just remembered that one can use file:// so I can point the guix channel to a local checkout
<bann_>so i have a machine called lenovo v15 amd
<bann_>will it wok on guix ?
<bann_>this is the link
<Contri9>How to exclude 1 of the default substitute servers so that it is never used and guix doesnt know about it
<PotentialUser-43>Hello Guix. Do we have an example config for a Wireguard-Server?
<PotentialUser-43>Never mind. Andrew Tropin made a video. I just found it.
<ngz>Duh. python-urrlib3 has been updated on master, but it triggers almost 5k rebuilds.
<graywolf>Hello, what is the way to reboot when shepherd gets stuck (as in even `herd status' just hangs)?
<graywolf>I vaguely recall seeing something on mailing list but cannot find it
<ngz>Ah nevermind, python-urllib3 wasn't updated. Something else is triggering rebuilds.
<rhuijzer>Hi! I'm trying to use (gethostname) as a variable in a simple-service in my home-configuration. So (local-file (string-append "./files/sway/screen/" (gethostname)))
<rhuijzer>The problem is that guixhomreconf is trying to resolve this file relative to the current path in the shell: warning: resolving './files/sway/screen/%hostname%' relative to current directory
<rhuijzer>If i'm just using local file without the string-append and gethostname it's working fine. Can someone steer me in the right direction?
<graywolf>rhuijzer: I solve that in my config by using absolute path.
<graywolf>I discover the root of my repository using (search-path %load-path "something/unique.scm"), call (canonicalize-path) on the result and construct all paths based on that.
<rhuijzer>graywolf: Seems like a nice fix, will try. Tnx
<rhuijzer>graywolf: I don't get why (local-file (string-append "./files/sway/screen/" (gethostname))) doesnt work and (local-file "./files/sway/screen/harcodedhostname") does but your fix works. thanks.
<graywolf>The code in (local-file) check whether the first argument is string (and accepts it as valid) or a computed value (accepts without complain only if absolute)
<graywolf>It *should* complain even when you do (identity "./files/sway/screen/hardcodedhostname")
<rhuijzer>Ah, that explains it.
<graywolf>Hm, is mcron not automatically reloaded on deploy?
<graywolf>`herd schedule mcron' did not show the new crons until reboot
<jaft``>If I'm looking to check the logs of a home service, where do I find those, again?
<PotentialUser-36>Hi. I use a graphics API called raylib. When running my c++ code with fsanitize-address, I get the following error:
<PotentialUser-36>WARNING: GLFW: Error: 65544 Description: Wayland: Failed to load libwayland-client
<PotentialUser-36>WARNING: GLFW: Failed to initialize GLFW
<PotentialUser-36>==10049==ERROR: AddressSanitizer: SEGV on unknown address 0x000000000000 (pc 0x000000000000 bp 0x000000000320 sp 0x7ffe9ae923c8 T0)
<PotentialUser-36>==10049==Hint: pc points to the zero page.
<Deltafire>jaft``: try .local/state/log
<PotentialUser-36>I verified, it has nothing to do with my code, but rather it seems like it's a wayland bug on nix/guix or something:
<PotentialUser-36>Not sure how to resolve this
<PotentialUser-36>Am I even allowed to paste such an output dump?
<jaft``>Deltafire: Thank you!! Periodically forget that oneā€¦; thanks so much.
<ohyllad>is there any guide on how to build a custom guix install iso that includes specific signing and ssh keys? i'm looking at setting up a kind of "seed" machine that i can later easily just push to using guix deploy
<redacted>I notice that removing extra-special-file definitions doesn't remove the extra special files
<redacted>Is that expected?
<cbaines>apteryx, do you know what password/key is needed to access the berlin serial console (as described in the infra manual)?
<vagrantc> substitutes appear to be down ... known problem?
<cbaines>yep, the server is being rebooted, and there's NGinx issues
<vagrantc>cbaines: thanks
<vagrantc>wishing guix challenge downloads could be cached right now ...
<vagrantc>interestingly, the thing i am trying to challenge, my local build matches the build on bordeaux :)