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<nathan_>WilhelmVonWeiner: i dont know if that's possible, but if you're able to install another distro then i've heard murmurs that you can replace an active distro with guix. probably done by installing guix the foreign distro and then using `guix system init' to create the OS files.
<PotentialUser-58>is it worth it to send patches adding new packages? looking through the issues I see there are tons of patches that have received zero feedback going back several months
<PotentialUser-58>looks to me like stuff doesn’t get reviewed
<pabs3>apteryx: btw, I have patches to fix the multiple X-Debbugs-Cc thing, been trying to get them into Debian debbugs upstream
<pabs3>apteryx: if you know the GNU Debbugs maintainer, you could point them at this to fix it
<peanuts>"X-Debbugs-CC improvements: allow/document multiple values, recommend using psuedo-header (!18) ? Merge requests ? Debbugs / debbugs ? GitLab"
<apteryx>pabs3: I've seen this fix, thanks for contributing it
<apteryx>there used to be an effort to rebase current gnu debbugs on the current upstream, but it's been halted it seems
<apteryx>has anyone successfully debugged QML (Qt Quick) applications with Qt Creator (qt-creator package) ?
<apteryx>oh, must be Murphy, it just started working
<PuercoPop>Is there a xdg specific service that sets XDG_DATADIRS? I need to add some directories to that variable but I don't want to overwrite so Ii'm not use if home-enviroment-variables-service-type is the correct one to use
<PuercoPop>It is already populated with a few paths already
<ircenjoyer>Can I create an iso of my current Guix system like in NixOS
<attila_lendvai>i think the answer is yes, but i don't know the exact method
<mange>ircenjoyer: Have you looked at "(guix) System Images" in the manual?
<peanuts>"System Images (GNU Guix Reference Manual)"
<dariqq>is there a way to access the guix manpages on foreign distro? Seems like it is not even included into the current-guix directory so I cant do a similiar trick as with the INFOPATH
<nathan_>dariqq: maybe "guix shell guix man-db info-reader" then "man/info guix"
<dariqq>i guess that works, but if i want to quickly look at command options for guix commands it is not really ideal
<nathan_>then try "guix install guix man-db info-reader" and then sign out. if it still doesn't work, make sure ~/.guix-profile/etc/profile is being sourced one way or another.
<dariqq>i dont want to 'guix install guix' because that messes up a lot of things, shadowing all guix guile-modules with the ones at the commit of the guix package
<nathan_>perhaps that's right. i wonder why ~/.config/guix/current has info pages but not man pages. maybe a bug. man pages come from a shadowed version of the `guix' package for me.
<dariqq>looking at guix/self.scm there is an info-manual procedure which builds the new manual and then gets passed to whole-package procdeure. So if i can generate the manpages from within guile it should be (quite) simple to add them
<pinoaffe>hi guix! Several programs (most notably mpv) crash with an error ": CommandLine Error: Option 'remarks-section' registered more than once! LLVM ERROR: inconsistency in registered CommandLine options" - does anyone know what might be causing this / how to fix it?
<jab>heyo guix!
<jab>what's a good service that uses a lot of define-configuration?
<jab>looks like transmission daemon service is one.
<graywolf>Hello. Any tips on how to use define-configuration when I need to use one field as "wrapper" for other fields? Basically I have field name, foo, bar and want to serialize into string "$name { foo = $foo; bar = $bar; }".
<graywolf>How should I express that?
<dariqq>graywolf: maybe splitting the serialization like in serialize-redshift-configuration and doing something custom for your special fields?
<graywolf>dariqq: thx, will take a look
<apteryx>dariqq: I'd add ~/.config/guix/current/share/info to your INFOPATH, if that wasn't already done
<apteryx>if you used the script this should already have been taken care of
<apteryx>export INFOPATH="$_GUIX_PROFILE/share/info:$INFOPATH" added to /etc/profile/
<dariqq>apteryx: it is, but if i am only looking for a quick reference to command line options going into the manual is a bit tedious adn the help2man pages are not installed anywhere (on a foreign distro) which i found a bit surprising.
<dariqq>currently trying to hack something together in self.scm to build and add them to the output which i could then add to MANPATH
<dariqq>slightly related: There is no manpage being generated for guix git authenticate but only for guix git
<apteryx>dariqq: you can use the 'i' (index) command to quickly jump to a procedure
<apteryx>in the info manual
<apteryx>sometimes the index may be incomplete (something to fix), in which case you can jump to a node using 'g', commands nodes usually start with 'Invoking ...'
<apteryx>I don't think the man pages will be very useful; they're automatically generated from the help text IIRC
<apteryx>so I'd expect them to be as good as 'guix some-command --help'
<freyacat>hi im currently trying to package hyprlock. i got it to build, but it always fails to create the EGL context throwing the error "EGL_EXT_platform_base not supported". I cant seem to figure out why its failing, so im wondering if anyone here had a guess
<dariqq>apteryx: True, I guess i am just used to looking things up in man as --help is often not helpful enough and info not being widely used outside of gnu projects
<lykso>Does anyone here have any tips for how to get the Guix kernel to launch an alternative init program? The kernel command line doesn't seem to be working, nor does replacing the init script in the initrd. Am I missing something about how Guix boots up?
<lykso>The larger, immediate goal here is just to get my boot and my root on different partitions, but I'm currently on the path of try to get the Guix kernel to load Petitboot
<lykso>With a simple, statically compiled "hello world" as my current test program, to rule out issues with Petitboot itself
<lykso>But I just wind up with a kernel panic
<lykso>I'd taken the "two filesystems, with the boot one constructed manually" route before, but it got hung up when it tried to mount the boot partition to /boot after mounting /
<lykso>But now the kernel seems to be getting upset about not having a root partition, which should be totally unnecessary if I'm just loading an initrd and starting an init program in that. I've done this before with the unadorned kernel, so I know it's possible, so I suspect it's something peculiar to Guix somehow
<redacted>Anyone running River on Guix?
<redacted>My ~/.zprofile is sourced fine, but it looks like river doesn't inherit important environment variables, like GUIX_PROFILE
<redacted>So all the terminal emulators I launch don't have that set