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<apteryx>interesting; nix has a overlays.ccached to speed up builds
<lactose>What exactly do I need to do to set up xdg-desktop-portal-wlr? is it enough to add it to the list of packages in operating-system?
<jaft>sneek, later tell lactose: let me know if you ever find or figure it out; I'd been wondering about setting xdg-desktop-portal-wlr up – myself –, a few days ago
<jaft>I dunno if anyone would know but trying to build a Java package with maven-build-system and it's asking for Gson for one of its child pom.xml files. I provided java-gson for an input but it's still giving a no-such-input error during the fix-pom-files phase. I put the log of the phase at
<peanuts>"Fix pom files with local packages: ((com.dbeaver.common (com.dbeaver.common.main -"
<freakingpenguin>I'm finding that specifying fallback-nameservers in connman-general-configuration doesn't actually change /etc/resolv.conf at all. Does anyone know if this is expected?
<f1refly>I'm trying to write a test websocket client in ruby and want to use ruby-websocket-client-simple from the repository. I wrote a guix.scm that contains `(specifications->manifest '("openjdk@17:jdk" "make" "git" "sed" "findutils" "ruby-websocket-client-simple"))` that use with guix shell -m guix.scm. When I try to `require 'websocket-client-simple` ruby doesn't seem to be able to find the library. what
<f1refly>am I doing wrong?
<f1refly>the gem is not in my user nor in my system profile which makes sense since this is a guix shell, but shouldn't the GEM_PATH be extended by guix shell somehow?
<efraim>you might need to add ruby also to the list of packages to add
<f1refly>yes, that worked. thanks!
<FireFly>oh that's confusing.. :p
<metsomedog>is there some utility for replacing finding and replacing/removing s-expressions when defining a guix package? for example removing some (defun ... (((((())))))) from a common lisp package?
<metsomedog>by the way, I'm aware of "substitute*", but as far as I can tell it's not easy/possible to use regex to match s-expressions
<jmes>Hi guix :) Normally when I install emacs packages via guix the autoloads seem to make everything available to my init.el without me calling (require 'foo), but with smartparens sp-local-pair is void during initial loading of init.el, does anyone know why that might be?
<jmes>The guix magic for emacs packages is arcane to me.
<jmes>(let ((modes '(emacs-lisp-mode scheme-mode lisp-mode)))
<jmes>(sp-local-pair modes "'" nil :actions nil)
<jmes>(sp-local-pair modes "`" nil :actions nil))
<jmes>That's the snippet in question, for referenc.
<metsomedog>nevermind my question above, I found a better solution than to replace the s-expression using regex (instead substituting with #+(or)(<ignored s-exp>) to skip it)
<freakingpenguin>Anyone know the motivation behind Guix's connman service not using dnsproxy?
<esnos>Hi, are there plans to speed up ? For now, I'm using only, because its much faster. Also, is there site where you can add your channels and search in all of them at the same time?
<peanuts>"Packages ? GNU Guix"
<peanuts>"Guix-HPC ? Search"
<esnos>But is so slow and so far for me hpc list all packages that guix have
<peanuts>"Packages ? GNU Guix"
<esnos>Also, is there list of popular channels?
<freakingpenguin>esnos: is the only one I know
<peanuts>"~whereiseveryone/toys -
<esnos>freakingpenguin I also know this one, because helix is packaged there
<esnos>How often do you write package definitions? Do you use for this?
<freakingpenguin>Huh, never saw that before but I already learned something. #:test-target
<esnos>freakingpenguin I learned about this from
<lactose>Do I need to add the current directory to the load path in order to use local modules?
<sneek>Welcome back lactose, you have 1 message!
<sneek>lactose, jaft says: let me know if you ever find or figure it out; I'd been wondering about setting xdg-desktop-portal-wlr up – myself –, a few days ago
<f1refly>I'm trying to run an application that has been built using javafx 22, but it seemingly doesn't find I tried setting the LD_LIBRARY_PATH to include `/gnu/store/g7w73damvrqi37gc24s1g2ncr4kxdj8s-libx11-1.8.7/lib/`, but it didn't seem to have any effect, any idea what might be the issue?
<peanuts>"Source Code | 0M5eg | Rocket Powered Pastebin"
<pkill9>guix doesn't handle name resolution failures very well :/
<FlaminWalrus>xelxebar: a very long time ago you sent me an .xserverrc that got startx to work on Guix. However, I didn't keep it around, is down now, and I need it again. Still have it by chance?
<pkill9>hmm im getting name resolution problems that dissappear when selinux is disabled, I'm using the selinux policy for guix
<pkill9>now i see why guix produces a lot of wastage, it's all the stuff it uses to produce the final product, basically ideally you would run `guix gc` after any permanent change, like pulling a new revision of guix, or installing a package
<pkill9>but i suppose it might be nicer on your harddrive to not do it after every change
<weary-traveler>lilyp: around by any chance, or afk?
<lilyp>continous lurking
<lilyp>what's up?
<weary-traveler>heh. regd #71592, what do you mean by "do we know that those tags are sane?"
<peanuts>"[PATCH 0/3] gnu: emacs-org: Update to 9.7.4."
<lilyp>well, since the elpa got its hash changed underneath, there might be a slim chance that git tags also get reissued
<weary-traveler>not really. elpa, from what i understand, isn't guaranteed to always return the same hash
<weary-traveler>now, neither are git tags, but it's not clear to me that the author/maintainer force pushed and overwrote tags
<weary-traveler>i would be surprised if that were the case, but i can't prove one way or another
<weary-traveler>in other words, the elpa hash changing ought not to alter our belief regd stability of the git tags