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<lilyp>use-package-modules is for end users who want to type quick – use-modules is for library readers and writers who want to know where stuff comes from at a glance
<freakingpenguin>lilyp: I see that's the distinction in how they're used, but I'm confused as to why. It seems to me like the two are pretty similar for parsing by a human. (#:use-module is consistent with other modules, but use-package-modules is less verbose)
<lilyp>when authoring a library, consistency wins – you want to be clear even at the cost of verbosity
<freakingpenguin>I'm just curious if the decision was "better consistent than terse" or if there's a functional distinction.
<lilyp>use-package-modules etc. is particularly meant for the OS config.scm as far as I remember; as a shorthand so that folks don't have to remember the full names when typing out their system configuration
<freakingpenguin>That's fair. My preference is 106 lines of #:use-module (gnu packages ...) in e.g. emacs-xyz isn't exactly clear either but I recognize that's a stylistic opinion.
<freakingpenguin>ieure: Also thanks for your thoughts. Custom channels matching guix proper makes sense.
<yziquel>Hi. I tried building the guix repo from source. It fails on texinfo stuff. " @menu reference to nonexistent node `Configuring Git'" Am I doing something wrong ? Or should that not be built because it's unstable and is there options in the Makefile to bypass texinfo stuff ? Also, last tag in the repo is in 2022. How should
<yziquel>I locate the correct SHAs to build from source ?
<freakingpenguin>yziquel: Guix is rolling release, so generally the master checkout is what you want to build. I just did a fetch and make seems to be working on my end, no upstream texinfo bugs.
<freakingpenguin>Is this for testing some changes or are you trying to install from source?
<yziquel>freakingpenguin we're on the same SHA, then.
<yziquel>freakingpenguin I'm trying to get more stuff to build from source on my machine. More like digging to get progressive control on the ecosystem. Building for curiosity. no specific goal.
<yziquel>freakingpenguin getting to know guix to see how it manages to cyclically bootstrap ghc compiler compilation.
<freakingpenguin>I'll run a clean build on 580d77d0fb to double check. Do you have a Guix install already present to set up the dev environment? (info "(guix) Building from Git")
<yziquel>freakingpenguin no. i had it installed. but my machine changed meanwhile. so, no.
<yziquel>freakingpenguin I'm just off git HEAD, on a ubuntu box.
<yziquel>same SHA, indeed. 580d77
<freakingpenguin>yziquel: Yep, built fine locally. I'm not familiar with texinfo so I don't know why your build is failing, I can just guess it's a missing dependency or something.
<yziquel>yeah. well. looking things up. a bit lost, but, well...
<freakingpenguin>You could always use a package or the install script to get a guix that can set up the environment via guix shell -D guix -CPW and then build your worktree from source.
<freakingpenguin>A bit awkward I admit
<yziquel>I want to try to build as much as possible from source. I do not deperately need guix. I just want to build it from source.
<robin>i'm familiar with texinfo but not the translation system...references to english node names in german manual translations sounds a little suspicious
<robin>yziquel, you've probably checked but do you have guix's build dependencies installed? the debian package (i assume ubuntu is very similar) has:
<robin>Build-Depends: debhelper-compat (= 13), gettext, git <!nocheck>, gnupg <!nocheck>, graphviz, guile-3.0-dev, guile-avahi, guile-gcrypt (>= 0.4.0), guile-git (>= 0.5.1), guile-gnutls (>= 3.7.2-3~), guile-json (>= 4.7), guile-library (>= 0.2.7), guile-lzlib, guile-semver, guile-ssh (>= 0.16.0), guile-sqlite3 (>= 0.1.3-2~), guile-zlib (>= 0.1.0), guile-zstd, help2man, libbz2-dev, locales-all, po4a, texinfo
<yziquel>robin i'll double check that. it's possible some stuff is missing.
<yziquel>robin thank you for the suggestion.
<robin>(autotools ought to check for stuff like that already, tho)
<yziquel>robin yes
<yziquel>robin freakingpenguin it seems to have been intltool, the culprit dependency.
<robin>got it in one, sort of :p
<yziquel>same error.
<yziquel>it seemed better. but no.
<roundduckkira>hey so what is the proper way to upgrade, for order of upgrade, is it guix pull, guix system reconfigure, and guix upgrade, or is it guix upgrade and then system reconfigure, or does it even matter?
<roundduckkira>the second question is that I can't have packages I install get autodetected after install, how do I do that
<roundduckkira>like when I go guix install foo
<roundduckkira>it doesn't list in the applications menu on mate after I do that
<wolfdog>roundduckkira: i don't use `guix package`, but i'd assume that the order between `system reconfigure` and `upgrade` shouldn't matter much
<wolfdog>regarding the applications menu, maybe you need to log off and back in?
<wolfdog>(apologies if you've done that already, I don't use MATE or install packages like that, so I don't know much.)
<roundduckkira>wolfdog: yeah reboot works, but I wonder if there's a way to do it without reboot
<roundduckkira>on other distros it can be done without reboot
<roundduckkira>wait why does guix refresh take forever, why did I do this command
<Isaz>maybe re-source your bashrc after guix install, or run the environment commands guix package outputs?
<roundduckkira>ignore me mentioning guix refresh
<roundduckkira>seems like that command is only for dev purposes and does nothing to the package repos
<Isaz>oops, I ignored the part where the packages weren't showing up in your DE
<robin>yziquel, one other possibility: i checked that the debian package *does* build guix from source, maybe you could try building that package from source just to see if that works? if it *does* work then maybe the debian package is doing something you've missed...
<robin>yziquel, but also at this point, it sounds like you've done the main things right, so i'd consider reporting it as a bug, perhaps there's a quirk of ubuntu that's been overlooked
<peanuts>"The Issue Tracker (GNU Guix Reference Manual)"
<fyrfaras>Heya~ everyone ^_^, I want to install GNU/Guix System within my work environment which needs a corporate http proxy to fetch things from outside. In general/normal operations the Guix daemon works with my proxy but I have a problem with the graphical installer. I can add a proxy via F1 but it seems that the field for the proxy URL is too short. Where can I address this "bug" properly? :-)
<fyrfaras>I didn't try the manual install yet (lack of time) but I think it's worth mentioning.
<polyedre>@efraim: thanks, this is strange, but dbxfs worked perfectly after rebooting.
<lilyp>If this is about the width of a field in the graphical installer, then bug-guix it is – maybe try to add "installer" to the subject
<dariqq>is there a way i can force the use of a specific updater if multiple match? Wanted to try to update gnome packages but lookup-updater returns generic-html instead of the gnome one
<lilyp>not afaik, but you can shell out to guix repl
<dariqq>nvm, i can use -t gnome (but imo the generic updater should only be used if a more specific one does not exist)
<dariqq>ACTION runs guix refresh -t gnome -u
<dariqq>awesome that seems to have worked. Now i am scared to try to build this cause i saw librsvg and glib updates
<fyrfaras>lilyp: Thank you, yes, it's the field width. I will submit a bug report then. ^^
<dariqq>hmm my attempt got cut short by requiring meson>=1.2 which is packaged but not the default build meson
<dariqq>maybe this could be combined with my simple patch for #70999
<peanuts>"Meson-build system fails to install license files"
<dale>Does anyone know how I can do the equivalent of 'guix system build config.scm' inside 'guix repl'?
<dale>Okay, I got it: 'guix repl -- $( which guix ) system build config.scm' does the trick.
<fnat>This Guix Cookbook section explains how to configure a network bridge using nmcli: Anyone knows if/how it's possible to do the same as part of a system definition?
<peanuts>"GNU Guix Cookbook"
<fnat>According to this thread, we might not be quite there yet?
<peanuts>"Re: static-networking-service-type: Using a static network bridge"
<civodul>i586-gnu (Hurd) builds on ci.guix are back to life
<pastor>Hello. Has anyone ever seen this guile error when using traces?
<pastor>It seems like a bug on the guile repl but I'm not sure if I did something wrong
<pastor>I think the problem may be related to trying to use a pure `guile` for invoking Guix commands. Is there a way to enable tracing in the `guix repl`?
<ieure>Did something break with `git format-patch' or `git send-email'? When I format-patch and send-email, I get asked: To whom should the emails be sent (if anyone)?
<ieure>I'm pretty sure it knew where to send patches before.
<Altadil>ieure: yep, same here! Maybe a git hook got removed or altered?
<ieure>Altadil, The hook stuff is working for me, the Change-Id is in the commit; that comes from the hook.
<singpolyma>With guix you need to send an email first to get the ticket number, then send-email to the email address for the ticket. So it's not the same every time
<ieure>singpolyma, You only need to do that for a patch series; and in any case, `git send-email' doesn't know where to send the cover-letter patch to create the bug.
<ieure>Man I just do not care for email patch systems. At all.
<meaty>should there be a defined prefix for themes
<meaty>like theme-gtk-*, theme-qt-*
<ehrt74>hi everybody :) i'm just trying guix again and am determined not to bounce off it again :) i've just discovered guix gc, which has greatly reduced my disk usage
<ehrt74>now i'm trying sbcl development and it's really cool that guix has lots of packages i'd usually get over quicklisp, but it uses https! (quicklist is unfortunately stuck on http)
<ehrt74>mm, that's odd. i did a guix upgrade earlier on today and restarted. now i'm doing a guix upgrade again and i think it's pulling the same packages :?
<ehrt74>it's certainly pulling emacs29.3 again, and that's the one running at the moment.
<ehrt74>is there something i need to do after running guix upgrade?
<ieure>ehrt74, This is a semi-known issue, I don't really understand why it happens, but it's not great.
<ieure>`guix gc' deleting stuff, then that same stuff getting redownloaded.
<ehrt74>ah, ok. at least it's known :)
<ehrt74>oh, i just got a failed install for emacs-guile: In procedure stat: No such file or directory: "lisp/emacs-lisp/comp.el"
<ehrt74>does anybody know what the best procedure is to report a problem with guix install? i imagine me just pasting it here is probably not the most helpful way for me to mention it
<peanuts>"The Issue Tracker (GNU Guix Reference Manual)"
<ehrt74>cool, thanks! :D
<zenmaya>my guix fails to boot when using a newer profile. It fails somewhere when logind is ran by shepherd. I cannot sadly verify where exactly, as the system is softlocked after that and the log is not saved (as the syslogd hasn't been started) Is there a way to tell shepherd to boot into a semi state? I need some interactivity or something to debug the error
<meaty>what package holds the "getent" command?
<meaty>am back
<janneke>meaty: glibc, gcc-toolchain
<meaty>janneke: thx!
<deedend>Folks, I'm having issue again with, I cannot reach it
<cbaines>deedend, can you tell if the problem is DNS related, IP related or some HTTPS issue?
<deedend>I'm on my mobile (Firefox on android) not sure how to check that