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<zeropoint>wolfdog: I didn't spend enough time trying to debug that, but I also had issues. I ended up setting a shortcut to manually lock using ctrl+alt+l and xlock -mode blank
<zeropoint>I'll maybe revisit someday :/
<Gooberpatrol66>wolfdog: i think what i did was (elogind-service-type config => (elogind-configuration (handle-lid-switch-external-power 'lock))) and then set xfce to turn off the screen in the settings so it does both
<Gooberpatrol66>doesn't work in kde though which i haven't figured out
<meaty>is there any way to compare the list of all packages installed to those installed in a system/home declaration?
<Lumine>Has anyone here figured out how to get jekyll and bundle to update gems without it spitting a bunch of generic system call errors on read only files? This happens whether I have them installed in the system or just using guix shell
<wolfdog>I have given up trying to troubleshoot this and just switched to gnome
<Lumine>Got it working, it was a matter of including make
<apteryx>wolfdog: troubleshoot what?
<apteryx>ah, the screensaver in XFCE
<apteryx>I had that struggle too, couldn't make it work either
<nikolar>how's the progress on the guile based daemon
<apteryx>I think it was crashing after I added an up to date xfce4-screensaver package to the xfce metapackage
<JetpackJackson>wolfdog: thanks for the link! im now working on getting the dependency versions correct lol
<JetpackJackson>ok apparently unicode-utils doesnt exist? guix download tried to pull an archive link for it
<JetpackJackson>oops, typed the link wrong
<JetpackJackson>wow this is not fun lmao, i have to manually downgrade these dependencies and then get the new hash, and then build to see if it works... is there a faster/smarter way to do this lol? or is ruby just like this
<JetpackJackson>this is an interesting error re: neocities build,
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<JetpackJackson>it built but its failing to run properly
<lykso>Is there a way to test a channel locally without having to commit changes every time?
<JetpackJackson>i am definitely clueless, i probably wrote smth wrong in my manifest lol
<JetpackJackson>i cant be the only one thats tried to get neocities working right? lol
<JetpackJackson>well ig ill see if i can figure it out tmrw
<viaken>Did I overlook a firewall service somewhere? I thought I remembered seeing one, but now I can't find it when I have time to set it up.
<apteryx>hm, nix-service-type activation produces: 20261 chown("/nix/store", 0, 981) = -1 EROFS (Système de fichiers accessible en lecture seulement)
<apteryx>I guess a regression caused by 797be0ea5c3703ad96acd32c98dca5f946cf5c95
<peanuts>"guix.git - GNU Guix and GNU Guix System"
<apteryx>("services: nix: Mount Nix store read only.")
<apteryx>ACTION reboots
<apteryx>lykso: you can use the -L option to add a load path to your local channel checkout
<dmirth>Hi, I hate to be a help vampire, but I'm trying to find a way to remove the gdm-service-type from a list of services added to %base-services. Any suggestions?
<viaken>(duh, iptables & nftables services both exist)
<viaken>dmirth: (modify-services %base-services (delete gdm-service-type)) doesn't do it?
<wolfdog>dmirth: `modify-services` might help you
<peanuts>"Service Reference (GNU Guix Reference Manual)"
<wolfdog>oh wait, someone just said that as well
<wolfdog>to be fair, my irc client didnt show me that until i got back from looking in the docs :)
<dmirth>Cool! Thanks. I was trying to add a lambda function that removed it from %desktop-services. Just kept getting a message about it already being added
<pranavats>Hi. Has anyone tried to package lean4 yet?
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<thanosapollo>gnumorning civodul!
<pranavats>Hi civodul
<dariqq>Is there a reason why the .guix-profile manifest behaves differently than the home or system profile manifests when it comes to marking things as "repeated" ? Or am I missing something?
<dariqq>seems like installing/removing a package does not update the manifest file as I expected it. Is this intended?
<civodul>dariqq: yes, manifests are written by users; Guix itself reads it but never touches it
<civodul>in other news, i was looking at virtiofs, thinking this would be an improvement over 9p for ‘guix system vm’
<civodul>turns out it’s tedious
<civodul>first because we need
<civodul>it’s written in Rust and needs to be spawned manually
<dariqq>civodul: i am talking about .guix-profile/manifest file. Sry that i did not make this clear.
<dariqq>guix package -i A B and guix pacackage -I A , guix pacakge -I B might not end up with the same file there when it comes to marling duplicate entries (from propagated inputs) as repeated
<picnoir>civodul, efraim: this rust-nix and dns-utils failure, but Nsncd (which depends on both) is indeed pretty confusing. Reading the build system source, it seems like the rust-inputs are not built individually, just the source code is fetched.
<picnoir>Is that right?
<picnoir>I have the dns-utils fix, working on the rust-nix one ATM
<picnoir>If my assumption about the rust build system is right, having some transitive deps failing while the final bin being fine would make sense.
<picnoir>ngz: agree with you. This is really labor intensive. We're partially doing cargo's job manually here :/
<dariqq>civodul: Example is A=zlib and B=glib (which propagates zlib) and a new profile at /tmp/whatever
<thanosapollo>Anyone has setup docker containers using oci-container-service-type? I'm looking just for examples
<mgd>are there any guides on using emacs packages? I installed some using guix but they're not being detected by emacs. Do you need to do something else?
<thanosapollo>mgd they need to be installed the same way you install emacs to be detected afaik, e.g if you installed emacs with guix home you should install your emacs packages with guix home as well
<mgd>I picked exwm as my window manager during the installation. I assume that installs emacs in the correct way with guix
<dariqq>looking at the 2 manifests in the repl zlib has different parents.
<dariqq>the wrong one has #<promise #<procedure 7f9098eaf7d8 at guix/profiles.scm:577:57 ()>
<dariqq>and the right one #<promise #<procedure 7f9099a9cec0 at guix/profiles.scm:596:59 ()>
<efraim>we actually have a nsncd on the rust-team branch
<dariqq>i think this is the fix for #55499 not working properly for transactions
<peanuts>"excessively large manifests due to propagation"
<trev>is it normal that `guix shell -m manifest.scm --search-paths` doesn't work when specifying with a manifest?
<trev>opposed to listing out all pkgs
<jakef>trev: i see it doesn't put you in a shell, is that what you mean?
<trev>jakef: no, it should output env vars
<trev>(context: trying to configure direnv with emacs using a .envrc that contains `guix shell -m manifest --search-paths`)
<trev>perhaps i will file a bug for that. it seems like it would be good instead of having to list all the packages
<Altadil>Hi Guix, I have a question on the checks to perform before sending a patch. When trying to perform the part 16 "Make sure your changes do not break Guix and simulate a guix pull", I get an error because my commit lacks a signature… which is expected since I’m supposed to send it to be applied by a commiter, right? So I guess I must be missing something here… Any idea of what I’m doing wrong?
<trev>Altadil: did you try with --disable-authentication ?
<trev>i never experienced that, but I also sign my commits with my gpg key
<Altadil>trev: no, I copied the line from the manual: guix pull --url=/path/to/your/checkout --profile=/tmp/guix.master
<Altadil>(with the correct path to the checkout)
<Altadil>sooo, adding --disable-authentication, I get "error: invalid name: `.-8fa961a'", the end being the beginning of the commit hash…
<Altadil>I’m… puzzled at this point
<dariqq>I have created #71360 for my problem.
<peanuts>"large manifests when adding packages"
<thomas63>hello guix community, is there a way to install a package in a guix shell ? à la python pip ?
<picnoir>thomas63: guix shell nameofthepackage?
<thomas63>I mean, if I do a "guix shell" is there a way after to install a package ?
<picnoir>guix install yourpackagename?
<trev>guix install :D
<thomas63>if I do a guix install , when I leave the shell I still see the package installed
<picnoir>Sorry, I don't get what you're trying to do.
<thomas63>Probably I don't understand how guix shell works
<thomas63>for me guix shell is like python pip, you can "guix shell" and then "guix install" packages, and when you leave the shell the packages are no longer installed ,
<Altadil>thomas63: I think you want the container option
<Altadil>by default, guix shell does not isolate from the rest of the system
<nikolar>Altadil: you need containers for that, no?
<Altadil>nikolar: yes, "guix shell --container"
<thomas63>ok thanks, I will dig into that
<nikolar>Altadil: am i misremembering or was it also possible to spawn a vm like that
<Altadil>nikolar: I know there is a way to do that, but I don’t think it’s with guix shell, probably guix system ? I haven’t really looked into it.
<nikolar>yeah something like that
<avalenn>guix Authentication of 76k commits is very slow, is there any way to make it faster?
<meaty>what package holds all the missing unix util manpages
<meaty>I'm looking for whatever contains the manpage for uname
<jakef>meaty you could try the packages man-pages and man-pages-posix
<jakef>i think you may also need the man-db package in the same profile to pick them up
<civodul> <- the kind of update we should send for the Guix infra
<peanuts>"The state of SourceHut and our plans for the future"
<civodul>avalenn: 76k? that’s a lot, is it from 1.4.0?
<civodul>and no, it cannot be made faster (not easily anyway)
<avalenn>yes, apt install guix && guix pull
<avalenn>not really a problem for me, it was one time only
<avalenn>but made me thinks about scalability of guix authenticate
<civodul>yeah well, we should make more frequent releases
<civodul>if you take a snapshot such as the ‘guix’ package in Guix, authentication starts at the commit of that snapshot
<civodul>so the problem here is that 1.4.0 is way too old
<avalenn>a new release would only help if I use it, isn't it
<meaty>how can i install a new system service without doing guix reconfigure
<meaty>rn it wants to compile the linux kernel when i do that
<meaty>or how can i pin a single package, not just a channel
<ieure>meaty, You can't change system configuration outside `guix system reconfigure'.
<meaty>but i don't wana recompile my kernel
<ieure>Yeah, that's a bummer. You can use `guix weather linux-libre' to see whether substitutes are available prior to reconfiguring.
<ieure>You can reference a specific kernel variable (different versions of packages get assigned to different variables), or (specification->package "package@version").
<ieure>Depending on *why* the package needs to be rebuilt this may or may not work around the need to compile.
<ieure>If it's a newer package version that doesn't have substitutes built yet, it'll do what you want; if it's rebuilding because an input changed, it won't.
<dariqq>I didnt know i would be trying to understand monads today :(
<PuercoPop>Hi, I'm trying to package opentofu for guix. When I run ./preinst guix build go-github-com-opentofu, the wip package, I get a error message about exit status 1 for invoke go install ... along with a message suggesting that I set GUILE_WARN_DEPRECATED to detailed. I've tried doing so by setting the environment variable before calling pre-inst-env but it doesn't seem to the verbosity of the error message. Any way to g
<PuercoPop>et a more detailed error message?
<picnoir>PuercoPop: did you already try setting the --verbosity=3 flag?
<PuercoPop>picnoir: no, I haven't
<PuercoPop>tried it, and it seems to increase the output on the phases that are succesful but not on the build phase, where the error happens
<ieure>PuercoPop, If the message is getting printed by something run during the build process, you need to call (setenv ) in the build step that's failing -- the build process can't see any environment variables you set outside of it, builds are run in isolation.
<ieure>I don't know why a Go package installation would be complaining about a Guile thing, though.
<ieure>Can you put your package definition on a pastebin? gets used a lot (but is dog slow).
<peanuts>"Debian Pastezone"
<PuercoPop>ieure: thanks. Makes sense I'll look into setenv
<PuercoPop>This is the code I have written
<peanuts>"golang-xyz.scm ?"
<PuercoPop>And this is the error message, which more or less is telling me that go install is failing fwiu
<peanuts>"pre-inst-env guix build --verbosity=3 go-github-com-opentof ?"
<ieure>Okay, the message about Guile is a red herring and not related to your problem, which is that the `go install' command is failing.
<ieure>But it doesn't print anything about *why* it's failing, so, that's the thing you need to figure out. If you add `-K' to your `guix build' command, it'll keep the build directory; then you can `guix shell -D go-github-com-opentof --pure' to get an environment with the same packages as the build has and run the install command manually to see what's wrong.
<nikolar>ieure: oh that should be documented somewhere
<picnoir>Nice, I was not aware of the -D shell flag.
<picnoir>PuercoPop: running the install command in a regular terminal, I get this error message:
<picnoir>I'm not really familiar with golang, not sure what's wrong about your import path.
<ieure>Pastebin that requires JavaScript? That's a paddlin'
<picnoir>ah, yeah, sorry about that. The error is a one liner:
<picnoir>malformed import path "https:/": invalid char ':'
<ieure>Only one slash in the protocol... https:/ instead of https:// -- but I don't see that anywhere in the package recipe, and suspect a URL shouldn't be there at all.
<picnoir>The extra slash was in the command.
<picnoir>It's been eaten by the go compiler.
<picnoir>I assume it does not expects a URL there.
<ieure>Likewise. The build happens without network, so not much it can do with a URL.
<PuercoPop>picnoir: thanks, the import path shouldn't be an url, or at least it shouldn't include the scheme basing myself from other packages
<PuercoPop>with the -K flag I keep the environment, but that doesn't mean I can retry the step as I don't have everything installed, and more importantly it would use the 'global' environment instead of the sandbox right? Is there a way to set a breakpoint before a phase instead?
<ieure>PuercoPop, As I said -- use `guix shell -D' and you'll get an environment with everything the build needs.
<ieure>PuercoPop, I don't think there's any way to explicitly set a breakpoint in a build. I sometimes add `(/ 1 0)' in a build function to make it stop there, but you really only need this if a step is *succeeding*, but doing the wrong thing. Yours is stopping exactly at the spot where it fails, so you don't really need that.
<ieure>(I think)
<PuercoPop>ieure: but guix shell -D <package-name> doesn't find the package as it is only present on my git checkout. I need to ran the guix shell command from the /tmp/ directory that was left over by using the -K flag right? Can I run preinst from outside the top level directory of the git repo?
<ieure>PuercoPop, If you're in the pre-inst-env, do `./pre-inst-env guix shell -D'. You do not have to run it from the build directory in /tmp.
<ieure>You have to run *the go install* command from the build directory in /tmp -- after you have the guix shell active, from the Git checkout.
<PuercoPop>ieure: Thanks!
<janneke>i'm getting
<janneke>guix git: error: unknown introductory commit and signer
<janneke>when trying to push, ring any bells?
<janneke>ah, it prolly has to do with
<peanuts>"[PATCH 0/4] Simplify 'guix git authenticate' usage"
<janneke>any pointers on to how to transform a (my) existing repository?
<janneke>ACTION adds a [guix "authentication"] to master/.git/config, taken from
<peanuts>"[PATCH 0/4] Simplify 'guix git authenticate' usage"
<peanuts>"[PATCH 0/4] Simplify 'guix git authenticate' usage"
<janneke>do i have to manually update some git hooks too?
<janneke>thanks for listening!
<jonsger>I honestly don't know
<jonsger>janneke: I guess you need to copy over those new/updated hooks from etc/git to .config/hooks
<jonsger>yet says "Other important Git configuration will automatically be configured when building the project"
<PotentialUser46>Has anyone ever seen an error like "error: linking with `/gnu/store/f95ljc7bism88x1vrrggnqxa8r9i4llb-gcc-11.3.0/bin/gcc` failed: exit status: 1" when trying to build a Rust application? I have a personal tool I've written that only depends on rust and cargo so I thought it would be trivial to build with guix
<peanuts>"GNU Guix Reference Manual"
<jonsger>ACTION goes AFK for a while
<PotentialUser46>It looks like installing gcc-toolchain fixed that linker issue
<dariqq>i think at least one part of my problem is that manifest-entry-item can be both the package object or the store path which is kind of annoying
<lykso>Is there any way to test a channel I'm working on locally without having to "git commit" and "guix pull" every time? This is really, really slowing down my development loop. "guix pull" in particular takes something like 15 minutes each time.
<daviwil>lykso: try using -L parameter to add the local repo to the Guix load path instead of adding it as a channel
<lykso>daviwil: Thanks!
<ngz>I'm wondering something about SVN. In Tex Live, why is it required to provide both a tag (%texlive-tag) and a revision (%texlive-revision) to get the files? Shouldn't one of them be enough?
<ngz>Or, more generally, why does <svn-reference> expect a revision, as a number, and not a tag?
<ngz>Is it some limitation in `svn-fetch'?
<ieure>ngz, Not sure if there are specific SVN concerns, I think Git lets you specify both branch/tag and revision, as a way to ensure that you're always getting the code you expect (ex. that nobody has replaced the tag).
<ieure>ngz, Subversion is kind of wacky, so the operation to *create* a tag also creates a revision -- but not clear to me whether that's relevant to your question.
<ngz>ieure: It seems to me there's redundancy, because the tag matches the revision. I'd like to get rid of one of them, ideally the revision.
<ngz>But if I want to download some files, I need to provide both of them.
<ngz>See for example `chicken-srfi-69' package. The origin contains both the version and a revision number.
<peanuts>"SRFI 69: Basic hash tables"
<ngz>I don't understand why.
<ngz>It seems Guix's `svn-fetch' command forces using a revision number even though it is not needed with a tag.
<meaty>i wish guix had a command to search/read all the manpages of the store
<meaty>or to read the documentation of stuff installed as a dependency of another package
<meaty>is it possible to run 'man' from the "perspective" of a certain package/command
<fnat>Anybody else affected / being able to reproduce this?
<peanuts>"[bug#71254] [PATCH] services: oci-container: fix provided image is strin"