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<NotPuercoPop>ieure guix home import ~/path/to/non/existing/dir creates a template from the 'existing' configuration right?
<ieure>NotPuercoPop, Yes.
<ieure>NotPuercoPop, I didn't have good luck with the importer, I ended up porting my old dotfiles repo over and starting from that instead.
<terramorpha>Hello I am trying to package a go application that is built with autotools. Does anyone know how to make $GOPATH & company work for dependencies?
<puercopop>where do I find the names of the desktop-service-types? From the installer I know guix supports gnome, xfce, i3, etc. But guix search desktop-service only returns gnome-boxes
<freakingpenguin>puercopop: $ guix system search desktop searches for services by name (so use foo, not foo-service-type)
<puercopop>freakingpenguin: thanks!
<adanska>Hi! Is there a reason that Guix doesnt go to when looking for mirrors? redirects to a hosting platform that doesnt seem to be working anymore. I just say this because i notice that fetching gnu programs goes through at least 2 mirrors before finding one that works
<adanska>which is
<sughosha>Hi Guix! Is there a way to treat non literal string as literal in (local-file)? I want something like (local-file (string-append x y)) and also not relative to the current directory but instead to the directory of the scm file.
<thunktone>sughosha: I learned this here yesterday. Wrap it with assume-valid-file-name.
<sughosha>thunktone: I asked this question yesterday and also thought that assume-valid-file-name is working, but it only hides the warning in terminal and still the file is searched in the current working directory.
<sughosha>I think that someone already sent patches for what I am looking for:
<peanuts>"[PATCH] guix: gexp: Add assume-source-relative-file-name"
<hatim>How would you setup a development environment for Rust. I want to be able to easily switch toolchains, and have cross compilation targets etc, I know I can make a container, but is there a way to do it otherwise?
<cancername>Hello everyone, my BIOS fails to detect Guix system. I'm using UEFI, and I believe my system is intact. Booting it through Super GRUB Disk works perfectly fine. I'm confused, since the ESP appears intact.
<lambdanil_>Hi, I've been struggling with poor performance in Gnome, on both Wayland and X11. At first I blamed the lack of the triple buffering patch, so I replaced Mutter with a custom package compiled with triple buffering support. Unfortunately, this still hasn't resolved the issue. At this point I suspect it might be a driver issue? I'm on an intel iGPU
<lambdanil_>(UHD620). I was previously using Fedora on this exact computer, and Gnome worked fine there. Other things besides Gnome perform as they should. Does anyone have a clue where I might be going wrong? Thanks
<Altadil>lambdanil_: My guess would be: maybe the GPU is not working, due to lack of free firmware? But I don’t know enough about Intel GPUs… I guess you could check in the Gnome settings to see if it’s using a software renderer.
<lambdanil_>Altadil: Ah, that might be worth checking. Pretty sure the GPU is working fine though, even managed to get hardware video acceleration running, so I doubt that's the issue.
<xerty>I have similar performance issues on GNOME (using vanilla guix system recently), and yet, using NixOS in linux-libre kernel + (free software only filter) would result a fluent desktop and it seems some previous versions of guix would not lag as much too.
<xerty>also using a intel iGPU (HD Graphics 530
<Googulator>Any idea about this test failure in grep?
<peanuts>"Debian Pastezone"
<Googulator>Looks like /bin/sh isn't being patched - is this a known issue?
<Googulator>The same package builds successfully with the daemon running with --disable-chroot, although obviously that will use the wrong shell (from the host system)
<IcePic45>Hey. Quick question. If i report a bug via shouldn't an email be created on the mailing list? An Issue on the the Issue tracker is created for my issue number but i don't see my mail on the maling list
<freakingpenguin>IcePic45: I'm not sure exactly how debbugs and the mailing list interact, but if it's your first time sending a message to a list a couple days delay isn't abnormal.
<freakingpenguin>Bit odd the issue # would be created if the mail was delayed, but maybe that's normal
<hapster>hi guix o/
<hapster>I have used `git send-email` to send patches after successfully creating a new issue, but don't yet see those patches in the issue, even though I have sent those several hours ago and to the correct address. Is this to be expected?
<freakingpenguin>hapster: Most guix mailing lists can have a couple days delay the first time you use them, although I don't know that interacts with debbugs. There's probably a problem if it's >2 days, there may or may not be one now.
<hapster>freakingpenguin: Thanks, thats good to know!
<hapster>I was just surprised that the first mail ("cover page") went in within several hours, and the followup patches have not yet appeared
<freakingpenguin>I've never heard of that happenening before but it wouldn't surprise me
<freakingpenguin>Computers work in mysterious ways
<jmes>Should home-zsh-configuration have an `alisases` field?
<jab`>hey guix!
<jab`>I just installed guix on a desktop.
<jab`>I set my user password via '# passwd joshua'
<jab`>when I try to log in as my username refuses to let me do so.
<jab`>possibly because originally my config said (user-account (name "Joshua Branson") ...)
<jab`>then I changed it to "(user-account (name "joshua"))"
<jab`>maybe I'll delete /home/joshua and try to reconfigure. Maybe that'll work.
<jab`>well userdel /home/joshua didn't work...
<zeropoint>hi guix, how do people debug/test out something like this?
<peanuts>"exception caught while starting device-mapping"
<zeropoint>will ./pre-inst-env guix pull recompile your local guix with changes you've made?
<zeropoint>would that allow for me to ./pre-inst-env guix system vm with the changes I've made in a guix checkout?
<janneke>jab` did you reconfigure after changing the user-account?
<jab`>janneke: yup. Sure did.
<jab`>zeropoint: do you have an encrypted / ?
<zeropoint>yup, that particular lvm mapping was setup years ago on a debian system
<zeropoint>but a different drive contains / and /home
<jab`>zeropoint: I have not really wrapped my head around LVM...
<jab`>seems cool though.