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<kitty>good afternoon yall :>
<xca>what is the proper order for PATH so that there aren't conflicts between guix and foreign packages? When guix gets priority, it causes conflicts with my foreign distro, but when my distro gets priority, it causes a conflicts with a couple of packages from external channels in guix.
<ryan77627>Hey all, anyone have experience with cmake build systems? I'm trying to package hyprlock at the moment and am getting an error I cannot figure out
<xca>In order to not get any errors when trying to update running guix container home fle.scm, I had to temporarily set PATH=/home/me/.config/guix/current/bin:/home/me/.guix-profile/bin:/home/me/.guix-home/profile/bin:/home/me/.guix-home/profile/sbin:/home/me/.local/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/home/me/.nix-profile/bin:/home/me/.config/g
<kittyblam>afternoon yall :>
<xca>hi kittyblam!
<kittyblam>just made a new nick (normally kitty) after some troubleshooting haha
<kittyblam>oh hmm, troubleshooting still not working but that's alright
<kittyblam>xca: *thumbs up*
<xca>yeah i've been having trouble with that too, so i'm just using an unregistered nick for the time being
<kittyblam>yeah, I remember having this issue before but #guile I can't seem to get to work properly on my end, although at least I have the client working for you chill people haha
<xca>i'm taking the easy way out and just using the web client haha
<kittyblam>I take it by that response that the situation is the same on your end? haha
<kittyblam>xca: ^
<xca>Well for me it's a matter of forgetting my credentials and having them saved in an x11 irc client, which requires me to disable guix home in order to use. though I've probably set that part up wrong too haha
<xca>i'm not familiar with other irc clients so i struggle setting them uphaha
<xca>so for now just not dealing with that problem
<kittyblam>okay I finally figured it out, I was honestly unaware of registration and that #guile requires it but #guix doesn't. That explains so, so much.
<kittyblam>so registering to nickserv and now that chatroom works, so going to head over there for now haha
<freakingpenguin>Welcome back bordeaux, I hope your noop cycles were enjoyable
<adanska>I see that bayfront is back up again! thanks christopher and everyone else that helped :) i'm curious as to what actually happened; why did it come down and how was it fixed?
<daviwil>Morning Guix! Just submitted a patch to update emacs-denote to the latest version and update the source URL:
<peanuts>"[bug#71105] [PATCH] gnu: emacs-denote: Update to 2.3.0."
<daviwil>well there it is
<ngz>daviwil: I applied it. Thank you!
<daviwil>Excellent, thanks a lot!
<h4>parnikkapore: It's for machine of another person
<h4>Panique à bord! He doesn't need his cpu to be written on it?
<h4>ieure: I mean that if it's DockerImage, it could maybe be articulated by DockerFile, because DockerFile permit actions. But I was thinking that in a guix configuration file you could write a file in someplace and define it to execute at startup, isn't it?
<h4>parnikkapore: So why using something as heavy as GSys VM when you can just use native hook of Guix so using nothing else than Guix itself in the process?
<h4>ieure: Thanks! That's valuable, I'll return to you if something seems cryptic to me
<h4>miaomiao: Why using FlatPak instead of compiling the whole thing? That seems more Guixy to do like that
<civodul>cbaines: thanks for reviving qa.guix!
<civodul>looks like packages.guix is the only one left
<civodul>there’s a weird Artanis error: #<procedure parse-namespace-cookie (item)> "Config: Invalid item" (expire "3600")
<esnos>Hi, I'm new to guix and I have question, how do you install package when there is no recipe for it, is there any other way to install package? I want to install helix, which is written in rust and I don't know rust or guix, but I heard there is hell with dependecies in cargo.
<esnos>Do you just use flatpak like that?
<Altadil>esnos: Hi, there are several options. One possibility is to use flatpak, if the software you’re looking for is available this way.
<Altadil>esnos: yes, that should work. :)
<Altadil>If the software is available on, you may also be able to write a package for it with guix import.
<esnos>Altadil: Ok, that's fantastic. Another question, does guix manual says anything about installing from other sources then guix? I want to learn more about guix
<esnos>Altadil: I checked, it doesn't have helix editor.
<Altadil>esnos: It explains in details the "channel" mechanism, to allow distributing guix packages outside of the upstream project. There isn’t much about other sources. If I remember correctly, it’s also possible to install nix packages, but I’ve never looked into it.
<Altadil>esnos: then, it’s still possible to write a package by hand, but it’s probably not going to be easy.
<jpoiret>an editor that only has toml configuration? heresy
<jpoiret>Altadil: maybe all of its dependencies are on, then it should be ok
<jpoiret>ah, it's got a lot of subcrates
<jpoiret>have fun 🙃
<esnos>jpoirte: I started using emacs in February, but before that I used helix and I was very happy with that, I highly recommend it. About toml, this is more "customization" then "configuration" right now, so I didn't mind toml file, but helix want to have plugin system with scheme as configuration language.
<picnoir>esnos: there's a issue upstream
<esnos>jpoiret, I misspelled your nick, sorry
<picnoir>I personally install it via Nix (on Guix) :)
<peanuts>"Add helix to guix ? helix-editor/helix ? Discussion #10423 ? GitHub"
<picnoir>Seems like it's packaged out of Guix there:
<peanuts>"saayix/saayix/packages/rust/helix.scm at f15663438a4c0d595b4a4f64e089d0fefd82a1c5 - look/saayix -"
<esnos>Wow, last time I checked it it wasn't there, its one week old. I wanted to ask this question about helix earlier, but I didn't know how to use irc. Regardless, the question about how to install other programs on guix still holds and I got my answer
<jpoiret>ah, mb, if it has config in scheme that could be cool
<jpoiret>if it has multi threading that would actually be 👌
<jpoiret>civodul: are you familiar with some glibc stuff? I'm 99% of the way to running my laptop on c-u, the only thing missing is the 2.35 locales: I'm not able to build glibc 2.35, but 2.33 is fine.
<jpoiret>the error's ld: /gnu/store/zzpbp6rr43smwxzvzd4qd317z5j7qblj-gcc-11.4.0-lib/lib/gcc/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/11.4.0/../../../ undefined reference to `__isoc23_strtoul@GLIBC_2.38', which I don't 100% understand why that would happen
<jpoiret>gcc's libstdc++ doesn't get linked into glibc, no?
<civodul>jpoiret: oh hmm, i’d check the log but it sounds like we’re pulling libstdc++ or something
<yelninei>oh god, that package definition looks like a nightmare. Having to package all subcrates indiviually and loads of dependencies
<jpoiret>I can get the log
<jpoiret>the build fails pretty early
<civodul>it can be reproduced with guix build glibc-locales@3.35?
<civodul>er, 2.35
<jpoiret>civodul: no!
<adanska>Has anyone tried/is working on writing a SageMath package for Guix? I'm kinda surprised that it's missing, given the amount of scientific and numerical analysis tools in Guix.
<civodul>adanska: hi! yes, there’s been preliminary work (there’s a sagemath.scm file)
<civodul>i think you could email guix-devel and the maths team to know more
<civodul>er, “science” team
<civodul>to know who to Cc, run: ./etc/teams.scm list-members science
<adanska>civodul, oh, thanks! I might do that. also, i forget, but how do i cc a team again? is there a script in the guix checkout i can run?
<adanska>hahaha thanks
<civodul>yw :-)
<jpoiret>in any case glibc@2.35 not building is a problem
<jpoiret>any reason why we have two methods of building glibc locales?
<civodul>jpoiret: two methods?
<civodul>oh you mean the package and (gnu system locales)?
<jpoiret>sorry my context switching time is quite bad atm
<daedric>oops :)
<miro`>Hello, I installed calfw by adding the emacs-calfw package to my guix manifest. I have a problem, because cfw:open-calendar-buffer returns Match required, as if the package was not installed. Any ideas?
<ayatsfer>hello! is there any easy way to get (standard-packages) into a manifest? We have packages->manifests but the types don't really line-up
<ayatsfer>so I am using this thing for now:
<ayatsfer>(define stdenv
<ayatsfer> (map (lambda* (pkg)
<ayatsfer> (match pkg
<ayatsfer> ((_ value _ ...)
<ayatsfer> value)))
<ayatsfer> (standard-packages)))
<apteryx>jpoiret: any rationale for d859ab9375 ("Revert "gnu: autotrace: Fix pkg-config file.") ?
<apteryx>cbaines: hm, I'm trying to make sense of the build log here:
<apteryx>was the master branch broken at the time or something?
<jpoiret>apteryx: inkscape didn't build anymore with it
<cbaines>apteryx, it looks like processing that revision timed out after 2 days of processing
<cbaines>I'm not sure why it took so long
<apteryx>jpoiret: I guess it did but only with pkgconf then. thanks for the heasds-up
<apteryx>cbaines: I'll send a rebase v2 to see
<cbaines>apteryx, yep, that should help, now that master includes computing the guix derivations for each system won't require building nss for that system
<peanuts>"guix.git - GNU Guix and GNU Guix System"
<Marc77>Hi, could anybody tell me how I access tkinter/tk from python on Guix? I thought it should be bundled with it. And I could not find a separate package. I must have some wrong logic in how I approach this, but I couldn't find it and also not find a relevant web search result.
<dlowe>The really easy thing to do is to pip install it in a venv
<Marc77>Tried that:
<Marc77>(pyenv) [root@BATOCERA /userdata/molplay/viz-covid-fair1]# pip install tkinter
<Marc77>ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement tkinter (from versions: none)
<Marc77>ERROR: No matching distribution found for tkinter
<Marc77>and variants thereof
<ieure>Marc77, It's in the "tk" output of the Python package.
<ieure>This also confused me a while back.
<ieure>If someone wants to review some patches, these update LibreWolf to fix a bunch of CVEs and own the source build process:
<peanuts>"[PATCH 0/3] Update LibreWolf to 126.0-1 [security fixes]"
<Marc77>Hello, follow-up to getting tkinter work in python. I now did - thanks to suggestion by ieure - the following:
<Marc77>guix shell --check python:tk
<Marc77>yet if I test python -m tkinter I still get the error "/usr/bin/python: No module named tkinter". What am I still missing?
<ngz>Marc77: I think you also need Python itself in the profile: guix shell --check python python:tk
<Marc77>ngz: I get the same behavior when I include python as well :(
<andreas-e>It looks like your paths are not correct. /usr/bin/python is the one from your host system, not from Guix.
<ngz>Oh. I missed the elephant in the room. I tested, `guix shell --check python python:tk -- python3 -m tkinter' works as expected.
<Googulator>Hi All! Resumed my efforts to bootstrap Guix on top of live-bootstrap, now with a working Guile that can actually load external libraries using dlopen.
<Googulator>Unfortunately, I'm running into a really hard to debug issue with the "guile-git" module:
<Googulator>$ guile -c '(use-modules (git)) (display "PASS") (newline) (exit ((lambda () 0)))'
<Googulator>Segmentation fault
<Googulator>and it's not a module loading issue either:
<Googulator>$ guile -c '(use-modules (gcrypt hash)) (display "PASS") (newline) (exit ((lambda () 0)))'
<Marc77>andreas-e: indeed! how could I be so blind.. Is there a natural way to tell it not to use the host installed tools?
<andreas-e>Marc77: The Guix paths should be before the others in PATH.
<andreas-e>You could add something like this to your .bashrc:
<Marc77>andreas-e: yes, you are right. Something has gone horribly wrong on this machine and with the sourcing of the guix profiles. I need to investigate that.
<andreas-e>export PATH=$HOME/.guix-profile/bin:$PATH
<ngz>shouldn't it be in .profile rather than .bashrc?
<cbaines>guix shell --pure might help
<ngz>(assuming .bash_profile sources .profile)
<andreas-e>ngz: Quite possible. I never know...
<Marc77>Sorry I was meaning this:
<Marc77>[root@BATOCERA /userdata/system]# cat .bash_profile
<Marc77>. "$GUIX_PROFILE/etc/profile"
<Marc77>. "$GUIX_PROFILE/etc/profile"
<Marc77>But bizarrely in neither of those I can find python!
<Googulator>nevermind, fixed it - my libgit2 was built with wrong CFLAGS
<madeleine-sydney>if i do `guix shell gmp`, how can i get the linker to find the installed library?
<ieure>madeleine-sydney, Not 100% sure, but guessing something like: -L $(guix build gmp)/lib
<madeleine-sydney>oof, i'll try that
<abbe__>getting "error: #{ %make-platform-procedure/abi-check}#: unbound variable" when applying home configuration with latest revision of guix repository master branch
<abbe__> – config.scm, – channels.scm, the whole output:
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<freakingpenguin>Getting an interesting error when Guix tries substituting linux-libre-6.8.10-guix.tar.xz: corrupt input while restoring archive. Anyone see this before?
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<freakingpenguin>When using --system=aarch64-linux. I had a working build earlier and gc'd, now it seems to struggle to recover.
<freakingpenguin>Another issue I'm having: I generated an image and booted it on an Arm board. After resizing the rootfs the Linux initrd (I think) fails to find a file-system. I'd guess the solution is "use a label", but the initrd is searching by UUID. Sound familiar to anyone?
<NewishContributo>quick question: is there an estimated time for how long it typically takes for patches to be reviewed? I have several patches open ranging from a week to months old and haven't got any feedback
<ieure>NewishContributo, No, patch review is highly variable.
<NewishContributo>Is there anything I should be doing with the older ones? Or should I just let them sit?
<ieure>Maybe rebase on current master and push a new version with a "ping, still looking for review" type message.
<NewishContributo>one other question: is there a way natively in guix to disable specific pytest test cases? I have a package I'm working on that has 3 tests that fail because they try to call out to an external server and aren't receiving a response. I'd like to just disable those tests, which I know I could do in pytest with "-k" and a pattern, but I'm wondering
<NewishContributo>if there's a clean way to do this in guix
<ieure>NewishContributo, I don't think there's a native way to eliminate specific test cases, usual approach is to patch out the broken tests, or disable the whole suite.
<NewishContributo>I'd prefer to patch out the broken tests since there are a lot of tests and really only a couple that cause a problem, so I think the others still have value. Do you know of any good examples of where that's done?
<freakingpenguin>NewishContributo: I'm not familiar with pytest, but python-astroplan seems like it disables some tests. (gnu packages astronomy)
<rekado>NewishContributo: the pyproject-build-system has #:test-flags
<rekado>you can pass '(list "-k" "not this and not that") to disable "this" and "that".
<NewishContributo>I just got something working by manually using invoke to run pytest ignoring the broken tests
<NewishContributo>I'll check out #test-flags since that sounds more elegant
<NewishContributo>rekado: thank you, that worked great