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<jmes>deedend: application launchers typically use XDG Desktop Entries to find applications to launch. Guix installs .desktop files but maybe not where Gnome expects
<jmes>s/Gnome/your system (if it's not a Guix System)/
<AwesomeAdam54321>also, you probably need to relogin to refresh the XDG desktop entries registered by the Guix package
<deedend>jmes: how can I put the applications where Gnome expects?
<deedend>AwesomeAdam54321: ive3 already re-logged in
<jmes>deedend: On a traditional GNU/Linux system you will probably find your desktop files in /usr/share/applications or ~/.local/share/applications, I'm not sure the best way to get Guix to place its .desktop files in one of those locations (I've never ran foreign Guix).
<jmes>deedend: I found this method after a quick search, be warned I haven't tested it
<freakingpenguin>Darn, tried building emulated aarch64-linux linux-libre overnight with a 3 hour max-silent-time and it still failed. Guess I'll bump it up to 8 hours.
<deedend>Let me have a look. Thanks for trying to help me
<jmes>The key line looks to be exporting your XDG_DATA_DIRS to include Guix's equivalent of /usr/share/applications
<deedend>Wow, it looks pretty straightforward, I gotta try when I can!
<jmes>Based on the look of it, you can get away with just that line for your launcher use case. Let me know how it goes.
<deedend>Actually, I might as well try before going to bed (here is 21:46)
<deedend>jmes: apparently that patch has been merged in the deb version of guix, and I have indeed a in /etc/profile.d
<deedend>Weird that it doesn't work. Let me try to install another package
<jmes>deedend: check the value of $XDG_DATA_DIRS to confirm
<jmes>And confirm your user's profile is sourcing the system profile
<jmes>Err, maybe that's not necessary depending on the shell... Not sure.
<deedend>No idea how to do that. My $SDG_DATA_DIRS returns a bunch of directories and a No such file or directory at the end
<deedend>Is there a way to check the progress of system upgrade/installation with guix? It looks a bit random to me
<deedend>It's not alfabetical order, or in order of size (like arch), not sure what to check to see the progress during an update/installation
<deedend>There isn't even a bar on the bottom like apt
<jmes>The "no such file or directory" perhaps suggests something in that script doesn't evaluate properly. Is there any mention of the /gnu/store directory in XDG_DATA_DIRS? Under /gnu/store would be where Guix's /usr/share (and therefore your .desktop files) are.
<deedend>jmes: no, only /usr/share/gnome usr/local/share and usr/share/
<jmes>Well that's ultimately the issue. Probably you have a guix profile in ~/.guix-profile right? Then you need to add ~/.guix-profile/share to the $XDG_DATA_DIRS path list.
<jmes>Try running this `XDG_DATA_DIRS="~/.guix-profile/share:$XDG_DATA_DIRS" <insert-application-launcher-here>`
<deedend>jmes: in ~/.guix-profile/ I don't have a profile
<deedend>Mmmm hang in, maybe I have one. It's too late, I gotta go to bed. Thanks for trying to help me out!!
<PuercoPop>guix manual is back online!
<dariqq>bordeaux seems to be back again as well
<sneek>Welcome back dariqq, you have 1 message!
<sneek>dariqq, lfam_ says: Thanks for the analysis!
<civodul>services & web sites are back, except for qa.guix
<gabber>civodul: \o/
<abbe__>congratulations! :D
<wolfdog>thanks to the sysadmins for getting them back :-)
<jpoiret>while building glibc@2.35 i'm getting ld: /gnu/store/zzpbp6rr43smwxzvzd4qd317z5j7qblj-gcc-11.4.0-lib/lib/gcc/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/11.4.0/../../../ undefined reference to `__isoc23_strtoul@GLIBC_2.38'
<jpoiret>that's not happening with glibc@2.33 so i'm wondering what's going wrong here
<jpoiret>if any glibc wizard has an idea
<parnikkapore>Congrats on bringing bordeaux and most Guix websites back!
<parnikkapore>I guess the make-forkexec-constructor broke restarting services and this wasn't found until a reboot? (
<parnikkapore>* make-forkexec-constructor/container deprecation
<peanuts>"guix/maintenance.git - Articles, talks, and documents for Guix maintainers"
<h4>Is it possible to create a reproducible GSD VM/container that will install some packages at some version and then perform some actions? Is there a DockerFile that exist for Guix like?
<ieure>h4, You can use `guix system image' to turn an operating-system definition (which can include packages & run services) into a Docker image:
<peanuts>"System Images (GNU Guix Reference Manual)"
<ieure>h4, I built an image that runs Cuirass in a Guix System when you run it; good stuff.
<parnikkapore>ieure: how did you manage to do that? last time I did, cuirass doesn't work properly if you have a shared store
<ieure>parnikkapore, The container doesn't share its store with the host, but does map it to a Docker volume, so it persists across restarts.
<ieure>I don't believe you can share the host store with the container.
<parnikkapore>yeah you can't (for good reason)
<parnikkapore>for my build bot I ended up running guix system on a vm pretending to be a separate pc
<ieure>I bought another computer.
<parnikkapore>h4: If you mean 'the Guix equivalent of a Dockerfile', you could make a GSys VM that runs a script that does whatever at startup
<parnikkapore>but the idiomatic way would be to do the "install some package at some version" part while creating the container / VM, and possibly the "perform some actions" in a startup script service
<parnikkapore>ieure: you people with disposable income /j
<ieure>parnikkapore, I mean, I guess? It was a $100 used ThinkCentre.
<h4>ieure: If docker is a target then you could literally use DockerFiles to perform actions
<h4>ieure: I struggle to find possible values for `(image (platform (target cpu-vendor-kernel-system)))`
<h4>parnikkapore: Maybe you could create a script file in the definition of the system and set it to run at start, kind of a way to locally do stuff at startup
<parnikkapore>you don't need the (image) stuff (that's for flashing SD cards for SBCs and the like afaik); just the (operating-system) stuff
<ieure>h4, I honestly have no idea what you're saying.
<ieure>h4, `guix system image' creates the whole image for you, so Dockerfiles aren't involved at all.
<parnikkapore>> create a script file in the definition of the system and set it to run at start: exactly
<parnikkapore>there's a post where someone did this but I can't find it at the moment
<ieure>h4, Here's my definition, it's incomplete & needs some hacking, but should get you started:
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<miaomiao>for anyone curious, i found fixes or workarounds for a couple of annoying problems i've been having. for the program 'sc-controller' in order to use the last up-to-date release before the repo was archived, a package definition that looks like this works.
<miaomiao>it is modifying some outdated python includes iirc, so all of the modificationsr would probably be better done within the code itself. i have made a mirror for this reason, but for just hacking around this is fine for the moment. :)
<peanuts>"Disroot Bin - Encrypted pastebin by PrivateBin"
<miaomiao>secondly, and a bit specifically, gnome's overview application launcher seems to not play nice with official gnome programs installed from flatpak (in my instance fractal, the matrix client) and just won't do anything when they're clicked. they'll run fine through a terminal interface, though. i narrowed it down to this line in the .desktop files... DBusActivatable=true. if that's removed they appear to behave as expected within the gnome
<miaomiao>i'm not sure if there is a dbus service that could be used- this seems to also be an ongoing issue with nixos in the same way- but that worked for me.
<miaomiao>(with hopefully no awful side-effects...!)
<ngz>sneek later tell efraim Hello! I have around 40 Rust packages ready for updating xremap to 0.10.0. Shall I push them into "rust-team" or do you prefer me to send them through the ML?
<sneek>Will do.
<ngz>What is the correct way to tell that package A is deprecated, and automatically install package B instead. I tried `define-deprecated/public-alias', but then, package A is unavailable.
<ngz>Ah. Its (define-public A (deprecated-package "A" B)).
<happy`>Hey, does anyone know why the guix site was down the past few days? And if it was planned where can I get info on it next time?
<ngz>It wasn't planned. A front-end server didn't come back from a reboot.
<parnikkapore>things like this would be announced on the info-guix mailing list; this one's
<peanuts>"Problems with several Guix services and websites"
<ngz>happy`: You can subscribe there: <>
<peanuts>"Info-guix Info Page"
<happy`>Oh dear, thank you, I'll look into subscribing to the list, thank you
<happy`>Are the archives kept up to date? If so is there some way I could subscribe to them through RSS, I think I'm more likely to see it that way but if not I'll just join the mailing list.
<happy`>I've joined the mailing list, thank you :)