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<cdo256>Guest70: Rust on Guix is particularly irking becaus of these kinds of things. The way I've been handling them is to create patches to remove those blocks of code, though I'm not sure if there's a cleaner way to do this. Might be worth emailing and copying rust-team which is currently just 'Efraim Flashner <>'.
<cdo256>Though like most contributors, he's a volunteer, so he might not be able to respond.
<Guest70>I'm new to packaging in guix overall, could you show me an example of such a patch?
<cdo256> has some instances where they've adding patches to remove (in gnu/packages/patches/) to remove the conditional macos lines from Cargo.toml
<peanuts>"[PATCH rust-team 00/37] Add egui, gilrs and dependencies."
<cdo256> is more general/introductory
<Guest70>cdo256: thank you, that should work
<Tadhgmister>if I'm not using gnome how do I set gtk-4 applications to use a dark theme that I can commit to my guix home config?
<Tadhgmister>actually even if I am using gnome how would it work? using `gsettings` as described in the arch wiki wouldn't be persistent in a guix home config
<Tadhgmister>hmm... I got it with setting the environment variable GTK_THEME to Adwaita-dark but that feels annoying, I liked being able to just say "prefer dark" in a settings file than relying on environment variables that need to be consistently passed around
<wakyct>I think the settings can be read from a file?
<wakyct>but wiring that up is an extra step of annoying I guess
<Tadhgmister>i happened to notice the output of the application that was in light theme, it complains saying the same setting that was valid in gtk 3 is not supported and to use AdwStyleManager:color-scheme instead, except I don't entirely understand how to apply that to the config file
<Kolev>efraim: How about Monday?
<whynt>bienjensu: that is insane. I hope that's what I can use
<whynt>(insanely useful)
<Tadhgmister>ugh, I feel like I should just get a system generation that runs gnome to run the gsetting command everyone talks about and just see what it changes
<Kolev>efraim: (Shavua tov.)
<thanosapollo>how can I disable `gdm`? I'm using `(modify-services %desktop-services (delete gdm-service-type))` similarly to the slim example in the manual. I don't want any login manager, just to launch say from a tty; full configuration ->
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<JetpackJackson>ok i worked on my arduino-cli scheme file some more: but i get as my result when i try to build
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<JetpackJackson>im definitely closer? i think?
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<Guest24>While installing Guix, I got this issue:
<Guest24>error: kernel-arguments: unbound variable
<Guest24>I'm utilizing the relevant piece of code:
<Guest24>  (list
<Guest24>    (swap-space
<Guest24>      (target "/swap/swapfile")
<JetpackJackson>what just happened
<podiki>Guest24: please use a paste service, long (as in more than a line) pastes are not allowed
<peanuts>"(swap-devices (list (swap-space (target "/dev/mapper/my-swap") -"
<Guest24>I'm going to have to sleep now
<Guest24>I'll have to sleep now but here's the paste via Debian:
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<podiki>Guest24: also have to run for now, but maybe sharing your whole config will help, perhaps it is something else
<cow_2001>how do i make a native-input makeinfo able to compile texinfo files into epub3?
<cow_2001>i've tried adding the Archive::Zip package to the native-input list, but makeinfo still doesn't know how to compile into epub3
<xca>Hello.  I am using the guix package manager on an arch based distro,and it is causing conflicts when trying to install aur packages.  I also believe it has broken all of my python packages installed via pipx.  The aur errors are due to glibc version mismatch (guix is on 2.35 while my distro is on 2.38), my broken pipx packages only occurred
<xca>after i installed guix package 'idevicerestore,' which involved installing python packages via guix.  Here are some of the errors I've encountered:
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<xca>Any ideas how to resolve this?
<podiki>xca: have to run, but make sure you followed instructions in the manual about using guix on a foreign distro, in particular i'm guessing something has gone wrong with your environment
<podiki>and sourcing probably guix stuff and paths, mixing with arch
<podiki>i don't know arch's guix package status, but if you didn't i would use the guix binary installation script
<podiki>i've used guix on top of arch without such issues, but might be different packages. my guess is environment set up though
<podiki>good luck (quiet here, usually picks up more during weekday europe hours)
<xca>it has been a while since i first installed guix, but i did so with the installation script.  I remember having issues with it not installing correctly and having to copy bits to bashrc.  I'll try to dig up what I did.  Probably messed up something since I'm still relatively new to this.
<xca>My GUIX_LOCPATH was set to /home/user/.guix-home/profile/lib/locale:/home/user/.guix-profile/lib/locale (I manage some packages with guix home) so I'm not sure why I'm getting those glibc versioning conflicts.  I did a roll-back to before I installed the package that also installed python packages, and made sure the lines to PATH were there as
<xca>described in getting started in the manual, but that didn't fix the python conflicts after pulling and upgrading.  I guess I need to manually set GUIX_PYTHONPATH?
<sneek>wb efraim :D
<efraim>sneek: botsnack
<yelninei>hi, I am trying to play around with shepherd services. Is there a preferred directory where to install a shepherd service definiton for a package?
<jpoiret>xca: I remember arch's build chroot being a bit wonky and sometimes mistakenly using some guix executables instead of its own
<tex_milan>Hello, I am using GuixOS, I can see that in path is lua, it is in .guix-profile/bin, but I do not have lua in system config nor home config nor installed manually with guix install. How did it get here? My problem is it is version 5.2 but I want to have version 5.1. Following up question, how to install lua's fzy package? Lua uses luarocks manager which is not in guix.
<Franciman>maybe it was a dependency of one of your packages?
<Franciman>of your installed packages*
<tex_milan>But how to find what package brings it?
<Franciman>tex_milan: nice question, let us find out :P
<Franciman>tex_milan: what is the output of guix package -A?
<Franciman>ops sorry
<Franciman>guix package --list-installed
<tex_milan>pikchr acpi ovmf socat ncurses pybind11 tor pinentry-rofi nix lsof spice-gtk virt-manager magic-wormhole mpv wine steam avidemux fzf fzy
<tex_milan>lots of try once programs :)
<tex_milan>Ah, mpv has lua-5.2 in its propagated-inputs. Case solved. Thanks Franciman!
<Franciman>for try once programs i usually just start a guix shell
<JetpackJackson>hi again, im having an issue with guix shell not setting GUIX_ENVIRONMENT when im in a development environment
<JetpackJackson>envrc paste incoming
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<JetpackJackson>im also still stuck on the arduino-cli package but i should focus on one thing at a time lol
<ebrasca>Hello, I can't manage to share screen with hyprland in GuixSD. xdg-desktop-portal-hyprland starts fine but xdg-desktop-portal complains about "Failed to load RealtimeKit" and "No skeleton to export"
<JetpackJackson> i dont think i ever want to code in go based on how much trouble im having with it here
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<JetpackJackson> <-- scheme file updated
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<JetpackJackson>if i git clone the repo and run "go build" it works and makes the binary
<JetpackJackson>so idk why the go-build-system is not working
<xca>jpoiret I'm guessing building in a clean chroot would get around this? Unable to test right now since I can't connect to any mirrors for some reason.  Or is there something else I should do.  This is all new to me.
<jpoiret>xca: I don't remember what the root cause was, but yeah it would probably help
<ebrasca>I can't manage to share screen with hyprland in GuixSD. xdg-desktop-portal-hyprland starts fine but xdg-desktop-portal complains about "Failed to load RealtimeKit" and "No skeleton to export"
<ebrasca>I can't manage to share screen in wayland. I use GuixSD OS with Hyprland window compositor.
<ebrasca>xdg-desktop-portal-hyprland starts fine but xdg-desktop-portal complains about RealtimeKit
<klm`>hi! after "guix vm mysystem.scm", `ls -ld /` says root is owner by myuser:myuser. `chown root:root /` fixes it, but I can't use ssh before I run that command. how do I fix this? why does this happen?
<gnucode>I wonder how many web applications guix has packaged...
<klm`>ah, now if I remove (system? #t) for myuser, it works and root:root is again set for /. that's very strange. here's my system.scm:
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<Guest93>Hello friends. It seems like ublock-origin-icecat gets enabled when you install it but ublock-origin-chromium does not. Reproduce with `guix shell ungoogled-chromium ublock-origin-chromium -- chromium` and the extension does not appear. The same command with icecat substituted works just fine.
<klm`>how embarassing, I'm setting (home-directory "/") and I'm wondering why myuser owns /. please just ignore me...