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<taeltydes>i thought it might stop the connection from dropping
<Kolev>efraim: ping
<deedend>Is this page up to date?
<peanuts>"Search ? Packages ? GNU Guix"
<deedend>peanuts: what do you mean?
<peanuts>deedend: Hi, for comments please contact my maintainers at
<deedend>Oh I see
<Kolev>peanuts: Nice source code.
<peanuts>Kolev: Hi, for comments please contact my maintainers at
<declan>Can someone help me with this regex in Scheme ?
<declan> The regex works here .
<peanuts>"View paste TFFQ"
<KE0VVT>monaho: Bonvenon!
<KE0VVT>Love `guix shell`!
<cornflake__>Hi everyone, I just installed Guix and I'm trying to get started with some C programming, but I keep getting this weird error from GCC and I don't really know what to do about it. It says "ld: cannot find crt1.o: No such file or directory
<cornflake__>ld: cannot find crti.o: No such file or directory
<cornflake__>collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status". I tried searching the internet for this but I didn't find an answer. I don't think the error is in my own code, it's very simple. I also tested it in an online compiler and it worked as expected. Here is it: "#include <stdio.h>
<cornflake__>int main(void) {
<cornflake__>    printf("I love using GNU Guix as my operating system!\n");
<cornflake__>    printf("How much do I love Guix each day?\n");
<cornflake__>    int day = 1;
<zamfofex>cornflake__: How did you install GCC?
<zamfofex>Ah, also: Simple thought, but try reopening your terminal window.
<cornflake__>at first I tried guix install gcc, but I think it ended up installing the gcc-toolchain package. After it gave the error the first time I did a guix search gcc and then did guix install gcc-toolchain
<KE0VVT>Is it even possible to build stuff the traditional way on Guix?
<zamfofex>KE0VVT: Of course, I do it all the time!
<cornflake__>it said it upgraded the package version to 13.2 (when I did guix install gcc-toolchain), it was 11.something before I think
<zamfofex>Did you try reopening your terminal window like I suggested?
<KE0VVT>zamfofex: I thought you had to package software to use it, because there is no traditional file system on Guix.
<cornflake__>yeah I just did
<cornflake__>it didn't do anything, sorry
<cornflake__>maybe I can try just rebooting? I don't think I've restarted since doing guix pull so maybe I should
<zamfofex>Sure, you could try.
<zamfofex>Are you on Guix System?
<cornflake__>yeah, Guix System, but I installed it in a bit of a strange way because I have hardware that doesn't work with free firmware unfortunately, but I know that's off topic so I don't know if we can talk about it
<cornflake__>restarting fixed the issue!
<KE0VVT>cornflake__: Hi! Good!
<cornflake__>yeah! thanks for helping me out y'all!
<trig_function>I wanted to use mason-nvim. However, there seems to be problematic packages in the npm registry. Is there some kind of workaround?
<k`>Hi! I have a question regarding a package I've created: ClassiCube is a free cleanroom implementation of Minecraft Classic, and I think it'd be neat to send it upstream. There is an issue though: on first launch, it asks to download non-redistributable textures and audio from Minecraft. Would this make it unsuitable to send to Guix? I know that nonfree software is off-topic, but I've not seen anything about this specific scenario.
<lilyp>There ought to be enough Minecraft Classic Texture packs with a creative commons license to effectively replace those assets. If that's all, you can just drop the code.
<lilyp>Otherwise I'd recommend Minetest, particularly MineClone2
<apteryx>is there a lighter player for emms than mpv, which is about as feature full when it comes to playing audio files?
<apteryx>73 RSS seems like a lot to play audio
<apteryx>73 Mi
<graywolf>Is there a way to guix copy into host that is not on known_hosts list? I do not think so, but maybe I have missed some option somewhere...
<k`>lilyp: Thanks for the response! I'm a bit unsure what you mean, though. Do you mean that it should be fine to submit, or should I make a patch which uses free assets instead of asking to download Minecraft's?
<lilyp>You should definitely erase the code that downloads Minecrafts assets before submitting
<lilyp>apteryx: does it work with aplay/paplay? those ought to be as lightweight as can get given that they belong to alsa/pulse directly
<k`>lilyp: Ok! I'll look into patching it! Thanks!
<coyote>quick question: if I'm using LUKS and need to set some kernel arguments, is it safe to just do `(cons* ... %default-kernel-arguments)` or will that "overwrite" something important?
<coyote>this because I want to setup hibernation to a swapfile and I need to add the `resume=... resume_offset=...` arguments
<pomelo_>i'm getting the following error while trying to install icecat on my machine: "guix install: error: package icecat@115.10.0-guix0-preview1 does not support i686-linux"
<pomelo_>I thought there was a binary susbstitute for icecat but apparently there isn't
<coyote>hm, running `loginctl hibernate` does nothing for me D:
<coyote>i wonder what's happening
<coyote>because suspending works just fine
<coyote>oh nevermind, apparently i just needed to reboot
<coyote>now let's see if it actually resumes ^^"
<pomelo_>oh well, ungoogled chromium does have a substitute, so i'll be fine using that
<coyote>well it worked just fine, woohoo
<coyote>this is nervewracking to me, last time i tried to setup hibernation by myself (on a previous Alpine installation) i somehow managed to mess up so badly that it tried to resume from a weeks old swapfile and it ended up destroying my filesystem
<futurile1>you're making a lot of progress from what I can see coyote!
<civodul>futurile: i guess the Gnucash upgrade is ready?
<peanuts>"[PATCH 00/13] Series to update gnucash to 5.6"
<civodul>qa.guix is off, but maybe we can go
<coyote>futurile: thanks :-) today marks two weeks since I installed it on my laptop and I've been having lots of fun
<futurile>civodul: I think it's good - nutcase tested and reviewed it for me - he found an error I did which was great - so it should be good
<futurile>coyote: you should do a blog post, or a video, or even just mail the user-help mailing list - any tips on things you found easy/hard is interesting for everyone
<coyote>futurile: I'll try :-)
<coyote>maybe a blog post would be nice
<pomelo_>well, both ungoogled-chromium and qutebrowser don't currently work in i686, time to try midori and falkon...
<wakyct>pomelo_, maybe Vivaldi?
<wakyct>oh I didn't realize it's not OSS
<pomelo_>yeah, it's not in the repos
<pomelo_>i will try pale moon
<zamfofex>pomelo_: Have you tried LibreWolf?
<pomelo_>not available for i686
<KindlyRepeat>Hey guys ! Does anyone have a trick to debug shepherd services that fail to start ? `herd <service> log` tells me the service stopped but I have no idea how to debug it further
<pomelo_>pale moon is also not working
<pomelo_>seems the only browser that works is surf
<jpoiret>futurile, civodul, cbaines, apteryx: I've just rebased c-u on top of master and cleaned up the history a bit locally. I'll try to build a bit to catch any obvious mistakes, but I can try to push that soon to a new branch
<wakyct>KindlyRepeat, is there a log in ~/.local/state/shepherd?
<KindlyRepeat>wakyct nothing in ~/.local/state/shepherd but I think that's because its a system-level service. According to shepherd manual, it should output to /dev/log
<pomelo_>correction: the only browser that works IS surf in i686, i don't get why would guix even let me try to install any of the other browsers if their builds have failed because of dependencies for months now
<KindlyRepeat>wakyct I'll check if socat gives me something interesting
<freakingpenguin>KindlyRepeat: Lots of system logs are in /var/log/messages
<KindlyRepeat>freakingpenguin thanks for the tip, i'll check this out as well !
<futurile>jpoiret: that's great - excited to test it out!
<freakingpenguin>Looking forward to that fabled core-updates merge. Thanks to everyone involved for your hard work!
<bdju>freecad build failing because of python-pivy, fyi
<bdju> build log here for python-pivy
<lispmacs[work]>Hi, when I am interacting with a remote host over tramp, I sometimes get error "no file notification program found". what program is it looking for?