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<PotentialUser-26>Has there been any info on a 1.5 guix release?
<bdju>getting super weird behavior from pcmanfm-qt, the icon and thumbnail views are full of empty space with lots of scrolling needed to find anything. other views look normal. I restarted it for the first time in a while because it was hanging after I deleted a few hundred thousand files. anyone else run into issues?
<picnoir>Hey Guix! I have a local Guix git checkout in which I added a Guix service. I'd like to test this new service on my current live system. Is there a trick to build my local system with this local Guix checkout?
<freakingpenguin>picnoir: Simplest option might be guix <subcommand> -L <path-to-guix-checkout>, pretty sure that works. Can also follow (guix) Building from Git and use ./pre-inst-env guix <subcommand>.
<freakingpenguin>You can also define the service in the same file as your system configuration or in another isolated module.
<picnoir>freakingpenguin: nice, that's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks :)
<picnoir>I plan to upstream that service, I'm fine working in the Guix tree for now :)
<picnoir>But yeah, that's pretty much what I was doing so far: copy-pasting the service in my system configuration. Not very ergonomic!
<freakingpenguin>You could even do guix time-machine --url=file:///path/to/guix/checkout -- <subcommand>. I find that pretty darn slow, but it does make things easier if you work with multiple channels.
<picnoir>Nice. Thanks for the tips.
<kuanggong>Hi guix! When I use R and gcc-toolchain from guix package manager for compilation of Stan models I get error "/gnu/store/...-glibc-2.35/include/bits/errno.h:26:11: fatal error: linux/errno.h: No such file or directory. Can someone pinpoint what is wrong?
<decfed>futurile: you asked for feedback on your last guix blog post: I found it really helpful, and particularly relevant to my current guix journey. The only thing I tripped over was your use of the term "scheme double". I believe this is called a dotted pair or cons pair.
<futurile>decfed: thanks for the feedback, appreciated - yeah I'll fix that it's an error - generally been trying to limit how much Scheme is introduced
<trig_function>I want to compile some code with clang++. I installed gtest with cmake. Here is the current error log when I run my Makefile:
<trig_function>uded from GcdTest.cpp:4:
<trig_function>In file included from /usr/local/include/gtest/gtest.h:57:
<trig_function>In file included from /home/.../.guix-profile/include/c++/memory:65:
<trig_function>In file included from /home/.../.guix-profile/include/c++/bits/allocator.h:46:
<trig_function>In file included from /gnu/store/f95ljc7bism88x1vrrggnqxa8r9i4llb-gcc-11.3.0/include/c++/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/bits/c++allocator.h:33:
<trig_function>In file included from /home/.../.guix-profile/include/c++/ext/new_allocator.h:34:
<Noisytoot>Why is landlock not included in the default CONFIG_LSM value for linux-libre on Guix?
<Guest24>Hello, my input devices are reliably "breaking" when I get to a tty or display manager. I caught a glimpse of this error a few times: "xHCI host controller not responding, assume dead"
<Guest24>It's hard to investigate when I can't log in consistently.
<Guest24>Any ideas as to what is going wrong here?
<aldum>xHCI is USB, that's likely not related to the graphics problem
<Guest24>Yes I agree. That's why the issues persists on a raw tty, not just graphical DMs. I just don't know where to start with this. I've seen some other forum posts scattered online about the xHCI interface crashing but I dunno why it's happening in my case.
<Guest28>I'm using the default configurations for GDM+Gnome+Wayland, and a default libre-kernel. The issue is that Gnome/Wayland appears to be using my integrated graphics rather than my Nvidia card & nouveau. How can I force the use of nouveau here?
<Guest36>I have BTRFS as FS, my PC encountered a force shutdown and now I can't use "guix package" anymore.  It prints "guix package: error: unsupported manifest format" the manifest file is empty. How can I repair it?
<Guest36>Ah pretty easy actually, the roll back command is still working and I removed the broken generation
<Guest36>though, shouldn't that transaction not been gone through in the first place? probably has something to do with btrfs
<bienjensu>anyone else having issues with substitutes?
<bienjensu>seems to be working again, but was getting timeouts on the primary substitutes server
<anselmschueler>Hi, I’m considering switching from NixOS to Guix and I have a few questions
<anselmschueler>Is there VSCodium extension that provides language-server / emacs-mode-like functionality for the Scheme expressions used to configure Guix?
<anselmschueler>(ideally specific to Guix and not just Guile)
<anselmschueler>When using Nix I was often using a functionality called “flakes” which allows me to bundle an expression and the channels it uses in one place, instead of having global system-wide channels. Is there similar functionality in Guix?
<anselmschueler>In particular it also ensures that the expressions never reference any global “impure” aspect of the system (e.g. the global channels). I find this functionality desirable.
<bienjensu>anselmschueler: 1. Not yet afaik, although some people are working on a nrepl server for guile which could at some future point be made to work with an extension like Calva for VSCode support. 2. Yes there are similar features, inferiors (I don't use them) or pinning channels declaratively (which I do use). Both seem to be purely functional in the way you desire.
<anselmschueler>bienjensu: 1. What editor would you recommend for writing Guix expressions (preferably one with a less steep learning curve than Emacs or Neovim)? 2. As I understand the manual, pinning channels means writing an expression that specifies a specific state and then using `pull -C` or `time-machine` to use it. But it seems this leaves open the possibility that a different expression might reference the
<anselmschueler>channels that I set to these specific states using `time-machine` or so… Can I override the channels used for a specific invocation of Guix and prohibit expressions from ignoring them, using the global ones?
<anselmschueler>sorry for the long message
<anselmschueler>OK I’m going to log off for the moment, I have to reboot into the Guix live system
<bienjensu>anselmschueler: If you want something similar to nix's home-manager, check out RDE. The repo also includes an example config with the channel pinning as I described it.
<futurile>there's an LSP server for VSCode:
<apteryx>weird, I'm specifying (outputs '("out")) for a llvm variant (llvm-cling), and deleting the inherited phase using the extra opt-viewer output, but it still ends up failing with: builder for `/gnu/store/f2pdg9m5q3bxrlahjvlrdgw41x6kp3zd-llvm-cling-18-20240227-01.drv' failed to produce output path `/gnu/store/m1z5257hj5vwc2rl47wkpf0wmr6x0bq2-llvm-cling-18-20240227-01-opt-viewer'
<apteryx>I don't get it
<apteryx>I guess it has to do with gexps
<apteryx>I've created an issue for that use case
<WyvernH>Does anyone know why the qtile wm package might not be compiling?
<WyvernH>Not sure how many people use qtile here
<wakyct>I've heard some similar reports lately WyvernH
<peanuts>"IRC channel logs"
<wakyct>but I haven't seen any actual bug reports
<WyvernH>hmm yeah
<WyvernH>i wonder what the bug is; it isn't compiling for me either
<wakyct>what error do you see?
<WyvernH>a 'build failed for derivation'-like error from guix system reconfigure
<WyvernH>i can try using guix package, and building from source
<WyvernH>for more details; i'm pretty new to guix's system
<wakyct>there's been a successful build a couple of months ago looks like, you could check what deps have been updated upstream since then
<peanuts>"Build 3561907"
<WyvernH>how do you find things like that?
<wakyct>go to
<wakyct>I think you can find the same thing from the CL? not sure
<wakyct>so when you say failed for derivation, are you using substitutes? I'm still somewhat confused about Guix terms
<WyvernH>i don't believe it was a substitute
<WyvernH>that should be simple enough to download and verify i'm guessing
<WyvernH>i can reproduce the error
<wakyct>I guess I hear a lot of people here say 'not compiling' and I assume they mean from source, but then they say the derivation failed
<wakyct>but afaiu a drv isn't necessarily from source? I dunno
<wakyct>it's a bit of a word salad ;)
<WyvernH>well i assumed it was from source
<wakyct>I think Guix builds drvs even for substitutes?
<WyvernH>because i don't think it pulled a substitute, and there was a 'build phase'
<WyvernH>but that doesn't involve compilation obviously
<jaft>Is there a way, while in a Guix Shell, to update one of the packages used? I don't want to exist the shell but there's been a new version of one of the packages that's been added and I want to use the newer version.
<jaft>*exit the shell…
<wakyct>WyvernH, perhaps you'll get more build error details in a guix shell -D --container qtile
<WyvernH>i can try that
<WyvernH>i also have a build log now
<wakyct>jaft, afaik no you can't, see for example
<peanuts>"Mutable guix shell environments"
<wakyct>it would be nice though
<jaft>wakyct: Bah; I suspected…. Thanks a ton for confirming.
<wakyct>well don't quote me on that, I've been using Guix for two weeks ;)
<WyvernH>okay, i got two probably related warnings
<WyvernH>one that the 'wheel' package is missing
<WyvernH>and that the directory /homeless-shelter/.cache/pip is missing
<WyvernH>there was a python error involving the command python bdist_wheel, so i'm guessing 'wheel', whatever it is exactly, might be a new dependency not in the guix package?
<wakyct>seems odd. WyvernH do you see from the log if the error is related to a particular dependency of qtile?
<Gooberpatrol66>what is the difference between the directories under / and /run/current-system/profile?
<Gooberpatrol66> /etc vs /run/current-system/profile/etc
<WyvernH>I can't really tell from the log
<WyvernH>python bdist_wheel did not run successfully
<WyvernH>error: invalid command 'bdist_wheel'
<WyvernH>it looks like a problem with the package or the 'build environment'
<WyvernH>I can post the log if you'd like; i don't know how well I can really debug this
<wakyct>yeah it's been a minute since I used Python so I probably wouldn't be much help, wheels are binary packages so if you're building from source on Guix that seems like a no go
<wakyct>maybe 'binary' is the wrong term but in any case I think you're correct that with no wheel package that isn't going to work
<WyvernH>there is a package python-wheel but even trying to build qtile after installing that, 'the wheel package is not available'
<WyvernH>so it's a bit confusing; i'm not even sure exactly what it means to build python packages like this
<wakyct>what is your build setup? Just in your normal profile?
<wakyct>if I were you I would try setting up a dev shell like I mentioned earlier, then you can isolate and understand what's available a bit better
<wakyct>guix shell --container -D qtile
<WyvernH>okay I'm trying that right now
<wakyct>you might want --network as well
<WyvernH>so far I haven't been able to successfully initialise a guix shell
<wakyct>oh odd, why not?
<WyvernH>clone: 2114060305: Operation not permitted
<WyvernH>little errors like this
<wakyct>try with --network
<WyvernH>same error
<wakyct>are you on Guix system or foreign distro?
<WyvernH>this is guix system, but it's in a chroot (with networking via copied /etc/resolv.conf)
<WyvernH>because my current guix system doesn't have a wm, because I can't install qtile!
<wakyct>sorry that's above my pay grade ;)
<WyvernH>yeah don't worry about it