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<coyote>does the debbugs mailer take a bit to reply with the issue number for a contribution?
<coyote>maybe I'm just getting scared over nothing, haha
<coyote>I'm following the instructions here
<Guest96>From the Gnome GUI, I can suspend my system. How do I do this from CLI?
<Kolev>Guest6638: Is there a "suspend" command?
<Kolev>Guest6638: I'm not sure how to do it on GNU Shepherd. On Trisquel, we do "systemctl suspend".
<Guest96>Yeah, I know how to do it from systemctl, but not shepherd
<coyote>if you're using elogind you can do `loginctl suspend'
<coyote>i'd assume it's the same with seatd, but i don
<coyote>i don't use it, so i can't be sure*
<coyote>(pressed enter by accident.)
<Guest96>Yup, that's it. Thanks coyote
<JerseyJoe>Hi, i'm getting the following error and I'm unsure how to determine what's causing the dependency conflict. I don't have either of these directly installed:
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<coyote>JerseyJoe: `nss-certs' is now on %base-packages, so if you have it somewhere in your system packages that'd be why
<JerseyJoe>I will investigate thanks for the pointer
<ajarara>hi, I'm trying to package a binary file (it's node based, so no chance of packaging it the reasonable way):
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<ajarara>Running it I get "error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"
<ajarara>The strange thing is I see that the patchelf took effect if I look at the binary, it points to a real file
<ajarara>The --container --emulate-fhs shell works just fine
<ajarara>ah, got it, line 56 "/lib/" should just be "/lib"
<ajarara>since this is a JS file also have to deal with this: -- wondering if I can just embed the "run this in a FHS container" into the package derivation instead of messing with the binary
<peanuts>"SyntaxError: Invalid or unexpected token in pkg/prelude/bootstrap.js ? Issue #321 ? vercel/pkg ? GitHub"
<adanska>Hi Guix!
<rio>adanska: Good morning Guik (singular :p)
<adanska>rio: haha, good morning :)
<rio>Yesterday I finally got StumpWM going on Guix, to replace/compliment EXWM. Turns out having ~/common-lisp/ makes SBCL unable to require guix provided packages...
<rio>How are you?
<adanska>rio: Cool! I've always wanted to give StumpWM a go, but I don't think ill get any more productive than using vanilla GNOME, so I've held off on it. Maybe a holiday project...
<adanska>Im doing pretty well! I've got a uni assignment to do using pthreads, so thats going to be interesting. I've never really done parallel programming so im excited!
<adanska>I actually should be paying attention to my other units but I always get fixated when I have a programming project...
<rio>adanska: hehe yeah, totally understand the fixation. gl with the assignment
<adanska>rio: thanks!
<adanska>saw that gtk matrix client 'fractal' got a new release the other day. was excited... until i saw it was written in rust. its a shame. I dont have anything against the language, but now i have a grudge against it for how difficult it is to package in Guix and how many cool projects are now using it. sad...
<adanska>a little fairy dies everytime you install a flatpak on Guix
<ayatsfer>good morning :) how hard could it be to run cuirass on something that is not guix system? (nixos for the matter)
<futurile>morning Guixers
<jeko>Yoo Guixters !
<futurile>hey jeko
<jeko>futurile o/
<jeko>Re !
<apteryx>is there a way to lazily re-export a package from a different module?
<apteryx>I'd like to rapatriate nss-certs to (gnu packages nss), so that its source can be easily shared with nss (via inheritance)
<apteryx>and ideally keep an nss-certs package available from (gnu packages certs)
<sham1>I just love how easy it's to fall into the rabbit hole of creating your own services in Guix
<sham1>I'm currently writing a service for .Xresources that should allow me to have other services define various resources, like setting the cursor theme or colours or whatever
<sham1>Might even contribute it to upstream at some point
<sham1>We'll see
<aitzkora>Hi, I need to make a recipe with multiple downloads, I'm looking for a package example in guix's sources. Does Somebody know examples ?
<futurile>aitzkora: multiple source/origin records? don't think I've seen that
<aitzkora>@futurile : it is for a non-source package (:-() : intel-mkl, it have to decompress some archives downloaded from different urls
<jakef>aitzkora: if you use (define x (origin ...)) then you can use x as a package input, would that work?
<dariqq>traced down my waybar freezing issues to the kernel. Switching to 6.7 or 6.6 seems to solve this. Idk why the kernel should make a problem
<podiki>waybar freezing?
<podiki>haven't had that issue as far as I can tell, on 6.8
<dariqq>podiki: it happens pretty consistently when on 100% cpu load for me
<podiki>how can you tell? i don't know if i have anything in there that updates so frequently (maybe cpu load) so maybe i just haven't noticed
<dariqq>the workspace indicator does not change (even though workspace switiching still works with sway).
<dariqq>exiting sway then fills my terminal with a lot of error messages and the only way to fix this after it occurs is rebooting
<podiki>ah. don't think i've noticed that
<dariqq>intertestingly it is not only waybar that hangs but also btop
<podiki>weird. maybe something about polling cpu usage or something like that?
<podiki>then could make sense if it is kernel related
<dariqq>for me it is hard to miss as waybar after the freeze still uses a lot of cpu load and that makes my fan mad :)
<dariqq>could try to remove modules from waybar one at a time and look
<aitzkora>@jakef : I'll try that idea
<apteryx>should graft packages be public but hidden to be built by CI?
<apteryx>or can we keep them private
<apteryx>ACTION applied 3 cve patches to our nss 3.88.1 package
<dariqq>podiki: removing the temperature module seems to do the trick. Also during shutdown after the freeze i get a lot of upower warnings/errors
<dariqq>trying to cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp causes a hang
<afm-victoria>Hoping someone can help: trying to update system and run into issue where my profile has conflicting entries for nss-certs
<podiki>apteryx: weren't we going to just graft nss to latest? and update nss-certs directly?
<podiki>dariqq: glad you found the culprit, i've been meaning to add temps to my waybar but maybe i'll continue to be lazy :)
<afm-victoria>But I forgot to remove nss-cets
<afm-victoria>so now it tells me that I have duplicate conflicting entries for nss-certs in my profile
<ieure>afm-victoria, See my post on guix-devel from this weekend.
<podiki>in short, just remove nss-certs as it is included in base-packages now
<ieure>Remove it *from your system configuration*. Not just `guix package -r nss-certs'.
<afm-victoria>How do I do that?
<podiki>find nss-certs in your system configuration and remove it, nothing fancy needed
<afm-victoria>I had installed it manually as a package. I will look to see if my system config has it
<podiki>if you have it as a package then just guix package --remove nss-certs will do it
<afm-victoria>nss-certs was in the system.scm file. Removed and now trying again. Thanks to all for your suggestions.
<vladimir>heya guixers, just got my first fresh install on hardware
<vladimir>I can't build qtile for some reason, despite that I was able to in a vm before, I'm getting an error for xcffib version in the logs
<peanuts>"View paste 5DAQ"
<dariqq>podiki: just found this patch scheduled for the next release which might solve the problem i am facing
<dariqq>ACTION builds a patched kernel
<zilti>So there's this git repository with half a dozen subdirectories, each of them containing a Meson project. How do I package one of those subdirectories specifically? Are there "example" packages where that kind of thing is done?
<apteryx>podiki: that doesn't work, as grafting is a post-build thingc
<apteryx>and librewolf e.g. requires 3.98 at build time, not 3.88
<podiki>right, so librewolf should just use nss/fixed (or whatever it is called) directly
<apteryx>perhaps we could have kept the graft on nss itself and keep nss-3.98 for librewolf
<ieure>librewolf needs newer nss than 3.88, so I added nss-3.98 to avoid rebuilding huge numbers of packages.
<podiki>i'm not sure i follow what you did or are doing? i thought we'd graft nss to nss-3.98 and librewolf would continue to use nss-3.98?
<apteryx>that makes sense, I was trying to have librewolf use 'nss'
<podiki>or if it is easier, let's just make an nss-update branch and only have nss@3.98
<apteryx>but now I'm done backporting patches to 3.88.1, and it's nearly done building, so I guess I'll push that first
<podiki>i.e. skip the graft and do the update directly, build and then merge
<ieure>Updating nss to 3.98 is IMO the right move here, but it will rebuild a ton of stuff.
<podiki>i would hope no breakage given the api compatibility nss should ensure, but i guess we neve rknow
<ieure>Only one way to find out!
<apteryx>it was a bit annoying too to adjust the version to 3.98.0 (and rebuiling it) so that store file names match length
<apteryx>I'll test a graft to 3.98 and build a grafted icecat with that to see
<apteryx>podiki: the recent convention seems to be to append the variable with '-fixes' for security grafts
<apteryx>I think it was zimoun who standardized the source on that
<apteryx>hm, looking at the source /fixed seems more common
<apteryx>hm, nss-certs itself has 737 dependents
<apteryx>not sure from where
<podiki>I think lfam had some insight on that, and a crusade against packages depending on nss-certs directly (which most really shouldn't)
<podiki>i hear historically we did just update nss-certs directly on master anyway
<apteryx>poppler for example was the first thing to be rebuilt
<apteryx>but ./pre-inst-env guix graph --path poppler nss-certs has nothing
<ieure>apteryx, Maybe `guix graph --type=reverse-package nss-certs' ?
<minikN>Hello. Is it possible to configure a cifs share as a file-system in guix? I wasn't able to find any example on that in the manual. Thanks in advance.
<apteryx>ah, it's because of openjdk
<apteryx>ieure: thanks, that helped
<apteryx>yep, that's the one
<apteryx>I could add a 'nss-certs/stable' or something
<apteryx>ugh, seems java makes a copy of nss-certs at build time
<apteryx>and uses that
<apteryx>so nss-certs/stable would have java programs use stale certs
<apteryx>I'll let my icecat rebuild go and test it later
<apteryx>ACTION goes afk
<euleritian>The asking for help video needs an update:
<euleritian>It still says that the IRC chat is in freenode.
<martin2020>are others having problems accessing
<martin2020>I've gotten nginx errors a few times in the past few minutes
<martin2020>504 gateway timeout
<lilyp>same for, but a 502 – if possible, I'd delay queries
<martin2020>delay queries?
<martin2020>is the webmaster of the site here?
<tatd>I am new to IRC and little new to guile and Guix. I have issues with network manager in nmtui. It won't let me make a new connection. It is saying insufficient privileges. I am using and sway window manager. I have set up greetd, polkit-wheel-service, polkit-service-type and dbus-root-service-type in my main Guix config. I have set up sway and home-dbus-service-type in my home config.
<sneek>Welcome back tatd, you have 1 message!
<sneek>tatd, str1ngs says: I'll find some thing that uses GList and port it. I think all more use cases right now gobject lists as you mentioned.
<lilyp>I meant as in "maybe try later"
<morte>Hi, I'm getting the following error: guix system: error: profile contains conflicting entries for nss-certs
<morte>I'm trying to reconfigure my profile, but it just gets stuck at that point
<morte>hint: You cannot have two different versions or variants of `nss-certs' in the same profile.
<morte>I'm not sure how to resolve that
<morte>this is a fresh install
<podiki>in your system configuration remove nss-certs as it is included by default now
<podiki>or if you installed it with guix install, then guix remove nss-certs
<morte>oh so I just have to delete it from my configuretion file?
<morte>oh cool, didn't knew that
<podiki>yup, it is included in base-packages now
<podiki>there was a news entry about it (guix pull --news) though others have fallen victim
<morte>I actually didn't notice that
<morte>thanks for the information
<morte>appreciate your help
<podiki>no problem!
<apteryx>podiki: updating nss-certs is not fun (rebuilds gnome)
<apteryx>maybe I can simply explicit that news entry and call it a day
<apteryx>rebuilds gtk/gnome
<apteryx>alternatively, we could catch that at the level of operating-system and issue a deprecation warning there (you've added nss-certs, that's no longer needed)
<podiki>oy. i would say do the update on core-updates with the builds it is doing, but i don't think we should add to that. a quick branch just to update (for subs) nss and nss-certs then?
<apteryx>does updating nss-certs even solve the problem? then the auto-generated config.scm would contain the same nss-certs version; I guess it'd get deduped silently but I haven't tried
<podiki>deprecation: that might be good if it is easy enough. especially since the 1.4.0 installer will still ask about adding nss-certs explicitly
<podiki>otherwise people will run into initial install errors
<martin2020>has anyone successfully booted the pine64-raw image type from "guix system --list-image-types"?
<martin2020>Booting guix on a pinephone would be amazing
<afm-victoria>Need help troubleshooting: after updating my system, input devices fail to show up. I don't see the built-in microphone nor do I see the microphone in my headphones.
<afm-victoria>Output works fine. Seems like a driver issue?
<afm-victoria>Input devices used to work fine before the update.
<afm-victoria>And they work if I boot from the previous Linux image
<afm-victoria>I find the device with sudo arecord -l
<afm-victoria>scratch that--this is running the old kernel
<afm-victoria>Microphone issue mysteriously went away....
<jonsger>does work for others?
<PotentialUser-79>It doesn't for me
<PotentialUser-79>I have so many problems with installing guix on vm
<lazr>Howdy all! I'm attempting to use the new dotfiles service for Home to manage my Stow dotfiles, and I am running into the error "no code for module (gnu home services dotfiles)". I'm on version 91d9e14. and here's my current configuration file: Have I done something silly? Is this a known issue?
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<freakingpenguin>lazr: Geiser seems to choke when I eval dotfiles.scm so I wouldn't be shocked if something's going on there. I think it might not like running (home-dotfiles-configuration).
<freakingpenguin>Actually that might just be a symptom of (current-source-directory) in geiser returning #f.
<apteryx>PotentialUser-79: what kind of problems?
<apteryx>jonsger: it's the too many opened files bug
<lazr>freakingpenguin: booooo. Let me see if I can figure it out.
<freakingpenguin>lazr: I just built your home with e0d920b fwiw
<freakingpenguin>Although thinking for 0.5s that's probably a side effect of not having any of the dotfiles.
<lazr>freakingpenguin: Further than I got. Didn't get past importing the module. Now I need to look up how to switch to that commit.
<dariqq>it only took 3h but the patched kernel solves the issue with waybar
<dariqq>maybe i should not be building kernels on an x220
<zilti>So there's this git repository with half a dozen subdirectories, each of them containing a Meson project. How do I package one of those subdirectories specifically? Are there "example" packages where that kind of thing is done?
<lazr>freakingpenguin: still no dice. I have Guix installed atop NixOS, I wonder if that has anything to do with it...
<ulfvonbelow>zilti: you could always try adding a phase after unpack that just 'chdir's into one of the subdirectories
<zilti>ulfvonbelow: Oh, I was assuming the dir would reset for each phase, I'll try that
<ulfvonbelow>it would be a bit difficult to implement the unpack phase if it did that
<ulfvonbelow>since most source gets distributed as a tarball containing a single top-level directory that then has to be cd'ed into
<Kolev>ulfvonbelow: What about people who make source tarballs where the root of the tarball is the root of the source repo?
<zilti>ulfvonbelow: It seems to almost work... I did `(invoke "cd" "borders-plus-plus")` and it says it can't find the directory. Adding `(invoke "ls")` just before it shows, however, that the dir does actually exist. Hmm.
<ulfvonbelow>zilti: I would assume that the "no such file or directory" it's referring to is actually its way of saying that it can't find "cd", since that's a shell builtin
<ulfvonbelow>try (chdir "borders-plus-plus") instead
<zilti>Ahh nevermind, lol, I need the guile `chdir` I suppose?
<zilti>That did it, thanks a lot! :)