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<lispmacs[work]>hi, why is there not a build scheduled for the current stellarium deriv?
<lispmacs[work]>on x86-64
<lispmacs[work]>I tried building it but I crash on that qtwebengine dependency... apparently 16GB ram isn't enough anymore
<festerdam>Hi, all.
<ieure>lispmacs[work], I had my 64gb machine OOM on a build last week :/
<lispmacs[work]>is there some configure flag or something to tell software to use disk space instead of RAM?
<lispmacs[work]>tell the build software I mean -- i.e., the linker and such
<lispmacs[work]>I'm not understanding why any software package would require such a huge amount of RAM just to build and link and executable
<freakingpenguin>Hi Guix! I see the linux kernel hardcodes some paths at /sbin, e.g. /sbin/request-key. I can't tell if there's any magic going on that would redirect that to /run/current-system/profile/bin, does anyone know if that magic exists?
<Kolev>lispmacs[work]: I was inspired by your site and Geminized mine.
<freakingpenguin>.../profile/sbin I mean
<festerdam>Given that Fedora can't run guix due to its dependence on nscd, and that I can't properly use the qemu image ( ), what other options do I have to eperiment with Guix? I don't want to install Guix as a linux system on my main computer (or any other besides what I already have installed), but I do however have another computer that I don't use much,
<peanuts>"bug#69891: QEMU image downloaded from website fails to reconfigure with current config"
<festerdam>but that one has an HDD and much slower processor, so considering that the previous time I tried to run Guix on my main machine I found it to be quite slow, I imagine that running guix on the other machine would be an unbearable experience. What other options are there?
<Kolev>festerdam: I too lament Guix's incompatibility with Fedora.
<lispmacs[work]>Kolev: thanks, do you want to send me your gemini URL?
<ieure>lispmacs[work], You want to add a swap file. While you could implement paging in applications, it's the wrong layer for it. It's memory management and belongs in the kernel, which is why it's been there for decades.
<lispmacs[work]>ieure: not going to happen, certainly not on my desktop computer. Why can't compilers and build scripts restrict memory usage to common amounts?
<lispmacs[work]>why do executables that come out at 1MB size need 64GB of memory to build?
<Kolev>lispmacs[work]: gemini://
<lispmacs[work]>Kolev: thanks, looks interesting. I've added it to gmisub feed subscription list
<PotentialUser-98>Hi! I'm trying to package (and which it requires).  I get trivial battery to compile, but not stumpwm-battery.  I get an error saying "Package TRIVIAL-BATTERY does not exist".  I have both package definitions in the same file.  Shouldn't having
<PotentialUser-98>'sbcl-trivial-battery' as an input for 'sbcl-stumpwm-battery' be enough for it to be found?
<peanuts>"GitHub - Junker/stumpwm-battery: Battery information module for StumpWM"
<peanuts>"GitHub - pokepay/trivial-battery: A trivial library for getting the battery informations."
<mccd>Any reason why this simple cron would fail? (define garbage-collector-job #~(job "*/5 0 * * *" "guix gc -F 1G")). It fails saying it expects a struct
<mccd>but it's just the same code from the example
<coyote>Quick question: something in my system configuration seems to be pulling the entirety of GNOME (i.e. gnome-shell, mutter, etc.) even though I'm not using them in it. how could I figure out what is it?
<mccd>Ah I managed to solve it... but now I have an issue, it seems the nss-certs in my profile is outdated, is there a way to update it?
<mccd>Is there a way to check why something is installed? I noticed that inkscape is being installed but it's not something I explicitly installed and I find it hard to imagine it being a dependency
<wakyct>hi guix, does anyone know why a guix home reconfigure would not add .guix-home/profile/bin to my path? Home installed all the packages OK (I can launch them manually from the terminal by /gnu/store path) but they are unavailable otherwise
<wakyct>I've rebooted several times to no avail
<iyzsong>wakyct: depends on your shell and whether you enabled the home-bash service, a correct situation could be: using bash, and have ~/.bash_profile (which maybe source ~/.profile) generated by home-bash service, or you can setup ~/.bash_profile your own.
<wakyct>yes, Home is managing my bash -- I used guix home import originally and it set it up
<wakyct>or at least I thought it did
<iyzsong>okay, then you can examine the content of ~/.bash_profile and ~/.profile to see if they did source or setup correct environments for the home profile right.
<iyzsong>wakyct: you can paste them via a paste service (eg:, I could take a look
<wakyct>thanks, yep about to
<wakyct>it all looks normal
<peanuts>"6a83ba5 ?"
<wakyct>I'll paste my home config
<iyzsong>okay, that 'guix package --search-paths' things is the problem, it override previously sourced envs, you can add a '-p $HOME/.guix-home/profile \' line before the '-p $HOME/.guix-profile' line.
<wakyct>thank you, that's strange, I haven't modified those files at all
<iyzsong>well that's one of my mistake, I'll look into later..
<wakyct>cool, thanks things seem to be working better. Going to try logging out and check.
<wakyct>everything looks good, I must not have hit that issue before because my system was new. Thanks again!
<iyzsong>you're welcome :)
<coyote>i don't know what's happening but i just did a `guix pull` and now reconfiguring my system wants to compile gnome-shell mutter and a couple other GNOME-related packages locally :-/
<peanuts>"eaa49f6 ?"
<wakyct>it's building drvs or compiling from source? You're using substitutes?
<wakyct>fwiw I think I just saw that too when I pulled today
<wakyct>I'm on xfce but installed gvfs and assumed that had something to do with it
<wakyct>haven't bothered to track it down yet
<coyote>wakyct: I’m using substitutes, yes; and it’s compiling from source
<coyote>The weirdest thing is that I’m not even in GNOME
<coyote>Yet it’s pulling stuff like gnome-shell and mutter
<coyote>I’m choosing to think I just managed to pull at an unfortunate time but it’s a bit annoying
<wakyct>are you using a DE?
<coyote>no, just Sway
<coyote>I don’t use a display manager either, just login from TTY
<Kolev>coyote: Nice.
<Kolev>I want to start using Hikari.
<coyote>i’ve been thinking about trying out stumpwm
<Kolev>X is dead to me.
<coyote>I want to like Wayland but it feels like it’s not there yet for me
<coyote>All these things with portals and every implementation being divided in what protocols they support or make and etc. is too much for my simple brain
<coyote>on a completely unrelated note: I wonder why Guix doesn’t do point-ish releases like Nixpkgs does, I feel that’d be nice
<lilyp>Those would only be backported security patches to the package manager, I'd guess
<sham1>Hmm, apparently grub can decrypt a store when the mapped-device type is luks-device-mapping, but not when it's luks-device-mapping-with-options
<sham1>That seems like an obvious oversight
<adanska>Hi! I'm trying to package one of my tools into guix so I can use `guix pack`. I'm getting this obuse error and I dont know whats wrong.
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<adanska>i cant see what could possibly be 'colliding'
<adanska>also: `guix weather mutter` shows failing builds
<AwesomeAdam54321>adanska: Does it fix the error if the local-file path is made absolute?
<adanska>yes, same error
<adanska>AwesomeAdam54321: yes, same error
<adanska>this is confusing. what does this `union-build: collision between files and directories` error usually signify?
<adanska>Theres nothing out of the ordinary with my inputs, at least i dont think so...
<AwesomeAdam54321>Is it normal to get this error when running `make make-go`:
<AwesomeAdam54321>ice-9/eval.scm:293:34: no code for module (srfi srfi-171)
<peanuts>"SRFI 171: Transducers"
<AwesomeAdam54321>The error is in guix/rpm.scm
<attila_lendvai_>AwesomeAdam54321, are you running this in a `guix shell -D guix`?
<AwesomeAdam54321>attila_lendvai: yes
<csepp>cbaines: belated huge thanks, i'm still not quite sure what exactly fixed the issue (haven't tried to reproduce it with subsets of the fixes i applied) but now Guix works on my Ubuntu installation and I can work on my thesis <3
<attila_lendvai>probably/maybe grub should be updated on core-updates...? see guix-devel "Guix bios installation: Grub error: unknown filesystem"
<cbaines>attila_lendvai, does grub have too many dependencies to update on master?
<attila_lendvai>cbaines, i don't think so. i thought maybe core-updates gets a bit of testing before it is merged...
<cbaines>it's more important to try and make most changes on master (and test them when making the change)
<attila_lendvai>cbaines, either way, my point is to draw attention to the fact that the currently packaged old grub breaks installing guix system in a cryptic way
<cbaines>well it doesn't look like we have a bug or patch to update Grub yet, so if anyone is looking, filing a bug or trying to send a patch to update Grub seem like sensible things to do
<jeko>Yoo guixsters !
<jeko>I got two messages like this one : " guix pull: avertissement : échec lors du chargement de « (guix platforms avr) » :
<jeko>In procedure abi-check: #<record-type <platform>>: record ABI mismatch; recompilation needed "
<jeko>i do not know what to do with that
<jeko>actually doing guix upgrade and hope it will fix the issue
<attila_lendvai>jeko, so, you don't have a local guix git checkout, and you are not reconfiguring from it?
<attila_lendvai>jeko, but if you do, then run a `make clean-go` before recompiling everything
<cbaines>given the error message includes "guix pull", I'm guessing this error came from guix pull
<cbaines>which is concerning, as that suggests that there's some record ABI mismatch across the sets of modules that guix pull splits guix up in to
<jeko>attila_lendvai: this is not from a guix git checkout.
<jeko>I have not power up my laptop for month(maybe years?)
<jeko>the guix pull / guix upgrade / guix system reconfigure took hours haha, some builds failed but it finishes
<jeko>however, with the "concerning" warning as cbaines said…
<mccd>Hey! In guix, I am only able to change password through by using sudo. Is there a way to set it up so I don't need to use that?
<mccd>is it with dbus?
<cbaines>mccd, it doesn't seem like I need to use sudo, what specific issue do you run in to when you try to change password without sudo?
<cbaines>in other news, we're missing substitutes for qemu-minimal :(
<cbaines>so much for running system tests
<jeko>cbaines, is that a call for help ? what one could do to help ?
<cbaines>more just a moan
<cbaines>it's a long running issue, a single test failure
<cbaines>that I think might just appear if you build on btrfs
<jeko>the failure prevents the substitute build ?
<jeko>cbaines is it something you plan to report to qemu dev team ? or is it a guix issue ?
<cbaines>I don't know if it's a known issue upstream, but that would be a good thing to check
<mccd>cbaines sorry for the slow response, with nmtui it errors out if I don't run it with sudo
<mccd>Insufficient privileges
<cbaines>mccd, does nmtui change your password? I'd presume network manager doesn't change passwords?
<dariqq>anyone else experiencing waybar freezing adter high cpu load? And then staing broken until reboot even if cpu load goes down again. Never had an issue with waybar before
<apteryx>ieure: actually we can't graft nss 3.88.1 with 3.98.0 because grafts are a post-build thing, and librewolf needs 3.98 at build time.
<mccd>cbaines nmtui is used to change wifi
<mccd>oh I see a typo in my original question
<mccd>sorry it was that I can't change wifi without root
<mccd>it's early for me :'(
<cbaines>mccd, I think that's somewhat expected, since your changing the networking for your whole machine
<cbaines>I don't know if this is something that's configurable with NetworkManager though
<mccd>cbaines never had that before with void nor nix
<mccd>but yes maybe it's something with NetworkManager
<Icy-Thought>Greetings everyone! Quick question, what is the common way to setup guix configs and building them in Guix? Somewhat in the process of setting up the structure of my upcoming guix config, but not certain I am approaching it right. (I know there is no right way, but having a well structured repo as an inspiration is never wrong :) )
<Kabouik>I am trying to compile an Arduino sketch using arduino-cli (installable with a curl-sh method, not secure but hey). However the compilation complains because I don't have stubs-32.h in ~/.guix-profile/include/gnu, is there a way to work around this with a guix shell maybe?
<apteryx>librewolf or icecat on my system is really slow; reads multiple MB/s (like 35-45) while loading pages during multiple seconds. Pages rendering is made very slow because of that. Do others have similar issues?
<Icy-Thought>Reminds me, how can I tell guix (deceleratively) to add nonguix packages to the possible places to fetch packages from?
<Altadil>Icy-Thought: There is a home service to add channels, if you use guix home.
<Kabouik>Thanks Christina for committing nmail, if you are here.
<apteryx>hm, our fido udev rules have some issue: failed to execute '/gnu/store/gbz5y54xi3bxc843azjsssmv6n5p8kj3-eudev-3.2.11/lib/udev/fido_id' 'fido_id': No such file or directory
<dariqq>hmm down- or upgrading waybar doesnt seem to help. starting sway manually and exiting i get a wall of errors. waybar is using 100% of my cpu
<Icy-Thought>Altadil oh is there? TIL! Any chance you can point me to the right place?
<peanuts>"Guix Home Services (GNU Guix Reference Manual)"
<Icy-Thought>Appreciated! :)
<apteryx>hm? 'perf mem record' -> failed: memory events not supported
<apteryx>are we missing some option in our kernel?
<lilyp>Hi Guix, is there any way I can instruct Guix – or the Meson build system while running Guix – to give me a static binary for a given package?
<lilyp>More to the actual point of what I'm trying to achieve, I'd need to hide my involvement in an otherwise free software project – with anonymity basically making licenses useless.
<lilyp>I looked through available free software source code obfuscation, but so far found nothing too useful; I was hoping GCC with maximal optimizations and without debug symbols would do the job.
<lilyp>(It doesn't need to be perfect, but should resist light attempts at deanonymisation.)
<jonsger>does someone know the new IBAN of Guix Foundation? My annual membership fee got "retoured"
<apteryx>lilyp: hm? how does producing a static binary relates with hiding your involvement in a free software project?
<apteryx>I'd think more along the lines of using pseudonyms and throw-away email addresses to accomplish that
<ulfvonbe`>is the issue that programming stylometry / using uncommon libraries associated with you may cause a connection to be made?
<PotentialUser-79>Hi, do you know how can I install base xfce without gnome? I have problems with building gnome-shell
<Altadil>PotentialUser-79: you can add the xfce service to the services field of your config file (and remove or comment out the gnome one if you don’t want it).
<PotentialUser-79>I'm in middle of building, so if this one fail I will try your method, thanks
<apteryx>PotentialUser-79: you`d have to remove the default gdm login manager and use something else like sddm or lightdm or slim
<PotentialUser-79>I will try, thanks
<apteryx>i'll try to disable CoW on ~/.librewolf to see if it helps my performance problems on Btrfs (lots of reads -> slow)
<apteryx>doesn't seem to help
<cbaines>jonsger, I'm not sure the Guix Foundation has a bank account at the moment
<apteryx>they do
<apteryx>but no easy way to transfer money to it other than wire transfers, AFAIK
<cbaines>apteryx, do you have the details?
<cbaines>last I heard the Banque Populaire account was empty and inaccessible
<cbaines>this is from the guix-europe-sac mailing list around a month ago
<yewscion>Hey all, is anyone more familiar with Rust in Guix willing to help me figure out what the problem I'm having packaging a crate for Guix actually means? I haven't seen this issue before, and I can't replicate the issue outside of the build environment.
<yewscion>This is the package I have so far, mostly unchanged from the importer:
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<apteryx>cbaines: hm, ok. I'd ask them.
<cbaines>apteryx, while I'd like to see money spent, it's not urgent
<cbaines>I was just bringing this up as it would explain jonsger's transaction bounced
<lilyp>apteryx: as ulfvonbe` points out, I typically don't write my code in a boring manner, so at least some level of obfuscation would be helpful
<dariqq>yewscion: With your package I am getting "configure: error: cannot run /bin/sh ./config.sub". Which would make sense as /bin/sh does not exist. Maybe the build script hardcodes that
<yewscion> dariqq: Okay, so I'll need to find the build script used for this package, then, to check for that.
<yewscion>dariqq: That's the same error I get, too.
<apteryx>ACTION jokes: perhaps you could use copilot
<fnat>Anyone familiar with the Hurd would be able to let me know if 'tty' (the command) is (roughly) equivalent to reading from '/proc/self/fd/0'? Context:
<peanuts>"[PATCH] services: xorg: Add xorg-start-command-xinit procedure."
<dariqq>yewscion: Might be this line
<peanuts>"libffi-rs/libffi-sys-rs/build/ at master ? tov/libffi-rs ? GitHub"
<yewscion>dariqq: Looking up Command::new docs now to figure out how to change it, thanks for the help!
<apteryx>ACTION continues investigating why icecat/librewolf is dead slow on their system -- it's not my file system; it's performing the same as 2 years ago according to kdiskmark
<apteryx>ACTION tries profiling librewolf with hotspot
<lilyp>I think our current webkit has a rather visible memleak – too sad that I'm not yet done investigating all the new test failures in GTK
<jonsger>apteryx, cbaines: so the old bank account is closed, but maybe there is already a new one at another bank. I'll ask
<jab>lechner-: you been able to update your server yet?
<dariqq>yewscion: Sry for the false information: I think it is this line: CONFIG_SHELL defaulting to /bin/sh.
<peanuts_>"libffi-rs/libffi-sys-rs/libffi/ at master ? tov/libffi-rs ? GitHub"
<dariqq>Setting CONFIG_SHELL to bash seems to work
<yewscion>dariqq: How does one set an env var during build in cargo-build-system?
<yewscion>Or did You modify the script?
<peanuts_>"debian Pastezone"
<yewscion>Thank You! I learned a lot during this, and definitely appreciate the help!
<jab>yewscion: you are packaging rust for guix!? I'm impressed!
<Kolev>What was the verdict on the trademark issue with Rust?
<yewscion>jab: Haha, well, not rust. That's already in there. But I needed libffi-sys-rs to work, in order to package another piece of software written in it.
<yewscion>Kolev: Oh, uh oh, I didn't know there was one. If so, I will cease chatter related to Rust immediately, and apologize for breaking the FSDG.
<Kolev>yewscion: It's not clear-cut yet. We still don't know whether to IceCatify Rust or not.
<Kolev>Hopefully there is no trademark issue.
<ieure>Rust has been in guix for a long time.
<yewscion>Kolev: Ah, okay. But it will mostly be cosmetic/nonfree asset remove in the WCS, not complete removal of the Rust ecosystem, then?
<Kolev>yewscion: Worst case scenario: FSDG distros have to soft fork Rust to not be called Rust.
<yewscion>Kolev: Alright, cool. Just would rather not devote cycles to learning something if it might be compeltely forboden, yeah?
<ieure>Forbidden by Guix != forbidden to you
<yewscion> ieure: I'd rather stick with software usable by the largest subsuite of the people I interact with than any kind of restricted software, when discussing things like programming languages and such.
<Kolev>yewscion: In any case, there is no ban on Rust as of now.
<yewscion>Kolev: Thanks for the news, I do appreciate it. Sorry for the chatter!
<davidh38>does anyone has an example, how to start a flatpak file with shepherdd.
<ieure>davidh38, You'd have your shepherd service execute "flatpak run org.thing.whatever" -- nothing special there.
<sham1>RE: Rust, the worst case scenario is that one just picks up Crablang instead. Totally a fork™
<davidh38>ieure but how do I add a service?
<ieure>davidh38, Is this a system service or a home service?
<Kolev>sham1: Oh, someone already forked Rust?
<davidh38>ieure I just want to start some flatpak at the start of guix starting, but I am not getting, how to do it from the documentation.
<sham1>Yeah, back when the trademark issue became a thing. It's not maintained though, surprising no one
<ieure>davidh38, Sure. What's the service, and when do you think "guix starting" happens? System services start when GuixSD boots; home services start when you log in.
<davidh38>ieure hmm, I dont really understand. I just want to start a flatpak package at the start after I log into I3
<ieure>davidh38, Okay, you need a home service for that, which means you need to use Guix Home; are you?
<davidh38>What exactly do you mean by guixsd and home services.
<ieure>davidh38, GuixSD = "Guix System," the distribution based on the Guix package manager. Guix Home is the thing that manages your home environment (user config etc); home services are services that start when you log in, which is what you need to do what you want.
<ieure>"Guix System Distribution" is the actual full initialism.
<ieure>Not sure if there's a way to start stuff on login other than through a home service.
<sham1>Well, maybe .xinitrc if that's used
<ieure>Yes, that's an option.
<ieure>Or if you're using xsm or some other kind of session manager.
<janneke>ieure: Guix System was renamed from GuixSD some four years ago, i believe
<ieure>janneke, Annoying to type it all out.
<janneke>ieure: we've got things like emacs for that, haven't we?
<sham1>And even if you're not using Emacs for your chat client (what are you doing in that case?) you can probably still have an expansion from something like guixsd to Guix System
<sham1>Although, why was the name actually changed?
<janneke>abbreviatons are best avoided
<davidh38>ieure thank you for pointing me in the right direction!
<davidh38>I will check this ou.
<coyote>having problems with trying to Guix to run from a local checkout (for packaging stuff), I cloned it, entered a shell with `guix shell -D guix --pure -C', did ./bootstrap and ./configure, but the pre-inst-env script isn't working :-(
<coyote>I've tried bootstrapping and configuring multiple times, and even deleting my local checkout and cloning again, but nothing works
<coyote> here's a typescript of the terminal session, if its any help
<coyote>ah wait, I need to make first. oops
<coyote>for some reason the first time i tried doing this yesterday it didnt require me to make
<ieure>coyote, You have to give some arguments to ./configure -- see
<peanuts_>"Building from Git (GNU Guix Reference Manual)"
<ieure>Not 100% sure that's your problem, but I've followed those instructions many times and have had it work most of the time. :)
<coyote>I might have been reading an older manual page, because I didn't see the `--sysconfdir=/etc`
<coyote>Hm, still doesn't work though. I'll just run `make` and see if it works after that
<coyote>It's super weird because last night when did the exact same stuff it did work just fine
<ieure>It's possible that something broke in between, but I wouldn't assume that right off the bat.
<ieure>Also, protip, `git clean -xdf &&' will wipe out any uncommitted changes in your repo, restoring it to the same clean state as a clone. If you've *committed* local changes, `git reset --hard origin/main` (or whatever the upstream branch is; `upstream/master` for Guix, since they haven't switched to "main" yet) will wipe those out.
<coyote>Ooh, I didn't know that. Thanks for the tip :-)
<coyote>I’m currently building Guix locally to see if it hopefully fixes, so I’ll be back when my poor laptop goes through it
<coyote>Well, building Guix fixed it
<coyote>Now `./pre-inst-env guix` works just fine