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<Gooberpatrol66>I noticed plasma-mobile is packaged. Is there currently a way to use it? I installed it and it appered in my login manager, but it closes instantly and returns me to the login manager if i try to start it
<Guest91>Hi there, I've installed my ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file via home-openssh-service-type but I'm having trouble connecting. The error is "sign_and_send_pubkey: signing failed for <my key here> from agent: agent refused operation"
<Guest91>It might be because of the file permissions, though I'm assuming home-openssh-service-type would take that into account considering `authorized-keys` is a standard field.
<Guest91>Anyone had success with authorized_keys + home-openssh-service-type? Am I making an obvious mistake?
<saper>I seem to be getting "500 Internal Server Error" trying to access and some others. Pretty strange...
<saper>^ I can open bugs reports now (no 500) ^
<adanska>when guix builds `modules-import` and `modules-import-compiled`, what is it doing?
<darosior>Has anyone packaged a Rust program which has git dependencies? It seems cargo-build-system is only considering dependencies at least starting at configure phase, maybe before.
<darosior>It seems the git dependencies don't get included in the vendor dir for some reason.
<futurile>darosior: yes you're right, cargo-build-system only understands getting the package from cargo.
<darosior>futurile: you mean from crates-io?
<futurile>darosior: hah duh correct - not enough coffee yet
<darosior>Ok, thanks that explains it then! Guess i'll have to publish my patches to crates-io then.
<futurile>darosior: there are some packages where multiple build systems are loaded - I don't think I've seen a build with cargo where this is done - it's a pretty odd build system due to the restrictions we face - the person to ask is efraim when he's around
<janneke>cbaines: any idea why v2 of might fail on qa? the first version had a silly problems that qa beautifully caught
<peanuts>"[PATCH 0/3] Reproducible `make dist' tarball: Avoid override stamp-N warnings."
<cbaines>janneke, looks like QA is unable to apply the patches
<futurile>cbaines: did you see that your restool patch is failing due to missing bash input:
<peanuts>"[PATCH] gnu: Add restool."
<janneke>cbaines: yeah, i'm puzzled about that
<cbaines>janneke, hmm, looking more carefully at the error, it looks like the patches are being applied in the wrong order
<rekado>I get this error: "Error: Could not set character size" while building "doc/images/service-graph.png"
<darosior>Can't you use `guix graph` on a file like you would `guix build -f FILE.scm`?
<darosior>Ok i just had to make my package definition public.
<futurile>darosior: you can do it on a variable that guix knows about: ./pre-inst-env guix graph package@version
<darosior>yeah i managed to make it look in my current directory for module declarations through the "-L" parameter.
<darosior>Now i'm tracking down a dependency cycle on perl when using `--with-input=glibc=glibc@2.30` to try to link my binary against an older glibc..
<futurile>ack - oh wow <shudder>
<darosior>sigh.. Is there a proper way to target older glibc's when building a package?
<mgd>Hello. I installed the Termius font via guix install font-terminus. Emacs is able to use the font fine but I can't see it as an option for XFCE. For example, changing the terminal font. Is there anything else I need to do?
<janneke>cbaines: ah, yes that would make them fail
<bost>Hi, can anybody tell where / how can I find the (git describe) module?
<bost>I mean `(use-modules (git describe)) ,binding` shows me a bunch of bindings, but when google them I get no results. Uhg.
<bost>Like for example make-describe-format-options ... where does it come from?
<cbaines>bost, do you know which package provides (git describe) ?
<cbaines>if you don't, it can help to look through your GUILE_LOAD_PATH
<AwesomeAdam54321>bost: I'm pretty sure guile-git provides the (git describe) module
<bost>my GUILE_LOAD_PATH contains (deduped): ("/gnu/store/5llv7bf6j5fcz8p3blk8nkfian5dn03z-profile/share/guile/site/3.0" "/home/bost/.guix-profile/share/guile/site/3.0" "/run/current-system/profile/share/guile/site/3.0")
<cbaines>bost, cool, so if you look through those directories, you should see a git directory
<bost>my profiles contains: guile-studio guile-hall guile emacs-geiser-guile guile-ares-rs guile-next emacs-geiser-guile
<cbaines>and it'll probably be a symlink to a directory in the store
<cbaines>the name of that directory in the store should give you a clue to the relevant package
<bost>ls /gnu/store/5llv7bf6j5fcz8p3blk8nkfian5dn03z-profile/share/guile/site/3.0 shows:
<bost>ares@ bencode.scm@ config@ config.scm@ emacs-guix@ emacs-guix.scm@ fibers@ fibers.scm@ gcrypt@ gwl@ hall@ mcron@ mu@ mu.scm@ nrepl@ srfi@ uuid.scm@ web@
<cbaines>no git there, so it's not in that profile directory, it'll probably be in your users profile, or the system profile then
<bost>Aaaarg it's in the /run/current-system/profile/share/guile/site/3.0/git/describe.scm
<bost>Thx people!
<cbaines>cool, so if you look at where the git directory is a symlink to, it should confirm it comes from the guile-git package
<bost>I wonder why neither Google nor Sourcegraph finds it ???
<bost>Yes it does. It's in the /gnu/store/fd0wp9wycxcm1za3jyb3yy5ckmrmcxhl-guile-git-0.6.0/share/guile/site/3.0/git.scm
<cbaines>janneke, Patchwork/QA seems to have figured out the ordering now
<peanuts>"Issue 70380 Guix Quality Assurance"
<cbaines>I'm not quite sure what went wrong there
<janneke>cbaines: yay, thanks
<podiki>a heads up that I plan to merge mesa-updates to master in next 12-24 hours; coverage looks good (i686 is a bit behind but nearly there)
<cassio>I'm trying to reconfigure my system, and getting a warning that represent a `setuid-program` as a file-like object is obsolete. But in the latest Guix Reference Guide, that's still how it's done. So, what is the new way to declare a `setuid-program`?
<podiki>cassio: make sure you are looking at the current manual:
<peanuts>"Setuid Programs (GNU Guix Reference Manual)"
<podiki>have to run, good luck!
<cassio>Yes, that's the actually the version I'm following. And by the way, it's not a warning, it's an error....
<cassio>    (append (list (setuid-program
<cassio>                    (program (file-append nfs-utils "/path/to/program-file"))))
<cassio>            %setuid-programs))
<cassio>that's what the Guide says, and that results in an error.
<cassio>Sorry, forget about everything --- just found the problem: misplaced parentheses...
<cassio>beginner's stuff...
<RavenJoad>Can /dev/net/tun be exposed inside of a least-authority-wrapper? I have it present as a file-system-mapping, but it does not seem to work.
<futurile>RavenJoad: sorry, no clue - you might have to ask on the mailing list
<RavenJoad>futurile: Oh well. It is not that important. I was hoping to try running tailscale in one of those for fun. But one step at a time.
<darosior>Has anyone tried building a Rust package against musl?
<bigbookofbug>any way to pass a local file for dnsmasq to read addresses from? i tried passing (addresses (list (local-file "path/to/"))) but am getting an invalid field specifier error
<RavenJoad>bigbookofbug: (dnsmasq-configuration (addresses ...)) expects a list of strings. You can find the expected type in the documentation, not a list of file-like/gexp objects.
<bigbookofbug>its a horrendously long list, but it is a list of strings - is there a way to interpolate it into the addresses parameter potentially ? i've been searching the docs for a method but struggling to figure out where i should be searching
<RavenJoad>There probably is, but I do not know it off the top of my head or with quick documentation searching.
<dariqq>has anyone gotten the power-profiles-daemon working?
<civodul>podiki: are we done with bug#63393?
<peanuts>"[PATCH 0/2] Fix and gcc-toolchain"
<spiderbit>Hi I just tend to get a bit sick of NFS because the possibilities how to evoke user rights are very limited, so I want to try out sshfs, which is a package in guix, but it seems there is no easy way to get that into the fstab file?
<efraim>does anyone remember what port the daemon listens on?
<oriansj>(at least that is what ss -a shows me)
<efraim>not 9418?
<vagrantc>has anyone ever pondered the test results of enjarify ... ... test1
<vagrantc>00000000 b3e4d9154b1da92b67cbe4233ce4ff4b7cad59c8a1d811b6b660431f45d20c6f
<peanuts>"Build log of build #3907552"
<vagrantc>which is does, i dunno, maybe a hundred times ... and then does test2, which looks more-or-less the same in spirit ...
<vagrantc>conluding in: Ran 0 tests in 0.000s
<vagrantc>which is followed by: running test1 ... test6 ... test1 ... test6 ... test1 ... test6 ... all tests passed!
<vagrantc>the best part is it takes a long time to generate all that! :)
<vagrantc>which brings me to another question ... there appears to be no unversioned openjdk ... would it be madness to have a openjdk-default which refers to whatever is the best current version?
<vagrantc>there are numerous packages, depending on openjdk12, openjdk18, openjdk11, openjdk9, openjdk14, openjdk10 ... etc.
<vagrantc>some may need a specific version ... but i suspect some are just stuck with whatever version that happened to be current when they were added to guix
<vagrantc>suppose that might be a better question for the list
<podiki>civodul: I haven't had a chance to push the patches for #63393 but will do that later today and close it
<peanuts>"[PATCH 0/2] Fix and gcc-toolchain"
<apteryx>hm, guix shell: call to environ while multiple threads are running; further behavior unspecified.
<apteryx>that's with guix built using latest guile
<JerseyJoe>How can I get 32 bit libraries/plugins for gstreamer installed on Guix SD? I'm on x86_64
<JerseyJoe>do I just need to do "guix build --system=i686-linux gstreamer" and then "guix install gstreamer"?
<futurile>Q: the package I'm testing says that there are 100 dependent packages, is there some magic way to rebuild all of those? (right now I'm just trying to massage them into a manifest)
<vagrantc>futurile: i've asked about that in the past, still having to resort to: guix refresh --list-dependent | sed ... | awk ... | tr ... | etc
<vagrantc>what is really frustrating is somtimes the output has to be massaged.
<vagrantc>guix build $(guix refresh --list-dependent --machine-readable) ... would be nice.
<futurile>ah yes, I think I've just found the issue where you're previous request for this is mentioned:
<peanuts>"[PATCH 0/1] scripts: refresh: Support --list-dependent=packages."
<vagrantc>futurile: hrm. sad to see this papercut languish. *sigh*
<JerseyJoe>I'm getting this error running guix pull: error: symlink: File exists: "/var/guix/profiles/per-user/user/current-guix"
<JerseyJoe>I found an email chain about it but it was not super comprehensible to me what to do to fix it
<mekeor>JerseyJoe: could you share the email thread?
<peanuts>"Re: guix pull: error: symlink: File exists"