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<blum>manually cleaned the fan by inserting a toothpick into the tiny space between two fan wings(? mb wrong term but the lil things sticking out of the fan carrying the air). wenet from mostly completely filled to less filled. should definitely help. unfortunaly dont got compressed ait
<blum>getting v offtopic now so i'll shut up. thanks a lot for the help everyone :^)
<rekado>(I think they are called "fins")
<rekado>(or do you mean the blades?)
<rekado>(fins are the lobes of a heat sink; I'd call the "fan wings" on a spinning fan "fan blades")
<blum>fan blades
<blum>cpu is cool now, but isa adapter is hot
<Gooberpatrol66>How do you enable dbus for a package? I see a dbus service in snapper/share/dbus-1/system-services
<Gooberpatrol66>i did
<Gooberpatrol66>(define %my-services
<Gooberpatrol66> ;; My very own list of services.
<Gooberpatrol66> (modify-services %desktop-services
<Gooberpatrol66>(dbus-root-service-type config => (dbus-configuration
<Gooberpatrol66> (inherit config)
<Gooberpatrol66> (services
<Gooberpatrol66> (append (list kio-extras-fixed-mtp powerdevil gnome-keyring plasma-browser-integration kded snapper)))))
<Gooberpatrol66>it doesn't make it appear in /run/current-system/profile/share/dbus-1/services
<Gooberpatrol66>indeed the documentation says it only applies to /etc/dbus-1, not /share/dbus-1
<peanuts>"Desktop Services (GNU Guix Reference Manual)"
<Gooberpatrol66>so how do you enable files in /share/dbus-1?
<Gooberpatrol66>I feel like this used to work but it doesn't anymore
<blum>How do i set up bluetooth after setting up the bluetooth service? i cant access bluetooth from blueman.
<blum>the shepherd service is running and the device is on, but i can't control it from bluetoothctl or anything. do i need bluetooth group?
<apteryx>efraim: I think the librsvg issue I encountered on cu is this:
<peanuts>"standalone installer rustc-1.70.0 (precompiled binary) segfaults in elf_machine_runtime_setup ? Issue #112286 ? rust-lang/rust ? GitHub"
<blum>ohh seems it's blocked by rfkill? thx archwiki
<blum>ig i need to networkmanager to not block it
<blum>Does anyone have apple magic trackpad working guix? it just works on debian, but im having trouble here
<blum>deleted my bluetooth files and then i'll try again, seems to work sometimes w bluetooth
<blum>yeah that worked
<wakyct>hi guix, I've been following a bug filed about the freecad package where it seems a python dependency needs to be updated (, assuming I build that updated package on my system, would I then build freecad (or guix package install it?) adding an arg like --with-input=package=replacement to swap in the newly built
<wakyct>python lib? I'm new to Guix and trying to wrap my head around how to do things
<peanuts>"FreeCAD dependency probably outdated"
<wakyct>also do I need to remove the currently installed freecad (which doesn't work, but for the sake of argument let's say I would like to leave it) before building a new one?
<wakyct>sorry for what may be silly questions
<zjabbar>wakyct: If the Python package is a simple version upgrade, then, as you say, you would do `guix install *CAD-PACKAGE* --with-input=*PYTHON-PACKAGE*=*UPDATED-PYTHON-PACKAGE*
<zjabbar>This is assuming you have access to the updated python package in your current set of channels. Otherwise, you might need to resource it (use --with-source=Package=source, --with-git-url=PACKAGE=URL etc)
<zjabbar>Some Python packages are evil and are very difficult to upgrade in the way Guix likes (*cough* tensorflow *cough*)
<adanska>Hi Guix!
<zjabbar>I am installing a package (call it P) and `guix weather P` says that one server has a substitute for it. But when I use `guix build P` or `guix install P` it tries to build it from scratch (crashing due to the large demands of compilation).
<zjabbar>Am I missing something? I feel like if the substitute is known (using guix weather) then it should skip the build process, right?
<nutcase>Hi Guix, when I'm running "emacs -q --eval '(xwidget-webkit-browse-url "")' I get "ERROR **: 10:23:38.741: GDK is not able to create a GL context: The current backend does not support OpenGL.". This happens with package "emacs-pgtk-xwidgets` on wayland(sway). What am I missing.
<peanuts>"Example Domain"
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<futurile>Morning janneke and civodul - and all ;-)
<janneke>hey futurile
<civodul>hey ho!
<futurile>Monday evening - another online Guix Meetup (and patch review?) -
<peanuts>"Group:Guix/PatchReviewSessions2024 - LibrePlanet"
<nutcase>If someone is running wayland, I'd be happy if (s)he could test the following and report, whether the results (failure/success) are the same:
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<adanska>okay, ill give it a go nutcase :)
<jonsger>nutcase: it's vice versa for me on wayland
<nutcase>jonsger: it seems to be the same? it succeeds in a container only, right?
<adanska>nutcase: succeeds in the container, fails otherwise
<nutcase>jonsger: your line 49 is what causes emacs to shutdown (** (emacs:9140): ERROR **: 10:58:16.595: GDK is not able to create a GL context: The current backend does not support OpenGL.)
<nutcase>adanska: ok, this seems to be the same as with my setup. Therefore: the question is: What does the system has too much, that is missing in the container and that is causing this error? I don't know how to proceed
<jonsger>nutcase: you are right
<nutcase>If anyone has an idea how to approach this issue, please let me know.
<cdo256`>At a guess, maybe strace and see whether theres a file/library that emacs is looking for that it can't find?
<cdo256`>Like `guix shell --container ... emacs-pgtk-xwidgets strace -- strace emacs ... 2>/tmp/strace1.out`
<nutcase>cdo256`: How can something be missing in the container, if the pure container shell contains less than the pure non-container shell ?
<cdo256`>oh hang on a second... that is really odd
<zilti>I am trying to pack a program depending on OpenGL. It seems the package I have to depend on for that is libglvnd, but... While, yes, the program builds with that dependency, trying to run it results in it stopping immediately with an "EGL_EXT_platform_base not supported" error. Am I depending on the wrong package after all? Or is there something additional I need?
<cdo256`>zilti: I'm not sure what the proper way to do this but either adding a egl backend as a propagated-input or installing an egl backend like egl-wayland or egl-gbm should let you run it.
<nutcase>cdo256`: the interesting thing with my issue: The container shell (able to run xwidgets in emacs via wayland) throws errors, when using eglinfo, while the non-container shell doesn't:
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<zilti>cdo256`: hm, I have egl-wayland installed systemwide, that seems to not help
<rekado>nutcase: FWIW I can reproduce this on gnome with wayland when using emacs-pgtk-xwidgets; I do not see this message with emacs-xwidgets.
<rekado>both of the two Emacs variants crash with that GTK abort, though
<zilti>Something else I am also wondering, I have something where I have to add an include path in #:configure-flags, is there a way I can use "file-append" in there?
<zilti>Ah. `#$(file-append ...)`.
<futurile>zilti: in snippet?
<nutcase>rekado: I think in that case, Xwayland is used then, which is more X than Wayland
<zilti>futurile: `(arguments (list #:configure-flags #~(list (string-append "-Dcpp_args=-I" #$(file-append wlroots "include")))))`
<futurile>oh interesting
<nutcase>rekado: cdo256` could it be, that emacs runs in wayland mode, while xwidgets tries to run in X mode and uses XWayland which does not have OpenGL support?
<cdo256`>nutcase: I'm not an expert but it sounds plausible enough.
<lechner>Hi, I lost the ability to reconfigure one of my servers. Does this mean anything to anyone? bootable-kernel-arguments: unbound variable
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<civodul>lechner: there’s no (gnu system boot) in Guix, AFAICS
<civodul>perhaps you’re running a modified version?
<lechner>civodul / thanks! i am, but guix refers to my lechner-experimental branch on codeberg, where the module is available
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<peanuts>"Move <boot-parameters> record to a separate file. ? f3ee688286 - lechner/guix -"
<lechner>maybe my rebase was unsuccessful
<civodul>the unbound variable is in that module anyway :-)
<cbaines>lechner, sometimes just using Guile to evaluate files can lead to clear error messages
<cbaines>so maybe try just running your system configuration with guile
<lechner>cbaines / how would i do that, please?
<lechner>sorry, no please
<cbaines>if you have your config in config.scm, you would run guile config.scm
<cbaines>you can use the -L option to add modules to the load path
<lechner>just as an eval but without chance of success?
<lechner>that does not find my custom channel my change is five months old
<lechner>my boot changes are five months old. i never had an issue in hundreds of deploys, although i deployed only one machine with this rebased version
<lechner>sorry, my custom channel no code for module (gnu services kerberos heimdal)
<cbaines>I'm not sure how channels work in this regard, but if you know where it is, you can use the -L option
<lechner>actually, that's not in my channel. it's in one of the commits i keep carrying forward
<lechner>anyway, my issue is that the local version of guix is not working properly. this is on equipment on which i can no longer deploy, after installing six shepherd timers
<lechner>civodul / cbaines / thanks for your help. these issues are probably caused by my changes in the (gnu system ...) hierarchy, which i think has some circular imports or similar. my (gnu system boot) doesn't include (gnu system) which is where bootable-kernel-arguments is defined
<cbaines>are you using a Guix build from your branch with the (gnu system boot) module to do the reconfigure?
<lechner>i am trying
<lechner>cbaines / civodul / anyway, thanks for looking. it's clearly an issue with my changes to the boot code
<luminouspath>I'm curious if anyone else has been having this issue: when I use fontconfig, applications that are installed from nix or flatpak (I'm assuming any containerized application at this point) can't follow symlinks of arbitrary depth above one...
<luminouspath>I know it's not a *guix* issue, it's a symlink issue, but I wonder if anyone else has seen something like this and have a workaround
<luminouspath>Like if I put the full path to the gnu store location of font files in the <dir> section of the fontconfig, containerized applications can see them fine, but if it's just to my profile's font directory, they can't follow the symlinks to the actual files
<cbaines>luminouspath, what containerized approach are you using for the things installed through nix?
<cbaines>as for flatpak, it's potentially that things running through flatpak don't have access to your home directory, or at least the .guix-profiles bit of it
<luminouspath>Im just kind of assuming things installed through nix are containerized because they're attributing the same issues... I'm not actually sure to be honest...
<lechner>civodul / cbaines / my changes to the boot code triggered undiscovered errors under 'guix system' because 'guix publish' uses mirror functions in (gnu machine ssh)
<luminouspath>Ive tried overriding flatpak access to the .guix-profile file and it requires the extra mile of individually defining access to each
<luminouspath>.otf file
<luminouspath>It works at that point
<cbaines>luminouspath, if I'm understanding you correctly, that makes it sound like it's not a symlink issue
<cbaines>more of an issue of using fonts with flatpak
<luminouspath>The issue was similar through nix, though
<luminouspath>That's what has me thinking it's something with maybe the way the symlinks are set up
<luminouspath>Additionally I tried a nonguix package that pretty specifically created a guix container and it exhibited the same issue
<luminouspath>The only linking factor I can recognize between them is some form of containerization/sandboxing and symlinking
<luminouspath>Forgive my ignorance but I'm assuming the nix service is running containerized to some degree because nix-on-fireifn
<luminouspath>nix-on-foreign-distro requires the FHS
<cbaines>I don't know anything about that
<cbaines>you're probably better asking for nix/flatpak people for support
<civodul>sneek: seen graywolf
<sneek>graywolf?, pretty sure was seen in #guix 5 days ago, saying: 883e69cdfd226c8f40b6e3b76ce0740b59857de6 would have deserved a news entry :(.
<peanuts>"guix.git - GNU Guix and GNU Guix System"
<apteryx>can we 'guix system reconfigure' with '--with-graft' ?
<civodul>apteryx: hey! grafts are enabled by default
<civodul>you can reconfigure with ‘--no-grafts’ too (not recommended)
<apteryx>I meant, I want to graft package X with package Y to rewrite the whole dependency graph of my system
<apteryx>is there a convenient way to do so? I don't think we can from the config.scm file, but perhaps --with-graft rewriting is possible from the CLI during 'guix system reconfigure' ? (or should be, since it's available for 'guix system build')
<RavenJoad>Can /etc/guix/machines.scm be generated through a service-type? The documentation suggests that the only way to do this is to manually edit machines.scm.
<ieure>RavenJoad, guix-service-type does this, the build-machines field.
<ieure>RavenJoad, But heads up that this stuff doesn't seem to be in a great state, I sent in some patches to improve it.
<RavenJoad>Ah. Good. That is where it is. I thought I would have to write my own service-type to write machines.scm. Define "not in a great state"?
<ieure>RavenJoad, I wrote this to add build-machines to the config, unfortunately the stuff for that isn't exported from (guix scripts offload), so you have to @@ to get at it.
<peanuts>"atomized-guix/atomized/system/offload.scm at main - ieure/atomized-guix -"
<ieure>RavenJoad, Also found that for some reason, the offload stuff would blow up unless there was an SSH public key, which isn't needed and wasn't used. That patch got applied; the one to export the build-machines stuff hasn't.
<wakyct>hey futurile your walkthrough at is very helpful thank you!
<RavenJoad>Weird, but OK. I can live with those issues. I just need to offload building a web-browser to my desktop to my laptop. The browser built fine on my desktop, but always fails to compile on my laptop, so I imagine it is a memory thing.
<ieure>RavenJoad, Which web browser?
<futurile>wakyct: cool - really happy to hear it was valuable for someone :-)
<wakyct>if I transform a package to a variant, is that kept through guix upgrade?
<wakyct>or does the variant get rewritten to what's in my channels?
<futurile>wakyct: according to the manual it will stay - be reapplied basically - and you can see them with 'guix graph' (civodul told me this) - I actually didn't test this so if you do would love to know if it works
<RavenJoad>ieure: One that should not be named here.
<futurile>RavenJoad: I don't think you're "not allowed to name it here" - just not promote it :-)
<RavenJoad>Fair enough. I'm building Firefox.
<ieure>RavenJoad, Are you doing a custom build of some sort? A popular third-party channel has packages and substitutes.
<ieure>Also, my LibreWolf patches finally got merged this morning! If you want to go that route, it's much more accessible now. It's my daily driver browser.
<RavenJoad>Not a custom build, no. I have just been too lazy to add their substitutes.
<ieure>It's _way_ easier to add the substitutes than set up an offload builder.
<ieure>Like *hugely* easier.
<futurile>plus not much benefit to the planet you building the exact same thing as everyone else
<wakyct>thanks futurile, I thought I saw this in IRC logs once but couldn't recall
<civodul>futurile: i was looking at which was mentioned earlier
<civodul>do you think a ‘--rename’ transformation would be helpful?
<civodul>as a way to stash away a package
<wakyct>is there a way to see when a package file was last updated in the main channel?
<wakyct>I'm wanting to get a sense of how current a package is versus all its deps
<futurile>civodul: yes for me personally this was the most confusing part - maybe it's caused by my previous experiences - when build debian/ubuntu packages I was used to (a) having a slighly adjusted name (e.g. mutt@4.2.1~local <--local), and then being able to list the ones I'd build myself
<wakyct>I guess looking at the log file for the .scm might be the way
<futurile>wakyct: looking at the data service gives you that - you can see revisions in packages
<civodul>futurile: ‘guix graph’ lets you visualize some transformations (it accepts transformation options), but some transformations cannot be represented in that way
<futurile>civodul: understood - I should go back and add that - I just moved onto other stuff
<wakyct>oh cool, I really need to go to work! o/
<futurile>wakyct: see ya!
<apteryx>linux-libre-documentation appears broken
<apteryx>already fixed on guix-patches i see
<apteryx>I've just pushed zsnes and jstest-gtk, in case someone needs a retro-gaming fix. The bsnes we already have didn't produce sound somehow.
<apteryx>ieure: I see nss-3.98 has been committed
<ieure>apteryx, Both my patches for pushed this morning.
<ieure>*got pushed
<apteryx>ah, librewolf as well, great!
<apteryx>long term it'd be nice if the build recipes could converge with icecat
<apteryx>icecat has locales for example
<apteryx>but it's good to have it already
<mccd>Heya, noob question: How do I set the zshrc of guix? I have `(service home-zsh-service-type (home-zsh-configuration (zshrc '("/home/mccd/dotfiles/home_files/.zshrc"))))`, which is a file I know exists but I am getting an error No such file or directory.
<mccd>also curious if there is a way in the home service to make zsh the default shell
<tricon>mccd: The shell needs to be set in `operating-system` (guix system reconfigure) as this affects /etc/passwd
<tricon>mccd: For .zshrc, it should be: (home-zsh-configuration (zshrc (list (local-file "/home/mccd/dotfiles/home_files/.zshrc"))))
<mccd>all right, now the error is "guix home: error: invalid name: `.zshrc'"
<mccd>seems hidden file was not allowed
<mccd>changing name to zshrc solved it
<mccd>Ty tricon!
<mccd>Hey, emacs isn't built with native-compilation right?
<ieure>I believe it is.
<mccd>Ah ok, nice if so
<mccd>Is there any reason to keep system config in /etc/config.scm over just having a version in my vcs folder in home?
<ieure>mccd, IMO: no. There's also a third copy put into the store when you reconfigure -- `guix system describe' will show you the path.
<ieure>Just my opinion, but I don't find it very useful.