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<oriansj>none of the guix binaries work
<oriansj>following these steps: the guix pull fails with
<peanuts>"~oriansj/System_setup (main): install - sourcehut git"
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<oriansj>both stable and latest
<oriansj>details of the bz log is:
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<fnat>freakingpenguin: Thanks. The issue is that it's two separate VPNs - and I'd need two separate fields to indicate the address in the respective address spaces.
<podiki>sneek: later tell efraim thanks, again, for non-x86 fixes on mesa-updates! i just pushed a security update package (with a bunch of dependents) but nothing else pending on my radar
<sneek>Got it.
<ask6155>Hey, I'm just starting out with guix on my foreign distro. The application setup page tells me to install locales. However, it also presents a way to create a custom package with only locales I require. But I'm not able to actually do so. It provides an example but I don't know how to actually use it. i can edit the code so that I has the locales I
<ask6155>need but how am I supposed to 'run' this code?
<sughosha>Hi Guix! I am trying to configure a system with a bootloader with a configuration like this: My problem is that the grub image in /run/current-system/profile/ is not yet available before the system is configured. Is there something like `#$output`, in package definition, for the system profile?
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<db48x>ask6155: can you share a link to the example you’re looking at?
<peanuts>"Application Setup (GNU Guix Reference Manual)"
<db48x>ask6155: oh, you’re probably looking at “(define my-glibc-locales …”
<db48x>ask6155: notice that it defines a function that returns a package
<ask6155>db48x so how do I get the package to install it?
<peanuts>"Invoking guix package (GNU Guix Reference Manual)"
<db48x>there is the option --install-from-file=
<db48x>I would modify the file slightly before passing it to guix install, because guix install doesn't know what function you mean to call
<db48x>either add `(my-glibc-locales)` to the end of the file, to explicitly call the function
<db48x>or delete the function definition and just leave the code that was inside it
<db48x>either way, when it runs the file a package definition will pop out
<db48x>we should improve the documentation here
<db48x>it is assuming knowledge the user probably doesn’t have in chapter 2 :P
<ask6155>it says wrong type to apply <package name here>
<db48x>oh, lol
<db48x>I misread. it doesn’t define a function to return the package, it defines a variable to hold the package. Just put `my-glibc-locales` at the end, without the parens around it
<gabber>hi y'all! the linux kernel upgrade broke the linux-libre-documentation build. i've just posted a patch (#70300) that works. thanks for merging!
<thaenz>Can I do something like this?: (define myhosts (load (string-append my-hosts "/hosts.scm"))) ;; Is just a package definition that downloads and unpackage hosts.scm
<thaenz>This might be where gexp comes in but I reading on it I just can't understand how to apply it
<efraim>podiki: I'm getting an openexr FTBFS on i686-linux
<sneek>efraim, you have 1 message!
<sneek>efraim, podiki says: thanks, again, for non-x86 fixes on mesa-updates! i just pushed a security update package (with a bunch of dependents) but nothing else pending on my radar
<efraim>sneek: botsnack
<darosior>When defining a rust package which uses `cargo-build-system`, is it possible to change dir before building? The package i'm trying to build is not at the root of the repo. I tried to `modify-phases`, without success.
<efraim>normally a chdir phase in this case would come after 'unpack
<darosior>Exactly what i tried but for some reason there is "no such folder". Not super familiar with Guix but i tried to go through the unpack step source and couldn't figure out why my folder wouldn't be present.
<hulten>When I do a 'guix copy' from a faster machine where kodi is installed (watson) to a slower one, still many or all files are compiled instead of copied over.
<hulten>The command I'm using: 'guix copy --from=watson kodi'
<hulten>Why is the software being rebuild?
<efraim>are both machines on the same guix commit?
<darosior>for what it's worth chdir after the unpack step works now. looks like i just made a mistake yesterday with my `add-after` experiments. Maybe i didn't wrap it into a lambda or something.
<hulten>efraim: no, not the same guix commit.
<hulten>Is that a requirement?
<efraim>there might be a range where they would produce the same derivation, but having the same exact commit is the easiest way to make sure everything works as expected
<hulten>I'll try, thanks
<hulten>Would the same be true for 'guix publish'? Is the underlying mechanism basically the same?
<hulten>as of 'guix copy', i.e.
<efraim>yeah, basically
<hulten>efraim: I still have the issue, now with both on commit 51de844.
<hulten>Maybe 'guix package -u .' first on both machines?
<hulten>(Both are amd64 machines)
<jakef>hi guix, i have a packaging problem. I'd like to try here before going to the help ML... problem is described here:
<jakef>headline: does substitute-keyword-arguments prevent modification of native inputs?
<jakef>and is this related:
<peanuts>"`this-package' references reintroduce pre-transformation packages."
<darosior>Still looking into cargo-build-system. So dependencies specified as git-reference (simple Github repos) do not get vendored in the vendor directory.
<baleine>Hi, does anyone know if its possible to make packages with the origin as a local directory (or tar archive?). Best I could figure out is running a local http server to serve a tar archive and using url-fetch... which is not very declarative and reproducible. Unfortunately the upstream git repo is only cloneable with an ssh key so I can’t use
<baleine>git-fetch. thanks in advance
<podiki>efraim: FTBFS? i see one test failing on berlin for openexr on i686, is that what you mean?
<efraim>podiki: er, yes, thats what I mean
<podiki>i see same on gentoo for earlier version and looks like they passed some flags in a patch
<podiki>but along with a bunch of other test issues so i'm not sure what is what
<efraim>looks like it built successfully on x86_64, aarch64, armhf and riscv64. still waiting on ppc32
<podiki>ah it is because no sse2
<podiki>Running testCPUIdent
<podiki>CPU Id test sse2 mismatch: 1 vs 0
<thaenz>baleine: (uri "file:///home/thaenz/my-local.git")
<thaenz>Don't forget it needs to be a --bare repo
<thaenz>Maybe it doesn't have to be --bare actually
<buttonspresser>Hi, can I chat about bug reporting? I am new to the mailing lists and I am sure if I submitted a bug (about freecad) properly.
<buttonspresser>*I mean not sure)
<rekado>buttonspresser: there is a spam filter on the mailing list; if you haven't previously sent a message successfully, it will take a while longer to arrive.
<buttonspresser>I have send a bug report/question on how to fix it to I can see it in the but I do not see it Is this normal I miss something?
<peanuts>"FreeCAD dependency probably outdated"
<peanuts>"bug-guix (date)"
<buttonspresser>rekado: Oh, thanks, I see) Makes sence
<rekado>hmm, I can reliably crash my gnome-shell session by running a Java AWT application with a seemingly faulty zoom feature. I think this shouldn't happen. Why wouldn't *just* the Java application crash?
<rekado>buttonspresser: is backed by the same message archive that is presented at Don't know why hasn't updated yet.
<gnucode>rekado: does it crash when you use sway? I found found sway to be the most stable wm. It's more stable than a lot of desktop environments that I've tried too.
<sneek>Welcome back gnucode, you have 2 messages!
<sneek>gnucode, janneke says: thanks, well as a bootstrapper for me it all starts with the source. if we cannot even reproduce the source tarball, then we're lost?
<sneek>gnucode, solid_black says: the temporary repo is at (see
<peanuts>"GitHub - bugaevc/aports: [MIRROR] Alpine packages build scripts"
<rekado>gnucode: I don't feel like trying that because I've never used sway. I just don't think that a bad application should be able to bring down the whole desktop.
<dthompson>ACTION pushed an update to guile-next yesterday and just updated guile-hoot to 0.4.0
<dthompson>just fyi :)
<sughosha>Hi! Is there a variable to get the store output of the system within its own configuration? I want to get something like /gnu/store/75a0adyp8qczdz338gkpcjkc9wcw6m6f-system within its own configuration definition.
<minikN>Hello, when packaging something in Guix, in the build phases, is there a way to create a shell script that holds content that I specified? I want to put a custom script in the bin folder that actually runs a file in the lib folder. Thanks in advance.
<qeqpep>dthompson: thanks! digging in
<gnucode>rekado: I would agree. It seems pretty stupid that an application can crash the desktop environment
<gnucode>dthompson: what's up bro! You build any cool games lately?
<dthompson>gnucode: nothing since the last lisp game jam. hoping to make a new one for the upcoming jam in may, we'll see.
<podiki>efraim: but i'm failing to actually enable sse2 for i686, not sure what flag it wants (cmake, both c and c++ code?)
<gnucode>sounds like a good time
<thaenz>Looking for a way to get the full path of a package in the /gnu/store in scheme so that I can (load ...) a file inside
<vagrantc>are there any transformations to add an additional input?
<podiki>thaenz: you'll want to look at g expressions:
<podiki>vagrantc: I don't think so, though maybe it has been discussed?
<vagrantc>guix build --with-input ... seems to require replacing one input with another
<peanuts>"G-Expressions (GNU Guix Reference Manual)"
<vagrantc>if it is not possible, i see many trivial use-cases where this would be nice
<vagrantc>right now i'm looking at adding an input to a package to enable more tests, for example ... would be nice to not have to rebuild guix just to see the differences
<vagrantc>similarly, for subtracting an input ... you can kind of mangle that by replacing one input with another probably no-op input (e.g. hello)
<vagrantc>also a bit confused with --with-input ... does that affect inputs, native-inputs, propagated-inputs ?
<lechner>Hi, is there a reason we do not ship 'runuser' as part of our util-linux? I believe it was omitted because it requires 'linux-pam' as a prerequisite
<peanuts>"View paste K34A"
<podiki>vagrantc: agreed, there would be uses. might check the bug/patch tracker or guix-devel if there were some proposals or code
<podiki>would have to look at the code, but I would guess with-input just finds that input (wherever it is) and changes it (input rewriting). if an input appeared in multiple places....don't know
<podiki>ACTION lunches
<vagrantc>i had really weird results with: guix build --with-input=dtc=perl diffoscope ... it started rebuilding some parts of u-boot for some reason ... guess the transformation was applied to everything?
<thaenz>podiki: thanks but I've looked at gexp too long and non the wiser
<thaenz>Here is what I'm trying to do if anyone could show me how gexp would be done
<efraim>is guile-next supposed to have gettext instead of gettext-minimal as an input?
<moesasji>thaenz I think you should be using the host-file field for that
<peanuts>"Networking Services (GNU Guix Reference Manual)"
<moesasji>search for host-field
<moesasji>I meant: hosts-file
<thaenz>Yes but it's getting deprecated
<moesasji>in that case: sorry for the noise!
<thaenz>No thank you! I appreciate noise more than silence right now
<moesasji>I share your pain on gexp, but can't help....
<moesasji>banging my head on "invalid G-expression input" for some days..
<thaenz>I will sanity check myself and find why I think hosts-file is deprecated
<thaenz>Hope I'm wrong because I prefer the hosts-file solution
<dumbmf>Hi all,
<dumbmf>I'm starting to delve deep into the weeds of SSL with guix containers and it's a pain. Does someone have any resources or tips for dealing with a shell launched with `guix shell --container --network` that needs internet access and nss certs?
<thaenz>moesasji: I can try and help if you want 2 clueless heads on the problem
<katco>is something going on with bordeaux's substitutes?
<apteryx>do I need to do something special on my Guix System to have a Logitech dual action gamepad usable in SDL games?
<apteryx>I managed to get zsnes building and running, but it doesn't answer to this gamepad buttons
<ieure>apteryx, Might need to add whatever group is assigned to the device node to your user account.
<moesasji>thaenz I'm deep in the woods as I'm trying to create a service that reads settings from a config record. My service works until I uncomment the "match-lambda" (and fix brackets). See:
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<apteryx>ieure: thanks; it's in the 'input' group
<apteryx>seems I'm not in the input group, according to the 'groups' command
<apteryx>does SDL try to access the device directly?
<ieure>apteryx, That's definitely going to be a problem. (I prefer `id` over `groups`, it shows you *all* groups and GIDs).
<apteryx>I wonder which groups are used by default on like, Debian
<cbaines>katco, I've see the paste, but why do you think something could be going on with bordeaux's substitutes?
<katco>cbaines: my apologies if i've misunderstood something. `guix pull` failed for me, and so i did a challenge and it looks like bordeaux disagrees with
<moesasji>thaenz: for your original question. Looks like there is a hosts-service-type in base services that does what you need. Nothing in the code indicates it is deprecated. See:
<peanuts>"Base Services (GNU Guix Reference Manual)"
<cbaines>katco, no need to apologise, but there's a few things to note
<cbaines>firstly guix pull and the guix package don't really have any connection
<cbaines>guix pull is an entirely separate way of building guix
<cbaines>putting that aisde, with guix challenge reporting that bordeaux and ci have different substitutes, that is something of note, but I think it may be a known and long running issue (at least in part)
<cbaines>I couldn't find a Guix bug for .go file reproducibility issues, but there's a Guile one here
<peanuts>"#20272 - Support reproducible builds - GNU bug report logs"
<thaenz>moesasji: Have you seen this repo? I think they are doing what you are trying to do:
<peanuts>"guix-dotfiles/engstrand/home-services/qutebrowser.scm at main ? engstrand-config/guix-dotfiles ? GitHub"
<katco>cbaines: ah ok. i guess i led myself astray bc `guix pull` failed with a hash mismatch, and so i started with the assumption that something was wrong with the substitutes.
<katco>i guess `guix challenge` is still useful, but that seems like a warning that needs to be called out in the manual now that we have > 1 official substitute server
<moesasji>thaenz Yes I've seen that repo; it relies heavily on rde, which doesn't always translate. I'm mainly looking at examples in the guix services instead.
<moesasji>for example upower uses what I'm trying:
<peanuts>"guix/gnu/services/desktop.scm at master ? Millak/guix ? GitHub"
<apteryx>ACTION packages jstest-gtk
<thaenz>I think my problem is easier than yours... so.. I'll go back to mine :)glhf
<thaenz>I tried doing (match ... ($ ...)) stuff before I tried helping you funnily enough
<cbaines>katco, can you share the hash mismatch error message you got?
<katco>i think it may be lost to time. maybe i can find it in the daemon logs?
<vagrantc>yeah, guix is generally pretty good about reproducible builds ... except of itself. :)
<vagrantc>ACTION was happy to see janneke's work on make dist source tarballs being reproducible
<janneke>vagrantc: kinda ashamed to see some of that work has been lying around for almost four years
<vagrantc>janneke: better laying aroudnd and refreshed than not worked on at all :)
<janneke>yes, thanks!
<janneke>luckily the universe helped a bit by bumping the priority
<katco>cbaines: yeah sorry, that scrollback is gone
<katco>it was for `guix-core`, i know that
<podiki>seeing a bunch of failures on mesa-updates but log looks suspicious (and several same message), e.g.
<peanuts>"Build log of build #3902724"
<podiki>make[4]: *** [Makefile:6442: tests/publish.log] Error 134
<moesasji>thaenz I'm out of the woods on my problem. Did you solve yours by looking at the hosts-service-type example in base services?
<podiki>not sure the context on that gexp question, but in a guix package definition, for instance, #~(<some code> ...#$<pkg-variable> ) the #$<pkg-variable> would become a string "/gnu/store/<hash>-<pkg name>-<pkg version>"
<podiki>think of it like `(<some stuff> ,variable...) where ,variable is evaluated while <some stuff> is not
<freakingpenguin>I submitted a patch for adding nss-certs to guix shell/environment if anyone's curious.
<peanuts>"[PATCH] guix: scripts: environment: add tls certs to networked containers"
<thaenz>podiki: so #~(string-append #$my-hosts "/hosts.scm") ? I've tried putting gexp everywhere but it never returns a string
<podiki>what is the larger context? as in where is that gexp appearing
<thaenz>Did you see my link? I can give you more context
<podiki>probably you want #$(string-append my-hosts "/hosts.scm")? but let me scroll up and find your link
<Kolev>Hi Guix. I did `apt install guix` on Trisquel and got this error.
<thaenz>I don't think gexp is the problem but I might be trying to do something I shouldn't be doing
<peanuts>"guix pull on Trisquel fails"
<thaenz>Trying to do the impossible*
<podiki>yeah i'm rather confused. there is the hosts-service-type (i think this was mentioned already), as well as special-file and extra-special-file, but the real question i guess is what is the end goal
<podiki>Kolev: did you retry? the error suggests a networking/connection issue, often just needs a retry.
<moesasji>I was indeed pointing to this example:
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<podiki>wasn't fully around earlier but saw something about deprecated? i don't see anything about that in the manual (or i guess you would get some output upon a reconfigure if that was true), so if you want hosts file i would suggest that service, but maybe i don't understand the goal
<thaenz>hosts-file is deprecated and I get a notice when I system reconfigure
<thaenz>Do you know about stevenblacks hosts list?
<podiki>what exactly do you have in your configuration and what is the exact message you get?
<podiki>and host-service-type is not the same as hosts-file i would guess, by the name, but i'm not familiar
<thaenz>/home/thaenz/.config/guix/system.scm:76:14: warning: the 'hosts-file' field is deprecated, please use 'hosts-service-type' instead
<podiki>right, so hosts-service-type is what you want. so i'm guessing you are trying to reuse your hosts file in that service and that's the difficulty?
<podiki>ACTION has to run for now, will check back in a bit
<Kolev>podiki: I will retry.
<thaenz>I'm trying to add stevenblacks hosts file to my config without having to pollute my own dotfiles with a large hosts file
<thaenz>I'm really struggling to putting my thoughts into text
<apteryx>ieure: apparently on debian users are not part of the 'input' group, but the joystick device has some extended attributes (+ in ls -al)
<apteryx>not sure what sets those, perhaps systemd/udev?
<podiki>thaenz: not familiar with it, but if you just want to put a file somewhere, maybe just extra-special-file? not very "guix-y" but will put a file where you want it
<podiki>otherwise I guess you are trying to read in that hosts file to use in hosts-service-type
<thaenz>extra-special-file looks like a good compromise if it allows me to overwrite /etc/hosts
<podiki>maybe something like mixed-text-file? there's some procedures to use files and maybe that's what you want. or something that reads a file input and gives you the data structure you need for the hosts service
<podiki>anyway, hope that is some clues, just guessing but definitely can use a file, not sure what work you need to do for that but someone here might be more familiar
<PotentialUser-90>Does anyone know how to configure the guix home ~.guix-home/setup-environment? It seems to set my XCURSOR_PATH overriding the defaults on a foreign distro. I then get a blank box for a cursor on the desktop. Unsetting this in .bashrc or .bash_profile does not take effect on login.
<moesasji>thaenz my guess is that you should be able to use (plain-file ....) as the thing to add to hosts-service-type
<podiki>thaenz: or plain-file
<thaenz>Here is the environment and some context that I hope convey a little more
<thaenz>guix system vm system.scm to test
<thaenz>extra-special-file was a success so thank you! You don't need to pile of gargbage
<thaenz>You don't need to FIX MY*
<PotentialUser-90>Nevermind, one can just prepend the foreign distro's path to the XCURSOR_PATH path. Cursor comes back on reboot
<podiki>thaenz: great!
<thaenz>moesasji, podiki: the bliss is setting in, a package definition and 1 line of extra-special-file was all it took
<thaenz>You guys have a great night, I'm finally going to sleep
<podiki>basically a little escape hatch
<podiki>...literally, it seems :)
<moesasji>sleep tight
<jesse->Hi everyone, I'm trying to send my first patch to, but I'm getting a reply stating "( SMTPAddressFailedException: 550 Unrouteable address". Am I doing something wrong?
<lfam>jesse-: <>
<lfam>Typo in the address
<lfam>Subsequent messages come and go from a debbugs address, but the not the initial message
<jesse->Ah I see. The example in the docs for "Multiple Patches" shows the wrong address. I will try to send a patch for it :)
<jesse->And how long does it normally take for the Debbugs instance to pick up a new patch?
<lfam>About 15 minutes
<lfam>jesse-: The email address is correct in the current source of the manual
<jesse->lfam: I was using the second code snippet under "Multiple Patches" here:
<peanuts>"Sending a Patch Series (GNU Guix Reference Manual)"