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<db48x>they are pretty core utilities
<apteryx>cbaines: excellent!
<apteryx>I was afraid there'd be fibers related shenanighans
<tachymelia>yo I messed up Something w my guix system config and now some of the device-mapping services are failing to execute
<tachymelia>which means the term-tty services aren't started, so my system is just Frozen
<tachymelia>anyone know if there's any way to force-start a term or anything so I can access my config and reconfigure
<tachymelia>oh wait I'm dumb I can just rollback
<mdupont>Hello, I am trying to build cpuinfo and it is downloading googletest and then it says not resolvable
<mdupont>error: downloading 'https://git\\ip' failed [snip] Could not resolve host: github.\com
<podiki>mdupont: the build environment has no network (by design)
<podiki>so you probably need to provide googletest as an input, perhaps even convince whatever is building (meson, cmake, etc.) that it has the dependency and shouldn't try to fetch it
<weary-traveler>is it expected for docker images created with guix pack to be on the larger side? i would've thought they'd be comparable to alpine images, but they're more than 2x the size
<weary-traveler>hm i suppose a better comparable might be a non-musl image such as fedora
<mdupont>the googletest is an input to cpuinfo
<mdupont>its guix that is downloading
<podiki>i don't understand what you mean
<mdupont>literally it does not build the current package cpuinfo just want to upgrade. guix build cpuinfo just fails.
<podiki>this is the guix package cpuinfo or did you make changes to the definition?
<mdupont>i am trying to upgrade it to build git latest, i can build that version from cputinfo source locally so i hope to build it in guix.
<podiki>ok. but in "guix build" the build is isolated, no network access. so something in the build (cmake? meson?) is trying to download googletest and that will fail
<podiki>you may need to patch it to find the local version and not try to fetch
<podiki>we do that in various packages so there are examples
<mdupont>this is "guix build cpuinfo" the standard package
<mdupont>it is failing
<podiki>what arch?
<mdupont>Linux huck-gh200-002 5.15.0-101-generic #111-Ubuntu SMP Wed Mar 6 18:01:01 UTC 2024 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux
<peanuts>"23.0.60; keyboard macro bug: <language-change> recorded"
<podiki>ok, it is not just you
<peanuts>"Build 3545229"
<podiki>so that has been broken (or did it ever work on guix?)
<podiki>but maybe you are getting that a newer version of cpuinfo should work for aarch64?
<mdupont>i want to try the newer version
<mdupont>i built it locally and it worked
<podiki>anyway those are 2 different things: current version failing tests; updating version and needing to prevent build from downloading
<mdupont>i preparet the pacakge
<podiki>that's good
<mdupont>i updated the hash
<podiki>but as i said, the guix build process does not have network access
<mdupont>so how can i see where it is doing it?
<podiki>sure, but likely something is different in this version and it tries to download googletest you are saying
<mdupont>googletest installs
<podiki>build is isolated, doesn't matter what you have installed
<mdupont>i installed the development version and have it in the shell loaded
<mdupont>thats smart
<podiki>so. i would search for "googletest" in guix packags (gnu/packages/<...>.scm) as likely other ones have done the same workaround
<podiki>unfortunately common these days, every build system wants to just download dependencies
<mdupont>well i am trying to build pytorch
<mdupont>and install petals
<mdupont>and package that up in guix
<mdupont>i can put some work into it, i know this builds on normal linux
<peanuts>"PyTorch with ROCm"
<podiki>namely this patch series:
<peanuts>"[PATCH 00/31] Unbundle and update python-pytorch"
<podiki>includes some update of cpuinfo i see
<podiki>anyway, would look at that thread and issue/patch; seems like a lot of the work has been done, but not reviewed/merged yet
<podiki>you can use it locally of course, and chime in if it works/anything you review
<mdupont>thank you so much!
<mdupont>i will review and try them out
<podiki>welcome! always nice when you find out someone else did the hard work :)
<pret7>hey hey anyone have any time to take a look at It'll get you hardware accelerated video on nyxt and epiphany!
<peanuts>"[PATCH] gnu: webkitgtk: Add locale and dri access to gtk sandbox in order to silence gtk locale warnings and enable hardware accelerated video, respectively."
<hapst3r>How do I deal with dependencies whose Version number is lower than the version packaged by Guix? Say I need ruby2.4, but the earliest packaged Version is ruby2.6?
<janneke>hapst3r: if you're lucky, the guix-past channel has it
<janneke>if not, you can use "inferiors" to create channel from guix's past, or you can add the package to a private channel/external packages file
<janneke>in this case, you can probably steal a ruby2.4 recipy from guix's history
<oleander>Hi Guix, is it possible to fix the `Git error: the SSL certificate is invalid` without switching to a previous generation? The method suggested in the manual does not work in my case . Thank you!
<peanuts>"X.509 Certificates (GNU Guix Reference Manual)"
<peanuts>"guix system reconfigure errors"
<rigor>Hi all, I'm trying to understand something about developing with guix but my search-fu is failing me. Basically, can I make guix run a package's build "steps" (autoxxxx, configure, make, etc) in my fork of a package's source, as I edit it? The idea would be that, say, the emacs package has a bunch of configure flags that I'd have to copy to my
<sneek>rigor, you have 3 messages!
<sneek>rigor, maximed says: Too find the documentation of 'operating-system', open the manual with "info guix", and type 'i' and then type 'operating-system'
<sneek>rigor, maximed says: Or type 's' and 'operating-system'
<sneek>rigor, maximed says: If you want to setuid a random binary, you can copy the binary to somewhere and make the copy setuid
<rigor>command line inside a guix shell to build an equivalent version with my changes. Any pointers?
<rigor> Seems to me that `guix build --with-source` and the repl's `,build` command do the whole thing without taking advantage of incremental compilation, so it's not exactly what I want for my edit-compile-run cycle
<jpoiret>rigor: yeah, there is a patch series trying to add this feature but it hasn't been picked up yet
<jpoiret>i usually just copy specific build steps to a standalone .scm file and run those manually
<jpoiret>it's a one-time cost
<rigor>I see. Is there a way to inspect the final list without having to goto-definition on each package it's inheriting from? I'm not very familiar with the guix repl sorry
<tusharhero>hey, can you try building and testing this for me? My computer can't handle it.
<futurile>jpoiret: are you managing to make progress with core-updates then, or is it really difficult?
<PotentialUser-76>Not sure whether this is considered off-topic; if it is, please let me know.
<PotentialUser-76>I am currently trying to install GNU Guix, and I get the warning that my WiFi HW is not supported. I was considering buying a dongle/internal WiFi adapter, and came across a few things that seem to be supported (rtl8187, ath9k, b43-open). Does anyone have experience with this?
<jpoiret>futurile: I'm rebuilding the world right now but I think it should stabilize now
<futurile>jpoiret: oh fingers crossed!
<futurile>jpoiret: just reading the backscroll - sounds like a massive job to wrangle it
<futurile>PotentialUser-76: if your hardware isn't fully compatible you could look at the nonguix channel - google it for the url
<PotentialUser-76>futurile: Thanks, I already know about that one. I was just wondering whether it would be possible for me to stay on linux-libre; I wouldn't mind exchanging one WiFi card for that.
<futurile>PotentialUser-76: got it - I don't know about cards that people have used - also an interesting question for the users-list potentially
<PotentialUser-76>I see, I'll look into that. Thanks :)
<janneke>jpoiret: any reason the build-farm doesn't rebuild world for us?
<janneke>ACTION has been discouraged looking at core-updates for quite some time now because of this
<jpoiret>janneke: i'm testing locally before pushing
<PotentialUser-76>Is it possible to install GNU Guix without a root account, but only a single user with sudo privileges? If not, is that even something that general in possible (since the build daemon needs to run as root)?
<futurile>PotentialUser-76: you need to be able to run the build daemon - I think there are some posts out there on using chroot kind of set-ups - umm maybe pjotrs notes have it
<peanuts>"guix-notes/ at master ? pjotrp/guix-notes ? GitHub"
<futurile>PotentialUser-76: but yeah, it's not done much I think - so be prepared for having to work out problems
<janneke>jpoiret: sure
<PotentialUser-76>futurile Thanks for the link! Not sure whether it is quite what I meant though (or maybe it is and I don't know enough yet): I usually don't want to keep around a root account (I never use it, and maintaining another password is a bit of a hassle (albeit not a big one)), but I do have root access.
<PotentialUser-76>So I guess the better question is whether the root account, rather than privileges, are needed for Guix's architecture (that im not really familiar with)
<Altadil>PotentialUser-76: If my understanding of both Guix and your question is correct, then the answer is no. I did set a password for the root account when the Guix installer asked for it, but I’ve never used it.
<PotentialUser-76>I see. It appear though that the root account is special (see description of %base-user-accounts in I wonder whether there is any reason for that (in contrast to more mainstream distros that don't require a root account)
<peanuts>"User Accounts (GNU Guix Reference Manual)"
<efraim>ugh emacs-no-x@29.3 FTBFS on powerpc-linux, and during the 'build phase
<futurile>Is qa down?
<apteryx>random kde package failure if someone would like to fix that: kdelibs4support-5.114.0 ->
<peanuts>"Build 3758857"
<apteryx>probably just the mime info got updated, need to be substituted in the test
<umanwizard>Hi, I would like to build a version of gcc that itself has debug symbols. I tried `guix shell gcc-toolchain:debug` and `guix shell --with-debug-info=gcc-toolchain gcc-toolchain` but in both cases the `gcc` binary was still stripped. Anyone know how to do this easily with guix?
<weary-traveler>lilyp: doing "guix pack -f docker bash coreutils emacs-no-x" results in an image with a number of extraneous store items. e.g. guile. why is that? i'm trying to generate a minimal docker image with emacs and currently the image size i get in this way is quite bloated. any thoughts on steps i could take to remove extraneous store items in the image?
<futurile>umanwizard: guix build gcc-toolchain --with-debug-info=gcc-toolchain doesn't work?
<dariqq>is the gnome dark mode not working for anyone else or is it just me?
<umanwizard>brennan@taipei:~$ guix shell gcc-toolchain --with-debug-info=gcc-toolchain -- sh -c 'file -L $(which gcc)'
<umanwizard>/gnu/store/iys4rsnqs25h52g305sajpzya2a8ihh7-profile/bin/gcc: ELF 64-bit LSB executable, ARM aarch64, version 1 (GNU/Linux), dynamically linked, interpreter /gnu/store/r5l0vf02pkqpjzw2czilpjwfn335acy3-glibc-2.35/lib/, for GNU/Linux 2.6.32, stripped
<umanwizard>futurile: ^ notice "stripped" in output above
<umanwizard>(brb, rebooting)
<lilyp>weary-traveler: IIUC guile is in any container, but you might want to use `guix graph' to see why
<futurile>umanwizard: hmm seems like it should work:
<peanuts>"Package Transformation Options (GNU Guix Reference Manual)"
<peanuts>"Installing Debugging Files (GNU Guix Reference Manual)"
<futurile>I guess you could create a local package by inheriting and switch of the strip phase?
<tusharhero>I am trying to package , I tried genereating it using `guix import`, but compiling it is taking a lot of system resources. I checked the generated scm file, and it has 46 package definition in total, would it be better to build these packages one by one instead of trying do it all at once?
<peanuts>"GitHub - ollama/ollama: Get up and running with Llama 2, Mistral, Gemma, and other large language models."
<tusharhero>Is peanuts a bot?
<peanuts>tusharhero: Hi, for comments please contact my maintainers at
<weary-traveler>lilyp: "guix pack -f docker bash coreutils emacs-minimal" doesn't have guile etc. so it seems it's because of what emacs-no-x adds to emacs-minimal
<weary-traveler>thanks for the reference to guix graph
<weary-traveler>lilyp: emacs-no-x pulls in elogind which pulls in a number of items including shepherd. latter brings in guile
<weary-traveler>why does emacs-no-x need elogind?
<lilyp>emacs-no-x is meant to have most of the things you need for a working emacs with native-compilation
<dariqq>it looks like xdg-desktop-portal is required for the dark mode in gnome apps. Should this be added to one of the gnome meta packages?
<apteryx>futurile cbaines: I also see this #fvector->list: expected vector, got ~S#f#f error at
<PotentialUser-76>Does Guix encrypt the full-drive, including boot?
<weary-traveler>yeah, it seems i need something between emacs-minimal and emacs-no-x. emacs in batch mode with native-compilation
<apteryx>PotentialUser-76: es
<PotentialUser-76>I noticed that it has the English keyboard for the first time (i.e. pre-GRUB). Is that normal? Because looking at (bootloader ...), it seems that it should actually be what is set at the beginning of the file.
<blum>hey i'd like to use a package pwntools, but it's not building. I found a version that built How can i install this version to my profile?
<peanuts>"Build 3424558"
<the_tubular>Is down for everyone ?
<blum>the_tubular: down for me
<apteryx>looks like mumi crashed with
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<apteryx>I've now restarted it
<apteryx>reported to as well
<janneke>mumi is a GNU package?
<janneke>ACTION checks the date
<janneke>ACTION checks the time down under
<apteryx>I think it was lechner who requested a new tracker for it
<apteryx>doesn't mean it's a GNU package (though it's part of the Guix project on Savannah)
<apteryx>wow, so we got both emacs and gnome upgrades today
<apteryx>lilyp: thanks for shepherding these home
<PotentialUser-76>I am trying to install GNU Guix 1.4.0, but I keep getting TLS errors.
<PotentialUser-76>I wanted to download the newest version from, but then I get "error    "Could not find the requested build product.""
<apteryx>right, that's been an issue with the isos not being protected from garbage collection
<apteryx>PotentialUser-76: is your network link stable?
<PotentialUser-76>Which issue? TLS errors or the newest version not existing
<apteryx>the newest images missing at their advertized URLs
<PotentialUser-76>apteryx As stable as it can be; I am using ethernet
<apteryx>OK, hm. I'm not sure what these TLS errors could be caused by then :-/. I've seen those as well, but they occur rarely it seems.
<PotentialUser-76>Any way I could get my hands on the newest ISO besides the URL on the website?
<Googulator>PotentialUser-76: is your RTC correct?
<Googulator>(daylight saving change included)
<PotentialUser-76>Good point.
<PotentialUser-76>It is set to 6:09 PM, so should be fine.
<graywolf>Ok this is a new one from guix lint: Software Heritage rate limit reached; try again later
<graywolf>It there anywhere public what the limits actually are?
<PotentialUser-76>My internet is pretty awful, but if I remember correctly it usually gets a stroke during copying, not downloading
<apteryx>PotentialUser-76: if you had guix on a 2nd computer you could generate the isos locally
<PotentialUser-76>apteryx: Sadly I do not (yet) :(
<graywolf>If there is a bogus report regarding CVE from guix lint (at least afaict), should I report that somewhere?
<PotentialUser-76>If I don't select i3, I am able to install a system. I guess I will do that, and then see how to set-up i3 - maybe I'll need your help here :p
<Googulator>PotentialUser-76: upgrade to i5 or i7 :)
<PotentialUser-76>guix substitute: error: TLS error in procedure "write_to_session_record_port": Error in the push function
<PotentialUser-76>That's the one I keep getting :(
<PotentialUser-76>And it usually happens after copying to /mnt
<PotentialUser-76>Alright, seems like I succeeded. How do I go on setting up i3 in Guix? Gladly will take any links in the right direction.
<blum>Gotta say the guix docs are rly good! everything feels really polishied
<graywolf>PotentialUser-76: For me it was just installing the package and copying over the configuration from my alpine machine. I do not think there is Guix service to configure i3 (yet?).
<graywolf>After that startx worked like a charm.
<PotentialUser-76>Oh, that's pretty straightforward. I would have thought that I'd need to modify the config somehow.
<graywolf>I mean, sure, I install the configure file using guix home, but for starters just dropping it into the usual path ~/.config/i3 should work as well.
<graywolf>You can always polish after that :)
<PotentialUser-76>Yeah, last time I tried Guix I wanted to get it "right/clean" from the beginning. That just ended up being so overwhelming that I had to go back to a mainstream distro.
<graywolf>Oh yeah I get what you mean
<graywolf>ACTION still has slight PTSD from doing the same
<graywolf>What helped me the most is to actually get running Guix machine I can work on, regardless of how messy (uff the number of TODOs in my config...) and move on from that
<graywolf>So now I do not *have* a laptop with mainstream distro to run back to :D
<PotentialUser-76>Yup, right now I'm trying to do the same. I have a few notes already, and probably keep extending it (maybe getting mozc to run, since it seems only anthy is packaged; writing down outdated packages I would like to have the newer version of, etc.)
<graywolf>Only warning is that Guix can eat lot of time, if you let it
<PotentialUser-76>not getting stuck in perfection allows me to get more comfortable with some things
<graywolf>I spent most of Easters holiday polishing update to podman and buildah
<PotentialUser-76>graywolf: Ah well, that's what I am here for - why else would I be switching to a more niche distro on a Sunday :P
<graywolf>Well good luck with the process. Looking forward to seeing you renaming to NowAUser-76 :P
<graywolf>ACTION hopes he just did not ping someone
<PotentialUser-76>Thank you! For now, I am waiting on objects being indexed
<PotentialUser-76>building ...guix-packages-base.drv seems to be stuck at 0% while doing guix pull. Any idea what could be going on?
<graywolf>is there any cpu load?
<PotentialUser-76>CPU0 seems to be getting blasted
<graywolf>In that I case I would just assume that it is slow. I have no idea how strong your machine is, but even on my beefy laptop guix pull takes a bit
<graywolf>For how long is it "stuck"?
<PotentialUser-76>I CTRL-C'd it a while ago; I think I will re-enable Turbo Boost for now
<PotentialUser-76>(disabled it for some performance measurements)
<PotentialUser-76>graywolf: Do you know what provides startx?
<graywolf>This patch from 6th of January that is still not reviewed nor merged:
<peanuts>"[PATCH] services: xorg: Add xorg-start-command-xinit procedure."
<graywolf>I am using it for ~yearh 2ant23arst
<graywolf>Sorry we got a cat and I still suck at cat hurding
<graywolf>I am using it for ~year and it works fine
<graywolf>I can just copy&paste the xorg-start-command-init from gnu/services/xorg.scm into your config and generate the startx using
<peanuts>"[PATCH] services: xorg: Add xorg-start-command-xinit procedure."
<graywolf>While not great, simple enough in practice until it is (maybe? one day?) merged
<PotentialUser-76>I see, that's good to know. Although it (startx) does look less straightforward than I thought it would be.
<graywolf>If you do not care about XAUTHORITY and stuff it can be much shorter :)
<PotentialUser-76>Why is xorg-start-command not suitable?
<graywolf>I tried it at first, but never got actually useable Xorg running using it. The xorg-start-command does not call xinit, and does not care about XAUTHORITY and few other things.
<graywolf>I do not know enough about this to know why *exactly* the xinit thing matters, but the script was basically put together by reverse-engineering what alpine's startx does
<PotentialUser-76>I see. By the way, what is the "canonical" way to edit config.scm? Copy it into home and edit it there, or edit it directly in /etc?
<graywolf>xorg-start-command works well if you pass it into GDM or slim (I think that is the name?), but not from tty
<Franciman>i directly edit the /etc/config.scm file
<graywolf>I have it in ~/src/infra/ under git
<graywolf>I guess I *could* git-version /etc :D
<PotentialUser-76>I think for now I will set services to %desktop-services and make a note to look into this in the future :P
<civodul>yeah it’s a good idea to have it under version control
<Franciman>graywolf: do you have a public repo with your setup?
<peanuts>"Getting Started with the System (GNU Guix Reference Manual)"
<PotentialUser-76>Thank you for the link! Should have went through the manual again .-.
<graywolf>Franciman: no, nor do I plan to (while security-though-obscurity should not be the *only* security in place, it still make me sleep better); also the repo is quite a mess currently
<Franciman>makes a lot of sense
<graywolf>I do plan to have a blog post with the interesting parts
<graywolf>It so on the todo list. Somewhere.
<Franciman>i'm still pondering about how to deal with things like ssh keys
<graywolf>Right after "learn Portugese"
<Franciman>muito obrigado
<graywolf>No idea what you said, was just quoting red dwarf :D
<graywolf>For ssh, I do manage ~/.ssh/config via home services, but not the keys, those I just copied over
<jlicht>hey guix
<futurile>evening jlicht
<futurile>efraim: did you see this series - - might have been done against master though - just fyi really
<peanuts>"[PATCH rust-team 00/43] gnu: Add procs."
<futurile>If anyone is bored, I could do with bts which lets you interact with debbugs - I packaged it here:
<peanuts>"[PATCH 1/1] * gnu: Add debian-devscripts."
<johnabs>Hi all, I understand I may need to ask in the non-guix channel, but I'm curious if there's an easy way to rollback a kernel version (which has nonguix enabled, but also just generally). It seems my wifi driver has become borked after a recent upgrade, and I have to find a fix
<johnabs>Oh, it seems I can use guix pull -l to specify a commit?
<graywolf>Is there a simple way to provide `cc' binary for a package build? The program in question hardcodes `cc'. I could just patch it, but I wonder if there is a way to symlink gcc to cc or something in the build environment instead.
<futurile>graywolf: yes, do a grep of packages there's a load that need an env of CC=gcc
<graywolf>futurile: My problem is the package runs `cc ...' instead of `$CC ...'
<graywolf>I already had CC=gcc in place, and it did not work :/
<janneke>graywolf: that's a bug, patch the package and report it upstream
<graywolf>kk, will do :)
<singpolyma>I mean, posix technically requires a cc binary
<graywolf>Hm, that is an interesting point.
<graywolf>Maybe the gcc-toolchain package should provide a compatibility symlink?
<podiki>i believe clang does but gcc doesn't and purposefully...let me see if i have a link on discussion
<peanuts>"[PATCH] gnu: gcc-toolchain: Create a 'bin/cc' symlink."
<podiki>(among other places, but that was a recent one i remember)
<graywolf>podiki: Thanks , will read :)
<podiki>in my quick refresher, the issue is in cross compiling. a gcc-wrapper, like python-wrapper, might be a helpful approach though
<PotentialUser-76>i3 working now \o/
<graywolf>Congrats :)
<futurile>Next patch-review session is on Tuesday evening - if you have simple patches you want reviewed - I'm collecting them with the usertag patch-review-hackers-list
<PotentialUser-76>I have something like this in the config:
<PotentialUser-76>  (bootloader (bootloader-configuration
<PotentialUser-76>                (bootloader grub-efi-bootloader)
<PotentialUser-76>                (targets '("/boot/efi"))
<PotentialUser-76>                (keyboard-layout keyboard-layout))) ;for GRUB
<PotentialUser-76>yet the wrong keyboard layout is set when GRUB asks for my password during boot. IO
<Altadil>PotentialUser-76: I think that’s a known bug, unfortunately. :(
<PotentialUser-76>Altadil: I see, sad but good to know
<graywolf>I think someone mention the workaround of adding the *same* password twice, but one of them written on wrong layout
<graywolf>I think I saw that either here or on the mailing list
<gnucode>woo hoo, looks like I succussfully updated guix. I hadn't run guix gc in a while (150 GB) of stuff lying around. Then I was able to update guix for the first time in 130+ days.
<PotentialUser-76>How long did that take (and on what kind of machine)?
<gnucode>how long did guix gc take? about 5-10 minutes. I'm running a T400 thinkpad with 8 GB of RAM.
<gnucode>reconfiguring was about 5 minutes or so. I'm still updating packages.
<podiki>futurile: what time (UTC) is the next patch review session? been meaning to attend but haven't been able to yet
<PotentialUser-76>Ah you used gc, sorry! I thought you pulled
<jlicht>futurile: I just sent some notes w.r.t. the debian devscripts series, hth
<gnucode>PotentialUser-76: actually guix pull had some serious problems for me lately. I actually built guix from source and used that. but guix gc-ing seemed to fix my weird issues.
<PotentialUser-76>gnucode: Did you have by any chance TLS errors?
<gnucode>not TLS errors no.
<gnucode>just a second..
<futurile>podiki: it should be 13:00 New York - the clocks just changed in London/France so I need to make sure it's all correct -
<peanuts>"Group:Guix/PatchReviewSessions2024 - LibrePlanet"
<gnucode>PotentialUser-76: this was the issue
<peanuts>"I guess I found a bug in "guix pull" ?"
<gnucode>which I need to close now.
<futurile>jlicht: thanks for the comments, that's great
<graywolf>I think I need to get bigger SSD: guix gc: freed 417471.81 MiBs
<podiki>futurile: thanks! alas again one i can't make, but i'm sure one soon!
<gnucode>graywolf: wow!