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<pfna>I set the right ld flag to fix things, but somehow still don't get a bunch of libraries seeing things where they need to be.
<apteryx>pfna: zram is the use of physical memory (RAM), compressed with Zstd, as swap space.
<apteryx>in theory it means you can fake more RAM than you actually have (every 1 GiB of RAM compressed is equalled to about 2, given Zstd's compression ratio)
<apteryx>the issue is that browsers being very large they end up being their pages aggressively paged to zram, which causes latency.
<Mocha>Hey. I don't know if its just me, but it seems like the guix mirror is down
<Mocha>Matter of fact, `` in it's entirety seems to be down for me
<Mocha>The mirror is a-okay though
<apteryx>does someone remember how to manually reinstate job specs in cuirass ?
<apteryx>(via a postgres query, since the UI lacks such feature)
<podiki>debbugs is down?
<apteryx>OK, this did it, to reinstate the qt-team branch on Cuirass: cuirass=# UPDATE specifications SET is_active = 1 WHERE name='qt-team';
<apteryx>(it had been disabled from the web interface)
<apteryx>sneek: later tell civodul what does suspendable means for a thunk?
<sneek>Will do.
<apteryx>(was reading about '05/06: Add timer services.', which looks neat!)
<apteryx>cbaines: oh, "no route to host113" at; is this a temporary failure?
<pfna>When you packaged vkdt the first time, podiki, did you have to do anything special to get rawspeed to compile? I'm getting some "git not found" type errors, though I would have thought that the recursive clone would have solved this issue for rawspeed
<pfna>Mmm, looks like it's doing a similar situation to what the rust raw backend does; trying to build some stuff while in this build environment that doesn't have net access.
<pkal>It seems I cannot download the Hurd build images from
<peanuts>"Build 3591374"
<efraim>I'll see if I can fix that link
<efraim>pkal: try it now
<pkal>efraim: works, thanks!
<futurile>efraim: do you know if there's somewhere special to report problems with I haven't been able to access it for a couple of days - can you?
<futurile>I'll email debbugs-help if nothing else is appropriate
<efraim>#savannah? #fsf? I'm not sure
<futurile>ah good idea
<pkal>efraim: Can you boot the qcow2 image? Is that tested by the CI?
<efraim>pkal: I'm not sure how much testing the automated image gets, or really how to boot it
<pkal>I start it using qemu-system-x86_64 -m 2048 -hda kwqdw1nmddsglr3wh38qsaf3xcdmh7fv-hurd-barebones.qcow2, but while booting I get the error message that the filesystem was not unmounted cleanly
<wingo>does have a weird header for anyone else?
<peanuts>"Invoking guix shell (GNU Guix Reference Manual)"
<wingo>for me it looks to be missing some CSS
<next4th>yes, same weird header here
<next4th>from browser's console, I see that 'css/manual.css', 'css/code.css' and 'img/language-picker.svg' are 404.
<efraim>looks like there was an issue with the armbian rpi5 image, I reflashed my pi5 with ubuntu and I'm back to building with it
<darosior>Given a manifest, is there a command to get a list of the packages it would try to build?
<darosior>I'm trying to build using a gcc which targets an older glibc using `make-gcc-toolchain` and i keep getting compilation failure because it seems another gcc gets built which requires a newer glibc..
<ktndbrg>Don't know where to post this, but the download link on the website ( for "latest" is broken. Gives the following: {"error":"Could not find the requested build product."}.
<PotentialUser-26> More than half the package got the slow connection warning. What is the reason for the abysmal slow installation ? Is there a 'DVD' iso option somewhere?
<PotentialUser-26>also, Is there a version of that Guix that includes the linux-firmware package?
<attila_lendvai>PotentialUser-26, guix only contains FSDG compliant software. only those firmwares are available that are opensource (a small portion of all firmware)
<bdju>if I want to use pipewire on guix system, but I'm not using guix home, do I still use home-pipewire-service-type, or is there a different way?
<PotentialUser-68>hi everybody, I'm TRYING to install the Guix linux on a laptop, unfortunnally I need to install the non libre kernel but I miserably fail, so I may ask your help. I added nonguix channels, did the guix pull, changed the env variable and typed the "guix hash". Then I modified the config.scm to fit with non free firmware... So I am blocked here : the
<PotentialUser-68>"sudo system reconfigure /etc/config.scm /mnt" returns "error: use-service-modules: unbound variable \n hint: Did you forget a "use-modules form ?""
<PotentialUser-68>ps : I'm using systemcrafters's iso
<PotentialUser-68>I don't know what to do now
<zamfofex>PotentialUser-68: Write ‘(use-modules (gnu)) on top of that line.
<Altadil>PotentialUser-68: There is a #nonguix channel. It’s a low-activity one, but it’s worth going there for any issue you run into that’s specific to it. :)
<rekado>sneek: later tell civodul I've restored missing JS in the cuirass main branch. I'll remove the rest once the switch from bootstrap to pico is complete. Will do that in a separate branch.
<efraim>sneek: botsnack
<PotentialUser-68>thx @zamfofex, I'm going foreward, thx to you @Altadil, going to take a look
<konradd>hello to everyone. I have been using guix since yesterday and I have a simple question
<konradd>I'm trying to use it on a HPC cluster... the issue I have is with sssd and openldap. all the users have been defined in openldap, but guix seems without admin intervention just for local users
<konradd>[konrad@frontend ~]$ id konrad
<konradd>uid=10000(konrad) gid=10000(hpc-users) groups=10000(hpc-users)
<konradd>[konrad@frontend ~]$ guix install blabla
<konradd>user with UID 10000 not found
<konradd>guix install: error: while creating directory `/var/guix/profiles/per-user/konrad': Permission denied
<konradd>hint: Please create the `/var/guix/profiles/per-user/konrad' directory, with you as the owner.
<konradd>I have to create the per-user/<username> directory for every ldap users
<konradd>there are thousands of them
<konradd>I mean trhat I have to create /var/guix/profiles/per-user/<username> individually, using the right uid and gid for every user that has been defined in the ldap server
<jonsger>konradd: there is also a #guix-hpc channel
<konradd>the issue I described could also happen in a single server with centralized user administration
<rekado>konradd: you'll need to make nss aware of the sssd plugin
<rekado>this usually works by preloading the sss plugin for nss
<pfna>podiki: Regarding your original vkdt.scm--you mention that pkg-config doesn't return anything for guix, but I did it on my system and it definitely does work.
<wingo>so, i have a gdb segfault. i would like to try 12.1 which is the pinned version. why can't i e.g. "guix build gdb@12.1" ?
<pfna>Gonna try building 0.6.0 without that and see if I'm crazy
<pfna>wingo: is it because it's `guix build gdb-12.1`?
<pfna>(I'm just spitballing without looking around, as I don't have a quick method to check)
<wingo>nope, that's not it
<ieure>wingo, Not sure what commit you're on, but I just pulled and I gdb 14.1 is the only version I see available; so you'd need to use time-machine to build from an older commit, before 12.1 was removed.
<wingo>12.1 is there in (gnu packages gdb)
<wingo>exported as gdb/pinned
<wingo>one can guix build -e '(@ (gnu packages gdb) gdb/pinned)'
<ieure>wingo, Ah, I see it has: (properties `((hidden? . #t)))
<ieure>Which presumably hides it from the list of packages you can see in `guix package -s' or build.
<wingo>ah :) that would explain it
<wingo>interestingly 12.1 does not segfault whereas 14.1 does
<pfna>Time to make a pull request to podiki's stuff :^)
<hero>Can explain me, how to change some program in guix? For example, in my case, there is xfce3-term and I want to change color scheme, but I can't do it, when I just use settings of term.
<remyd1>Hi, let's say that I want to execute some random bash commands to install a software which are not already presents in the build systems. How can I execute for example "./ && .<some other random bash command>." commands inside my manifest ?
<pfna>I am sadly unaware of how, hero. How does xfce3-term get its color scheme? Is it through some .x* file?
<pfna>remyd1: presumably through the modification of build stages, but i think it would make more sense to simply package it yourself. which software?
<remyd1>pfna, I am trying to package `revbayes` with that kind of install procedure:
<peanuts>"RevBayes: Compile on Linux"
<hero>Yes, a particular file with color scheme. *.theme - file.
<remyd1>I tried the cmake build system, but revbayes seems to want to generate a cmakelist.txt before
<pfna>hero: I would think you could just add that to where xfce3-term is going to look for it. Perhaps in /home/<user/.config/ somewhere.
<pfna>Will you show me your package file, remyd1
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<remyd1>it is a work in progress
<pfna>was hoping that everything else would be a submodule or something similar
<hero>Yes, but problem that the path is doesn't exist. And term have pre-installed themes, when I change it, nothing is happend. I tried use other term - same result. I don't know, may be I have to write something in my home-file. I use guixos.
<pfna>hero: Very weird. I'll think about it in the shower.
<pfna>remyd1: I see a cmakelists.txt already in there--am I wrong?
<pfna>so perhaps all that's required is to do a chdir to src/ before building.
<pfna>there are forms available for that.
<remyd1>pfna, I tried to use also the cmakelist.txt in the src directory, but that is not the offical build way and it does not work, as it tries to run cmake in every sub-directory and there is not cmakelist.txt in those folders
<pfna>I'm learning, as well, and am pretty new, but that is my intuition
<podiki>pfna: regarding rawspeed: yes recursive git checkout should do that, but if you made changes in the source field may need to use an incorrect hash to force finding out the correct one
<podiki>i don't remember the pkg-config details, looking at the package definition it seems running pkg-config directly since vulkan didn't have .pc files maybe?
<podiki>my "channel" is such a mess
<podiki>or rather yeah, no pkg-config files so just specify linking to vulkan directly is what i did
<sccc84>Hello, I am having trouble with the Raspberry Pi example ( I am using the latest installer image on an AMD64 machine and first ran `guix pull`, then mounted my partitions and ran `herd start cow-store /mnt`. I then ran `guix system --target=aarch64-linux-gnu
<sccc84>init /mnt/etc/config.scm /mnt`, but I receive the error "grub-efi-bootloader-chain-raspi-64: unbound variable". I did _not_ forget the `(use-package-modules raspberry-pi)` in my configuration file. Also, grepping through `/gnu/store` shows that `grub-efi-bootloader-chain-raspi-64` is defined in there, but obviously that version of the package isn't
<sccc84>getting picked up properly. As far as I can tell, this bootloader was originally defined in commit c7793b82efd on 1 December 2022. What am I missing here?
<peanuts>"raspberry-pi-64.tmpl\examples\system\gnu - guix.git - GNU Guix and GNU Guix System"
<podiki>i can confirm my vkdt 0.6.0 package does still build and run, but haven't updated or tried it in a while
<pfna>podiki: Interesting, because I commented those lines out of your build and it worked for me
<pfna>Oh you just sent that line lmfao
<pfna>I want 0.7.0; I'm on a multi-day journey to get it working
<pfna>I sadly got it half-ass "built" without the package manager (using guix shell and an abomination of packages) but it was giving me a black screen when running any timelapses, weirdly, so instead I'm trying to work up to just packaging it properly, but currently have the issue where even packaging it with just rawspeed isn't working now
<pfna>Where did hero go
<pfna>hero: Which color scheme are you trying to use?
<lispmacs[work]>Hi, I was in the habit of checking weather using the -m option, against a manifest for my local user. But after I started using Guix home I am not sure how to do this. -m does not seems to accept home environment declarations
<pfna>Got out of the shower, remyd1; what have you tried since?
<hero>solarized-dark. There is pre-install with a xfce-term like standart.
<pfna>hero: a person of culture i see
<pfna>which package did you install xfce3-term with, hero? was it in your %desktop-environment situation
<pfna>lispmacs[work]: while i'm not gonna be helpful, i bet, i'm curious--what do you mean you were checking weather
<pfna>is there some "weather" command line utility
<lispmacs[work]>guix weather -m
<lispmacs[work]>I just would check to see if there were subsitutes available for everything on one server or the other
<hero>Excatly xfce4-terminal, install with home-config file. Just write (packages specifications-> packages (list "xfce4-terminal"). And recofigure it.
<lispmacs[work]>ACTION needs to reboot
<hero>I didn't operations with %desktop-enviroment.
<pfna>lispmacs[work]: that's crazy.
<pfna>i had no idea
<pfna>oh, i see, lispmacs[work], it doesn't give you actual weather.
<lispmacs[work]>pfna: I have an Emacs command for that, of course
<pfna> I sadly don't see a -m on here--am I losing it
<panosalevro>hi guix, are there any updates with gnome-team?
<hero>I had similar case. I installed xfce4 as my DE and I didn't oportunity for add non-default modules. I installed, but I can't use it. Only default settings.
<lispmacs[work]>pfna: no offense... but I think I'l wait for a response from somebody who knows what guix weather is :)
<pfna>So do you have a ~/.local/ folder, hero?
<hero>Yes, I have.
<pfna>lispmacs[work]: No problem. Just curious.
<pfna>is that where you put the solarized theme, hero, in ~/.local/share/themes
<hero>I'll try
<hero>But themes is doesn't exist.
<pfna>oh wait, i think i'm reading some docs for xfce as a whole, not necessarily the term.
<pfna>is it really xfce3-term and not xfce4-term, hero
<hero>It is really xfce4-terminal 1.1.3
<pfna>mmm. in that case i think it'll go into ~/.config/xfce4/Terminal/
<pfna>and there's a terminalrc you gotta use
<pfna>and then you presumably will have to restart the terminal
<hero>Allright, I'll try, thank you.
<pfna>let me know. solarized rules
<remyd1>pfna, no sorry, I did not try anything else; Do you have any idea/clue ?
<pfna>I wonder, remyd1, if the meson way is a better idea for you
<remyd1>pfna, yeah, that might also be an option
<remyd1>that was the way it worked (for install, not building on guix)
<remyd1>on our HPC cluster
<remyd1>but I saw there is also a `trivial-build-system`
<remyd1>I am wondering if I can use this also
<remyd1>the problem with meson/ninja, is that the way revabyes needs to compile is to generate the needed file with a pre-step
<remyd1>same issue than with cmake
<pfna>Mmmm. Curiously, I don't know enough about the build environment guix makes to know why that wouldn't be fine to run on its own
<pfna>To clarify, do you mean that YOU have to run before meson or cmake can run?
<remyd1>+ there is some extra steps for meson with git submodules
<pfna>Oh, I see. I have now read the thing.
<remyd1>that is why I think the best way would be "just" to launch basic bash commands instead of using guix build systems templates
<pfna>Now I'm thinking about making food, but my idea is that you should be able to use the trivial build system and add a stage where you just change dir and run the build sh
<remyd1>inside the package manifest
<pfna>or, perhaps, removing all of the other stages from the cmake one and inserting your own prestage that does this.
<remyd1>Ok, that is what I though !
<pfna>maybe that's not the guixy way, though.
<pfna>regardless, i look forward to seeing if it works for you.
<remyd1>yes, indeed...
<remyd1>But I do not find many documentations about the trivial system
<remyd1>pfna, thanks anyway
<pfna>Once I have some food in me, I may be able to further try other stuff. This is your first time packaging, right?
<remyd1>I have to go. If I find or if you have any example with the trivial build system, please let me know !
<remyd1>pfna, yes...
<remyd1>hard beginning
<remyd1>but revbayes was so difficult to install, I would be happy if I can package it in a stable way with guix
<pfna>For example, you can see how podiki modified some build stages, deleting some of them and then adding some others to change directories. Something similar should be possible for you
<peanuts>"vkdt.scm ? main ? podiki / guix-pod ? GitLab"
<remyd1>tha would be rock solid
<PotentialUser-61>Hi everyone, how could i upgrade gnome to 46 version?
<podiki>missed what you are trying to do, but i would look at guix source instead, much better quality there than my WIP (and mostly old) stuff :)
<podiki>pfna: indeed, seems the line I had replaced does indeed work (the pkg-config --libs vulkan)
<podiki>perhaps bef257a1d7e37aaf8e7a635036505a0b3eec1578 is related. anyway, yes, doesn't need that workaround probably
<peanuts>"guix.git - GNU Guix and GNU Guix System"
<podiki>pfna: here is the issue for vkdt, no longer using rawspeed module but manually cloning in make file:
<peanuts>"vkdt/src/pipe/modules/i-raw/ at a404c90bca653832c780e7a953a8a4e36fb245de ? hanatos/vkdt ? GitHub"
<podiki>pfna: frankly it looks like a mess the way this was refactored upstream. we could work around it but might be good to open an issue there with something that would be more sane for builds like in guix or general unbundling/using tooling rather than makefiles calling git clone
<podiki>pfna: the way i would do it, if i had time now, would be to use a source only package or a bare origin, that gets the right branch/commit of rawspeed and copies it to the expected directory in vkdt source
<[>Is fixed in Guix? (local privilege escalation in linux)
<peanuts>"NVD - CVE-2024-1086"
<ngz>Hello. I have a question about search paths. I installed Nuspell, which uses DICPATH as a native search path. This environment variable points to directories containing Hunspell dictionaries. When I run, for example `guix shell nuspell hunspell-dict-en-us -- nuspell -D', which lists installed dictionaries, en_US dictionary is found. When I run `guix package --search-paths', DICPATH properly appears in the list.
<ngz> However, when both nuspell and hunspell-dict-en-us packages are in my profile, nuspell does not find the dictionary. I'm probably missing something obvious. WDYT?
<podiki>ngz: probably guix package when installing said something about sourcing a profile to enable the search paths, which you need to do. but other shells/desktop won't know about it without doing the same or re-loging in
<podiki>[: i think depends which kernel, latest shouldn't be affected but we have older/lts ones and not clear from my quick look at the CVE if those have updated versions
<podiki>[: based on versions, all our 6.x are newer, but the v4 and v5 i don't know if they had backports or what versions are affected
<ngz>podiki: Hmm, ok, thanks. I'll try to re-login. brb.
<pfna>that makes a lot of sense. thanks for the input, podiki--i agree that the current setup seems a little insane, lmao
<pfna>this reinspires me to go the rawler route instead of rawspeed.
<pfna>i'm really surprised hanatos seemingly has a lot of packaging logic in the makes
<podiki>rawler is news to me
<pfna>then again, i'm new enough that perhaps this is how people get it
<pfna>yeah, podiki, he wants to switch away from rawspeed, so it won't be supported later anyway. rawler is a rust dep though :^)
<podiki>i think it should be logically separated, but seems they are doing a lot just on their own
<podiki>oy, thought i saw mention of rust...
<pfna>that's what i was learning earlier: i basically wanna just build the rawler lib and then somehow tell guix package to take the lib and shove it where make would normally put it, obviating the cargo call in the makefile
<pfna>It looks like almost everything's already packaged, dependency wise, which was really nice to learn
<ngz>podiki: Back. You were right (note I didn't doubt it ;). Thanks again. Now I have to find why emacs-jinx is not working properly.
<mccd> Hmm, I have run `guix pull`, but I'm noticing that packages are out of date. I can only find emacs 28
<pfna>did you run guix package -u
<pfna>i see emacs 29.1 in there. `guix package -u` should get you up to date if you haven't pinned something somewhere.
<ieure>mccd, Did you source your profile after pulling?
<ieure>You're probably on the pre-pull Guix.
<podiki>ngz: welcome! i enjoy being right :) though sometimes prefer being wrong
<mccd>guix package -u says "nothing to do"
<pfna>what's the guixy way to find out how mccd installed emacs
<pfna>wow, i had a lot of packages sitting around
<pfna>currently at 14gb of gc
<mccd>Hmm, is there anything specific that needs to be done to source guix? I opened a new terminal window and guix search still yield emacs 28.2
<ieure>pfna, I just gc'd slightly under 60gb :/
<mccd>do I need to add anything to my zshrc?
<pfna>mccd: do you still have that window open after guix pull? it usually tells you the line to source it
<pfna>ieure: lmao; i ended up with 28gb freed. what have you been doing? ;P
<mccd>@pfna ah I see, well it says to refer to /home/me/.config/guix/current/bin/guix, not sure if I need to source it as well or just update path
<mccd>ah yeah it seems to be referencing the wrong guix... running ./.config/guix/current/bin/guix search emacs reveals version 29.1
<mccd>updated path and now it's good to go
<zamfofex>lilyp: If you get to 68987 soon, I’d like to ask you to hold off on applying it. I have found a small (but very significant bug) that I’d like to fix before the patch being applied, and I’d like to avoid filing many patches regarding a personal project. (As much as I appreciate that people find a way to appreciate them, I think it’s good courtesy to avoid adding more tasks for the Guix maintainers to care about.)
<lilyp>I think it was on my local branch already, so thanks for pointing that out
<zamfofex>Well, I was about to prepare a quick patch, but apparently has decided to cease working with HTTP 502 (hopefully temporarily), so I guess I now have to wait. 😭
<panosalevro>hi #guix, how is gnome-team progressing?
<rekado>my laptop is on the gnome-team branch since a few weeks. All works fine.
<graywolf>Is there a grep variant with support for -P packaged in guix? Makefile in program I am trying to package uses $(GREP) -P, so I am trying to figure out how to approach that.