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<ryan77627>Anyone have any experience setting up udev's HWDB in guix? I saw some discussion in the mailing lists back in 2020 about adding an extension to the service to support these (like rules), but it seems nothing landed. Asking here before I waste time trying to repeat what may already be done :)
<ryan77627>oh and efraim and podiki, re: screensharing in wayland, are either of you using firefox/icecat? It seems to need a small patch for screensharing to properly work, if you didn't apply it already. chromium works oob iirc
<podiki>ryan77627: thanks, is there a ref you have offhand? i just tried zoom's web client and didn't seem to work
<podiki>ryan77627: i think udev hwdb is on the gnome branch? someone was asking here about it in the past couple of weeks and getting it working, maybe you can see it in a search of the logs too
<ryan77627>podiki: Interesting... I'll scour that branch ^-^. As for the ref, give me one sec and I'll send it your way.
<podiki>thanks! quick search I think it was around here:
<peanuts>"IRC channel logs"
<ryan77627>podiki: so this is what I am using for firefox/icecat atm for screensharing, with the caveat that it has to rebuild, thought I fixed that :/ I may spend some time tonight just rewriting this since I didn't write this, I just found it.
<peanuts>"guix-dotfiles/mozilla.scm at main - guix-dotfiles - Stationery: Beyond coding. We paper."
<ryan77627>the issue is the system pipewire needs to get wrapped in the launch script or else FF doesn't find it properly
<jaft>I dunno if there is a way but does anyone know if it's possible to get =reconfigure= commands to list out which packages are getting updated and if any said packages are increasing in version, like ~guix upgrade~ does, at the beginning?
<ulfvonbelow>in theory with some modifications it could be done to the system profile, the difficulty is in doing it to all the miscellaneous places in services and such that packages are used
<ulfvonbelow>my understanding is that the only reliable way to get such a holistic view is at the derivation level
<podiki>ryan77627: thanks! will take a look
<zilti>ulfvonbelow: Thank you!
<ulfvonbelow>did anything ever come of the effort to get rust cross-compiled for i686-linux?
<ulfvonbelow>also, what in the installer might be keeping cryptroot in use? 'cryptsetup close cryptroot' fails with 'Device cryptroot is still in use.'
<Gooberpatrol66>what is the perl "artistic license" called in guix?
<iyzsong>Gooberpatrol66: see guix/licenses.scm, it has 'perl-license' and 'artistic2.0', my guess is the former
<efraim>ryan77627: I've been using the firefox flatpak
<ulfvonbelow>is there a way to use 'guix copy' with password-based authentication?
<ulfvonbelow>when I try it says "Access denied for 'publickey'. Authentication that can continue: publickey,password"
<efraim>you can use the old way `guix archive --export --recursive | ssh other-host guix archive --import`
<lnnk>Does NVIDIA Vulkan Drivers follow fsf guidelines ? Will it be included in guix?
<wingo>guix pack should probably change its default compression to zstd. so much faster than gzip
<wingo>(good morning)
<sadie_>do guix packages typically install `.application` files?
<unwox>hi guix! does anyone know if there is a way to automatically set proper SSL_CERT_DIR inside "guix shell nss-certs mercurial -- hg clone ..."?
<cbaines>unwox, try adding openssl (the package that has the SSL_CERT_DIR search path)
<unwox>cbaines: thanks! it helped
<MiPMrnP>I have a small problem. After installation I added another encrypted storage device and mounted it under the user file tree, but the use doesn't have permissions to access the device. Can I include this programatically in the configure file or should I just chmod change it?
<jpoiret>MiPMrnP: fs permissions are stateful and are usually not managed by Guix
<MiPMrnP>jpoiret: Alright got it.
<MiPMrnP>I am trying to understand the example for the %battery-alert-job in I thought that the code would go into another file and if so where should this file be? In the same folder as the "config.scm"? Something I don't quite understand.
<peanuts>"Scheduled Job Execution (GNU Guix Reference Manual)"
<jpoiret>MiPMrnP: no, it can be in the same file
<MiPMrnP>jpoiret: Thanks again but what if I wanted to put the code in another file? Also what use is the "program-file" procedure then.
<jpoiret>MiPMrnP: you can put it in another file and use the usual Guile loading mechanisms like use-modules for that. Program-file produces a "file-like" that is a Guile program with the source code given as argument
<jpoiret>this is described in the manual, "(guix) G-Expressions"
<jpoiret>basically it creates a script with the given source, declaratively and reproducibly, to be used in the rest of the system configuration
<jpoiret>that's what's given to the mcron service
<MiPMrnP>jpoiret: A I think this is what I was missing (handing the code to the mcron job). Still feeling uncomfortable with the #$ and #~ notation.
<jpoiret>yeah, that's the hardest part. you get used to how it works after a while
<civodul>rekado: running the latest & greatest ->
<MiPMrnP>In this example I have trouble understanding what 'coreutils' actually stands for. Where is the value coming from, is it a string? Would I need a (use-package coreutils) before that?
<peanuts>"G-Expressions (GNU Guix Reference Manual)"
<nvaxplus>does guix resolve texlive dependencies? I'm trying to compile a document in a guix shell environment but I'm having to just add every package in its transitive closure of dependencies which is a huge pain
<nvaxplus>I saw online a "texlive-collections-latexrecommended" but that seems to no longer exist, in fact nothing under "texlive-collections-*" appears to
<civodul>nvaxplus: it’s ‘texlive-collection’ (singular)
<civodul>see also
<peanuts>"Using TeX and LaTeX (GNU Guix Reference Manual)"
<nvaxplus>civodul, ahh thanks, I tried that though and it returned nothing
<nvaxplus>"guix search texlive-collection"
<nvaxplus>trying guix pull again to see if that fixes anything though I only just installed guix last night
<apteryx>sneek: later tell altadil it's been a while since I tried it myself; perhaps there's some bit of info missing from the recipe (like being part of a specific group?)
<sneek>Got it.
<apteryx>sneek: later tell altadil I've looked at past config.scm of mine and I don't see specific groups for QEMU, so I'm not sure why it wouldn't work.
<apteryx>jpoiret: any difficulties I should look into on core-updates?
<peterpolidoro>Hi. I am trying to update the kicad package from version 7 to version 8. I am getting an "Could NOT find OpenGL (missing: OPENGL_opengl_LIBRARY)" CMake error though. Any ideas of what I need to add to the package?
<apteryx>opengl library comes from our mesa package
<peterpolidoro>mesa is already listed as an input
<jpoiret>apteryx: I haven't had time to look into it this week, I have a deadline coming up soon. Does gnome build, or the desktop.tmpl system image?
<peterpolidoro>and it works for kicad version 7
<apteryx>jpoiret: no worries. I'll look into running 'make check-system TESTS=basic' and build that desktop template
<jpoiret>I think that CI has quite a lot of failed builds related to cross compilation though
<sofi>So i am having a bit of fun with this, but i am curious if anyone here knows what im doing wrong here. I am trying to substitute the Makefile for openblas, but its throwing "source expression failed to match any pattern". I am hitting my technical limit on scheme, so even just words on what im doing wrong would also be of great help. Thanks!
<peanuts>"View paste IQJQ"
<jpoiret>sofi: aren't you missing (guix gexp)?
<sofi>I do not think so, adding it also does not change the error so. Good spotting however.
<janneke>substitutes on core-updates seem to stuck at ~450 packages to build for a bare-bones system for quite some time now
<apteryx>is it caused by a CI problem or some new failure?
<apteryx>cbaines: any hope to get the nar-herder memory leak of hydra-guix-129 node resolved? it keeps growing to tens of gigabytes
<apteryx>is it a matter of upgrading the system?
<cbaines>apteryx, I'll have a go at updating it, and adding some additional monitoring as well
<mik3d>Hello GNU Guix and Cuirass peoples of the galaxy. I am attempting to package cuirass as a systemd unit via guix. any suggestions for how to best package a guix os system command to run without a full os install? Ideally I would like to run it alongside systemd
<mik3d> its working
<jaft>mik3d: nice job, getting it working!
<mik3d>right now its a hack job. so much to do.
<mik3d>i took postgres out of the supabase nix package and use the ubuntu package because i could not easily figure out how to package it in systemd. i want a generic nix and guix service to systemd wrapper or vice versus, a way to transform guix services into systemd via translation or something a system d wrapper for the sherpherd
<mik3d> here are my service definitions and scripts, it is all just a hack at this point but works here
<peanuts>"guix-curiass/etc at main ? meta-introspector/guix-curiass ? GitHub"
<civodul>rekado: just noticed an issue with build-log.js:
<peanuts>"Build log of build #601538"
<civodul>looks like remaining jQueryisms
<civodul>not sure what to do
<PotentialUser17>if I want to install jupyter lab or jupyter notebook which jupyter package should I install? I see there's a lot of jupyter packages and I thought jupyter lab server was what I wanted but that doesn't seem to give me the lab command
<rekado>civodul: I'll fix it tomorrow.
<rekado>I think we need to replace "generateElements"
<peanuts>"You Might Not Need jQuery"
<sturm>Hmm, I'm trying to `system reconfigure` and getting "guix system: error: error parsing derivation `/gnu/store/...-grub-locales.drv': expected string `Derive(['"