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<Guest97>I'm having trouble with one of the commands in
<Guest97>When trying to run an Appimage, I get guix shell: error: package `gcc-toolchain@11.3.0' lacks output `lib'
<Guest97>I feel like I have seen people ask about gcc:lib many times here and in the matrix channel, but I don't think I ever read a solution to the problem
<zamfofex>Guest97: Guix has changed to disallow that.
<zamfofex>Though thankfully, there is a workaround!
<zamfofex>Instead of ‘gcc:lib’, you can use the following arguments: -e '(list (@@ (gnu packages commencement) gcc) "lib")'
<hmmmm>Hello I cannot start X session for xinitrc cannot find X binary. "which X" command shows that "X" is in "/gnu/store/some-place-A/bin/X" but xinitrc is trying to find X from "/gnu/store/some-place-B/bin", which has "startx" and "xinit" but no "X". Can anyone help me?..
<cbaines>does anyone know about the gnome-team branch, as it looks like we're pretty much there with substitute availability
<phsw>hi, git pull of is very slow (17.00 Kio/s), is it only me?
<phsw>oooh it's really better (3.13 Mio/s) now!
<wehlutyk>Hello y'all
<isaneran>good day guix!
<wehlutyk>I'm trying to get a good pdf tts working. One advice is with Okular using speech-dispatcher (e.g. )
<peanuts>"Text to Speech on GNU/Linux Part 2: Okular to Speech"
<larger>guix, it may be time to sleep, or if I can't, I'll be back to try to put vkdt into the build system
<wehlutyk>now, having guix home including "okular", "qtspeech", "qtmultimedia", "speech-dispatcher", "espeak", "espeak-ng", Okular still doesn't see speech-dispatcher
<isaneran>What is the recommended approach for dealing with programs (e.g. programming language package mans) that download precompiled binaries as a part of their build process? Typically these binaries won't work on guix cuz they don't have the right interpreter and can't find dependencies in fhs locations.
<isaneran>I'm getting the vibe that the answer is to reverse engineer how the package managers work and just kind of re-implement it in guix
<wehlutyk>inspecting the source a little, I now see `QT.texttospeech.disabled_features = speechd`, in /gnu/store/...-qtspeech-5.15.10/lib/qt5/mkspecs/modules/qt_lib_texttospeech.pri
<wehlutyk>whereas for Debian they have a separate package for the speechd plugin: e.g.
<peanuts>"Debian -- Details of package qtspeech5-speechd-plugin in buster"
<wehlutyk>is there any reason speechd was disabled? I can't find where that's coming from
<wehlutyk>and how to fix it
<larger>isaneran: is there a way you can use guix shell --emulate-fhs to test that?
<isaneran>larger: that's generally the workaround I'm using now
<isaneran>though even that has some gotchas, like need to install gcc libjit to get programs to find libgcc_s etc
<rekado>civodul: I'd be happy if the wip-js+css branch for Cuirass would be merged. Thanks for testing it!
<ulfvonbelow>the installer image seems to be decidedly not working on i686-linux. It has a kernel panic at startup with a "tried to kill init" error message.
<ulfvonbelow>or rather, the installer image as produced manually by following the instructions in the manual
<ulfvonbelow>the 1.4.0 i686-linux installer downloaded from the guix site works, but has an annoying bug where substituters randomly die during 'guix system init'
<ulfvonbelow>is there some magic to how CI is producing those images?
<cbaines>I've booted using the gnome-team branch, and it's looking good to me
<cbaines>does anyone know if there's things missing before merging?
<efraim>does telegram build?
<efraim>ACTION has to go afk
<rekado>ACTION also uses the gnome-team branch since two weeks or so
<cbaines>efraim, yep, and there's a substitute
<ulfvonbelow>I've used 'guix system image -t iso9660 --system=i686-linux --label=GUIX_i686-linux_1.4.0 $HOME/.config/guix/current/share/guile/site/3.0/gnu/system/install.scm' and the resulting image, once dd'ed to a flash drive, runs straight into a kernel panic. This has been happening for some time now. Can anyone reproduce this?
<rekado>ulfvonbelow: is there more output before the panic?
<ulfvonbelow>hard to tell, but previously I used the gnu.repl kernel argument to step through the startup process manually and found out that it was able to mount the root fs, but afterward many files it tried reading from it were corrupt
<ulfvonbelow>including .scm files in the store
<ulfvonbelow>it turns out replacing random chunks of scheme code with null bytes is unlikely to produce syntactically correct scheme, so it errored out
<ulfvonbelow>I then verified that the same files were, in fact, as they are supposed to be, on a separate system viewing the same flash drive
<ulfvonbelow>so it seems like it's some issue relating to the kernel's handling of the filesystem
<ulfvonbelow>the downloaded 1.4.0 installer image didn't encounter the issue, but all the ones I try producing locally do
<efraim>is there a way to build guix home with a --system flag?
<mekeor>what would that flag do?, efraim
<efraim>I'd like to run `guix home build home.scm --system=aarch64-linux` so I can offload it across the different aarch64 machines I have and then transfer everything to my pinebookpro
<ulfvonbelow>for reference, the image produced locally via the aforementioned command is /gnu/store/myc5yrr855lh92s4q4n2iirfnjj5lmkj-image.iso with corresponding derivation /gnu/store/vm7wh0xkfdfgk5ri6n40l6pg4wslar6k-image.iso.drv from guix commit b7eb1a8116b2caee7acf26fb963ae998fbdb4253
<peanuts>"guix.git - GNU Guix and GNU Guix System"
<wingo>zstd is amazing
<Googulator>civodul: about my earlier bootstrapping question (a few days ago), from commencement.scm & bootstrap.scm, it appears that bootstrap-guile is still used, alongside the tar, xz, bzip2 and gzip binaries
<Googulator>being able to reproduce these would be quite important
<zamfofex>Googulator: Have you ever seen by chance? Maybe it might interest you.
<peanuts>"GitHub - fosslinux/live-bootstrap: Use of a Linux initramfs to fully automate the bootstrapping process"
<Googulator>zamfofex: I'm one of the contributors to it :)
<Googulator>I'm asking because a bootstrap of Gentoo on top of live-bootstrap was recently achieved, and I'm trying to extend that to a reproducible distribution like Guix
<Googulator>but having to download and trust binary versions of utilities already bootstrapped as part of live-bootstrap goes against the whole purpose of achieving a fully blobless bootstrap
<MiPMrnP>I am currently trying to get our lab software running on guix. It is entirely written in python and I am currently struggling with getting Pyside2 running. The closest thing I could find was . Being new to guix I am not sure how to proceed. I tried installing python-kerberos but still could not guix
<MiPMrnP>locate the files required.
<peanuts>"Pyside on nixos ImportError: ? Issue #492 ? DavHau/mach-nix ? GitHub"
<mik3d>nix upgrade-nix
<mik3d>error: directory '/gnu/store/n389x58y3wk97agg28219d8gzngzj3i1-profile/bin' does no\
<mik3d>t appear to be part of a Nix profile
<sneek>mik3d, you have 1 message!
<sneek>mik3d, civodul says: there’s also a bazel package in the Guix-Science channel:
<peanuts>"Guix-HPC ? Details for bazel"
<mik3d>thanks sneek
<larger>Does anyone here use a much more minimal setup for their guix system desktop, in terms of trendy window managers and no desktop environment?
<unwox>larger: i do
<larger>do you have anything sensitive in your system config that i can't see? i'd like to look at it.
<unwox>larger: sure
<peanuts>"~unwox/etc (master): guix/ - sourcehut git"
<larger>what's this home.scm? is that the guix home situation
<larger>ahhh, i see it
<unwox>larger: yes, it's for guix home
<MiPMrnP>very interesting ... a lot to learn. For how long are you building this thing?
<unwox>MiPMrnP: do you mean my config files?
<MiPMrnP>yes unwox
<civodul>rekado: merged, thank you!
<sneek>civodul, you have 2 messages!
<sneek>civodul, zamfofex says: Well, after trying for a little while, I got something that shows “329.5 MiB” with ‘guix size’ after ‘guix system build’. If Guile didn’t appear three times (??!!) in the closure, I feel like that could be cut significantly.
<sneek>civodul, zamfofex says: I haven’t bothered trying to run it yet, though, maybe it doesn’t even work. Maybe this might seem interesting in some way, though. I can share the file I came up with for it, if you feel like it might be useful.
<unwox>MiPMrnP: my config has been evolving gradually for 1.5 years: basically since i started using guix system
<civodul>sneek: sure, let’s share!
<MiPMrnP>and unwox did you start with a very minimal setup and slowly added the things you need?
<unwox>MiPMrnP: yes
<h3>GNUtoo: Is it possible to run it anyway with another distribution?
<peanuts>"IRC channel logs"
<h3>Kabouik: What about one year later?
<peanuts>"IRC channel logs"
<h3>How to know what happened to a patch/bug/commit from Guix mail lists? Like if it was merged somewhere, appeared somewhere, if it was only on that mail exchange? And if it's only on the mails, how to apply them all to have the actual work done to execute it?
<mik3d>is there a #curiass channel? I am looking for a cli or gui to trigger jobs.
<mik3d>i see the curl command but did no one make any cli?
<civodul>mik3d: shows how to trigger a build with wget
<peanuts>"Invocation (Cuirass Reference Manual)"
<mik3d>yes i have the register
<civodul>well, not a build but an evaluation
<mik3d>and i see for eval
<mik3d>but is there no any cli tool for this? like gh cli?
<mik3d>ok you think it makes sense to add one in guile?
<civodul>this is meant to be used as a web hook in your Git host
<mik3d>oh i see
<civodul>so a post-push hook or similar
<mik3d>ok let me setup my git server then
<mik3d>thank you
<mik3d>that makes perfect sense
<efraim>Just tried screen sharing with myself from jitsi, anyone have any tips when using wayland or sway?
<mik3d>lacks an introduction and cannot be authenticated. you know that joke about the two englishman on the island?
<podiki>unfortunately i haven't had much luck yet either efraim, though didn't try jitsi. i should have all the portals working but i only tried in a proprietary program which checks for gnome i think (which i don't use)
<podiki>anything one should know before grafting nss and nss-certs? we are rather out of date and would like to do that on master and immediately ungraft (i can do it on mesa-updates or core-updates)
<unwox>efraim: you'll need pipeware for properly working screen sharing
<efraim>do we have a home service for that? or just add it to my home config?
<unwox>efraim: we do have a service for pipewire
<podiki>there is a home service, pretty much just add the line and works
<unwox>efraim: also you'll need to install xdg-desktop-portal and xdg-desktop-portal-wlr
<podiki>though i also removed pulse from my system config
<efraim>I never actually pulled in pulse directly
<unwox>i've also got this config file:
<peanuts>"~unwox/etc (master): xdg-desktop-portal/.config/xdg-desktop-portal-wlr/config - sourcehut git"
<efraim>looks like I have the two desktop portals already
<unwox>and i have this line in my sway configuration:
<peanuts>"~unwox/etc (master): sway/.config/sway/config - sourcehut git"
<unwox>and hopefully this will be enough for screen sharing to work properly
<podiki>i use %desktop-services so deleted pulse from there (not sure if it makes a difference for pipewire)
<mik3d> here i found the user interface for cuirass, emacs!
<peanuts>"GitHub - alezost/build-farm.el: Interface for Hydra and Cuirass (Nix and Guix build farms)"
<unwox>efraim: set RTC_USE_PIPEWIRE to "true" might also help if you use firefox
<efraim>unwox, podiki thanks! I have screen sharing working, now I have to get my webcam working again
<podiki>efraim: was it one of the configs from unwox then?
<efraim>podiki: right now I have xdg-desktop-portal and xdg-desktop-portal-wlr installed, and I added the dbus and pipewire services, and I added `exec dbus-update-activation-environment DISPLAY I3SOCK SWAYSOCK WAYLAND_DISPLAY XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=sway` to my sway config
<podiki>Thanks. I think I saw the xdg desktop setting come up before for Wayland stuff. I'll have to try screen sharing again too
<efraim>time to figure out which log file has my webcam failing to load in it
<efraim>nope, regular failure. unplugging and replugging it was all it needed
<fnat>tl;dr: How to SLAAC in Guix? Longer version: I'm aware of the 'static-networking-service-type' service and I know how to configure a static address. But is it possible to self-assign an IPv6 address and get the gateway address automatically according to SLAAC instead?
<fnat>Perhaps one might not want to do that and instead go for a static definition.
<efraim>I got gtk@4 build failure on aarch64 on gnome-team
<efraim>sending it through again
<podiki>efraim: on the mesa patches assuming the nvk driver is for any architecture, what is the check for rust? do we have a variable for that or it is just something like (supported-systems rust) (or whatever the right call is)
<peanuts>"[PATCH mesa-updates 0/6] gnu: mesa: Update to 24.0.2."
<civodul>anyone with access to a riscv64-linux box knows whether still holds?
<peanuts>"shepherd 0.10.0 test 2 fail on riscv64-linux"
<cancername>Hello there! I'm trying to boot the guix system 1.4.0 installer, and after and some log messages, with the most recent one being about rtlwifi firmware not being available which is fine because I don't need wifi, the system seems to hang, the seeking sounds from the DVD drive stop, and mashing the keyboard does not seem to do anything. It's worth noting that I'm seeing "this may take some time" as the last non-log line from
<cancername>ssh-keygen. I searched the IRC logs for "hang", but nothing describing my issue was there. If someone could help me troubleshoot, it would be much appreciated.
<jaft>(sorry; ignore that. 'was trying to switch buffers…)
<ulfvonbelow>aaand now I'm getting out of memory errors when 'guix image' tries to build guix itself for i686-linux
<ulfvonbelow>er, 'guix system image', that is
<ieure>ulfvonbelow, Do you have swap? Guix seems to install without swap by default.
<ulfvonbelow>my offload machine has 64GB RAM and 64GB swap; I'm sure it's an address space issue
<aldum>wow, that's a lot of swap
<zilti>Is it somehow possible to set channel priorities? `guix system reconfigure` absolutely and completely refuses to use a package definition I have in a custom channel that overrides the package in the official channels.
<ulfvonbelow>defining a variable in one module doesn't affect its binding in any other module. If you want to affect the binding in one of guix's modules, you'll have to mutate it. On the other hand, if you just want to refer to a variable from (mychannel packages foo) while using both (mychannel packages foo) and (gnu packages foo), you can do that with the @ syntax: (@ (mychannel packages foo) somevariable)