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<sturm>is anyone using fprintd-service-type to use a fingerprint reader? I found gnome login broke after enabling this - couldn't log in at all.
<yewscion>Hello Guix! It seems a tool I use regularly in the texlive packages has moved again; Does anyone know which package contains mktexfmt now? It's not in texlive-scripts.
<sturm>yewscion: fwiw, I seem to have the mktexfmt command on my path, and I only have "texlive" installed
<sturm>I don't know how to use it, and it does seem to complain "Can't locate TeXLive/", but it's at least on the path
<sturm>(that's with a `guix pull` from a few moments ago)
<PuercoPop>Is an equivalent concept as the stdenv from nix in guix? I see a lot of language specific builders in the build-system folder
<larger>today, i will remind them
<larger>Is everyone using rofi or dmenu at this point?
<efraim>I am apparently using tofi
<larger>also, if i added a package using a .scm file, how do I uninstall that?
<efraim>`guix package --list-installed` should list it, then you can remove it with `guix package --remove`
<larger>thank you, efraim
<larger>just goofing around today, but i see that a .scm file i used previously to install a package uses "use-module (gnu packages gl)", and I'm curious what I would do to translate this to a "guix shell" command to try and build this software without running it through the build/package system
<larger>is there a guix equivalent to "build-essential?"
<civodul>larger: hi! not from the command line, but it’s something ‘gnu-build-system’ & co. provide by default
<larger>mm. so my delusion that i'd be able to build this software without learning the build system was A FOOL'S ERRAND.
<civodul>so if you do ‘guix shell -D hello’ you’ll get “build essentials” (GCC, make, coreutils, etc.)
<larger>wait, i get them by default? then why was i missing stuff like "make" and "ld"
<larger>or is -D hello special
<civodul>-D (or ‘--development’) gives the build-time dependencies of a package
<larger>thank you.
<larger>Weird. I'm in my guix shell with vulkan's headers and the like in the command, vulkaninfo works perfectly, but the program (vkdt) says can't be found. Am I missing something here?
<larger>It also says that for libglfw, despite glfw being in my shell command as well. A later version of the program seems to not have this problem, but a different one.
<larger>Might be vkdt's fault at 0.7.0. I'll check
<larger>Nope. I'm perplexed. Launched a little while ago
<larger>Two hours into it, I'm shelving it for today
<alepzi>can we use zfs with guix? i want guix but i also gotta have zfs
<drupol>I'm looking for some documentation on how to reproducibly build a very simple C sourcecode.
<sofi>How would one approach to get Guix onto a RockPi 5B (using an arm rk3588 chipset). It has a open source bootloader (still a WIP) and a mainline kernel at that would be required to package. I have experience in NixOS, but I am unsure how to approach this from a Guix best-practice. Any advice would be amazing! :)
<peanuts>"hardware-enablement / Rockchip RK3588 upstream enablement efforts / linux ? GitLab"
<apteryx>hm, where did my rpwsm* binaries go (ratpoison virtual desktop mgmt script)
<cartographic>Hi all, I run guix on a foreign distro (Debian) but it's been throwing errors and aborting when invoked since some time last year. 'ERROR: In procedure apply-smob/0: ' See here:
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<cartographic>This happens with `guix pull` too so i can't update
<cartographic>Here's the guix stuff in my .profile
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<cartographic>Any suggestions would be great! I don't even mind reinstalling, but thought I'd check first here
<civodul>cartographic: hi! what version of Guix are you running, and what locale are you using according to the ‘locale’ command?
<cartographic>civodul: Hi and thanks for the reply :) So I'm not sure how to find that out, as anything involving the guix command results in the same error?
<cartographic>oh sorry 'locale' returns in various en_GB.UTF-8 values?
<civodul>cartographic: did you install Guix with “apt install guix” or using some other method?
<cartographic>civodul: i installed it (years ago) with the script, rather than apt
<cartographic>as in |
<civodul>cartographic: i would try checking the recommendations at
<peanuts>"Application Setup (GNU Guix Reference Manual)"
<civodul>setting GUIX_LOCPATH, that is
<rmnull>Hi, i'm running `guix search git-delta`, similarly when I run `guix install git-delta`, it says unknown package. I've run guix pull multiple times and have run guix hash too. what am i doing wrong
<rmnull>I know that git-delta packages exists as its seen here (
<peanuts>"git-delta 0.16.5 ? Packages ? GNU Guix"
<ieure>rmnull, `guix install git-delta' works for me. Maybe you're using an old profile? Try `hash -r' or logout/in.
<rmnull>I'm on a guix home environment. could it be possible that guix home profile is interferring with it
<ieure>Not sure, try adding it to your home config and reconfiguring?
<rmnull>ieure thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately that didn't work, it failed with  unknown package error. I found that when i call guix, it calls ~/.guix-home/profile/bin/guix instead of /usr/bin/guix.
<rmnull>What's still not clear to me is, it was the same guix bin which had invoked guix pull, so not sure why it doesn't have the latest package. I've set /usr/bin/guix pull up for running now. Will update here once that happens.
<rmnull>ieure using /usr/bin/guix worked. Looks like when guix home is active, it doesn't update the guix packages
<ieure>rmnull, Home uses a separate profile, guess you haven't reconfigured that in a while?
<rmnull>I reconfigured it few days back, Its only now that  i've been using the guix binary of guix home itself which must be the reason why it asked me to pass allow-downgrades whenever i had to reconfigure
<hapster>I have followed the only installation guidelines for installing guix on a foreign distro. Now, I want to update a package and try to follow the "packaging tutorial" presented on the guix homepage. Can I do clone and build guix again without putting my setup into jeopardy? Or is there another way to achieve this?
<hapster>I am struggling to translate between `guix environment --pure guix --ad-hoc $STUFF` and the `guix shell` equivalent. Can someone help, please?
<hapster>Is it simply `guix shell guix $STUFF`?
<gabber>i never really used the `environment` command, but IIUC the equivalent to the former command would be `guix shell --pure -D guix $STUFF` -- creating a development shell for the guix package with additional $STUFF packages
<alepzi>can we use zfs with guix? i want guix but i also gotta have zfs
<gabber>alepzi: i never tried it, but there is a zfs package
<bjc>you can use zfs with some limitations
<jpoiret>alepzi: there is zfs but it is not built by CI because of the license restrictions iirc
<alepzi>is it maintained and every bit as production ready as zfs on other distros? sorry for ignorance i'm new to guix
<bjc>as long as it's not the root and/or /gnu hierarchy, it works reasonably well, but getting zfs on root is a substantial challenge unfortunately
<bjc>it's maintained as well as most linux distros, i think. it's almost always up-to-date, and when it lags its not for long
<alepzi>damn, why?
<alepzi>full zfs/root is what i want
<bjc>that's a complicated question, but it comes down to how the boot process is built on guix and getting the machinery in there
<alepzi>is it something that's happening but slowly, or basically stalled?
<bjc>i gave it a stab a couple years ago, and i wasn't the first, but the patches needed just to get the infrastructure there languished and died on the vine
<bjc>it's dead, and i doubt it will ever happen, honestly
<alepzi>man that hurts. thanks for the truth tho
<bjc>but here's my hot take: if you want zfs, use freebsd. linux will never be as good, even on "supported" systems
<alepzi>ya i use freebsd but it's a dying insecure piece of crap
<bjc>that's what i do, and i just mount my home directory and other important files over nfs/samba
<alepzi>also had racist "antiwhite" ppl pushing a CoC
<bjc>freebsd is not dying at all, and it's not at all insecure
<jpoiret>or use any of the other filesystems available in linux
<alepzi>here i'll get you a link on its security
<bjc>guix may not be the place for you if you have issues with that
<alepzi>so guix is antiwhite too?
<alepzi>why is racism ok if it's directed at white ppl?
<peanuts>"FreeBSD - a lesson in poor defaults"
<bjc>no, but saying "antiwhite" is raising serious alarm bells for me
<alepzi>but antiblack or antijew isn't?
<bjc>we do have a coc, and we do expect respect for everyone
<jpoiret>alepzi: you're the one bringing this up out of your own accord.
<alepzi>ya because i didn't think guix was racist but now it feels like it might be too
<jpoiret>that page has an empty body for me
<alepzi>loads for me, hmm
<jpoiret>alepzi: ah yes, the olde "having a CoC ⇒ racism" rhetoric
<alepzi>that's not why
<gabber>alepzi: why on earth would you come to such conclusions?
<alepzi>because bjc said "antiwhite" sets off alarm bells for him
<gabber>it's quite a harsh accusation
<alepzi>read up and read what i said. all i'm saying is it's wrong for a group, like freebsd, to be anti racist except openly antiwhite and ok with it. that's hypocrisy and racist
<alepzi>then bjc had a problem with that
<jpoiret>the CoC is here
<peanuts>"CODE-OF-CONDUCT - guix.git - GNU Guix and GNU Guix System"
<alepzi>ya i read it and it was fine
<bjc>i've been around the block more than once, and i know what kind of people tend to roll out things like "reverse racism", and i'm telling you that those kinds of people are not welcome
<bjc>you may not be one of them, but i doubt it at this point
<alepzi>white ppl who realize they're being mistreated openly?
<bjc>so i'm done with this conversation
<alepzi>yes it's only ok with you if whites are victims of your jewish rape and blood lust
<alepzi>sure you are kike
<bjc>there we go
<jpoiret>whew, didn't play the subtlety card for a second
<bjc>they never do
<rolling-lambda>ugh... he uses KDE? That's a shame
<jpoiret>bjc: i feel like the more annoying ones do. maybe i had too much hope with this one
<bjc>that's fair
<bjc>it just came out so quickly, and as the reason for freebsd's death of all things
<jpoiret>rolling-lambda: *and* zfs 😳
<bjc>zfs is good though =(
<jpoiret>time to switch to bcachefs everyone
<rolling-lambda>jpoiret: *sigh* yeah :P
<rolling-lambda>I miss when people are nice to each other...
<gabber>people here usually are
<jpoiret>yeah, that doesn't happen that often here thankfully
<rolling-lambda>well see ya guys, gotta get some sleep
<hapst3r>So when I installed guix on a foreign distro and then clone and make guix, do I at some point remove the previously installed binary and make install to have a "source-based" guix? Or do I keep both guix on my system, updating them separately?
<gabber>hapst3r: your guix is always source-based (:
<gabber>what are you trying to achieve, exactly? are you modifying the source for a certain purpose or do you just want to make sure you're running what is delivered through the git sources?
<hapst3r>gabber: I want to update a package (mixxx) and I believe I need the guix source code to run a helper such as `guid refresh -u mixxx`
<gabber>aha! you wish to create a patch that updates the mixxx package. then you will need to clone the repo, build guix from the source tree (consult the manual for more in-depth instructions), change the version number of the package, build the package from your altered source tree - i.e. `./pre-inst-env guix build mixxx` -, and then go on fixing whatever hinders the build (the hash would be the very first thing)
<PotentialUser91>Can anyone help me set up a personal guix channel? I've set up a private repo and guix is able to pull from it when I specify it in my channels file, however builds fail with the error "(exception misc-error (value #f) (value "no code for module ~S") (value ((packages dummy))) (value #f))". My repo structure is that packages are stored under
<PotentialUser91>"myname/packages/dummy.scm" and my .guix-channel file specifies "myname" as the directory. The following paste is the contents of dummy.scm:
<bjc>your ‘define-modules’ specifies ‘(myname packages dummy)’, but the error indicates that you're trying to use the ‘(packages dummy)’ module, if i'm reading that right
<PotentialUser91>I'm unsure why it would be saying that. This is all I have in my manifest: "(packages->manifest (list dummy-hello))"
<bjc>check your #:use-module declarations
<PotentialUser91>I don't have any outside of that paste.
<PotentialUser91>I'm literally just using time-machine to load the channel and create an environment with that dummy-hello package
<bjc>you have to be importing the package somewhere to use it, either your home config or system, most likely
<PotentialUser91>I haven't specified any modules outside of that paste so I don't know where to even look. It's not in my channels.scm or manifest.scm.
<bjc>where is ‘(packages->manifest (list dummy-hello))’ being used?
<PotentialUser91>In manifest.scm
<PotentialUser91>I'm literally just doing this "guix time-machine -C channels.scm -- environment -m manifest.scm -c 0"
<bjc>hmm. i'm not sure how that works then. since ‘dummy-hello’ is a symbol, not a string, it has to be resolved for ‘packages->manifest’ to be called
<bjc>there's no module import in ‘manifest.scm’?
<PotentialUser91>I made it a string instead of a symbol and it failed with the same error
<PotentialUser91>Nope, I can try adding one
<bjc>it's likely that it's failing before it even gets that far, given the error
<bjc>but i'm not sure why. try grepping for the exact string ‘(packages dummy)’ maybe?
<PotentialUser91>I tried adding an import for that module in my manifest and got the same build error
<bjc>what's in .guix-channel in the repo root?
<bjc>ah, the directory slot should point one level up. it's not part of the module path
<bjc>so the define-module line shouldn't have ‘myname’ in it
<bjc>or you can add a subdirectory called myname and put everything inside that, but that'll likely be confusing
<bjc>i've never tried it, but maybe “.” would work?
<PotentialUser91>My structure right now is myname/packages/dummy.scm. Since I've specified (directory "myname") guix is looking at myname as the root of the repo. Does that sound right?
<PotentialUser91>Just wanted to make sure I'm understanding correctly
<bjc>yes, but that's not part of the guile module name
<bjc>that's where guile will start looking for modules, and is thus elided from the path
<PotentialUser91>so if I want to have "myname" in the module name I should just delete (directory "myname") from .guix-channel
<PotentialUser91>so the root would just be the actual root
<bjc>so (directory "foo") with foo/bar/baz.scm would have ‘define-module (bar baz)’ not (foo bar baz)
<PotentialUser91>ok it builds now
<PotentialUser91>thank you for your help