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<zilti>Any ideas on how to solve this?
<efraim>hello guix!
<efraim>between Debian's time64_t transition and the difficulties in having a working powerpc install CD I'm having a hard time getting my second ppc build box installed :/
<dev_to_ops>Hello, everyone.
<dev_to_ops>I can't get virt-manager going. libvirt-service-type is in my config. My supplementary groups contain libvirt and netdev. I installed ovmf and qemu, but it shows no UEFI and no network devices.
<dev_to_ops>Am I missing supplementary groups, or something?
<gabber>downloading from is incredibly slow (with ~25KiB/s)
<apteryx>sneek: later tell dev_to_ops I think you also need (service virtlog-service-type), and add your user to the "kvm" group
<sneek>Got it.
<attila_lendvai>gabber, sometimes i see that too, but it speeds up after a while
<hapst3r>podiki: nice article! I found small error:
<hapst3r>"Corrupted by through this error" (duplication)
<gabber>attila_lendvai: it's trying to spawn a `qemu` shell for about an hour now (all downloads are that slow)
<civodul>new blog post!
<podiki>hapst3r: thanks!
<podiki>civodul: for a typo fix, do i just push the change directly to guix-artwork? or need to do anything else?
<civodul>podiki: you can push directly!
<efraim>yay blogposts!
<podiki>civodul: great, will do today then
<lispmacs[work]>hi, emacs-hyperbole 8.0.0 is broken, and 9.0.1 was just released officially. Should I file a bug report requesting the upgrading, or does some process get emacs-hyperbole upgraded soon automatically?
<peanuts>"#69338 - invalid-regexp error in FAST-DEMO - GNU bug report logs"
<podiki>lispmacs[work]: there are no automatic upgrades
<podiki>if the 9.0.1 release also fixes this bug, that would be a two for one and a patch would be welcome
<lispmacs[work]>just curious, does somebody manually upgrade those 27,000 rust packages in guix?
<efraim>it's only around 4000, and yes
<lispmacs[work]>probably some three line emacs function ;)
<lispmacs[work]>M-x upgrade-all-the-rust-stuff
<festerdam>civodul: It seems the qemu image for me also gets in a state where the boot disk check fails if boot up the freshly downloaded image and do nothing other than «guix pull» followed by «sudo guix reonfigure /run/current-system/configuration.scm». I guess I can try again, but with verbosity at max to get more info.
<festerdam>*if I boot up [...]
<efraim>are odd minor versions of gnome libraries beta releases?
<jakef>hello, wondering if anyone may be able to help with a library path warning I'm getting from cmake, before I go and write to the guix-help mailing list
<jakef>CMake is emitting a warning about potential conflicts between library paths for and, indicating that libraries in my Guix profile (even when it is a shell -C --pure ephemeral profile) might be hidden by those in the Mesa package
<pkill9>how did I fix moc segfaulting?
<podiki>jakef: what inputs (or packages in profile)? i think libglvnd is one that supplies those, others are in mesa
<civodul>festerdam: sounds bad; could you report the exact step to reproduce the bug to so we don’t lose track of it?
<jakef>podiki: one of the inputs is qtbase-5, which i think has mesa as a propagated input, hmmm
<thaenz>Hello, anyone experiencing trouble guix pulling? I'm getting `zstd-error'
<thaenz>Throw to key `zstd-error' with args `(decompress! 18446744073709551596)'.
<thaenz>substitution of /gnu/store/6h039q8d5rh1liis3ch9wxq7f387a7c6-guix-packages-base failed
<thaenz>Ops I didn't think it would paste that right into chat
<thaenz>However ^ to be more exact
<thaenz>I haven't have trouble before with guix pull and the only thing I've done since last pull other than configuring my /etc/config.scm is 'guix gc'
<efraim>looks like I fixed building llvm-17 on riscv64
<podiki>jakef: might help if you share (paste) the package definition or whatever is you are trying to do
<festerdam>civodul: Ok. I will do so.
<civodul>anyone has experience with ‘.git/hooks/update’?
<civodul>i thought it’d be invoked upon ‘git fetch’ or ‘git pull’ but that’s not happening
<trnry>Isn't update specifically a server-side hook? So it would be ran when someone was pushing to that repo
<lispmacs[work]>just wanted to say thanks for Ludovic's interesting blog post today about reproducible deployment, if he is listening — very interesting
<civodul>thanks for the kind words
<civodul>trnry: actually yes, you’re right
<civodul>so i wonder which one i should use to react to ‘git pull’ or ‘git fetch’
<civodul>can’t find it in githooks(5)
<trnry>It's been a while, but I belive post-merge will work for you on a pull, but I don't know of anything that works with a fetch
<civodul>doc says it’s invoked by ‘git merge’ though
<civodul>‘post-checkout’ might work
<thaenz>Is that a personal blog? I'm looking for more feeds to add :)
<lispmacs[work]>guix blog
<thaenz>aha I guessed so since I didn't find it in my searches
<thaenz>I'll have a good read when I come home then! Now off to the gym, goodbye o/
<apteryx>jpoiret: libblockdev appears to build now
<festerdam>civodul: I want to attach the output of system reconfigure to the report. However tee only saved 7 lines (I'm using tee because the full output doesn't fit in the terminal window). How do I tee the full console output of guix and could the last lines leading up to the warning that some services could not be upgraded suffice?
<zyd>Is there a good guide or series of tutorials on the mail development workflow (with git)? Asking here because I read a post on the fediverse that claims the mail workflow scares people away (compared to web pull requests). One of the more interesting things they pointed out was the lack of a documented setup. Does Guix or similar mail-oriented projects perhaps elaborate more on this?
<Altadil>zyd: There is (an interactive tutorial).
<peanuts>"Learn to use email with git!"
<mik3d>Hello GUIX, i was lost in nix, trying to debug an issue, trying to recompile from scratch and then I found guix and i saw autoconf and was very comforatable, thank GNUS!
<mik3d> here is my fork with some notes on how i am trying to build from scratch
<peanuts>"GitHub - meta-introspector/guix: Read-only mirror of GNU Guix ? pull requests are ignored, see instead"
<jonsger>did we had a world rebuilt recently merged into master? I'm trying to fix the CVE in guix-daemon but, but on my desktop machine it downloads tons and tons of packages...
<mik3d>this is the error i get running the standard guix (and nix) on gcp tpu server /gnu/store/5kj8lyybjrdl7xd0fx9g9vzkz8s
<mik3d>klqsy-guix-1.4.0/bin/guix-daemon: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object
<mik3d>file: No such file or directory
<mik3d>but my version I compiled works!
<thaenz>I just want to add to the record that my problems with `zstd-error' is now solved and I just had to wait a few hours
<mekeor>zyd: there are also info manual nodes: "(guix) Submitting Patches" and "(git) Submitting patches to a project"
<ieure>jonsger, I pulled last night and didn't have to rebuild.
<mekeor>zyd: there's also as mentioned in "(guix-cookbook) References"
<peanuts>" ? master ? Pjotr Prins / guix-notes ? GitLab"
<mekeor>please, kill peanuts, it's just flood, so embarassing
<peanuts>mekeor: Hi, for comments please contact my maintainers at
<mekeor>lechner: please, thanks
<mekeor>at least disable "post-page-title"
<zyd>bots should send a notice rather than messaging the channel directly. very noisy
<zyd>mekeor: thanks
<civodul>festerdam: i guess you could do something like: guix system reconfigure … 2>&1 | tee log
<lispmacs[work]>hi, I'm wondering if there is a way I can get all my guix operations (install, build, pull, etc.) to run with different nice and ionice priority levels/classes. But I think it is not enough to run "nice guix install" etc. because these tools just communicate with the already running daemons, correct?
<lispmacs[work]>I'm looking here at the options in guix-configuration
<lispmacs[work]>doesn't appear that guix daemon has any relevant options, other than just controlling the max jobs and cores
<lispmacs[work]>is there always only one guix daemon that does the work?
<lispmacs[work]>I could just renice / ionice it, I suppose
<lispmacs[work]>after every power up
<lispmacs[work]>it appears that other daemons are launched buyt that at least the niceness is preserved
<vagrantc>Wow. guix 1.2 has impressive substitute availability for being so old. :)
<vagrantc>although, i'm unable to run the code that checks for the receent CVE for guix-daemon
<vagrantc>guessing there is maybe some guile 3.x specific code or something?
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<vagrantc>huh. could've sworn there was a post to guix-devel about the CVE ... there's the detailed blog post ... but no CVE