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<apteryx>ACTION heard a core-updates world rebuild
<apteryx>jpoiret: ^ is that so?
<jakef>hello, just checking, disarchive is only supported for the guix channel right? we can't use that functionality for our own packages?\
<PotentialUser-60>Is Guix still actively maintained? I’m switching from parabola Linux on a librebooted thinkpad T60. I saw the latest release was from 2022. I’m debating using guix, trisquel, and PURE OS
<AwesomeAdam54321>PotentialUser-36: Yes, it's still maintained
<AwesomeAdam54321>Right now you can get the latest version of guix with `guix pull`
<lilyp>jackhill: if you mark them as "-next" as we do for emacs and some others, I see no problem
<jpoiret>apteryx: yeah, i need to change the glibc locpath patches
<cbaines>the substitute cache is killing bayfront...
<wheelsmeo>getting 502s from bordeaux
<cbaines>wheelsmeo, it should be back now
<cbaines>the guix substitute scripts have stopped trashing the disk
<vivien>Hello! Is there some OCaml wizard here? Opam fails to build on gnome-team (???) with 'Error: Unbound value Base64.decode_exn'. I believe this thread may be relevant, #64249, but I don’t know how to fix the issue.
<peanuts>"[PATCH ocaml-team 1/2] gnu: ocaml: Update to 4.14.1."
<jpoiret>vivien: does it not build on master?
<vivien>It does, but somehow a new glib or whatever broke it (???)
<jpoiret>is it during build or check?
<vivien>During build
<vivien>There were some problems with cmdliner too, I cherry-picked the relevant patch from opam
<jpoiret>vivien: the opam patch series should build on master, maybe a faulty merge?
<vivien>Git is having a hard time computing the diff though.
<jpoiret>hmmm, I'm looking using cgit and it looks in order though
<vivien>I see we dropped the 4 ocaml-dose3-*.patch
<vivien>I guess they should still be here?
<vivien>ocaml-dose3-add-unix-dependency.patch ocaml-dose3-Fix-for-ocaml-4.06.patch ocaml-dose3-dont-make-printconf.patch ocaml-dose3-Install-mli-cmx-etc.patch
<vivien>Should these 4 be present, or are they obsolete (I see ocaml-4.06 in the name so maybe they are)
<vivien>See for the build log (don’t forget to grep for Base64.decode_exn, it’s in the middle)
<jpoiret>vivien: no they've also been removed on master
<vivien>(I was about to say that my master branch was out of date)
<jpoiret>well I've no idea
<vivien>Mmh in the build directory, I find src/client/ that exports a Base64 sub-module
<vivien>I also see a _build/default/src/client/ file that is empty
<ehrt74>hello :) i've just installed guix (the os) and i'm trying to update it by running guix pull and sudo guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm. it failed at updating gnome-photos-43. in the log archive it prints that it can't find a dependency called babl. i've tried installing babl using  guix install babl but the problem persists :/ does someone
<vivien>Maybe opam-client is not compiling with the right file?
<ehrt74>know how to get the update to finish? can i just remove gnome-photos somehow? i can't seem to find a libbabl ...
<jpoiret>ehrt74: what's the build log for gnome-photos-43? can you post it at
<jpoiret>vivien: weird that this file would be empty though
<vivien>It just contains # 1 "src/client/"
<ehrt74>jpoiret ok :)
<Altadil>ehrt74: I can confirm it’s nothing you did, as I’m running into it on an already installed Guix as well. :)
<ehrt74>jpoiret won't let me post the whole file. i've posted the end of the file:
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<ehrt74>Altadil (y)
<jpoiret>ehrt74: can you do `guix build babl`, which should give you a path in /gnu/store, and paste the contents of the file in /lib/pkgconfig/ in that path?
<Altadil>jpoiret: I’ve got it
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<ehrt74>jpoiret :)
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<jpoiret>thanks :)
<ehrt74>oh, Altadil beat me to it :)
<Altadil>ehrt74: sorry, should have said earlier, to spare you the trouble :)
<ehrt74>Altadil no worries :) i learned something about guix :)
<vivien>jpoiret, my guess is that opam developer simply forgot to ship the file
<vivien>I will just try to force dune to use the .5 file and see if it builds
<jpoiret>but it builds on master, no?
<vivien>Maybe on master it selects the .5 file for who knows what reason
<jpoiret>ehrt74, Altadil: I'll have to go, but is there a better error message from pkg-config earlier in the build log?
<ehrt74>jpoiret there's a lot of find-file ... no such file or directory. that happens quite early in the build log
<ehrt74>jpoiret about 200 lines similar to this:
<ehrt74>find-files: /gnu/store/jxkn98nnk2pv3fy7cx2baaynkr4c63wp-nspr-4.35/xml: No such file or directory
<ehrt74>it seems to be printing out values of environment variables at this part of the build log
<ehrt74>maybe i can just uninstall gnome-photos and then try to upgrade? i'll give it a try :)
<Altadil>jpoiret: here is the build log :
<ehrt74>oh. that didn't help. package 'gome-photos' not found in profile
<Altadil>ehrt74: Did you install it explicitly? For me it’s a part of the GNOME service.
<ehrt74>Altadil i didn't install it explicitly. i selected gnome and i3wm during install
<Altadil>ehrt74: OK, your result makes sense then, guix remove is for packages that you added "manually" to your profile.
<vivien>jpoiret, it’s not that they forgot to ship it, but maybe the file is too naive.
<ehrt74>oh no. guix crashed :(
<vivien>I hate regular expressions
<ehrt74>i'm back now :) Altadil jpoiret did you find a solution to gnome-photos ?
<dariqq>i've looked into the gnome photos thing and 9c78902d8a9350a3277b2550c0dd87019ecc832e (an update to babl) is the commit that introduced it
<peanuts>"guix.git - GNU Guix and GNU Guix System"
<ehrt74>dariqq cool, thanks for finding that :)
<ehrt74>what's the guix way to use the previous commit?
<ehrt74>ah, guix pull has a url argument. i'll try that
<dariqq>ehrt74: you can set the specific commit you want to pull with --commit
<ehrt74>dariqq thanks :) i just found it :)
<ehrt74>if this works i'll have learned a lot :D
<dariqq>but i am not sure why this error happens in the first place
<dariqq>as babl gets added PKG_CONFIG_PATH
<dariqq>wait: The old pkgconfig file is called babl.pc while the new one is babl-0.1.pc
<ehrt74>oh. that would be a change :/
<ehrt74>system reconfigure is running with the old commit :) i'll let you know if it works :)
<ehrt74>grafts for gnome-photos worked :)
<ehrt74>oh no!
<ehrt74>building /gnu/store/r9b13fsaaf8gh2v5pxba9v6bn371mn0v-upgrade-shepherd-services.scm.drv...
<ehrt74>guix system: warning: exception caught while executing 'eval' on service 'root':
<ehrt74>error: service: unbound variable
<ehrt74>guix system: warning: some services could not be upgraded
<ehrt74>is that bad?
<ehrt74>well, it rebooted :) that's a good sign :D
<ehrt74>i ran system reconfigure again. and it finished without errors :D
<dariqq>seems like simply renaming the file is enough
<vivien>jpoiret, see #69677 for the opam thing
<peanuts>"[PATCH gnome-team 0/1] Fix opam on gnome-team"
<ehrt74>ah, ok :) i think i'll wait until the problem is fixed in the git repo
<andrewzhurov3>Hi! I'm trying to build Tauri v2 with cargo and getting an error related to webkitgtk. When javascriptcore-rs-sys v1.0.0 tries to compile, it expects javascriptcoregtk-4.1 to be present, but pkg-config shows that javascriptcoregtk-4.0 is the one available (which comes from webkitgtk-with-libsoup2 I use, I belive). Any tips on how I could make it compile?
<andrewzhurov3>And webkit@2.42.5 (latest) exposes version 6.0 gtk API. I guess some of the earlier versions of webkit come with the desired 4.1. Will try to find it. Any help's welcome.:)
<andrewzhurov3>(although webkit v2.42.5 reference states that API version is 4.1, huh, I'm confused.
<singpolyma>Maybe try latest and see?
<apteryx>jpoiret: oh! I'll use this opportunity to merge some world rebuilding changes (inkscape update, pkgconf-as-pkg-config and ld-wrapper tiny fix) as well then -- I had tested these thoroughly (rebuilding the world for inkscape/pkg-config and stracing execution of ld-wrapper)
<jpoiret>apteryx: yeah, why not. I'm re-merging master into c-u, because somehow I didn't have the latest commits you and janneke added
<jpoiret>feels bad
<jpoiret>i hate merging
<jpoiret>i have the fix for the locale problem though :)
<podiki>thanks jpoiret!
<jpoiret>i'm worried my merge is going to miss some stuff
<janneke>jpoiret: oh my
<futurile>andrewzhurov3: try building it manually, alter the cargo stuff to what you have and see if it works - sometimes you can get away with altering the dependencies
<jpoiret>apteryx: please don't push before I push the merge
<andrewzhurov3>Ty for the suggestions, folks! <3 Managed to find gtk v4.1 APIs in webkitgtk-for-gtk3. Yay!
<jpoiret>i need to test it a bit, but it'll be up in <1hr
<jpoiret>(i love distributed version control systems 🙄)\
<jpoiret>apteryx: just pushed
<jpoiret>hope the merge is ok
<thaenz>Anyone with an examples to configure /etc/hosts with stevenblacks hosts filter or any other online filters?
<grtcdr>Hey Guixers, I was wondering whether or a foreign distribution running Guix which is primarily configured to utilize systemd's stubborn but predictable environment.d as a means of configuring environment variables could be integrated to work with the profiles set by Guix as well.
<grtcdr>To put it simply, if the Emacs daemon's environment list was only fed through
<grtcdr>environment.d, would there be a way to feed it environment variables contained
<grtcdr>in a guix profile without the use of an external plugin? If not, what could be
<grtcdr>done to integrate those scripts in a more systemd-friendly way. I realize
<grtcdr>systemd is not a concern for Guix, but it would be nice to hear how others have
<grtcdr>approached this issue.
<grtcdr>Oops, I apologize for the wall of text I just pasted. I felt I needed to clarify my previous comment with a bit more context.
<grtcdr>On second thought, I may probably never be satisfied with whatever approach I take to tackle this problem. I'll continue to use Guix on a dedicated machine and avoid the headaches altogether.
<jpoiret>grtcdr: can systemd environments source BASH_ENV-like files? if so it shouldn't be too hard
<grtcdr>They can't because the syntax it supports is very limited, `EnvironmentFile=` can only read `KEY=VAL`, whilst profiles utilize `export`.
<i3t4an>I don’t know if this would fall off topic, I have a librebooted thinkpad t60. I’m switching from parabola to another FSF endorsed distro. How would you rank the support of guix over something like pureos, trisquel, or hyperbola?
<grtcdr>Never heard of hyperbola before, looks interesting :)
<grtcdr>Is it up to par with Arch Linux, in terms of maintainance?
<i3t4an>I would say so. But like with parabola it’s solely community driven. It’s kind of like parabola but with a more stable release. I love parabola, but with the lack of community support over the past year or so, I’m trying to find the best Linux-libre distro to switch to with the most support.
<grtcdr>Ah, gotcha! By the way, it looks like hyperbola's gone fully-independent though, news mentions they'll soon be dropping pacman.
<i3t4an>Damn that sucks. I think a Debian based distro might be my best bet. Does guix do rolling releases?
<grtcdr>I think so, it's up to you to stay up to date with the system, which is constantly evolving.
<grtcdr>One question comes to mind though: why hyperbola when one could simply avoid non-free software. AFAIK, Arch Linux does not impose the use of non-free software, although its defaults may be what disqualify it from being labeled completely free software.
<grtcdr>I guess I answered my own question :-)
<i3t4an>Mainly because of the your-freedom packages that blacklist non free software. I know I could just install it from one of the repos, or switch my repos, but for me I’d rather have just an endorsed FSF distro.
<i3t4an>And thanks I’ll check it out
<jpoiret>i3t4an: have never used those other distros, but guix is definitely maintained enough for daily driving
<jpoiret>guix is rolling release yes
<grtcdr>jpoiret: I'm going to steal the microphone for a second; do you know of a way to compile all the Guix documentation in Texinfo format? That would really help me out given the target machine I've installed Guix on is headless. I'd like to read it from the comfort of Emacs :)
<i3t4an>Okay perfect. I’ve been curious to check it out. Isn’t it made by the GNU project team? Or don’t they work closely together?
<grtcdr>I've perused the Guix source code and kind of got lost.
<jpoiret>is your main criterion being an FSF-endorsed distro? if so, Guix has lots of other interesting features
<jpoiret>Guix falls under the umbrella of the GNU Project but is very independent
<jpoiret>imo being GNU is both a blessing and a curse
<grtcdr>i3t4an: Guix is, besides being endorsed by GNU, a very interesting project. You should check it if you've got the time.
<jpoiret>grtcdr: the Guix documentation is already available in info format if you have guix installed
<i3t4an>Yup. Ill pop in a live cd and see what I think of it. A lot of the FSF distros are pretty antiquated, so I’m looking for a one that has good community support, and active maintenance for a daily driver. But it seems like guix fits that.
<jpoiret>`info guix` should give it to you, and should be available from within emacs
<grtcdr>I don't, the machine I'd like to read it on doesn't have Guix installed.
<jpoiret>ah, right. Then, from a check-out you should be able to `make doc/` iirc
<grtcdr>Beautiful, thank you!
<grtcdr>i3t4an: I think you'll enjoy it more in a less ephemeral environment, try it out in a virtual environment.
<grtcdr>s/virtual environment/virtual machine
<jpoiret>right, under a live cd you can't really try out doing a system reconfiguration, rolling back the system generation, etc.
<grtcdr>So you'd be missing out on most of the fun stuff ;)
<i3t4an>I’m not too worried about compatibility. The only issue i can think of would be Wi-Fi, but I have a card with foss drivers. I might just partition my parabola install and dual boot to test it. My hardwares a little too old to run a virtual environment 😂
<grtcdr>Ah well, have fun then :)
<i3t4an>Thanks for all your help with it. I really appreciate it.
<grtcdr>And away he goes to hack on Guix, lol :)
<grtcdr>I get a "guix.texi:10: @include: could not find version.texi" when running the command you mentioned from the root of the project.
<grtcdr>make is right in that the file doesn't exist, doc/ only contains four .texi files and none of them are "version.texi"
<grtcdr>`find . -name "version.texi"` from the Guix source tree returns nothing.
<grtcdr>And removing that file causes even more errors, it declares variables that are used throughout the document, it would be too painful to remove every occurence. Am I missing something here?
<grtcdr>Running `./bootstrap` resulted in the creation of a number of `.texi` files, rerunning the first command again shows the same errors. :(
<grtcdr>I have an idea, I'll point Emacs installed on the client-machine to use the info files onthe remote machine running Guix. Connection profiles have solved this problem for me in the past in different contexts.
<grtcdr>Thanks for the help, lates :)
<jpoiret>apteryx: thanks for pushing, we'll see where we end up with that :)
<jpoiret>not looking forward to the ghc test suites
<janneke>wow, 800+ packages to be built for a bare-bones on core-updates
<janneke>ACTION probably better waits for a bit for the build servers to catch up
<apteryx>jpoiret: you're welcome, it's nice to clear off my desk
<anadon>Been a while since I've dropped in here.  What's up?
<superkamiguru>Hello all, hope things are going well. I am trying to enable pipewire in my Guix installation and was running into an issue with pipewire-pulseaudio. It seems that it constantly respawns until it is disabled. Does anyone have some insight on why this might be?
<lilyp>Pulse is enabled by default through alsa-service-type with pulseaudio? #t
<superkamiguru>Ah ok, so I would just need to edit the alsa config and disable pulseaudio there?
<lilyp>Yes, or you use the home service, which hacks around that
<superkamiguru>Which home service are you referring to?
<superkamiguru>So I am using home-pipewire-service-type, is the one you are referring to different? sorry
<vivien>This is the one to use!
<superkamiguru>Ok, that is the service that I am currently using. So it seems like I will probably just need to adjust the alsa config then
<vivien>It already does so
<superkamiguru>Oh weird, I am still receiving the issue with pipewire-pulseaudio respawning until it is disabled
<vivien>You should see that you have a file ~/.config/alsa/asoundrc that overrides the system configuration, but you may need to log in again
<vivien>You should also have a ~/.config/pulse/client.conf that asks pulseaudio to not start automatically (so that pipewire can replace it).
<whomst>shoutout guix. currently my favorite gnu project
<superkamiguru>Ok I have the asoundrc file but not the client.conf
<superkamiguru>Wait I found the client.conf
<vivien>Does it read 'autospawn = no'?
<superkamiguru>Yeah it does
<superkamiguru>So I tried logging out and back in, but am still getting the respawn error with pipewire-pulseaudio
<vivien>Does it leave error messages?
<superkamiguru>It just keeps throwing (PID XXXX) exited with 158
<superkamiguru>Also the pipewire service doesn't start when I log in (I am thinking because of this error), so I have to either try manually starting it or try running `guix home reconfigure home.scm`
<superkamiguru>Is there a way to get more verbose logging on user services to see why pipewire-pulseaudio keeps failing?
<superkamiguru>Seems like it might just be an issue with pipewire-pulseaudio. Will probably just need to wait until it's a bit more supported/documented in Guix.