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<ajarara>some experimenting shows it's not a guix problem (and that package definition is not right anyway, binary needs to be put in /bin), executing it in the store shows the same thing. built for the right arch, so must be a missing library
<apteryx>jpoiret: ah, note also the pkg-config work included a version bump for inkscape and other inkscape fixes
<apteryx>pkgconf as pkg-config
<apteryx>it's unrelated, it's just since I had to rebuild it to test, I figured I might as well update/fix it in the process.
<hapst3r>oriansj: when you use iwd, do you not have to input authentication information for specific networks like you do with WPA_supplicant?
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<hapst3r>Hi Ludo :)
<hapst3r>I am trying to configure wireless networking in a tty environment. How do I supply configuration files in a regular/programmatic manner to Guix? I mean files like NetworkManager.conf and/or WPA_supplicant.conf.
<hapst3r>Maybe I am taking the wrong approach to this, I am a bit confused by all those options :ad
<futurile>Morning Guix people
<ennoausberlin>Good morning. The python-tensorflow 2.1.3 package from guix-science channel does not build anymore due to typing-extensions 4.9.0 > 4.6.0.
<futurile>ennoausberlin: hmm not sure if you report issues for guix-science on the github or somewhere else - probably won't hurt to add an issue on github
<ennoausberlin>I could open an issue on github, but it is probably such a small fix and some of the package creators are around here, so I tried it here first, without spamming the issue tracker.
<ennoausberlin>It is like in GTD. Do not write it down for later, if it can be done immediately. I am a little optimistic I guess :)
<futurile>ennoausberlin: bit early around here I reckon
<futurile>ennoausberlin: definitely worth a try though ;-)
<qecep>hello, anyone could suggest me in what package I find "dirname"? is it an extension of bash?
<qecep>"guix install: error: dirname: package not found"
<jpoiret>qecep: it's in coreutils
<qecep>yes, thank you, I found it as you where answering
<oriansj>hapst3r: you need to use iwctl to connect to the network and depending on if you setup EnableNetworkConfiguration=true it'll automatically setup everything or if you didn't do that, you can manually setup your ip via dhclient or static methods.
<qecep>probably a stupid question, is x-emacs a separated package? can't seem to find it
<qecep>pardon me
<oriansj>I prefer to do: (as you can't break it)
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<oriansj>qecep: you mean emacs with support for x11?
<qecep>yes oriansj, ty, pardon my noobness
<qecep>on debian based is usually "x-emacs"
<qecep>is it just a collection of extensions to make life easier on x11?
<oriansj>that would just be the default emacs package; if you wanted no-x11 support it would either be emacs-no-x or emacs-pgtk (if you want only wayland)
<qecep>yes, i'm noticing now, also that emacs wasn't installed, my bad
<qecep>is there any categorization for packages?
<Altadil>Hi everyone. I’m trying to follow this recipe from the cookbook :
<Altadil>I believe I’ve followed the steps correctly, but when trying to run the VM, I get an error saying :
<Altadil>failed to parse default acl file `/etc/qemu/bridge.conf'
<Altadil>qemu-system-x86_64: -netdev bridge,id=user0,br=br0: bridge helper failed
<Altadil>Would someone happen to know what this means ? I duckduckgo’ed it, but it feels I’m only getting more confused. ^.^
<peanuts>"Network bridge for QEMU (GNU Guix Cookbook)"
<Altadil>I tried adding that bridge.conf file, in the same way as done for the host.conf (and with the same content), but it seems to have had no effect.
<oriansj>Altadil: the best place to find details on the packages in guix is the gentoo wiki as both Guix and Gentoo do very little to customize the packages.
<oriansj>qecep: not really, packages are still a wild west in Guix
<oriansj>Altadil: the first step you need to do is: ip a
<oriansj>(to see if you setup the bridge first)
<oriansj>then you'll want to ensure that your firewall rules allow access to that bridge (input and output but not forwarding)
<Altadil>oriansj: thanks, I just looked at their wiki but did not find this specific issue. ip a does list br0 with state UP. :)
<Altadil>oriansj: oh, I forgot about the firewall, I’ll check that, thanks !
<ayatsfer>hello :) Is the filename "guix.scm" special to guix somehow? I believe I've heard some people talk about using a guix.scm in the root of the repo, but I don't know if it is handled differently than any other filename.scm
<oriansj>ayatsfer: nope
<oriansj>mostly convention
<ayatsfer>ok, thanks
<decfed>is anyone working on an AppImage backend for guix pack?
<Altadil>Unfortunately, disabling the firewall had no effect. There goes my hope it was just a foolish mistake from my part. ^^
<qecep>anyone could suggest me disk utilities to install to try and save a broken fs and partition? beside ext4utils, fdisk and testdisk?
<qecep>nvm, testdisk is enough, my bad
<qecep>what am I doing wrong when guys spit out commits of channel guix is not descendant of another?
<futurile>ayatsfer: your earlier question about 'guix.scm' - it's just a normal Guile file - but the guix commands will look for it by default - so it's often used to create a development environment without having to type the blah.scm filename - nothing else special
<civodul>ayatsfer: yup, check out for an overview of how this is used
<peanuts>"Software Development (GNU Guix Cookbook)"
<ayatsfer>ah ok, so it is the default lookup
<qecep>oh, also I just noticed in the italian translation instead of saying "guix" it says "giux", I still need to setup my computer for bug reports, could anyone be so kind to report this of the italian translation:" In alternativa, vedi `giux package --search-paths -p "/root/.config/guix/current"'."
<dariqq>hi, is it possible to manage shepherd services via udev rules?
<ayatsfer>btw, I see that guix install doesn't have a -f flag
<singpolyma>guix package -if
<ayatsfer>thanks 👍️
<ayatsfer>$ guix package -p ./profile -if ./guix.scm
<ayatsfer>guix package: error: ./guix.scm: unknown package
<ayatsfer>$ cat guix.scm
<ayatsfer>(use-modules (gnu packages base))
<ayatsfer>nevermind, maybe I'm using it wrong (TM)
<ayatsfer>ah, only -f, not -if
<qecep>for storing alsa configurations would it be preferable to use asoundrc or start the alsaservice to store volumes? and anyone know what's the service name for the alsa system?
<civodul>new blog post!
<dthompson>good stuff!!
<reyman>HI guix'er
<reyman>I'm trying to package mkdocs material for a project, but i encounter a python dependency cycle (package needed a build) :
<reyman>i have this cycle : python-hatch-requirements-txt@0.4.1 -> python-apeye-core@1.1.5 -> python-pyproject-parser@0.9.1 -> python-whey@0.0.24 -> python-coverage-pyver-pragma@0.3.2 -> python-hatch-requirements-txt@0.4.1 -> python-mkdocs-material@9.5.12
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<reyman>both python-mkdocs-material and python-apeye-core need python-hatch-requirements at build ...
<regtur>hello guix
<regtur>Harmut Goebel removed the export GUIX_PROFILE from etc/ more than a year ago
<regtur>see 7f06567b83a6d994703adbdda99b266dc83d2d84
<peanuts>"guix.git - GNU Guix and GNU Guix System"
<regtur>With the result that the ubuntu installation of guix does not work out of the box
<regtur>I do not understand what problem his commit it trying to address, does anyone here understand?
<ieure>regtur, I mean, I haven't any experience with this, but the comment seems clear enough -- exporting it causes sourcing non-default profiles to break.
<oriansj>odd that guix pull now depends upon rust being built
<oriansj>Altadil: if the bridge is up and your firewall is correct, then the issue is in your qemu command.
<oriansj>as that is all that remains (unless you are using something like libvirt to handle determining what the qemu startup command is)
<regtur>ieure: then I guess non guix distros using a guix package manager need to export GUIX_PROFILE manually
<Altadil>oriansj: the command is a mix of two from guix manual and the one from the cookbook, so I wouldn’t be suprised if I did it wrong. But I don’t see where. This is what I have :
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<civodul>ACTION reconfigures bayfront
<festerdam>Hi, all!
<thaenz>Hi, is there a package that provide "git" does not
<hapst3r>Is anyone here who has a manual wireless configuration using networkmanager and WPA_supplicant? I tried getting this to work "automatically" using `networkmanager` and `wpa_supplicant` service types, but I dont quite understand how to input authentification information in a regular/programmatic fashion. Thus, I'd love to study an example from people more knowledgeable than myself :)
<festerdam>How much (more or less) additional disk space would I need if I wanted to install guix plus a package like the gcc compiler with it? I'm going to try out guix on a non-guix system, so I have to take into account the disk space taken up by both guix and the rest of the system, the latter of which is already taking up quite a bit of space and if my understanding of guix is correct it will not be able to
<festerdam>reuse already installed dependencies since that wouldn't reconcile with reproducibility. And how easy is it to unistall guix and its package if I for some reason I don't want it on my system anymore (I'm using fedora, so I can't simply install guix from my distro's package repository, since they don't have guix on there, and thus have to use the install script)
<festerdam>*And how easy is it to uninstall guix and its packages if I for some reason don't want it on my system anymore [...]
<oriansj>festerdam: very
<oriansj>you just delete some folders and remove the guix build users you added.
<oriansj>(and turn off any init hooks you setup)
<oriansj>basically the reverse of the install instructions:
<peanuts>"~oriansj/System_setup (main): install - sourcehut git"
<thaenz>archwiki have an uninstall section if you don't want to be reverse-reading scripts ''
<peanuts>"Guix - ArchWiki"
<oriansj>Altadil: ok and you modified /etc/qemu/host.conf to include the line: allow br0 (replace br0 with your bridge's identifier)?
<Altadil>oriansj: yes, with the extra-special-file service (i copy-pasted it from the cookbook).
<festerdam>oriansj: Thanks!
<thaenz>Holding my thumbs for an answer tomorrow, good night/day o/
<efraim>graywolf: I don't care about the order of the commits, just that the packages end up sorted alphabetically in the modules
<graywolf>Ah I see. For some reason I expected the order to matter, but it does not seem so. Will sort it.
<ulfvonbelow>it seems that when cython modules link against libraries, they aren't included in the RUNPATH
<ulfvonbelow>or maybe it's specific to this package's build system
<ulfvonbelow>(trying to update gdal to 3.8.4 and it has cython modules that cause 'validate-runpath' to fail)
<ulfvonbelow>wait, it's not cython, I misread, the filenames had cpython in them, not cython
<festerdam>I tried installing guix on fedora. The install script succeeded, but guix pull fails with: "error: remounting /gnu/store writable: Permission denied". What am I doing wrong?
<yelninei>festerdm: this might be a selinux error
<pkill9>festerdam: try switching off selinux with 'setenforce permissive'
<lilyp>Hey Guix, quick rounds of hardware recs. I need a laptop and phone that's functional with Guix out of the box (no blob channel), has decent compute and is preferably sold in EU for EU money.
<lispmacs[work]>is Eclipse IDE a package in guix? I'm confused because I see lots of Eclipse related packaged
<lilyp>Not afaik, but there are java-related packages that are formally maintained by Eclipse.
<lilyp>I'm at fault for committing some of them, the RDF ones.
<qecep>I'm not rendering japanese characters on telegram, icecat and icedove, I followed the guide for the locales but they are italian, what am I missing? on debian based distro they where visible, what do they do different? they generate all locales?
<lilyp>qecep you need a cjk font like noto or sarasa gothic
<qecep>ty lilyp
<qecep>this is probably something very basic, but what am I doing wrong? guix system: errore: aborting reconfiguration because commit aeb494322ca9dec4a4d66a7d063239c8536bd538 of channel 'guix' is not a descendant of 8850782392d4e58384d4c4da36a4f0bd5c8abdb1
<peanuts>"guix.git - GNU Guix and GNU Guix System"
<peanuts>"guix.git - GNU Guix and GNU Guix System"
<qecep>oh i see i need to set a fixed commit?
<qecep>or i need to update dlang and perl?
<vagrantc>qecep: what it means is something like you pulled from perhaps a custom branch and reconfigured your system with it, and then maybe you pulled to guix master branch (or some other branch) that does not contain the previous branch, so it refuses to update
<vagrantc>qecep: you can tell it to force if you're sure about what's going on ...
<qecep>btw ty, restarting X fixed the asian fonts renders, my bad
<qecep>yes i see vagrantc
<vagrantc>it is in place to prevent downgrade attacks
<festerdam>pkill9: Is there a way to not set selinux permissive systemwide? Because I don't feel like I should be disabling safety features just to get a single piece of software working.
<pkill9>festerdam: not sure
<pkill9>someone has tried which you can see if you search, i think
<ulfvonbelow>after how many hours have been spent trying to get a build system to properly set RUNPATH to include the install directory is it acceptable to just add patchelf as a native-input and do it manually?
<old>ulfvonbelow: lmao