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<rekado>civodul: looks like a crash(?) in ext2fs: “BUG: unexpected fault on disk image (10, 0x8462080) in [0x8222000,0x18222000) eip 0x804f477 err 0xa
<civodul>looks like it!
<civodul>does it help if you throw more memory at it?
<rekado>disk-pager.c:98: fault_handler: Assertion 'err' failed.
<civodul>das ist nicht gut
<rekado>I’ll give it some more mem.
<civodul>yeah, it could be its way of saying ‘please gimme more RAM’
<rekado>very articulate, that childhurd.
<rekado>(FWIW, it had 1024 MiB of memory.)
<civodul>rekado: mine has 2G of RAM
<rekado>I increased it to 4G and it’s building packages without problems now.
<Natris1979>Hi all, is it possible to use guix from within a chroot'd environment? I'm currently running a chroot'd debian environment from inside an archlinux host. I installed guix, and when I try to run `guix install whatever` I get an error trying a access /var/guix/daemon-socket/socket which doesn't exist
<Natris1979>I think it's because systemd isn't running inside the chroot'd environment
<Natris1979>guix install river
<gorilla>Would it be idiomatic in Guix to create a package for a custom Nginx configuration? That is, a package that just contains the config files specific to some desired setup?
<gorilla>Then use guix deploy to push that config onto multiple identical hosts?
<gorilla>So that you could update and manage your Nginx version with one package, and your configuration version with a different package?
<doriru>i'm gonna repost my question from earlier yesterday. hope it's alright
<doriru>i'm having trouble during installation of guix system. i've tried asking about it before and was told it's a problem with 1.4.0, but the latest build isn't available for download. is there anything i can do to successfully install it?
<doriru>here's what the error looks like-
<podiki>doriru: it could be just a transient issue with downloading substitutes, I would rerun the command (looks like guix system init in this case)
<podiki>or do you keep getting that error?
<podiki>gorilla: i think the "guix way" here would be to have that configuration in the service configuration, that's how you define nginx configuration in guix
<podiki>gorilla: see the manual if you haven't already: (you can also provide a file for the configuration)
<peanuts>"Web Services (GNU Guix Reference Manual)"
<doriru>i used graphical installation, so i didn't get to do any command prompts after the error, only either starting the building from the start or going back to configuration. restarting the building resulted in the same error
<doriru>didn't want to wast time, but i'll do manual tomorrow and hope it works
<podiki>you can switch to a console and run the command it shows at the end to manually redo it i believe
<podiki>or yeah, do the graphical as much as you want and can always switch to a tty to run any commands (manual install isn't hard either really, when i do i tend to spend time on the non guix things, like deciding partitions)
<doriru>i tried pressing ctrl+f1 or f3. don't remember the combination now, but it didn't seem to work after certain point of installation proccess
<podiki>you can see the command at the end of your image: "guix system init --fallback /mnt/etc/config.scm /mnt"
<podiki>should always be able to switch, i forget which has the manual and which are shells
<doriru>ok ty
<podiki>if you have another machine with guix (system or package manager) you can actually do it all from there if you pop out the drive you want to install to
<doriru>i'll try it then. thanks for the tips! very helpful
<podiki>welcome! that's what i did most recently, just partitioned the drive and then ran guix system init with a configuration (that i was testing in a vm first) to a partition (of course make sure you have the right boot partition)
<apteryx>I've got a bash-static failure on core-updates; is it only me?
<apteryx>triggered by trying to build just 'bash-minimal'
<ulfvonbe`>do we have any way of using a git checkout with cargo-build-system?
<ulfvonbe`>it seems to assume that the package-source *must* be a tarball
<PotentialUser-12>Im trying to start an ssh server so I added a service like this but keep getting the guix system: error: symlink: Permission denied: "/var/guix/profiles/"
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<janneke>rekado: great, i'm always using 4G
<rekado>hmm, another crash in ext2fs when building gcc
<rekado>‘refcount detected use-after-free!’
<janneke>ACTION hoped that with newer softwares, less of those
<janneke>i usually had at most one of those in two days or something
<rekado>building guile now
<rekado>I wonder: shouldn’t ext2fs ‘just’ restart after a crash, or does it not make sense to salvage the system at this point?
<janneke>hmm (something like) that is often "advertised" as a plus of the hurd, just restart a server when it crashes
<janneke>good question
<futurile>Happy weekend everyone ;-)
<rekado>Happy New Year, everyone!
<futurile>ACTION squints at Rekado
<futurile>Chinese new year?
<rekado>year of the dragon
<futurile>hah =-)
<jonsger>ACTION appends "Year of Guix on Hurd" :)
<civodul>oh, happy new year rekado :-)
<civodul>futurile: just pushed notes from the funding session that Jonathan sent me
<futurile>civodul: did you see my email to the guix-blog alias - with updated notes and a blog post to publish?
<futurile>civodul: I don't know who's behind that alias so not sure if you are on it or not?
<futurile>civodul: oh I see you did - 'opens mailbox'
<civodul>futurile: i’m on it! it’s currently 5 people
<civodul>maybe we should just use guix-patches though, for more transparency
<futurile>I'll just correct the items you and zimoun suggested and send a new version. I get where the 'don't use gender' is coming from - I struggle with it because I'm old and it breaks the rules I was taught heh - so I'll just re-use the name (which breaks a different rule in English writing about repetition but oh well!)
<futurile><argh hard to make it flow now>
<rekado>I want to use etc/committer.scm in the yasnippets, to replace the awkward and limited heuristics implemented in the snippet
<snape>is is normal that the mumi graphql interface is so slow?
<snape>it takes like a whole minute to retrive infos for like 50 issues
<rekado>ACTION doesn’t know
<rekado>ACTION rebases python-team
<rekado>it looks like mumi is not running in a suitable environment wrt locales:
<peanuts>"[PATCH 0/8] Misc Python build system improvements"
<snape>reply to my own question: "is:open package:guix-patches" from which I ask message ids takes 1m30 whereas "is:open" only takes 1 second
<futurile>civodul: you should have an updated version in your inbox - but I just got a complaint in my email client - so tell me if you don't see it
<snape>ok no it's just the cache
<civodul>futurile: LGTM!
<civodul>should i just go ahead and push?
<civodul>rekado: any thoughts?
<futurile>civodul: yes, I think it's good to push.
<futurile>maybe in future we can create a *short* style guide document, just to capture a few items
<civodul>good idea
<civodul>futurile: pushed!
<civodul>it’ll show up within an hour
<ulfvonbe`>mild annoyance: it's "copy-recursively", but "delete-FILE-recursively"
<ekaitz>ulfvonbe`: +1
<rekado>ulfvonbe`: yes, this keeps biting me. I can’t remember which is which.
<rekado>civodul, futurile: sorry, I was out. I was happy with the draft, so happy you pushed it!
<space2024>Hi, I've finished installing Guix System, it was all very straightforward thanks to the manual writers. I have a question about first steps after system installation, should root's guix be updated? Section 3.7 explains how to do this, but not whether it should be done...
<peanuts>"GNU Guix Reference Manual"
<space2024>I've found an informative message in the mailing list archives: thanks.
<peanuts>"Re: Should I upgrade root user's guix too?"
<jpoiret>space2024: root's guix doesn't need to be updated on guix system
<jpoiret>it doesn't even need to exist
<davidl__>Im looking for an example of a package with multiple origins - does anyone know of one? Else if you know if the source field can take a list of origins for example?
<janneke>davidl__: the "nmon" package has multiple origins, eg
<davidl__>janneke: thanks! Ill have a look
<doriru>is a full mirror of or are the packages split between these two sources?
<doriru> seems to be blocked for me, so i was wondering if i could specify bordeaux as the only source in the config
<rekado>doriru: they are independent build farms
<rekado>you can override the default substitute servers in the guix daemon configuration
<rekado>are you using Guix System?
<doriru>yeah, installing right now
<rekado>once installed you can modify the guix-service-type
<rekado>override the config with a guix-configuration that specifies a different substitute-urls
<rekado>doriru: something like this:
<doriru>much appreciated
<PotentialUser-72>Hello. Here is a quick noob question: following the Guix manual (on Guix 1.4 VM image), it is mentioned that the command "sudo guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm" would upgrade the system. However, I have no /etc/config.scm file. Should it exist?
<apteryx>I think it'd exist if you had installed Guix System with its installed, but it's possible it doesn't in the VM
<PotentialUser-72>Oh. Would it come to exist once "guix pull" receives an update?
<ieure>PotentialUser-72, No.
<PotentialUser-72>Well, in that case I hope that file is not important...
<PotentialUser-72>Thank you.
<apteryx>what's the best software for viewing gigantic dependency graphs produced by 'guix graph' ?
<apteryx>so far I'm generating SVGs and opening them in IceCat but maybe there's something nicer?
<apteryx>ACTION looks at the pkg-config graph, tries to figure out where the two nested pkg-config come from
<apteryx>I think one is a variant produced for gnu-make-final
<apteryx>the other one I'm not sure
<PotentialUser-72>One more question, if I may: When I call "guix package --list-generations", I get a list of 4 items, that I believe to be related to my user's profile. It says I am at the 4th.
<PotentialUser-72>When I call "guix system list-generations" I get only one generation, which I assume to be because I have no system update yet.
<PotentialUser-72>But when I call "guix describe", it says "Generation 2". The help for the command talks about "information about the channels", but I am confused about what is being tracked through these generations. Is it related to the "guix pull" calls I made?
<ieure>PotentialUser-72, Every time you `guix pull', that should create a new generation of your profile. System generations happen when you `sudo guix system reconfigure -- since you have no system config, you won't see new generations of that.
<ieure>Actually, maybe I don't know how this works.
<PotentialUser-72>ieure Thank you.
<PotentialUser-72>@ieure Thank you.
<ieure>PotentialUser-72, IRC doesn't need @ style prefixes; it has them, but they designate channel operators.
<PotentialUser-72>Ah. Lots to learn, still. :-)
<ieure>I *think* there's a new generation in `guix describe' for each pull, and you get a new profile generation when you change the installed packages.
<PotentialUser-72>Should mentions be at the start of the message?
<ieure>PotentialUser-72, If you're addressing a specific person, then yes.
<PotentialUser-72>ieure Thank you for your help.
<ieure>Sure thing.
<PotentialUser-72>Have a great day. I'll go back to the manual.
<ieure>Good luck!
<apteryx>so there's the main pkg-config, then there's an ad-hoc pkg-config for gnu-make-final (in (gnu packages commencement)), then there's another pkg-config used by guile@3.0.9 (I presume guile-final)
<doriru>can't build python-afdko during system installation for some reason
<ulfvonbe`>do we have any dbus wizards around? What magic incantation do I need in order to run cdemu-daemon from an ssh session?
<ulfvonbe`>'sudo -E cdemu-daemon' fails with 'cdemu: Daemon: D-Bus: failed to get proxy for 'org.freedesktop.DBus' on session bus: The connection is closed!'
<doriru> any idea why i can't build it?
<ieure>doriru, Look at the log file it mentions. Also please use instead of posting a photo of the screen, if possible.
<peanuts>"Debian Pastezone"
<ieure>(Not sure if this is during install or some time when it's difficult to get to the internet / paste what's on the screen)
<doriru>i checked the log right after, but the text is corrupted for some reason
<doriru>yeah, it's during installation on my laptop. mounting a flashdrive every time would be annoying
<ae_chep>is `substitute-keyword-arguments` documented somewhere?
<zeropoint>hello guix
<zeropoint>I've got two installs of guix on different disks and each time I run guix system reconfigure, each one overwrite the boot record of the other. Is this expected behavior?