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<apteryx>weird: "erreur : Erreur TLS dans la procédure « handshake » : Erreur de la fonction « pull »." non-deterministic on 'guix shell'
<apteryx>looks like caused by bordeaux
<podiki>apteryx: getting this too just now, and came here to see if it was just me
<cbaines>ekaitz, you can use QA/a debbugs tag to make this clearer to others
<ekaitz>cbaines: idk how to do that, can you point me to the manual?
<cbaines>the idea with QA is that it's meant to be usable without a manual
<cbaines>ekaitz, look for the "Mark patches as reviewed" on the QA page for an issue (e.g. )
<peanuts>"Issue 67786 Guix Quality Assurance"
<cbaines>hopefully the information there is sufficient, but if it's unclear, hopefully we can improve it
<ekaitz>cbaines: thanks
<janneke>civodul: yesterday, rekado found that ./pre-inst-env guix build --system=i586-gnu --source -e '(@@ (gnu packages commencement) hurd-headers-boot0)' works regardless of the origin's hash
<janneke>running the (offload) build itself though, without --source then gives a hash failure
<janneke>most probably because i simply used the hash from hurd.scm:hurd-headers
<futurile>ekaitz: I need to review the info that cbaines is pointing at - my current idea is that there'd be a 'list' (somehow) which maintainers could then look at of things that have been 'reviewed'
<futurile>ekaitz: one thing - if you review some patches - could you reply to the patch discussion saying 'how you did it' - we need 'how to' info - efraim already did and I'm going to try and work through his process
<cbaines>futurile, we effectively have that list of "reviewed" patches, they would appear in dark green at the top of
<peanuts>"Patches Guix Quality Assurance"
<cbaines>there's not currently any open issues marked as "reviewed-looks-good" though
<psyclimb>Hello guix!
<snape>cbaines: does QA applies commits based on the send-email sha footer?
<cbaines>nope, since we want to catch when the patch doesn't apply to master
<cbaines>QA picks the latest master revision that's been processed by the data service, since that also helps to speed up comparison data being available
<snape>Ok.  What's the point of that sha footer?
<snape>I mean, is it fine if it's not there or is it used somehow?
<cbaines>I'm unsure, it's not something I know anything about
<snape>sounds great
<snape>is that new that it works again?
<snape>I thought for some time it didn't work
<snape>the "unknown" issues are those not working?
<cbaines>most of the unknown issues at the moment are ones that QA hasn't got around to submitting builds for
<snape>does the badges correspond to debbugs tags?
<snape>or things I could search with (kolam http)?
<cbaines>some of the QA statuses correspond with debbugs information
<cbaines>e.g. the reviewed-looks-good usertag, and the moreinfo status
<snape>to the big blue button in the interface would add debbugs tags in some cases (e.g. looks good) but not in others (e.g. commit messages not well written)
<snape>am I right?
<cbaines>at the moment it just adds the reviewed-looks-good tag, so that form is just designed when you've reviewed something that it looks good
<cbaines>if there are issues that need to be addressed before merging, it's best just to email the issue/submitter mentioning that
<rekado>with a recent “guix home reconfigure” my emacs lost a couple of features, notably: transparent decryption of .gpg files no longer works, and visiting files with /ssh: names no longer spawns tramp.
<r0ss>hey all - can anyone point me to how to install Apache Banchmark (ab) on guix? Thanks
<r0ss>have done some search via guix search
<rekado>(it’s as if auto-mode-alist doesn’t work anymore)
<cbaines>emacs-pde produces broken cross derivations (#:module-build-flags in the builder script contains a gexp rather than a list)
<cbaines>but I can't figure out how to fix it :(
<cbaines>(cc apteryx)
<snape>rekado: just guix pulled, my emacs still decrypts gpg files
<snape>it's /gnu/store/j5zjjncshwnnalv7l1nsfwa3l1aa48mv-emacs-29.1/bin/emacs FWIW
<rekado>snape: it works only after explicitly running M-x epa-file-enable. Weird.
<snape>I don't have such thing in my conf
<rekado>neither do I :)
<futurile>cbaines: that's great info - I need to have a look at debbugs (*shudder*), and try some out with that tag "reviewed-looks-good".
<futurile>cbaines: the only way to trigger a build if QA failed it (or it didn't happen for some reason) is to send a revision of the patch right
<futurile>cbaines: if it 'failed' then that's fine. I was thinking of ones that didn't happen over Xmas, of if the original build is so old (that having tested it locally) you want to resubmit it to try again
<cbaines>futurile, yep, just sending the patch series again (maybe bumping the version) is a good approach
<doriru>hello. i'm having trouble during installation of guix system. i've tried asking about it before and was told it's a problem with 1.4.0, but the latest build isn't available for download. is there anything i can do to successfully install it?
<doriru>here's what the error looks like-
<cmiller>Since I upgraded my Guix System, I get the following error upon trying to rebase with magit "Warning (comp): x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu-gcc-10.5.0: fatal error: cannot execute ‘as’: execvp: No such file or directory"
<miro`> is down ?
<civodul>looks like it
<civodul>ACTION looks
<viperML>504 Gateway Time-out
<viperML>just wanted to ask, where does guix pull store the cloned ?
<ekaitz>hi, did you find some guix lint errors like: Throw to key `match-error' with args `("match" "no matching pattern" directory)'.?
<civodul>in the meantime ->
<peanuts>"Guix-HPC ? Search"
<civodul>(it works better anyway)
<civodul>ekaitz: something broke in the ‘archival’ linter it seems
<civodul>i’ll take a look
<ekaitz>oh thanks civodul
<dariqq>anyone familiar with glib/gio? i (finally) managed to build fractal but when i try to run it am getting a GLib-GIO-ERROR: Settings schema 'org.gnome.Fractal' is not installed.
<snape>maybe 0ad-data shouldn't be public
<miro`>The site is back
<dariqq>nevermind my previous comment. Actually installing installing fractal made it able to start
<snape> is so much faster though, than
<peanuts>"Guix-HPC ? Search"
<peanuts>"Exception ? Packages ? GNU Guix"
<snape>like 5 times
<civodul>love the title of that page :-)
<civodul>snape: it’s more like ∞ times faster to be honest, because it all happens locally
<civodul>(once you’ve downloaded the 4 MiB JSON file, that is)
<snape>indeed, and those packages are exceptional indeed
<civodul>anyway, i restarted the service, and it looks like is back to its slow life
<civodul>not sure what happened, unfortunately
<civodul>ACTION threw even more caching at
<snape>I don't understand the search bar
<snape>author:<whoever> doesn't actually works
<snape>it returns the authored messages first, and then every other ones too
<snape>so it's more acting like a "sort" than like a "filter"
<viperML>how do I "convert" a guile repl into a guix repl? I guess some use-modules ?
<snape>viperML, I imagine it's something like `guix shell guix guile -- guile`
<snape>the equivalent, I mean
<viperML>to avoid XY problem, alternatively I don't know how guix repl --listen works:
<viperML>$ guile -L . --listen=$PWD/.guile-socket
<viperML>$ guix repl -L . --listen=$PWD/.guile-repl
<viperML>guix repl: error: /home/ayats/Documents/guix-playground/.guile-repl: invalid listen specification
<civodul>viperML: it would be “--listen=unix:$PWD/.guile-repl”
<civodul>check out
<peanuts>"Invoking guix repl (GNU Guix Reference Manual)"
<civodul>in general you’ll want something like (use-modules (guix)(gnu)) to get bindings for the main functionality
<janneke>civodul: any idea/insight about the core-updates hurd-headers-boot0 hash thingy mentioned above?
<rekado>I don’t know how git-fetch-from-tarball works, but that’s probably responsible here.
<viperML>civodul: thank you, I missed the unix:
<janneke>rekado: i saw that i "just" used the hashes from hurd.scm --
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<janneke>arg waitaminute
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<janneke>so we can safely assume the generated tarballs didn't change and this was a mistake on my side
<civodul>janneke: if needed, rekado, apteryx, or myself can upload a copy of the tarball to
<janneke>civodul: great...but i think the (savannah generated) tarball didn't change, it's rather that when running --source, any hash goes; and i added a wrong hash
<janneke>so we're a bit puzzled about git-fetch-from-tarball
<janneke>also i'm puzzled how somehow hurd-headers-boot0 builds (because it was previously built?) for me, but doesn't for rekado atm
<civodul>janneke: ah hmm!
<civodul>hopefully i’ll get out of the tunnel and resume normal life and Guix hacking soon
<janneke>ow crap, still chasing races?
<nmeum>could someone review should be an quick fix for a small oversight
<peanuts>"[PATCH] gnu: bemenu: Install man pages"
<PotentialUser-9>Dears, I've recently installed GNU guix. After rebooting, I face with the following error:
<PotentialUser-9>omz_urlencode:16: command not found: iconv
<PotentialUser-9>Error converting string from ANSI_X3.4-1968 to UTF-8
<PotentialUser-9>Could you please assist me to resolve it?
<PotentialUser-9>This error doesn't display in root user.
<gabber>PotentialUser-9: what are you doing exactly? you login and execute some command or what?
<PotentialUser-9>gabber It display while I'm using oh-my-zsh. The "iconv" is not installed and I can't found it in guix repository.
<gabber>so oh-my-zsh expects its presence?
<PotentialUser-9>gabber yes.
<hako>iconv is provided by glibc
<gabber>how did you install oh my zsh? it's not a guix package, right?
<PotentialUser-9>gabber I've used this file to isntall oh-my-zsh:
<PotentialUser-9>It's not a guix package
<PotentialUser-9>gabber Thank you. resolved by installing glibc.
<PotentialUser-9>And another question. I'm looking for a package like clash to proxy my data to a port. Do you have any recommandation?
<gabber>the hint came from hako (:
<gabber>i think i don't understand.. what does "proxy my data to a port" mean?
<gabber>i've never heard of clash (i am a philistine when it comes to cool software, though)
<PotentialUser-9>gabber :)))))
<PotentialUser-9>Clash can reads VMESS, VLESS, etc. configs to proxy data to a server.
<hako>I think Clash is mainly used in China, it's a proxy frontend supporting several proxy protocols.
<gabber>VMESS?? VLESS???
<gabber>ACTION has never heard these acronyms
<PotentialUser-9>hako It's true.
<gabber>and i am usually having difficulties with stuff i can't look up on wikipedia (:
<PotentialUser-9>gabber If you didn't heard them, so you live in free country :)
<peanuts>"VMess | V2Ray Beginner's Guide"
<gabber>hako: thanks for the link
<gabber>PotentialUser-9: free as in "expensive", yes
<gabber>PotentialUser-9: i (obviously) have no recommendation, but if clash is cool and works well and is open source you could package it and run it like that
<PotentialUser-9>gabber this is the source code.
<hako>Clash is written in a Go and have lots of dependencies, it's not easy to package it. I only made a binary package and a service for it in my channel.
<peanuts>"Rosenthal/rosenthal/packages/binaries.scm at d29af1023320c35d3d00162f4794cc01d29c8c0c ? rakino/Rosenthal ? GitHub"
<peanuts>"Rosenthal/rosenthal/services/child-error.scm at d29af1023320c35d3d00162f4794cc01d29c8c0c ? rakino/Rosenthal ? GitHub"
<hako>Example on usage can be seen here:
<peanuts>"Testament/dorphine-system.scm at a3e6e0814be42c1bdf3f255e0eb23c8dfe60c78c ? rakino/Testament ? GitHub"
<PotentialUser-9>I can not do package it. I've never done
<PotentialUser-9>What do you think about docker image?
<hako>I forgot GitHub is blocked recently
<hako>sorry, wrong message
<hako>PotentialUser-9: You can run it directly actually
<PotentialUser-9>hako I don't have any idea to package and run it.
<dissoc`>i am getting "waiting for locks or build slots..." when trying to reconfiguire, but i dont see any other builds going on. it has been like this for a while. should i restart guix-daemon? will that cause any problems?
<podiki>dissoc`: generally you can kill a guix command and nothing bad should happen (there are not "partial" successes/failures)
<podiki>perhaps you ran with --max-jobs and used up all your workers, generally i think just re-running the command again, maybe with less max-jobs, should do it
<dissoc`>i tried restarting guix-daemon but still have the waiting for locks or build slots. i tried max-jobs of 1 and still have the message
<dissoc`>sorry there was a lingering process
<dissoc`>another question: is there a way to print the full package definition? for example a package generated for linux-libre?
<gabber>dissoc`: i don't think so -- what information are you looking for?
<dissoc`>looking for nothing specific. just thought it would be useful to take a look for inheriting a package and changing things. especially for the generated packages
<lispmacs[work]>dissoc`: like, "guix edit"?
<Arman>How to use systemctl in guix OS?
<podiki>you don't? isn't that a systemd thing?
<podiki>(guix does not use systemd)
<Arman>podiki is there any solution to use it?
<podiki>i don't know the details, but i would imagine systemctl interacts with systemd, so you'd need to use systemd. that would be a big undertaking but not impossible?
<podiki>guix uses shepherd as PID 1, there is no systemd anywhere
<podiki>but i am guessing, maybe there are things you can use systemctl for without systemd. you'd still need to package systemctl (or that part of systemd?) for guix
<podiki>so, if you are using or interested in guix system (not as package manager on another distro), you would want to learn to use shepherd and the guix system configuration system (declarative) instead
<Arman>I've never used shepherd. Currently to install docker I need start the deamon. herd start docker is not working.
<Arman>I should learn using shepherd =#
<podiki>if you haven't already, see the documentation about the docker service. you also need your user in some group, if i recall
<Arman>Could you please share the documentation?
<podiki>the command to start it would be "sudo herd start dockerd" (sudo since this is a system level service)
<podiki> starting point
<podiki> for docker specifically
<peanuts>"Miscellaneous Services (GNU Guix Reference Manual)"
<Arman>Thanks guys!
<davidl>anyone here who knows how to use emacs-flycheck-pycheckers on guix
<vagrantc>so, the suggests to wait 1 week to push changes ... but ... for security issues ... should fixes happen a little faster?
<vagrantc>notable, diffoscope 256 fixes
<peanuts>"GNU Guix Reference Manual"
<peanuts>"Diffoscope uses dangerous `gpg` option `--use-embedded-filename` (#361) ? Issues ? Reproducible Builds / diffoscope ? GitLab"
<podiki>vagrantc: that reminds me we need some "security team" that will cc for any patch with "security fixes" (and we should use that in commit message consistently)
<podiki>if there is a patch and it builds, i say push it, or if you want me to take a quick look now as a review, can do
<podiki>vagrantc: and if it is a simple version bump with few dependents i would say just go for it
<crono>Question, how do I set my module to load and be used at guix run time? I have a custom module and I have my %load-path pointing to the dir its stored in. When I go and use the module to build a home manifest file, I get a error saying "no code for module". I added dir to my load-path in my geiser setup in emacs and my .guile. It seems that just adding the dir in those places isnt enought to load the module. not sure what im doing wrong,
<crono>I did exactly what the manual told me and it seems im missing something?
<vagrantc>podiki: just submitted a bug, but i can also push it. :)
<vagrantc>i vaguely recalled something exists on the website:
<podiki>yeah we have a security mailing list (i'm on it now), but i don't think anything as "team" as in "python team"
<podiki>so we should have it so it is easy for security fix related patches to get priority
<podiki>and more consistently note "[security fixes]" in commit message at the same time
<peanuts>"diffoscope: Update to 256. [security fixes]"
<vagrantc>how's that look?
<vagrantc>i forget if X-Debbugs-Cc: headers work with ...
<podiki>the smallest of nits: maybe just the [security fixes] before the period
<vagrantc>but it would have made some sense to CC the security mailing list
<podiki>otherwise looks good to me, i would push, esp since you checked the build and it is basically a leaf
<vagrantc>there are some other minor changes to some tests, but i don't think they would trigger on guix
<vagrantc>oh, and it's been a week since my wabt update ... so may as well push that too so we can see diffoscope on !x86_64
<podiki>i replied to the debbugs issue as well, but basically what we just discussed
<vagrantc>podiki: thanks for the extra eyes :)
<podiki>i'm a bit behind on my guix-ing, been meaning to bring up these security fix procedures....the list grows! :)
<jackhill>Hi, I have access to a kuberneties cluster. I'd like to use it do guix build. The cluster as a policy of what UIDs processes can run as (0 and other low value UIDs won't run). Is this something that Guix can currently handle? Where should I get started?
<podiki>not sure, the guix daemon runs as root no? to be able to write to /gnu/store?
<jackhill>yeah, I wonder if it can be run under fakeroot or something (probably combined with disable-chroot)
<rekado>I’m trying to offload builds to the childhurd, and it works … sometimes.
<rekado>but eventually I’ll always get a timeout trying to connect to it.
<civodul>rekado: can you connect to it with VNC?
<civodul>once it’s no longer responding
<sham1>Would you say that offloading those builds is like... hurding a bunch of cats?
<rekado>it’s jumping over a networking hurdle.