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<vagrantc>oh, maybe it is the cross-toolchains needing to build binutils and whatnot
<vagrantc>wait ... /gnu/store/xq9x2nlj7rlglm6gxgwpq4jr8s4y18af-gcc-mesboot1-4.6.4.drv
<vagrantc>this looks suspiciously like a world-rebuild
<vagrantc>ACTION blames some ./pre-inst-env quirks
<civodul>vagrantc: try “rm gnu/packages/bootstrap.go && make” :-)
<civodul>we should have a bot making this suggestion
<vagrantc>i'll just refresh the checkout :)
<qrpnxz>nckx, that link gives 404 Not Found html
<qrpnxz>nckx, nvm i am dumb and left a trailing '
<nckx>I just verified that it doesn't, here. Both HTTP and HTTPS.
<nckx>Me & my damned fussy Unicode quotes.
<nckx>qrpnxz: Bah, I intended to add a Reported-by for you but forgot. Sorry.
<peanuts>"guix.git - GNU Guix and GNU Guix System"
<dansa>You know, I upgraded Guix, reconfigured my system and I can't log-in. I suppose I have a new OpenSSH. Here's the message I get when I try to log-in as root. ``Server refused public-key signature despite accepting key!'' Never seen that before. I'm glad my key is accepted. :-)
<dansa>But I can't log in.
<qrpnxz>nckx, ah don't worry about it :) I'm happy I was able to help GNU Guix :D
<qrpnxz>so this is where the git is... was having a hard time finding that
<qrpnxz>download page on main site points to a tarbal and an ftp
<nckx>That's… an excellent point? The ‘download’ page is very, let's call it ‘old school’, in what it offers.
<vagrantc>very GNU
<nckx>(And it's not like there's another obvious top-level option that isn't.)
<nckx>qrpnxz: If you have time to help GNU Guix some more, a brief bug/feature report to bug-guix at gnu dot org would be swell.
<qrpnxz>I did report this one to the mail address the program prints out already
<vagrantc>ACTION relearns that rebuilding all the u-boot variants in guix is a real drain on battery
<qrpnxz>i'll add some follow ups after sabbath.
<nckx>That's the same address, so great.
<nckx>I meant specifically ‘point to Git on the download page’. I didn't see a bug for that. Perhaps I missed one.
<qrpnxz>ohh, okay yes I will do that
<nckx>Thanks ♥
<nckx>ACTION → 😴💤 for real now.
<xiews>Why do I have an error for 'guix pull' saying no option 'cruft'?
<dajole>Is it possible to create a customized Guix installer iso with just the package manager, or do I need access to a Guix System installation?
<Jaeme>dajole: I think that may help you.
<peanuts>"GNU Guix Reference Manual"
<dajole>Thank you!
<apteryx>euouae: how big is your file system / drive?
<apteryx>and is your system UEFI or BIOS ? (I think you said BIOS)
<apteryx>perhaps you're hitting what I detailed in the 4th message to bug#48172
<peanuts>"support split /boot partition"
<euouae>apteryx: this is a VM with 30G
<apteryx>OK, nevermind the above then
<apteryx>it's a problem that may happen on BIOS machine having storage > 2 TiB
<euouae>at this point I think I've hit some VM issue
<euouae>(I'm not going to say bug because it might be simply my own ignorance of the tools)
<euouae>but thank you for the help
<euouae>I will try to install with encryption tomorrow on a real hard disk with uefi and if it fails I might consider staying plain text
<euouae> /maybe/ with an encrypted /home?
<apteryx>fully encrypted disk is better handled by guix I think; and should perform better
<apteryx>I wish you luck :-)
<euouae>oh right, so maybe I should do that
<euouae>That's another thing to try. It didn't occur to me that it might be a better option, but you're right
<apteryx>is this not what you had been attempting?
<apteryx>this is the only encryption scheme that Guix supports via configuration as far as I know
<euouae>wait I'm confused, what do you mean? isn't grub on /boot?
<apteryx>err, I meant fully encrypted root partition
<euouae>yeah it's what I've been attempting, I thought you meant encrypt /boot
<apteryx>oh, you've put /boot on a separate place? that may be what is not going well, it's not really supported unless you move stuff manually there at each reconfigure
<apteryx>that's what fixing would need to automate
<peanuts>"support split /boot partition"
<apteryx>the basic LUKS scheme is a fully encrypted root partition, which also holds /boot
<apteryx>so GRUB sees encrypted partition, asks the passphrase, then the kernel linux boots, asks the passphrase again
<euouae>where is GRUB?
<apteryx>it can be in a gap between sector 0 and your first partition (MBR), or in a dedicated grub_bios tagged partition
<apteryx>well there's always a small part of it in the MBR
<euouae>Oh right, I don't know how to do that. I guess guix does it automatically?
<euouae>I see. That might be why. I need to have just one root partition, caveman style
<apteryx>hehe, yeah, start with the simplest layout, mimicking what's used in examples or tests
<apteryx>complicate later. the other way around is too slow/painful to iterate.
<euouae>I got the exact same issue as before
<euouae>it gets stuck in a frozen "Slot 0 opened" bios screen (after grub loads and I select a kernel)
<euouae>had I known at the beginning of the day I'd have to repeat the VM install so many times I'd have written a script by now
<apteryx>perhaps try to blindly type your passphrase again?
<PotentialUser-4>acabo instalar guix en mi laptop, ejecute en la terminal guix pull
<PotentialUser-4>me sale esto """"Tras establecer el valor de `PATH', ejecute `hash guix' para
<PotentialUser-4>asegurarsede que su shell hace referencia a
<PotentialUser-4>`/home/AUDXDDD/.config/guix/current/bin/guix""""  que ago no entiendo
<apteryx>just makere to run 'hash guix' at the end, that's what the message says
<apteryx>make sure*
<apteryx>this is sometimes necessary in Bash to refresh the location of a command
<apteryx>or something like that
<reedm>I've been trying to use the cgit-service-type to run cgit on my guix instance. it works fine with the default folder of /srv/git (i.e. it finds and presents the git folders in /srv/git in the web ui). but if I change the repository-directory to "/home/<my username>/git" nothing shows up in the cgit webui.
<PotentialUser-4>pasen una lista de aplicaciones para instalar al sistema, para copiar y pegar a la terminal de guix
<PotentialUser-4>aplicaciones con interfas gráfica
<apteryx>PotentialUser-4: what is your question?
<PotentialUser-4>¿ existe una interfas grafica para instalar aplicaciones ?. acabo de salir de pureos para probar guix
<euouae>PotentialUser-4: emacs-guix?
<PotentialUser-4>¿ como activar el bluetooth?
<euouae>bluetooth worked for me on gnome
<euouae>look into bluez and blueman
<apteryx>PotentialUser-4: I have this in my config.scm: (bluetooth-service #:auto-enable? #t)
<apteryx>to have it enabled on every boot
<Jaeme>Is it possible to run Guix on a NonGNU/Linux system like Alpine or Void (musl)?
<jackhill>Jaeme: yes (Guix will provide its own copy of glibc). I use it on postmarketos
<Jaeme>jackhill: noice
<villageidiot>Hello, does anybody happen to know how to get a Guix system to recognize a Yubikey? I have it working just fine on my Gentoo system, but I'm not sure what I need to do to get it working on Guix.
<villageidiot>For context I only need to use it for OpenPGP
<villageidiot>Normally I disable pcscd and just use the ccid reader included with gpg
<jackhill>villageidiot: I wonder if you need to add a udev rule.
<villageidiot>Yes I was wondering something along those lines
<Jaeme>villageidiot: (maybe this can help?)
<peanuts>"GNU Guix Cookbook"
<jackhill>someting like this in your services
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<villageidiot>Oh good find, let me read that, thanks
<jackhill>ACTION looks at the cookbook. Thanks Jaeme!
<villageidiot>ACTION nods in collective thanks
<Jaeme>efraim: Have you looked at #67515
<peanuts>"[PATCH 00/91] Add Mission Center and its dependencies"
<Jaeme>It adds a lot of gtk-rs support
<dajole>Is there any difference in outcome if I edit `/etc/config.scm` during installation, or if I edit it afterwards and then call `guix system reconfigure`?
<Jaeme>dajole: No, except for a lot of wasted time if you do the latter (unless you require packages/services from the latest `guix pull`)
<dajole>I see, thanks :)
<Jaeme>dajole: Assuming you're using the 1.4.0 iso
<Jaeme>That should not be a problem using the latest builds.
<dajole>Yup, using the latest iso. Thank you!
<Jaeme>dajole: no problem.
<Jaeme>Well I'm logging off now, bye guix!
<dajole>Hm...for some reason after the installation I have to enter the decryption password twice. In others systems, when I set up encryption manually, this wasn't the case. Is this supposed to be the case, or did something go wrong somehow?
<cobra>dajole: That's normal
<cobra>grub needs to decrypt to load linux, then the os has to decrypt for itself
<dajole>Thanks for the clarification. Hm...I'll need to look into how I did things previously then and re-install doing encryption manually.
<dajole>I think previously I did LVM on LUKS, but it's been a long time.
<Deltafire>you can put the kernel & modules on the plaintext boot partition to avoid having to type the password twice
<Deltafire>at least that's how ubuntu does it by default
<Deltafire>(+ initrd)
<alexey`>Hello there! I booted the Gnuix 1.4.0 system installation image again, trying to figure out why it downloads kernel 5.10.35 and, of course, crashes. Run the command `find /gnu/store -name config' and voila `/gnu/store/3k1h2ifn12rs9a06arpvqzrz5k7bwqm1-linux-libre-headers-5.10.35/include/config' Why on Earth does the installation image have it? The kernel 5.10.35 has already been removed from the linux-libre mirrors! Is there any tool
<alexey`>that keeps the distributed installation image in sync with the linux-libre servers?
<alexey`>Just note that I am trying to build the GNU Guix system locally from sources similar to the Gentoo way.
<alexey`>The whole process crashes when the installer tries to download the linux-libre kernel 5.10.35.
<PotentialUser-45>Hi :)
<PotentialUser-45>I am trying to config cgit-service in guix. Unfortunately that there is no example for me to refer to do the configuration.
<PotentialUser-45>Can anyone here give some advices?
<alexey`>PotentialUser-45: Hello! Being a novice myself, I found out that reading the Guix manual helps a lot. Look through the page 427 Chapter 10 System Configuration. There is a section called "Cgit Service".
<jakef>and maybe check you're looking at the devel version of the manual
<alexey`>Yeah, if you need a skeleton, just pick any service and see how it works. It's all GNU Guile.
<PotentialUser-45>Yes, I followed the manual. But that manual give me a very simple config `(service cgit-service-type)`, it not work. So I came here for luck :)
<alexey`>Well, I've just briefly scanned through pages 427-438. There many options for the cgit service to configure.
<alexey`>(service cgit-service-type
<alexey`>(cgitrc "")))
<alexey`>Maybe that cgitrc is what you need?
<graywolf>My impression from guix search is that there is zero support for .NET (and C#) in guix. Is that correct (just checking if I missed something)?
<PotentialUser-45>alexey` I have also tried that, no luck .
<alexey`>Then, apparently, we need someone who knows this cgit service well. Personally, I use just `git' from a command line.
<graywolf>I can see that for example ghc bootstraps using pre-built ghc binary by the upstream. So that approach is in general acceptable if building truly from source is too hard?
<PotentialUser-45>I read the cgit.scm, and got this issue resolved:
<PotentialUser-45>The config is correct. As it auto configuring nginx, so nginx service need to be restarted to reflect new changes. :)
<tsmish>I was packaging av1an and had to add all inputs and native-inputs of cargo-inputs dependencies manually to top-level package in order to build it. Why doesn't cargo-build-system propagate them automatically?
<ngz>Hello Guix.
<ngz>Hmmm. When I try to use ./pre-inst-env git send-email outgoing/0000-cover-letter.patch, I get "5.7.8 Error: authentication failed". What am I missing?
<ngz>It looks like my STMP configuration is borked.
<ngz>Ah. I think I fixed it.
<ngz>But mumi doesn't detect the initial patch =/
<recj>does anyone have experience with `guix import` not working? I'm making a manifest for my python packages and `graphene-django isn't in there, so i wrote a define-public and pasted in the package definition and 1) i had to put the use-modules statements in manually and 2) it has dependencies that aren't in guix either
<recj>this is after doing `guix import pypi graphene-django`
<podiki>recj: you should try with -r (recursive)
<podiki>the python importer is pretty decent, but not perfect
<recj>podiki: I tried that. Unfortunately, it gives me an unbound variable error for the python-pre-commit package
<podiki>guix import pypi grahene-django -r completes here just fine
<recj>which i am able to invoke using guix shell and i also added a use-mdules for guix packages where it says it is defined
<podiki>maybe try again if it was a network error?
<recj>it's not. it says unbound-variable
<podiki>ohyou mean in the package definition
<recj>when i put the package definitions in the manifest and add them
<podiki>try removing that or else finding what python package that is referring to in the source of graphene-django
<podiki>name sounds odd to me
<podiki>oh nevermind found it
<podiki>guix import pypi pre-commit -r
<recj>yeah, i tried taking it out and it had a dependency for another package, maturin, so i tried to do an import for that and paste the definiton too
<podiki>ah it is just called pre-commit I think
<podiki>maturin is also just maturin
<recj>yeah, and then it gives a different error :'-(
<recj>i actually had those definitions in there already
<podiki>the importer may be getting confused with python packages that are not prefixed with python- (of which we have some, usually more as things you use directly than libraries, but it is not perfect)
<podiki>as I said, it is not perfect though often gets you pretty close
<recj>ok, understandable. i can see that this would work in a lot of situations though
<podiki>certain dependencies or if the project uses non-python stuff can be trickier
<recj>or at least point you in the right direction
<recj>is there a way to get guix shell to print the error logs directly to the shell
<podiki>i would use guix build instead