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<cow_2001>okay, got it to compile, but now i'm trying to make it load and i'm probably not doing anything right
<jaeme>cow_2001: Do you mean that the package build succeeded but you can't load the module in Guile?
<cow_2001>(oh, by the way, the license is of course the wrong one. i am trying to make it works first before anything else)
<cow_2001>jaeme: yes, i ,use (srfi srfi-232) and it complains there's none like that
<philip>Could someone look at mergine this?
<cow_2001>jaeme: mind you, inside a `guix shell -L . guile-srfi-232 -- guile`
<jaeme>Did you check %load-path in your repl?
<attila_lendvai>when the build hangs, and i C-c the build daemon, then it doesn't retain the build dir, even with guix build -K... damn.
<attila_lendvai>is the build tmp dir available anywhere?
<jeremyc>I have base xfce config that I want to add to my home config, is there a better way of doing it than listing every single file in home-xdg-configuration-files-service-type?
<cow_2001>okay, works
<cow_2001>or maybe not
<cow_2001>oh right. i didn't export the names
<Kolev>My Guix system config calls for a nonfree channel. Should I edit it out when sharing my config ?
<attila_lendvai>Kolev, if you want others to attempt to reproduce your problem, then yes. otherwise i wouldn't sweat it too much. (but i don't represent guix, i'm just a user)
<singpolyma>Kolev: doing so would be a disservice to other imo
<Kolev>singpolyma: so censor it like i thought
<singpolyma>Noz opposite of that
<singpolyma>Censoring it could hurt someone
<singpolyma>Someone who needs what you have
<Kolev>singpolyma: I just don't want to accidentally assist in the propagation of proprietary software per the GNU FSDG.
<singpolyma>Even RMs has said many times that if your neighbour asks you for a copy of a nonfree program that you have, the least bad choice is to give it to them
<singpolyma>Advertising such here would be against The Rules but sharing your own config online is a different matter
<Kolev>I'll just avoid showing the contents of my channels.scm.
<Kolev>In official Guix channels.
<cow_2001>now i must contribute it to guix! D:<
<Kolev>cow_2001: Hooray!
<Kolev>singpolyma: I mean, if I need help and need to share my system config, I'm in a sticky situation.
<singpolyma>Ah, well, I dunno. I wouldn't worry about it too much but you're right in that narrow case someone might rap your knuckles
<Kolev>singpolyma: Sorry. My current hardware is technically and socially inferior.
<singpolyma>Liberating existing hardware is always good
<cow_2001>okay, the package definition works!
<cow_2001>now i just need to learn the guix bureaucracy of contribution ~_~
<cow_2001>Kolev: :D
<lh>> To natively compile your emacs packages ahead of time, use a transformation like --with-input=emacs-minimal=emacs
<lh>is there a documented way to do this declaratively?
<lh>i.e. from guix-home.scm or whatever
<lh>maybe a map over a list of packages with (package (inherit p) …) but then I’m not sure how to override emacs-build-system
<Kolev>While reconfiguring, running out of space.
<isaneran>hey guix!
<Kolev>BTW, does LyX pull in TeX Live?
<adanska>Hi Guix!
<adanska>Hi efraim! Hi janneke! How's things?
<efraim> rust-team is building! should be ready to merge in a day or two
<adanska>exciting news.
<xelxebar>Ooh. Nice QA page. What's the rust-team branch work about?
<efraim>in this round rust is bumped to 1.73 and we have cross-compiling working well enough to enable it
<efraim>plus tons of crate updates and some new rust apps and updates
<cnx>what is the benefit for guix.texi to be a giant monolithic file?
<efraim>it started like that and grew. We've split off contributing.texi so far
<cnx>that's the most logical reason for it
<cnx>btw does anyone use vim for texinfo? i can't fold the sections and it's impossible to tell when a section starts or end
<efraim>I use vim exclusively. I normally end up with 2 or 3 splits for guix.texi and also looking at the website or using less or grepping from the terminal
<efraim>writing it out I guess I had normalised how bad it is in vim
<Kolev>efraim: How do you handle Lisp in Vim?!
<efraim>the short answer is I have this file in my guix repo and I combine global and ctags and most of the time the indentation is correct
<efraim>no vim-paraedit or autoparens or anything like that. I found it too distracting
<Kolev>efraim, good luck with that...
<efraim>I also never gave emacs a long try. I tried it on and off for about a month but never really wrapped my head around all the bits that it could do and I couldn't remember any of the key combinations
<Kolev>efraim: I recommend Evil Mode.
<efraim>I have a video of myself working on the newsboat package. IIRC I tried to slow down but still ended up flying around the screen in vim
<Kolev>efraim: I don't know all the key combos for Emacs. I just know what I need, like "delete line" and "delete word."
<efraim>sneek: later tell civodul fixed automake on core-updates. we were missing include/c++ for objc++ include path
<sneek>Will do.
<efraim>sneek: botsnack
<fnat>In case it's of interest, there's a Guix meetup tonight, 6pm UTC, in-person in London + remote at
<fnat>More info, including agenda, and registrations
<futurile>oh cool - I need to remember to join that remotely
<fnat>futurile: super, see you later
<jpoiret>civodul: is there any time frame for core-updates?
<jpoiret>i see you've been working on it recently
<jpoiret>i've updated my (now quite old) python patch for the `guix pack` issues
<civodul>jpoiret: i’m tired of the glibc graft so i’d like to merge it soon
<sneek>civodul, you have 1 message!
<sneek>civodul, efraim says: fixed automake on core-updates. we were missing include/c++ for objc++ include path
<civodul>and make sure we don’t go much beyond core packages
<civodul>but hey, we’ll see!
<Kolev>Can Guix still import Nix packages? I'm looking for Tectonic, to save disk space.
<civodul>jpoiret: BTW, do you remember offhand what’s missing in glibc 2.38 for x86_64-gnu support?
<jpoiret>no, i hadn't tried at all but i remember sergei saying something along those lines when 2.38 was released
<efraim>tectonic is already in guix
<civodul>efraim: well done, re objc++!
<Kolev>efraim: Nice. I'll update the Tectonic docs.
<jpoiret>sergey, sorry
<efraim>I just wanted to not build gcc-objc/objc++ for aarch64/armhf tons of times
<jpoiret>is python considered core? i would say it is
<jpoiret>do we have a shepherd for the new core-updates?
<Kolev>Looks like Tectonic needs updated. efraim
<efraim>rust-team branch is currently locked, it'll have to wait until after the merge
<nckx>jpoiret: It is core, just as a matter of fact.
<jpoiret>i agree but i see a recent discussion on the MLs where only base.scm and commencement.scm were attributed to the core team
<nckx>Oh, I thought you meant rebuild-wise. Teamwise, I was convinced there was a Python team.
<nckx>There is, does the regexp not catch python itself?
<jpoiret>what i meant to ask was whether changes to python should go on the core-updates branch or left for the python team
<janneke>rebuild-wise, has anyone looked if python-on-guile can be used to remove python from commencement?
<nckx>jpoiret: 'Left' if they're responsive...
<nckx>I mean, not passively, but 'consulted'.
<jpoiret>yes, i'll just page them in on the patch and we'll see where we go from there then
<janneke>hmm, python-on-guile doesn't even build
<janneke>sounds pretty serious --
<civodul>janneke: there should be a python-team branch
<civodul>as per last year’s (!) discussion, i’d rather see Python changes in a dedicated branch
<civodul>i mean, let’s avoid turning core-updates into a catch-all branch
<janneke>right, but would removing python from commencement not be a step towards avoiding just that?
<civodul>janneke: ah sure, it would
<civodul>i thought jpoiret was asking about making changes to Python in general
<civodul>the ‘guix pack’ bug fix
<jpoiret>yeah so that's for the python team branch, right?
<civodul>that one change could probably go to ‘core-updates’ actually
<janneke>yes, but i suspected touching python for python's sake could easily trigger a world rebuild
<civodul>well, it should be
<civodul>in theory my take is that it’s best to leave such a change to ‘python-team’, so its effect can be analyzed independently of bigger changes (gcc, glibc, etc.) and on a smaller timeframe
<civodul>now, we have a scheduling problem, which is that we don’t know which of the two branches will be merged first
<civodul>my friends, master’s broken:
<janneke>"guile/3.0/extensions" -- aargh
<janneke>hmm, %bootstrap-guile lacks libguile.h etc, so no (easy) python-on-guile in commencement for now
<civodul>janneke: yeah, and last time we looked, i think python-on-guile wasn’t capable enough to do what we need
<janneke>why issn't guile-persist written in scheme, and why doesn't it serialize to s-expressions?
<janneke>ah, okay -- double bummer then :)
<janneke>maybe someone could contribute a scheme version of glibc's python thingy as a bootstrap option to them
<janneke>ACTION hasn't really looked how much python code there is in glibc
<oceane>hi, sorry but i've really tried to solve this problem by looking up online, without success:
<oceane>i cannot manage herd services, it tells me that /run/user/1002/shepherd/socket isn't found
<oceane>i don't even know how i could create a socket, i've only found people suggesting to use socat or c code as part of development projects
<oceane>i must admit i haven't tried socat yet, as i'm not sure this is the real issue –
<oceane>there's no sephered/socket path for my root user anyway, which can, however, list running services with herd
<oceane>so i'm a little bit lost and confused
<oceane>and then there's a second problem, which is more generalistic, and i don't know where to ask my question
<oceane>i've downloaded and verified the checksums for the last cwtch tarball, but when i try running the executable it tells me that lib/cwtch isn't found
<oceane>the file is here, the file can be read, so i've tried to convert its EOL to the unix format, with dos2unix(1)
<oceane>the files were executable already…
<oceane>so i have this herd problem and then this very basically cwtch problem
<oceane>thanks in advance
<ieure>oceane, Are you on GuixSD, or Guix on a foreign distro?
<oceane>or sorry, thank you ieure, on guixsd
<oceane>i'm running guix system
<oceane>* oh sorry
<civodul>oceane: by default, when running ‘herd’ as non-root, it tries to talk to your non-root shepherd, if it exists
<civodul>in this case, the message means that there is no non-root shepherd running
<ieure>oceane, What is cwtch and where are you getting it from?
<civodul>probably you want “sudo herd …”?
<oceane>ieure, cwtch is so-to-speak a queer, cpt signal
<oceane>civodul: of course i've run sudo herd, i'm going to tell you its output, brb
<ieure>oceane, I have no idea what any of that means.
<ieure>It's an encrypted messaging thing?
<oceane>ieure, yes
<oceane>ieure, basically, i'm trying to run a binary with ./cwtch
<ieure>oceane, Can you paste the error message that gives you?
<ieure>"download and run random binary" is very against the spirit of Guix and not very well-supported.
<oceane>civodul, indeed, it works for `herd status`, but there's no /run/user/983/shepherd path either, so i'm probably missing out on something right?
<oceane>ieure: “env: ./lib/cwtch: no such file or directory”
<oceane>… wait, do i just need to set an environment variable?
<oceane>did i…?
<ieure>That is not your problem.
<ieure>But I have meetings now and have to step away.
<oceane>ieure: i don't get your second last message
<oceane>ieure: good meeting!
<ieure>oceane, "That is not your problem," that is, you don't need to set an environment variable.
<oceane>ieure: ok, thank you!
<oceane>ieure: bye!
<ieure>oceane, The crux of your problem is that you need a proper Guix package for this, not to run stuff from a downloaded tarball.
<oceane>ieure: thank you, i'll try to set it up
<ieure>The error message implies that you're running a script with a shebang of `#!/usr/bin/env ./lib/cwtch' -- w
<ieure>Sorry, a shebang of `#!/usr/bin/env ./lib/cwtch' -- and that doesn't exist.
<oceane>ieure: thank you!
<civodul>oceane: /run/user/*/shepherd is for unprivileged (non-root) shepherd instance, which appear to be missing here (and that’s fine!)
<civodul>so make sure to use “sudo herd …” to talk to the system-wide shepherd (PID 1)
<oceane>civodul: thank you! i'm going to try something…
<oceane>civodul, ok, i was just used to running emacs as a systemd service
<oceane>civodul, thank you so much!
<oceane>thanks everyone!
<oceane>(i think ieure is afk, i don't want to bother them)
<jpoiret>oceane: about your other problem, it's not necessarily that very lib that can't be found, but rather one of its dynamic dependencies.
<jpoiret>you might have more info by launching your program with `LD_DEBUG=libs` set
<jpoiret>Guix handles dynamic libraries in a very uncommon way so you'll probably have to 1) patch the elf files or 2) set LD_LIBRARY_PATH temporarily, pointing to the directories where you can find the dependencies
<jpoiret>civodul: hmm, testing out my python patch it seems that it'll require more work wrt. our Lots of parts of Python somehow use abspath instead of realpath, completely breaking posix semantics
<jpoiret>the basics seem to work though, which is great
<sarg>today's AVR/cross-gcc changes are dope. One question though - the changes are attributed to Foundation Devices, Inc. Does guix accept patches from companies now?
<jpoiret>"now"? why would it not?
<jpoiret>`guix pack -RR` is too brittle :(
<civodul>jpoiret: Python’s brittle, not ‘guix pack’ :-)
<civodul>(colleagues of mine are happy ‘guix pack -RR’ users in pretty hostile environments)
<civodul>sarg: Guix accepts patches from anyone, individuals and companies
<civodul>and even organizations that are not companies
<civodul>even cats, as long as they can write a ChangeLog
<jpoiret>civodul: maybe brittle isn't the word, but arcane: i'm used to naming my GUIX_PROFILE before sourcing it, but for a guix pack -RR that won't work since then the paths don't get rewritten
<jpoiret>just realized that
<jpoiret>also there's nothing about sourcing profiles in the guix pack docs, even though it's quite important for most use-cases
<jpoiret>ie. as soon as you start using python
<jpoiret>i'll just send my patch on the ML and summarize the whole thing.
<sarg>cool! Time to think if AI generated contributions are welcome :)
<ieure>Fuck no.
<jpoiret>yea i would say it's a big no-no
<sarg>btw, writing guix ChangeLog entries only requires no less than a university degree. I'm not sure I've had even one commit merged without commit message changes
<janneke>it has little to do with Guix, it's been what we've been doing in GNU for decades now
<janneke>before, more folks had part of their upbringing writing (patches for) some GNU project, i figure
<jpoiret>but now we have proper VCS tools !
<janneke>yeah, that helps a lot
<lfam>Howdy guix
<lfam>I'm planning to change my Guix signing key today
<lfam>Taking a look at this for reference:
<mirai>sarg: I don't see how patches from companies and AI are comparable
<mirai>if the patches are free software, why should their provenance matter?
<mirai>I should add “and are understandable/meaningful” to the above
<pastor>Hi, is there anyone attending to the "London Guix Meetup" online?
<reedm>Hi #Guix! Can anyone point me to a good, up-to-date resource on "guix deploy"? I've read all of the official documentation (I think), and I'm still having a hard time wrapping my mind around the workflow.
<zamfofex>I feel like whether ML AI patches should be accepted ought to depend on the quality of those patches! Maybe human‐reviewed AI‐assisted patches could be acceptable, I feel. It’s not like the concept of “a machine produces patches, and a human reviews and corrects it” is a foreign concept (see ‘guix import’), it’s just that the program generating them would be based on ML rather than human‐written heuristics.
<zamfofex>reedm: Do you have some specific question?
<msavoritias>zamfofex: the problem is that having a sign AI - whatever that means - patches opens the floudgates for so much spam and low quality patches
<msavoritias>that guix import doesnt
<zamfofex>I was thinking mostly about the use case of a complex package being written by an AI by request, and then reviewed and modified by a person before being sent to the mailing lists.
<mirai>msavoritias: for starters, this 'AI' thing would need to come up with non-trivial patches that actually do something of interest
<msavoritias>true that too. with the quality of current LLMs i doubt you could get anything useful
<mirai>second, I doubt this is going to be fully automated, i.e. someone is still going to mail them to the lists
<msavoritias>especially in a small language like guile
<reedm>zamfofex: I'm mostly trying to figure out how to get started. My specific use-case in the short term would be to manage the configuration of a couple laptops and a small homelab. In the end, I'd love to have my homelab running some ML hobby projects in a highly reproducible way (i.e. MLOps workflows configured with Guix?)
<reedm>zamfofex: I guess to be very specific, suppose I have two laptops on the same LAN. What is the minimum setup for configuring one from the other? Does the configurer just need the ip-address of the configuree?
<zamfofex>I see. Well, having never used ‘guix deploy’ before, the documentation seemed clear enough to me. You specify a set of machines (by their SSH port and their addresses, IP or domain) and an OS record for them. Then Guix will reconfigure the machines with the given OS record.
<lalebarde>Hi, I have just installed ungoogled-chromium, but it seems that no simlink has been created as expected. The executable is here `/gnu/store/if1ygcvhngi7cang53sq2zs6w3azi140-ungoogled-chromium-112.0.5615.165-1/bin/chromium` but `which chromium` returns nothing. The install finished ok. What may happen please?
<zamfofex>reedm: You need the machines you want to deploy to to have SSH running, and also do the ‘guix archive --authorize’ step from the docs.
<zamfofex>lalebarde: Close your terminal window and open a new one.
<nckx>lalebarde: Is ~/.guix-profile/bin not in your PATH?
<zamfofex>Here’s a foundational question: What command did you type to install it? I assume ‘guix install’, but I want to make sure.
<lalebarde>nckx yes
<nckx>Also, lalebarde: In which directory did you confirm the missing symlink? That's the real problem.
<nckx>Then zamfofex's question is even pertinenter.
<reedm>zamfofex: that makes sense. For the example in the Manual for "guix deploy", the file-systems declaration looks very different from my config.scm. In particular, my config.scm was automatically populated with device uuid's. Does the configurer machine need to know the uuid of the configuree?
<lalebarde>nckx : not sure to understand your question, `which chromium` should return a path where the simlink is and I have no one. Is it correct?
<lalebarde>zamfofex Thanks but it is the same
<zamfofex>lalebarde: What command did you run to install it?
<eroesch>The London guix meetup is on right now:
<lalebarde>zamfofex nckx I was deconnected, not sure I had your last messages
<nckx>lalebarde: All I know is that you said no symlink was created. If ~/.guix-profile/bin exists, there really should be a chromium or ungoogled-chromium symlink there if you ran 'guix install ungoogled-chromium'. If not, does 'guix package -I ungoogled' show the package?
<nckx>lalebarde: You missed nothing, but you can check in such cases.
<nckx>That's an uppercase i in -I, for --list-installed. I saved precious time by not having to type --list-installed.
<lalebarde>nckx I installed from root and it is in `~/.guix-profile/bin/` and `which chromium` returns this path. But as a simple user, it does not.
<nckx>Install it as that user.
<nckx>Not root. Package installations aren't global across users.
<nckx>I recommend (strongly) against running Chromium as root so 'sudo guix install ungoogled-chromium' is nonsensical.
<lalebarde>nckx ok, so it was a misunderstanding of mine. I thought package installation via root was global for all users
<nckx>Packages added to the packages field of your operating-system are though, if you use Guix System.
<lalebarde>If they are declared in the Guix config file isn't it?
<nckx>Drawback is you'll have to upgrade your whole o-s when there's a Chromium update. This may or may not slow down important security fixes, depending on how heavyweight your o-s is.
<nckx>operating-system definition = the configuration file passed to 'guix system reconfigure'.
<lalebarde>understood, thanks
<nckx>ACTION uninstalls ungoogled-chromium before anyone sees it.
<nckx>So just to reiterate: 'guix pull', 'guix package' (including the 'guix install', 'guix remove', and other aliases) are per-user, so don't use sudo if you're not actually pretending to be root. 'guix system foo' is not, and must generally be run as root.
<nckx>lalebarde: I have a public anti-Google facade to uphold.
<mirai>what's up with CI showing 'x'/failure
<nckx>If you mean on c-u, that means the evaluation itself failed.
<nckx>Sadly I don't think that's publicly logged...
<mirai>master as well
<nckx>This rings no bells.
<theotherone>Hello :) Is anybody using swaylock as a screenlocker? I am not able to unlock the screen eventhough I type in the correct password. From what I got online it seems to be an issue with pam. Do I need to install additional pam configurations for this to work? Any tips would be greatly appreciated :)
<nckx>What issue with PAM?
<nckx>pam_authenticate failed: invalid credentials ?
<theotherone>Not sure, is there a log for that? The interface says "wrong" but the password is definitely correct.
<dariqq>theotherone: i configured swaylock screen-locker-service-type.
<dariqq>with *
<theotherone>dariqq: Oh, there is a service for that? I'll have to look in the manual then :)
<nckx>theotherone: I redirected stdout/err to a file. The symptom is the same, it keeps saying 'wrong', even with a password of 'x'.
<theotherone>nckx: I also get pam_authenticate failed: invalid credentials
<nckx>This is a regression (it used to work without any extra configuration) but I've never used the service. If it helps, great, but I don't see why we'd need a service.
<theotherone>I tried it both with swaylock and swaylock-effects :(
<dariqq>theotherone: Also the cookbook has something on the service
<theotherone>dariqq: Thanks for the tip, I'll check it out.
<nckx>theotherone: There's a note on swaylock in the manual.
<nckx>In the poorly-named 'X Window' section.
<nckx>I did indeed make it setuid first and boy did it not like that.
<dariqq>nckx: If this is indeed a regression than it has been there since at least july (when i was setting up my guix)
<theotherone>I copied the snippet from the manual into my configuration but swaylock is not defined. Do you know which module one has to import for that? Still a bit confused where I would look for that...
<dariqq>guix search says it is in gnu packages wm.
<theotherone>Ah, the location field in the search output is also the module path! Good to know :)
<nckx>dariqq: Oh yes, it's easily been 2 years since I've last invoked swaylock. 'Using Dvorak' is unbreakable encryption 'round these parts.
<theotherone>The snippet from the manual did the trick. Now its working. Thanks dariqq nckx :)
<nckx>I just invoke swaylock -C ... from a keybinding, no service, and it used to work.
<theesm>theotherone: have you tried using the screen-locker-service-type with swaylock? from my configuration:
<theotherone>theesm: Yeah, that's the one. Kinda confusing that this service is necessary for swaylock to function.
<nckx>My guess is it used to rely on being setuid and now it does the 'right' PAM thing which requires more set-up.
<lechner->Hi, what is "system profile" in the source tree please?
<nckx>I don't know to what you're referring by 'source tree' but I would assume /run/current-system/profile .
<dariqq>is it possible that there is currently a world rebuild on master (4bf4e340b7)?
<lechner->nckx / as in %system-profile
<nckx> /var/guix/gcroots/profiles/system which points to a versioned link whicw points to the store item. Which is the same store item as my previous answer in most cases, but it's persistent, whilst /run is set up during system boot.
<nckx>ACTION zzz.
<lechner->nckx / thanks!
<dariqq>ok nvm i think i messed something up.
<lechner->ACTION has world-rebuilds locally all the time
<afm-victoria>Anybody here know how to change the language settings for Info? When I type `info guix` I get the Spanish manual. I can link into the French language link, and then from there I can link into the English version, so I know I have the files for the English version. I want to read these as the default. Any suggestions?
<lechner->afm-victoria / i might try changing the 'locale'
<lechner->depending on your shell, you may be able to change it for one command with something like $ LC_ALL="en_US.UTF-8" info
<theotherone>another wayland desktop related question: is swayidle supported? I downloaded the package but when I run swayidle I get "[Line 1074] Display doesn't support idle protocol". Is that an incompatibility or just some misconfiguration?
<tex_milan>theotherone: I am on Wayland and Sway and it says: [Line 1109] No command specified! Nothing to do, will exit. No idea what swayidle is supposed to do though, I am not that far yet.
<afm-victoria>lechner-: I tried to set that variable but `info guix` still comes back in Spanish.
<afm-victoria>I think it is something Guix does when it installs/updates
<theotherone>tex_milan: swayidle needs a configuration file in order to work. You can specify what it is supposed to do on specific system events, e.g. turn monitor off after x minutes, sleep after y minutes etc.
<tex_milan>theotherone: I see, I tried and it worked, ie. did not complain.
<dariqq>It is jsut that the pre-inst-env wants to rebuild everything. Normal guix is fine.
<theotherone>tex_milan: Hmm, I am using Hyprland from a non-official repository ( Are you using wayland specific configuration in your system configuration. Maybe I am missing some service...
<lechner->dariqq / did you make a local change that triggered the bootstrap?
<dariqq>lechner: no , i even just did a hard reset to origin masterand recompiled
<lechner->dariqq / that does not sound right, but i'll let someone else chime in
<afm-victoria>lechner-: interestingly, when I do `info` in Emacs, there are no Guix nodes. This seems to suggest that Emacs is filtering using a localization variable of some sort and doesn't find the Guix English manual
<lechner->afm-victoria / i'd ask in #emacs
<afm-victoria>lechner-: thanks for the suggestion! Will do!
<dariqq>mm, ill try a complete recompile of my local guix
<tex_milan>theotherone: used exactly that one too :) But I didn't like that much animated UI and went to sway directly from guix repository.
<tex_milan> theotherone: (modify-services %desktop-services (delete gdm-service-type) ..... and I am using sddm: (service sddm-service-type (sddm-configuration (display-server "wayland")))
<jeremyc>during a guix pull just now, I am getting `(exception unbound-variable (value #f) (value "Unbound variable: ~S") (value (linux-libre-6.5)) (value #f))`, any thoughts on what this may mean and how to fix it?
<jeremyc>nm, think I got it :-)
<dariqq>recompiling the complete guix fixed this
<tex_milan>jeremyc: I am getting it too.
<tex_milan>jeremyc: How did you fix it?
<civodul>efraim: for reasons that escape me, 911c3deb4080306ea909081bc00c3485fd6caed2 is apparently a world-rebuild change
<peanuts>"guix.git - GNU Guix and GNU Guix System"
<civodul>anyone else seeing that?
<civodul>aaah no, got it :-)
<civodul>(gnu packages bootstrap) needed to be recompiled to adjust to the new <platform> layout
<dariqq>civodul: had that earlier on my local guix. Recompiling everything fixed that.
<civodul>sorry for the noise
<civodul>it’s weird that the ABI thing didn’t detect it
<civodul>we were unlucky i guess
<civodul>janneke: do you know if all the #:parallel-build? #f in commencement.scm are justified or if we could drop some of them?
<civodul>that could make a significant difference for build times
<jackhill>civodul: thanks for reviewing and committing pdfarranger!
<civodul>there’s such a long backlog
<theotherone>Hey, quick question regarding gtk themes: how can I enable them? I installed one I like (materia-theme) but am unsure how to enable it. I am on wayland. Any help is appreaciated :)