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<pranshu>Hello, I am having an error whever I use `home-files-service-type'. Any file I use local-file to get the object of, I get a "invalid name error"
<pranshu>can someone help me understand what that means
<lh>trying to install emacs-transient from the melpa guix channel to override 29’s built-in version. but the built-in one is still loading
<lh>checked load-path and /gnu/store/hash-emacs-pgtk-xwidgets-29.1/share/emacs/29.1/lisp is /before/ /gnu/store/hash-emacs-transient-version/share/emacs/site-lisp/transient-version. is that intentional?
<lh>uh, in helpful the value has the transient guix package path, but *Pp Eval Output* doesn’t have it when evaling load-path directly. what in tarnation?
<lh>never mind, my search in helpful was finding the result in initial-value. so something is removing it…
<lh>and initial-value is a symbol property defined by Doom, so it’s a Doom issue. disregard
<cmiller>sneek: Later tell pranshu: Does your file include a "."? I had the same issue with that.
<sneek>Will do.
<xelxebar>Anyone here familiar with zig? Would be nice to have the latest 0.11 packaged up.
<xelxebar>I'm trying to get packaged, but it requires 0.11+, apparently.
<adanska>Hi Guix!
<adanska>Hi isaneran! Doing anything Guix-adjacent today?
<isaneran>Nah, not more than just running it as my distro
<isaneran>I did do some tinkering the other day though
<isaneran>mostly moving things I've installed through guix package into guix home file
<adanska>ah, cool
<isaneran>How about you?
<adanska>same for me really. i might do some work on one of the tools im working on for my job, trying to learn how to use parser combinators to parse some strings in common lisp
<adanska>using smug as a library, mainly cos its already packaged in guix
<isaneran>Ah I should also mess around with parser combinators
<adanska>i think im like one more day away from properly grokking them haha
<adanska>just wondering if its just me: does gnome tweaks open for anyone?
<adanska>its suddenly stopped working, and running it in the terminal doesnt show any debug output either
<lilyp>opens for me
<adanska>im not sure what changed.
<lilyp>I got a similar problem on my laptop with gfeeds.
<lilyp>Pretty sure that some odd GLib/XDG thing is broken over there, but can't find out what.
<adanska>i wonder when the regression happened. i've launched it before on this same install no issue
<mfg>it's time-consuming but you could search for a previous system generation that worked and use the corresponding commit as a starting point for git bisect
<mfg>assuming the problem isn't with some files in the home folder that are not changed by guix
<adanska>that sounds like such a drag! but that may have to be what i do
<adanska>hmm. failing with a 'Failed to register: Timeout was reached'
<retropikzel>I'm making SDL2 program with C on guix and when I try to run it I get "could not initialize sdl2: dsp: No such audio device" would anybody have an idea what package to add to guix shell to make this error go away?
<adanska>aha! i found the issue!
<adanska>i added a few apps to autostart using gnome-tweaks, which stores some files in ~/.config/autostart
<adanska>deleting this folder makes tweaks launch again
<adanska>not sure why this is happening though...
<mfg>adanska: Glad you found that out without having to bisect :D
<adanska>mfg: yeah, me too hahaha
<mfg>adanska: did the version of gnome-tweaks change? maybe something has changed and the old file let's the program silently crash?
<mfg>this happens for me all the time when using older blender versions...
<adanska>no i dont think the version changed, i only added these autostarting apps a week ago, the last time i used tweaks. i think this is just a longstanding bug in tweaks
<mfg>retropikzel: what packages do you have in that environment?
<retropikzel>Quite alot for now because I'm not sure what would work so testing throwing everything into there
<mfg>seems reasonable :)
<mfg>i don't see whats missing :(
<retropikzel>mfg, I did some stuff and now it complains "-lasound" is missing. You know where that might be?
<mfg>that's a compatibility layer between oss4 and alsa, it seems. I found that via google and at least debian has a package libasound2-dev i don't know the guix equivalent of that though
<efraim>sneek: later tell civodul I'm building glibc-locales on powerpc-linux now
<sneek>Got it.
<efraim>sneek: botsnack
<cnx>what's the difference between file-append and in-vicinity?
<lilyp>file-append takes and produces a file-like object, in-vicinity works directly on files
<abralek>Hi Everyone!
<sneek>gabber: Greetings!
<gabber>sneek: hi!
<abralek>I have this problem with a docker container I built with system image --image-type=docker. I added ssh-daemon there and configure ldap. However ldap does't work because ssh *in* the docker cannot find library.
<abralek>I also have the very same configuration of Guix system itself which does work. and If I check sshd process with lsof in both environment docker doesn't have the required library and OS does
<pastor>Hello, did this patch got forgotten? Pinging it here in case it got burried, should be very straight forward to merge:
<abralek>interesting, why is /run/current-system/profile/etc/ has different basically it links to some different packages
<abralek>My main system -> /gnu/store/y0zn6gnrp96pgjh16s5sci3582c6ggy5-dovecot-2.3.21/etc/, server -> /gnu/store/mp4s7s5by62zmy2l4mvaxn3gnhfjly13-tcpdump-4.99.4/etc/
<lilyp>That's interesting, but inconsequential. Each package pulls its own, so you don't need them at the profile level.
<gabber>pastor: i'll give it a review (which hopefully speeds up merging)
<gabber>if you want/need it for your own purpose(s) you might want to consider spinning up your own channel to gap the waiting period(s)
<gabber>what's the difference between (@ (guix licenses) lgpl2.1) and (@ (guix licenses) lgpl2.1+)? they both point to the same upstream URLs and only differ in the variable and license names
<pastor>Thanks gabber! I already have it on a custom channel.
<gabber>pastor: i just sent my review (: it's all good except for the license
<lilyp>gabber: It's whether or not upstream permits you to reuse the package under a later version of the [AL]?GPL
<gabber>lilyp: i thought so, too - but i was unable to find such a passage in the license itself (we're talking about in this case)
<gabber>pastor: so it's LGPL2.1+ :)
<gabber>lilyp: thanks! i thought this would be mentioned in the license file itself
<cnx>how do i connect a guix system container to the internet?
<gabber>how can i make a shared library available for a Python binary (which uses the ctypes FFI)? is patching the cdll.LoadLibrary() call the way to go or is there a more elegant/guixy way (which e.g. sets LD_LIBRARY_PATH in the wrapper script)?
<pastor>gabber: should I resend a patch or since its such a minor change the person merging it will add the plus sign?
<cnx>thanks, lilyp
<gabber>pastor: it's not just the plus sign, but also the letter `l' -> GPL2 vs LGPL2.1+
<gabber>i think the hacker doing the merge is capable of doing so but i think it would be nice of you to submit the most correct patches (but i have no idea how others feel about this)
<lilyp>gabber: Hardcoding is typically the way to go. Don't set LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
<pastor>gabber: okay. I will send the corrected patch
<abralek>ok, seems like ssh cannot change its PID and groupid to nobody in docker
<abralek>adding setuid/setgid capabilities doesn't help. (
<ieugen>hi, I am getting an error trying to launch guix shell: guix shell: error: failed to connect to `/var/guix/daemon-socket/socket': Connection refused
<gabber>ieugen: are you running on Guix System or on a "foreign" distro?
<gabber>how did you install Guix?
<ieugen>yes gabber, on Debian - but I did not have this issue before
<ieugen>I was planning to try out guile-hoot
<gabber>can you confirm the guix daemon is running (something like `sudo service guix-daemon status`)
<ieugen>active but exited, status 5
<ieugen>journalctl does not say anything either
<ieugen>no error
<gabber>i am not 100% sure but exited doesn't sound right - and might be the reason your guix client can't connect to the daemon
<ieugen>yeah, guix gc fails as well
<ieugen>apt reinstall guix fixed it
<gabber>ieugen: great to hear
<ieugen>yes, now I have to figure out how to start guile-hoot
<kotet>Hi, I can't get eglot with clangd or ccls to play nicely with Guix. As the system headers are not in '/usr/include' but inside the Guix profile, the checkers don't recognize them as system headers and report bogus errors. Does anyone have experience with this?
<gabber>my review for #66547 does not seem to have arrived at issues.g.g.o ? i've sent the email about 2½ hours ago
<lilyp>Mumi is stuck the day before yesterday atm
<gabber>ah (: i see
<attila_lendvai>why does shepherd support guile 2.2? can i assume a 3.x guile while patching shepherd?
<lilyp>Shepherd is not exclusive to Guix.
<attila_lendvai>lilyp, where else is it used?
<attila_lendvai>ACTION wishes if civodul were around
<attila_lendvai>cleaning up exception handling in shepherd quickly escalated to a point of breaking herd-shepherd comms protocol
<attila_lendvai>i should probably write a mail to the list before i venture too deep into this
<lilyp>It's also packaged for ALT Linux, SUSE Tumbleweed and (of course), the Hurd.
<pastor>gabber: does your revision of appear on the mailing list?
<pastor>I was waiting to receive so I could answer back. It looks like it appears on debbugs though...
<gabber>mumi is apparently stuck on the day before yesterday
<futurile>Afternoon Guixers
<gabber>pastor: my review didn't say more than what i said here (:
<gabber>futurile: \o
<kotet>I have been able to get clangd to properly syntax check the current file, but still can't ignore the errors in Guix profile-stored system headers
<pastor>gabber: Yeah. I've read it in the debbugs interface. I wanted to answer to your review to keep the thread look on the mailing list
<gabber>pastor: you can still do that (it just doesn't currently show on issues.g.g.o)
<pastor>I will try
<graywolf>The build-aux/test-driver.scm is Guix original script? Or was it taken from somewhere else?
<graywolf>I am trying to figure out how to credit it after copying it to my own project :)
<nckx>sneek: later ask pranshu I bet they start with a '.'? Nix didn't allow these at least when the daemon was forked, so neither does Guix. There's no sane reason at all to disallow these names, according to the comment, but here we are: <>.
<sneek>Got it.
<Franciman>hi, today i had an issue with nscd, it kept resolving an hostname as, after a system upgrade it started working again
<Franciman>when such things happen, how do i tell nscd to refresh its beliefs and correctly resolve names?
<lechner>nckx / Hi, mumi is not updating again. This bug was amended on Debbugs but the message is not showing in Mumi
<lechner>and my bot is not working
<peanuts>"[PATCH] services: Add rspamd-service-type."
<iK0u>can a graphical guix vm connect to the hosts wayland?
<iK0u>by guix vm I mean guix system vm
<nckx>Thanks lechner. Lookings, they will be took.
<lechner>you must be typing on a phone
<lechner>i have live in an english speaking country for 31 years and did not understand your second sentence
<lechner>iK0u / i'm not sure. you may be looking at waypipe or vnc
<nckx>failed to connect to (2001:470:142:5::43): Network is unreachable (101)
<nckx>And the same for IPv4. Well that ain't good.
<lechner>let me check my rsync
<nckx><I have lived> Oh, that's because I was typing in nckx rather than English. I would have written the same on a realboard.
<iK0u>lechner maybe exposing wayland socket would be simpler?
<nckx>lechner: Thanks. Maybe our IP whitelisting got broken/lost/cancelled.
<iK0u>maybe he meant "I will take a look"
<graywolf>I assumed so as well
<lechner>nckx / same here
<lechner>on ipv4
<lechner>2023-12-06 12:01:00 3798 Rsync debbugs data: rsync: [Receiver] failed to connect to ( Connection refused (111)
<nckx>Your host doesn't try both?
<nckx>iK0u: I did.
<lechner>nckx / for reasons i don't know i needed -4
<peanuts>"system-config/operating-system.scm at b566b08a982a12f896cd6e6666f7849dbac0ce2e - system-config -"
<gabber>is it possible to declare in a package (to be deployed on aarch64-linux-gnu) to use python 32bit (aka for system armhf-linux)?
<nckx>lechner: My battery's about to die but I'll discuss this with the admins later.
<lechner>nckx / although it can't be the cogent peering dispute because i'm in the same data center as fsf
<peanuts>"Peering Disputes Migrate to IPv6 | Data Center Knowledge | News and analysis for the data center industry"
<lechner>nckx / i'd be happy to raise it with ian if you like
<lechner>nckx / maybe this person did something funny
<peanuts>"Re: The host does not offer TLS"
<abralek>Has anyone built a Docker container that emulates the FHS?
<lechner>nckx / i remembered now: i have to use IPv4 because my ISP supposedly does not assign static IPv6 prefixes, based on the peering dispute. (i never tested the stability of my prefix.)
<lechner>nckx / and just in case that didn't make any sense, my ISP operates out of HE2 in Fremont
<lechner>nckx / so i couldn't give FSF an IPv6 to whitelist
<pastor>is there a way to get a 'message-id' in debbugs?
<lilyp>debbugs is built on mail – fetch the mail, you have its ID
<lilyp>if you mean "search by message ID", I'm pretty sure frontends understand those
<civodul>just added my name to
<sneek>Welcome back civodul, you have 1 message!
<sneek>civodul, efraim says: I'm building glibc-locales on powerpc-linux now
<peanuts>"Group:Guix/FOSDEM2024 - LibrePlanet"
<lechner>pastor / please file it as an issue here, and I will provide a better way
<peanuts>"lechner/debbugs-gnu - debbugs-gnu -"
<lechner>Hi, I find it super painful to use 'guix shell' in Eshell. Is there a better way?
<abralek>ok, I found that nscd that runs inside the docker with LD_LIBRARY_PATH for its name-services gets things like this /gnu/store/sp2c47k890yi61b5nryd58jhc7q72mgh-nss-pam-ldapd-0.9.12/lib/ error: symbol lookup error: undefined symbol: _nss_ldap_endsgent (fatal)
<abralek>And because of that getent doesn't receive anything back
<pastor>lechner: I use EAT's eshell integration (
<peanuts>"akib/emacs-eat: Emulate A Terminal, in a region, in a buffer and in Eshell - emacs-eat -"
<lechner>pastor / thanks, i used to use EAT separately but a recent update prevents it from starting if the module is already running as part of an Eshell process. Do you have readline support in 'guix shell'?
<abralek>dammit, I get the same on the main system(
<lechner>abralek / did you upgrade without rebooting?
<pastor>lechner: If you mean auto complete and command history, yes I do. I can do everything you can in the shell (bash in my case).
<lechner>pastor / you literally just run 'guix shell' in Eshell? Which shell do you get?
<pastor>lilyp: I don't know how to find where debbugs is storing the local message to see it raw.
<lechner>pastor / you can get the mbox, i think, but it's cumbersome
<pastor>lechner: a bash shell provided by `guix shell` with the correct guix environment
<abralek>lechner: no, I have just double checked another server
<lechner>pastor / up arrow works?
<pastor>lechner: I see. What I did is use `gnus-summary-reply' to grab the `message-id' from there
<pastor>lechner: yes they do
<pastor>and tab complete too
<lechner>pastor / non of that works here
<lechner>pastor / you use guix system and guix home?
<abralek>What I am basically doing is ps waux | grep nscd, check pid, its environment path and config. and then run it manually as root with LD_DEBUG=libs
<pastor>lechner: I use guix system but I do not use guix home. I manage everything on my own through guix profiles and `.profile`.
<pastor>lechner: do you want to check out my `.dotfiles`?
<lechner>abralek / did you see the nscd remark in 2.6.2 here?
<peanuts>"Application Setup (GNU Guix Reference Manual)"
<lechner>pastor / yes, please---although my bash config is very basic
<pastor>lechner: Here you go
<peanuts>"shepherd/guix-rice: Our GNU Guix OS dotfiles - guix-rice -"
<lechner>abralek / maybe that also applies to containers that are out of sync with the base system
<pastor>lechner: take a look at `.profile`, `.guix-environment` and `.bashrc`
<lechner>pastor / maybe this?
<peanuts>"guix-rice/.bashrc at a8878ecadf826d72fb779d68b56c56969eba6837 - guix-rice -"
<pastor>lechner: Yeah. That is relevant
<lechner>that variable is unset here
<lechner>inside guix shell
<pastor>lechner: to be honest I did not give much thought to that part. It is taken from the EAT instructions. Take a look at
<peanuts>"akib/emacs-eat: Emulate A Terminal, in a region, in a buffer and in Eshell - emacs-eat -"
<lechner>i have literally used it since the day it came out. maybe it gained some new config options and needs
<pastor>lechner: It is probably important to enable something since in my guix shell I get this prompt:
<pastor>pastor@bordercollie ~/.dotfiles [env]
<pastor>lechner: this is inside the `guix shell`
<pastor>lechner: does it work for you If you set that variable?
<lechner>pastor / i am not sure it's setting it, but rather using it to load something?
<pastor>lechner: Yeah. I believe is loading something
<lechner>pastor / i'm reconfiguring my guix home, which due to my custom eudev will take about three hours (after a guix pull)
<pastor>lechner: maybe is the terminfo that it compiles
<lechner>i can probably shortcut if you can give me your output for echo $EAT_SHELL_INTEGRATION_DIR
<pastor>lechner: a few messages above you have it
<abralek>lechner: I see, well according to ldd nslcd nscd and getent they glibc is the same (
<lechner>i only see the actual prompt line with the lambda, but no output
<pastor>lechner: I see. IRC confused the / from the path to be a command. One sec
<pastor>λ lechner: echo $EAT_SHELL_INTEGRATION_DIR\n/home/pastor/.emacs.d/straight/build/eat/integration
<lechner>okay, great! i don't use straight so will look
<lechner>abralek / can you find the missing symbol with 'nm'? an online search for it came up empty
<pastor>lechner: maybe take a look at the variable `eat-term-terminfo-directory'
<lechner>pastor / you do not use the official emacs-eat package from guix either, right?
<pastor>lechner: I do not. Also it's important to include the shell integration file `eat.ti' which I did not check that the guix package is doing correctly. Take a look at
<peanuts>"emacs-config/ at main - emacs-config -"
<pastor>lechner: I'm telling straight to grab that file specifically since we need it to compile the terminfo database
<lechner>pastor / that was true magic! now it's working. I found the integration folder but just looked at it when TAB started to complete
<lechner>still my old prompt
<lechner>maddening, in some unimportant way...
<lechner>pastor / thanks so much for your patience and help today!
<pastor>lechner: did you enabled `eat-eshell-mode'?
<lechner>pastor / i manually turned it off and then back on. maybe that did it. in my config, which uses leaf, I did not use the hook, as recommended
<peanuts>"init.el/init.el at 20febbd8a434ca78b78993b5af7f9b75cc4d5051 - init.el -"
<pastor>lechner: I can toggle it and it works as expected
<lechner>pastor / have you ever used guix environment in hope of staying inside Eshell?
<abralek>lechner: that symbol is in that is not the only one, basically all the symbols that nscd needs from nss-pam-ldapd ( are shown as fatal same for
<pastor>lechner: no. I can use `guix shell` just fine within `eshell` :). Although before having eat I was using vterm
<lechner>pastor / but guix shell switches you to Bash, right?
<lechner>abralek / maybe an RPATH issue?
<pastor>ah. Yeah. That happens. But if I want to stay in eshell I just use So everything is "inside" the `guix shell`.
<peanuts>"GitHub - purcell/envrc: Emacs support for direnv which operates buffer-locally"
<lechner>abralek /
<peanuts>"Change Library Search Path For Binary Files in Linux MindonTech 0.0.1 documentation"
<lechner>random page
<lechner>pastor / i used to use the similar buffer-env.el but those things also get loaded when I access the folder with Magit!
<pastor>lechner: is that a problem?
<lechner>pastor / dunno, but i often change a lot of basic environment variables like LD_LIBRARY_PATH. it seemed like an overreach
<lechner>i think you just gave me an idea
<pastor>lechner: what is it?
<lechner>pastor / well, basically i would like to have a file-specific environment. maybe emacs can help. without it i got stuck at this, which only works for scripts
<peanuts>"lechner/preambled-exec - preambled-exec -"
<sarg>hey guix, my system doesn't boot after latest reconfigure. It mounts file systems and then does nothing. Any tips on how to increase verbosity of the boot process? I think one of the activation scripts misbehaves, though I have no idea which. Also, I haven't done much changes, it was just kernel version bump and removal of the docker service.
<lechner>sarg / what are your current kernel boot options? you can see them with 'e' on the relevant entry
<lechner>in Grub
<lechner>remove quiet if you see it
<sarg>nckx, it seems that channel logs are not indexed, the search returns only matches from some old days
<sarg>lechner yeah, I have quiet. Is it honored by guile's boot script?
<sarg>let me try though
<lechner>sarg / okay, that I don't know. is your issue before or after the pivot_root in the initrd?
<sarg>lechner: yeah, removing quiet produces quite a big output. It seems that elogind filesystem can't be mounted
<sarg>though there is no scrollback in the tty nowadays and the boot log isn't preserved
<pastor>lechner: this looks very interesting. I guess we cannot use it to substitute `wrap-program' since most executables are not interpreted and do not have shebang to modify
<sarg>okay, mystery solved. I played with lxd-service-type and made a typo in file system type. This fs couldn't be mounted and shepherd couldn't reach the root-file-system target
<sarg>removing the patch from my guix checkout and reconfiguring fixed boot
<sarg>I'm playing with a MIPS SBC. The cpu has MIPS1 ISA and I want to try building software for it with guix. So I've added a new platform `mips-linux` and I'm trying now `guix build hello --target=mips-linux-gnu`. It builds expectedly a cross toolchain and then the `hello` derivation. What I don't get is how do I instruct MIPS1 ISA for building `hello`? It should be CFLAGS=-mips1, so should I create a child package with this flag added?
<ieure>Hmmm. So I have a package for LibreWolf, which builds using their source tarball. But since LW is a fork of Firefox, they have a build process to *make* the source tarball, which involves fetching the Firefox source tarball and applying patches to it.
<ieure>Just for my own curiosity / to learn things better, I want to move *that* build process into Guix -- the creation of the source tarball ahead of building it.
<ieure>How would I build something that has *two* sources -- the Firefox tarball and the Git repo containing the patches + build process to transform it into the LibreWolf source tarball?
<ieure>Actually, I believe it's more than two sources -- the LW stuff is in multiple repos, and I believe their build process clones/downloads from several of those. The main LW source repo is pretty much just the orchestration of all the other parts, each of which is its own source.
<ieure>Can I do something like define a package for each of the sources (but not have any build process) and use the source of that as an input to another package?
<ieure>Or would I need to have multiple packages which get the various source artifacts and combine them into one thing? Like one package that just repacks the Firefox source tarball, then a second package with a source of the LibreWolf settings repo and takes the output of the FF source as input, and builds a combined source tarball.
<ieure>And chain together all the stuff I need that way?
<sarg>you can have your patches repo defined as an anonymous package in `inputs`
<ieure>sarg, That sounds very promising, is there some prior art I can look at which does that?
<peanuts>"firmware.scm\packages\gnu - guix.git - GNU Guix and GNU Guix System"
<ieure>Okay, thank you. I'd definitely have been confused without that, since it adds the source in a build step, not in the package inputs.
<sarg>also https:/
<sarg>inputs take, quoting the manual, either a package, origin, or other “file-like object”
<ieure>Gotcha. Thank you very much, this is very helpful. I appreciate it.
<sarg>hmm, how do I refer to the cross toolchain for some platform? I want to open a guix shell with it
<civodul>hey! i installed passff-icecat, it shows up in about:addons, but there’s no passff icon in the toolbar
<civodul>am i missing something?
<civodul>ooh it works, just have to type C-y
<peanuts>"Thumbsup Fails - asciinema"
<apteryx>is the rsync job not working for mumi:?
<apteryx>my replies to e.g. have yet to appear
<peanuts>"#67473 - [PATCH gnome-team 00/12] Hopefully the last world rebuild - GNU bug report logs"
<nckx>(It was discussed here earlier today.)
<nckx>ACTION hopes the FSF sysadmins work week-ends.
<nckx>apteryx: Oh, it's running now, should be synced soon. Their ( rsync daemon dieded and had to be manually restarted.
<nckx>Ping me if it doesn't sync in a few minutes.