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<random-person-37>Hello people. I am in need of some assistance. I have Guix installed on a drive on an x220 laptop, it used to boot up in command line mode only then after logging in I could start a gui with command 'sway'. I updated my x220 with a newer version of coreboot that I compiled (I flash externally). This is the only thing changed. Now when booting into
<random-person-37>guix instead of it starting up in command line mode it goes into a graphical screen asking me if I want to continue or choose a different kernel version. anything I select does not continue and just have a frozen graphical image (grey with guis logo in background).
<random-person-37>any thoughts on how I can fix this ? I think if I can just disable GUI on boot-up that would let me back into using my computer again. I am also using whole disk encryption if that makes any difference.
<random-person-37>other operating systems boot up fine on same laptop, I swap out different drives with different operating systems on them as needed
<random-person-37>*guix not guis
<random-person-37>(If this web chat window times out, I'll check the logs)
<ieure>random-person-37, Anything relevant in the coreboot changelog? Kind of sounds like you switched from legacy boot to UEFI boot (or vice-versa).
<ieure>random-person-37, Or, if the coreboot update wiped out your BIOS settings, I could see that causing your issue.
<random-person-37>I was wondering if it was uefi also, because that is usually graphical right?
<lechner>random-person-37 / can you enter the GRUB shell? (insmod normal)
<random-person-37>gui is annoying, less reliable/compatible, and cannot see verbose output
<random-person-37>I can enter command line
<random-person-37>or I can edit files with it mounted externally to another computer
<random-person-37>I hit either e or c to continue in "command line" and I think it is a grub> prompt.
<random-person-37>pulling computer out now to check, what commands in grub would I want to try?
<lechner>does it already load a kernel, or mot?
<random-person-37>I boot up the computer, input disk decryption, but now it is just the gray screen with the guix logo and word guix.
<lechner>is this a boot problem, or you don
<lechner>don't want X?
<random-person-37>using Wayland and sway
<lechner>that's grub right?
<random-person-37>I do not know sorry,
<lechner>try ls your bios enumeration changed
<random-person-37>I could just backup files then re-install, though that is time-consuming
<random-person-37>so rather would try to fix first
<random-person-37>I cannot type anything though, after I type in decryption it just now goes to the blank gray screen with word guix
<random-person-37>can't even get to other TTYs with the usual ctrl+alt F-key
<random-person-37>otherwise I can edit files with this drive mounted as a filesystem on another computer. or by booting up from a live usb drive
<lechner>no grub menu in which you can hit 'e'?
<random-person-37>used to, but not anymore
<random-person-37>now just the screen that normally would be in background of that menu
<random-person-37>wallpaper I mean
<lechner>yeah i know
<lechner>can you boot a live cd?
<random-person-37>I have a copy of tails I can use
<lechner>anythin that gives you grub 2
<random-person-37>trying now
<lechner>just a brief disclaimer: i have never used luks
<random-person-37>in grub now, step 2 on this page
<random-person-37>step 1 under "Using SYSLINUX" I mean
<random-person-37>oh, that is not grub, trying to get into grub
<random-person-37>yeah can't get into grub
<random-person-37>I may just do a re-install,
<random-person-37>unless you have something else I can try. thanks alot for your responsiveness.
<lechner>a debian usb
<lechner>live image
<random-person-37>id have to download one and prep it on another computer
<random-person-37>what do you suggest I try once I do that?
<random-person-37>actually, I was able to boot of a second drive that has kali installed (kali is based on Debian)
<random-person-37>and I still have guix drive in that same laptop, I only booted off kali just now
<lechner>you get into grub, load the config, look at your bootable partitions with 'ls' (which can look into partitions, as well) and compare the string that looks like (hd0,1) to what it says in the config. with 'e' you can correct prior to booting. it appears two times =, in linux and initrd
<random-person-37>I think I'm in grub now
<lechner>then you reinstall by reconfiguring Guix from the inside
<random-person-37>which would delete my files right?
<random-person-37>I can back them up first
<random-person-37>I never used grub commands before,
<lechner>c goes to command-line
<random-person-37>but google is my friewnd
<lechner>reconfiguring Guix should not delete your files. that would be a bug
<random-person-37>and I'm definitely in grub now
<lechner>rescue or normal>
<random-person-37>I think normal
<lechner>you have a prompt?
<lechner>also, help although that may scroll
<random-person-37>so I should edit a config?
<random-person-37>how do I edit grub config?
<lechner>did you boot the usb in EFI or MBR mode
<lechner>you have to load the config, but first you have to find the drive
<random-person-37>I see two drives
<random-person-37>so maybe hd1 might be it, 50/50 chance
<random-person-37>hd0 and hd1
<lechner>ls (hd1)
<random-person-37>(hd0) (hd0,msdos5) (hd0,msdos1) (hd1)
<lechner>are they not partitioned?
<lechner>maybe that's luks
<random-person-37>device hd1 no known filesystem detected
<lechner>insmod cryptodisk
<lechner>insmod luks
<lechner>cryptomount -a
<lechner>then something like configfile (hd0,gpt2)/grub/grub.cfg
<lechner>it could be in the efi partition
<random-person-37>I ran those commands then when ls I see
<random-person-37>the same but new ones
<random-person-37>(cbfsdisk) (proc)
<lechner>ls (cbfsdisk)
<lechner>insmod lvm2
<lechner>insmod ext2
<lechner>then again, cryptomount -a
<lechner>i think the flash erased your EFI variables, or perhaps your MBR/EFI preference
<random-person-37>erased from the disk?
<lechner>no NVRAM
<random-person-37>all my other operating systems boot up still
<random-person-37>but maybe guix is different
<random-person-37>something interesting, when flash the old image to the soic-8 chip, it boots back up again normally
<lechner>not sure. our kernels have long, unpredictable paths
<random-person-37>thanks for your help, I'm going to just reinstall guix from a usb-drive installer after backing up files
<random-person-37>either the commands were not showing anything further at a certain point, or I got lost
<lechner>i followed this, btw
<random-person-37>ill check out that link
<random-person-37>unrelated question though, most packages in guix are out of date, ungoogled-chromium for exmample is so out of date with multiple 0days
<random-person-37>I can update the packages using something like guix refresh?
<random-person-37>what is the exact command?
<random-person-37>guix refresh --update "package name" ?
<random-person-37>reproducible builds are only useful if apps are up to date or can be easily updated , so wondering if possible to do this
<random-person-37>long time Debian user, new to guix, so I'm kind of a noob with this
<lechner>i think it's guix package -u or guix update but i use guix home
<random-person-37>but the upstream packages in guix are very out of date
<random-person-37>that command only updates with the upstream packages in guix software repo
<lechner>i used debian for twenty-five years before switching last year
<lechner>i find the packages here more current than debian testing, but ymmv
<random-person-37>what!? where?
<random-person-37>almost every package I use is out of date even upstream
<random-person-37>I can name a few
<ieure>Guix packages are kind of all over the map, they generally seem to be more current than Debian (stable, at any rate), but there are some surprising exceptions. Like Python, Guix only has 3.9. 3.12 is the current stable series.
<lechner>okay, guix is not for everyone. maybe nix is better
<lechner>we struggle to provide substitutes
<lechner>maybe that's it
<lechner>i don't use python
<ieure>Sure, but you certainly accept that many people do, and for them, being on 3.9 can be a problem.
<lechner>everyone here is a scheme afficionado though, so that's where the love goes
<lechner>i am thinking about a tattoo myself
<ieure>Well, show me the Scheme equivalent of Django and I'll be a happy man.
<ieure>The only tattoo I've ever seriously considered is a cons cell.
<lechner>python is #1, no doubt
<random-person-37>toxic ungoogled-chromium i2pd  (tor maybe?)
<random-person-37>or maybe I just am a rare person who happens to just use all the out of date packages.
<ieure>Python is fine, not my favorite, but if you need to build stuff both quickly and well, Django is a very good tool for that.
<superkamiguru>There is Gnu Artanis, which is cool
<ieure>Common Lisp is my least disfavored language. Scheme's okay, but it's my least favorite of the lisps I know.
<random-person-37>python is a massive dependency hell. and nearly impossible to build the dependency tree of python applications from from source. I bet that no developer even tests it complied from source and so it only works on the prebuilt dependencies. something is not open source if not compiled from source code (or reproducible builds).
<random-person-37>a python app has a enormous dependency tree, making it very fragile. python also has the security issue of if you just simply _download_ a package the file can pwn your system, don't even have to execute it
<random-person-37>only time I ever had issues was when working with python apps, and every time I used a python based app I had issues.
<random-person-37>(done ranting)
<random-person-37>just have a strong hatred to python
<random-person-37>I think that guix can be improved if packages that are not up to date for long enough get removed, or an "out of date" tag to it, and can use a config option to filter out out of date packages. it is kind of annoying because I realized I was running software with zero days because I thought I was up to date but was not
<random-person-37>so I manually check version of all my packages and compare with the project website or git repo
<singpolyma>Insterd of removing it, why not update it?
<random-person-37>"python is a massive dependency hell. "  python applications I mean
<random-person-37>how do I update it though?
<singpolyma>The way that benefits everyone is to send a patch, but there are various ways to installed a modified version locally
<random-person-37>I don't know how to write guix packages
<random-person-37>and so I'm better off just going back to compiling from source.
<random-person-37>what does guix refresh command do?
<superkamiguru>There is a web tool to help write guix packages now.
<lechner>random-person-37 / you know about repology?
<singpolyma>Guix is just compiling from source. If you look at the existing definition you probably just have to update the git commit it uses and maybe tweak the build options
<random-person-37>first I heard of repology
<lechner>make your life easier!
<random-person-37>repology dt org?
<random-person-37>repology dot org?
<random-person-37>this is nice
<lechner>they even provide badges for project home pages
<lechner>please feel free to leave a penny in the tip jar
<random-person-37>pennys? you mean sats?
<lechner>now i did not know about those!
<rdrg109>[Q] I have installed PyQt6 using "pip install" in a virtual environment in GuixSD, but when I'm trying to run Python code, I get the following error: "ImportError: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory". Does anyone know how to solve this problem?
<jeremyc>Is anyone else having problems with guix download speed right now? This seems to come and go with me. Not sure if its me or guix. Right now I created a new manifest file and it's downloading at 18k/sec :-/ A few hours ago doing a system upgrade I was pulling down 8-12mb/sec.
<PotentialUser-99>Does anyone know of any example packages that build a small C project that doesn't include a makefile? I'm trying to package a small tool that is literally one single C file. I've tried replacing the build phase with (invoke "gcc prog.c -o prog") and including gcc as a native-input, but that doesn't seem to work. I get a No such file or directory
<PotentialUser-99>error in the build phase
<psyleft_>PotentialUser-99: I think you are looking for trivial-build-system. You could try grepping the guix repo for examples
<PotentialUser-99>all of the examples I've found so far are just using it to create symlinks or unarchive a tar
<PotentialUser-99>I think I'm going back to gnu-build-system, was closer to having something working there
<PotentialUser-99>Actually just got it working with the gnu-build-system
<abcdw>hey guix o/
<efraim>abcdw: o/
<efraim>looks like qtwebengine@6 isn't supported on i686-linux
<efraim>debian has some patches to re-enable support
<oleander>Hi, have you ever managed to configure Libreswan/Strongswan or any vpn client available on Guix to connect to FortiGate which is the vpn server that my company runs?
<oleander>I already tried all the network-manager plugins without success.
<oleander>The networking team sent us the following parameters to configure FortiClient:
<oleander>The config suggested in this post does not work:
<hwpplayer1>Do we have a paste service ?
<hwpplayer1>I guess we need something for paste services ...
<Guest33>Does anyone have a working example of wayland auto-login working? i have (sddm-configuration (auto-login-user " ...
<Guest33>but it seems to be ignored
<nutcase>How do I find out which package outputs a specific file / binary in general?
<nutcase>How do I find out, which package outputs `bin/gio` in particular?
<Guest33>try guix locate
<nutcase>Guest33: thanks, unfortunately it only finds bash-completions for gio but not gio itself.
<nutcase>it seems that guix locate finds files in the default output but not in bin output of glib?
<pranshu>Hello, does anyone have any experience getting rxvt-unicode to work?
<pranshu>whenever I launch, the arrow keys + backspace do not work.
<pranshu>If there is no solution, is there any guix configurable alternartive terminal
<anthk_>pranshu: export TERM correctly
<pranshu>anthk_: what do you mean by that, sorry I am new to linux
<pranshu>dont know the basic stuff yet
<gabber>pranshu: try typing TERM=rxvt-unicode
<gabber>and execute that in a (rxvt unicode) terminal. does it work after that?
<pranshu>gebber let me try
<pranshu>it didn't work
<gabber>what's the output of `echo $TERM`?
<gabber>and you do that from within an rxvt-unicode shell?
<pranshu>I would send you an image if I could
<gabber>what's the output of `echo $TERMINFO`?
<pranshu>it's blank
<pranshu>when I try in xfce terminal its blank too
<gabber>what about setting TERM=rxvt-unicode-256color ?
<pranshu>is there a way to refresh the terminal
<gabber>WDYM "refresh"?
<gabber>like closing it and opening it again?
<pranshu>Restart with keeping the defined variables
<pranshu>I also tried TERM=urxvt, didn't work
<gabber>why would you want to keep those variables if they didn't solve your issue?
<pranshu>yeah thats true, but maybe starting up with those variables defined would work?
<pranshu>idk, you know more then me
<gabber>that does not make a difference. when i log into a machine where my TERM setting doesn't match anything on a server i set this variable to something that is close enough - and things start to work
<pranshu>hmm, seems like I have a strange issue
<pranshu>is there any terminal emulator configurable by guix home or rde?
<gabber>i'm sure you'll figure it out. have a look at online resources like:
<gabber>you can configure *every* app with the right config file through guix home
<pranshu>show me an example
<gabber>there's plenty in the manual:
<pranshu>I feel like the manual only includes for some apps
<gabber>with the home-files-service-type you can have guix home manage any configuration file
<pranshu>for exmaple would it be possible to configure thunar with guix?
<pranshu>oh, any .conf file?
<gabber>any file you want
<pranshu>do you mind sharing some examples, of guix-system and guix-home
<pranshu>I feel like idk where to start
<pranshu>also do you know any sample configs I can get from github, that do not use org
<gabber>there should be examples (or at least excerpts of such) in the reference manual, but there's a bit more in the cookbook:
<gabber>if you search for "guix home" (or another git repo hoster) using your preferred web-search engine you find plenty of examples
<pranshu>I'll look into it, thank you!
<gabber>can i make a guix system not ask for a root password? when i do $(guix system vm) i can just login root (without any shananigans) but when i create a system image i am asked to define a root passwort on login
<efraim>oh, they left. I was going to link my home config where I configure more stuff than is covered by guix-home
<efraim>sneek: later tell pranshu take a look at my home config file, it configures more than what is explicitly supported by guix-home or rde
<gabber>the bots have abandoned us to our fate
<vivien>ACTION thought they were to replace us
<efraim>can home-page take a list?
<efraim>looks like grub has a devicetree keyword, but it wants a dtb file, not a directory like extlinux
<efraim>now comes the worst part of making a disk image: actually flashing it to an SD card and trying it out
<unwox>sneek: later tell oleander: there is openfortivpn package, maybe it is what you need
<gabber>sneek: rude-ish?
<efraim>sneek: later tell pranshu take a look at my home config file, it configures more than what is explicitly supported by guix-home or rde
<gabber>definitely rude
<efraim>I think sneek hates me
<gabber>sneek: later tell efraim that i wouldn't take it too personally
<sneek>Got it.
<efraim>ACTION goes off to munch on some botsnacks alone
<gabber>sneek: botsnack
<hwpplayer1>Finally I am able to run Guix with GNOME (in a vm)
<futurile>Afternoon Guixers
<hwpplayer1>how can I install the latest GNU Emacs ?
<hwpplayer1>I see 28.x
<hwpplayer1>I forgot but It was 28
<futurile>hwpplayer1: I see 29.1 in Guix
<jeremyc>efraim: great resource for a guix newbie like me. really shows what can be done with a home config. glad I happened to catch the link. Thanks!
<hwpplayer1>futurile: how can I install the latest GNU Emacs ?
<hwpplayer1>what is the command ?
<jeremyc>guix upgrade emacs, if you have it installed already
<hwpplayer1>no I am new to Guix
<jeremyc>ohhh... guix install emacs ... sorry, your asking to install
<futurile>hwpplayer1: the 'latest' on the Gnu page is 29.1; the 'latest' I see in Guix is 29.1. So it should just be `guix install emacs` or `guix install guix@29.1`
<hwpplayer1>Okay lets check it asap
<futurile>hwpplayer1: also you are going to have to read this section of the manual heh :-)
<futurile>ACTION thinks it's impossible to use Guix without reading the manual pretty closely
<hwpplayer1>I see 28.2 when I run guix search emacs
<futurile>hwpplayer1: how did you install Guix?
<hwpplayer1>I am about to install emacs-next
<hwpplayer1>which is 29.0.50
<anthk_>if guix is 28.2 you might have to run guix pull
<hwpplayer1>Okay gotcha
<anthk_>as a non-root user
<hwpplayer1>I see
<hwpplayer1>I am running guix pull
<hwpplayer1>Thanks all !
<willcl-ark_>Hi, when the guix setup script says I need to log out and in again, what does it need that for? I am trying to include guix installation in a script and would prefer not to have to log out/in. Does it just want a new session?
<gabber>it sets the environment variables so
<gabber>it might work if you invoke $(bash --login) but i'm not sure
<lechner>willcl-ark_ / Hi, would 'guix deploy' help?
<willcl-ark_>hmmm, I will try a new login shell then, I think deploy looks a bit overkill for me
<gabber>willcl-ark_: what are you actually trying to do/achieve?
<gabber>what service does ask for a new password on a freshly installed Guix System? can i turn that off?
<gabber>at the end of $(guix deploy) i get a nasty looking: "guix deploy: error: unauthorized public key: " with the key i just authorized, but on the target system there now is a new generation -- is it a bug that there is an error being reported or is this perhaps due to "guix deploy: warning: <machine-ssh-configuration> without a 'host-key' is deprecated" i was told at the beginning of the deploy job?
<civodul>gabber: this is weird, perhaps the user’s SSH key is not in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys or similar on the target?
<civodul>ACTION does a first stab at upgrading glibc in ‘core-updates’
<civodul>we’ll need to talk about x86_64-gnu
<guestinator>hi all, for the guix apt package, do you have to do a systemd override to increase --max-jobs? the info page says it defaults to 1 and the service it ships with doesn’t pass an arg
<ryblade>i've seen in some examples for mounting vfat filesystems that there's a line saying (device (uuid "0000-FFFF" 'fat)). just curious what the 'fat part at the end is for, i can't find much documentation regarding it.
<civodul>janneke, jpoiret: glibc 2.38 adds x86_64-gnu, but IIRC it still misses a few bits?
<guestinator>it doesn’t default to the number of users it finds in --build-users-group?
<civodul>guestinator: hi! you can override it from clients such as ‘guix build’, and otherwise you can modify /etc/systemd/system/guix-daemon.service
<civodul>ryblade: the 'fat part means it’s a FAT UUID, as opposed to other flavors of file systems UUIDs (DCE/ext4, etc.)
<guestinator>alright, thanks. I’ll do that. might be good for README.Debian to mention that
<ryblade>civodul: thank you!
<dariqq>hi, is someone here who can accept my mail to guix-patches such that i can send the actual patches to the issue number?
<guestinator>can you set --max-jobs higher than the number of build users?
<civodul>dariqq: hi! there’s a short quarantaine of a few hours when one sends their first message to the list
<civodul>we can’t really interfere with that
<civodul>a bit annoying, you’ll have to be patient :-)
<dariqq>civodul: ok i just got the reply from the list.
<guestinator>are some of the early bootstrap builds not parallelized? I updated max jobs and restarted the daemon, but mesboot0 seems to be using one process (yes, I have already disabled substitutes)
<civodul>guestinator: possibly, i don’t remember (we don’t have a full-fledged GNU make at that point so parallelism is harder)
<dariqq>sent the patches, i hope i did everything correctly.
<civodul>cool, and welcome if it’s your first contribution :-)
<guestinator>I guess that makes sense. I will have to be patient then 😅
<guestinator>hopefully these early stages don’t update too frequently where rebuilding the world is a frequent occurence?
<robin>guestinator, lots of mesboot packages in commencement.scm have #:parallel-build? #f specified...
<guestinator>ah, I should’ve checked
<guestinator>ok looks like last mes-boot update was 10 months ago, so that’s reasonable
<gabber>does (make-forkexec-constructor) expect the process to return? i start my program (which seems to be running fine) but after some time shepherd kills it (?) and informs me that the process couldn't be started...?
<gabber>civodul: the key that got printed out with the error message is the (public-key (ecc )) thingy that i authorized before -- so it should be both on the "coordinator" as well as on the target...?
<civodul>gabber: ‘make-forkexec-constructor’ spawns a service and tells you if it couldn’t be started (showing an exit code), but that’s about it
<gabber>that matches pretty much my understanding and expectations...
<gabber>how exact is timing in our syslog /var/log/messages? i see shephard exclaiming the service couldn't be started before the service (which seems to be still(?) running) print to the log
<graywolf>Hi, would anyone have time to look at ? Would be nice to be able to build deluge.
<guestinator>has anyone had issues with emacs and gio modules on a foreign distro?
<guestinator>I’m not really familiar with gio modules, but I get errors from emacs about the one for dconf access
<guestinator>I would have thought that it would use from guix? or does the version need to match the host dconf
<lilyp>dconf is weird, you get two different configs from the guix one vs. the host one
<lilyp>at least that's what happened back when I had to use Ubuntu for like… a week or so
<oceane>hi, my exwm window gets a small definition, about 500x500, is there any way to fix it?
<ieure>oceane, Do you mean the Emacs frame?
<oceane>ieure: yes!
<oceane>thank you!
<oceane>ieure: so far i've added a few lines to my .xinitrc.exwm, and sourced it from .xinitrc, to define the screen, the definition, and the refresh rate, according to `xrandr --query`
<ieure>oceane, Sure; not relevant to your problem, though. I think you just need to put (toggle-frame-fullscreen) somewhere in your init file.
<ieure>Guix has a default EXWM setup, I'm surprised it doesn't already do that -- maybe something in your config is changing that?
<ieure>You can put EXWM-specific Emacs Lisp into ~/.exwm, that's what Guix loads first when you start an EXWM session.
<oceane>ieure: oh yes it works
<oceane>ieure: thank you so much!
<ryblade>i chickened out on exwm when i ran into the same problem as oceane, lol. maybe i should give it another whirl...
<ieure>I've been using it for years, I like it.
<ryblade>glad to know there's an easy fix, ieure, thanks for that. i want to use exwm as a way to force myself to get better with emacs and elisp.
<ryblade>i used to use emacs ages ago but it was like 95% org-mode
<oceane>sooo it works after i've restarted it, thank you so much!
<oceane>i might put it on within the next few days
<oceane>is there a way to edit from within emacs?
<ryblade>now that i'm on guix i figure it's about time to get good with emacs, maybe pick up some lisp as i go, see how much of that can be transferrable to guile scheme, sort of immerse myself in the whole ecosystem properly.
<oceane>yeah now there's denote, it's a game changer
<oceane>shouldn't we move to an offtopic chan?
<ryblade>eh, it's all right, i'll shaddup :)
<oceane>no it's an interesting conversation
<guestinator>lilyp: wdym by dconf configs? were you able to work around it? I see there is an emacs wrapper script that sets a gio modules env var
<ryblade>oceane: well i'm just as new to libera as i am to guix, is there a #guix-offtopic channel?
<ieure>ryblade, Yep.
<ryblade>right on, i'm there
<Guest14>I use Emacs for writing email.  Someone knows how the URLs like in here with the [0] are done?  I assume this is not done manually.
<Guest14>lechner:  Do you use Emacs for writing mail?  If so, do you generate the URL footnotes automatically or manually?
<sarg>hey guix, does emacs-guix work for you? Package actions don't work for me (Build/Size/Build Log etc), raising exceptions in guile repl.
<ieure>sarg, It works for me, but it's kind of buggy and breaks tab completion in shell-mode buffers.
<civodul>yeah, it needs love
<efraim>I do the url footnotes manually in vim
<sneek>efraim, you have 1 message!
<sneek>efraim, gabber says: that i wouldn't take it too personally
<efraim>sneek: we're still in a fight
<PotentialUser-40>how to install guix on nixOS?
<civodul>PotentialUser-40: hi! if you’re looking for a NixOS service for Guix, you should probably ask on #nixos
<nadia_>cant seem to join #nixos
<civodul>i think i just pushed a useful fix for Emacs-Guix
<Guest14>There is a nix-service-type.  Does that mean I would use nix or how exactly would I install a package from the nix repository?
<guestinator>PotentialUser-40: may be worth a shot
<guestinator>whoa, it’s in upstream nixos now!
<guestinator>that may be worth adding to the guix manual alongside the debian and opensuse packages, if foo-dogsquared thinks so
<civodul>sneek: seen mirai
<sneek>mirai_?, pretty sure was seen in #guix one day and 4 hours ago, saying: Guest43: as long it doesn't include the nonfree bits in question, it's fair game.