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<Kolev>I can't get the G-Golf examples to run. I have guile-g-golf installed.
<Kolev>daviid, I get this error with G-Golf:
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<mala>is there a way to refer to directories in a gexp? I'd like to copy across the contents of a directory into the store, and then link to its directory path in a home configuration, like so:
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<mala>(I know that should probably be something like #~(#$(local-file "fonts/.fonts" #:recursive? #t))) -- I just wanted to give the idea of what I was trying to achieve
<mala>okay, in talking to myself - it looks like that gexp /should/ work, but as it is, it just dumps a string version of the gexp into the final fontconfig xml like this: <?xml version='1.0'?><!DOCTYPE fontconfig SYSTEM 'fonts.dtd'><fontconfig><dir>~/.guix-home/profile/share/fonts</dir><dir>#&lt;gexp (#&lt;gexp-input #&lt;&lt;local-file&gt; file: &quot;fonts/.fonts&quot; absolute: #&lt;promise #&lt;procedure 7f5836dd83b0 at /home/danny/Public/dotfiles/home-configurat
<mala>ion.scm:94:27 ()&gt;&gt; name: &quot;fonts&quot; recursive?: #t select?: #&lt;procedure true (file stat)&gt;&gt;:out&gt;) /home/danny/Public/dotfiles/home-configuration.scm:94:22 7f5837ac4de0&gt;</dir><dir>~/.local/share/fonts</dir></fontconfig>
<yarl>Hello guix.
<yarl>sneek: later ask civodul : Hi, I saw that isc-dhcp is end of maintenance : . It's known in the description of isc-dhcp by the way. I am wondering if there is plan to switch to something else as it is the default package for dhcp-client-service-type? Thank you.
<vivien>I have a question for the Python team ! I am trying to upgrade python-dbusmock, but it now fails at the 'sanity-check' phase: checking requirements: ERROR: python-dbusmock==0.29.1 DistributionNotFound(Requirement.parse('dbus-python'), {'python-dbusmock'})
<vivien>python-dbus is in the propagated-inputs, what should I do?
<vivien>(for my gnome-team fellows, I am convinced the dbus upgrade subtly broke python-dbus and then python-dbusmock, so that the mutter tests fail)
<lilyp>possibly a strict == comparison where you need a >= ?
<lilyp>or python-dbus itself is outdated
<vivien>I updated python-dbus too
<vivien>And I don’t see any version requirement for dbus-python (python-dbus) in dbusmock (python-dbusmock)
<tjout>Hey guys,
<nutcase>is anyone here successfully running geoclue on her/his guix system and is willing to share configuration?
<tjout>I use Guix on one of my machines for a few months now for testing purposes. Now I would like to migrate my homeserver but I can't figure out how to install docker (service docker-service-type) in headless mode. First, Guix was complaining about missing dbus. So I added dbus to "use-service-modules" but that does not seem to be the right module.
<tjout>What do I have to add to the config generated by install ISO?
<sarg>hi ieure, thanks for adding your packages to emacs-xyz, I do use some of them. I've updated my configs to use guix packages and noticed that you've put dependencies in `inputs`, rather than in `propagated-inputs`. It makes explicitly add the dependencies to the profile. Wouldn't it make more sense to use `propagated-inputs`?
<tjout>Unfortunately I can not paste the config since I am in curses-install
<hako>tjout: Add (service dbus-root-service-type) to services should fix that.
<tjout>Ah, I was close, Thank you :)
<sarg>tjout: install the minimal working system and then incrementally adjust it to your needs
<oriansj>or opt to go crazy like me and write an explicit configuration
<peanuts>"~oriansj/System_setup: personal/x200.scm - sourcehut git"
<troyfigiel>vivien: Hi vivien, have a look at this issue: It seems somewhere between 0.25.0 and 0.29.1 dbusmock added dbus-python as an install requirement, which apparently doesn't work. I see that jack-select patches for example, by removing the explicit install requirement
<peanuts>"Replace dbus-python with pydbus ? Issue #2 ? SpotlightKid/jack-select ? GitHub"
<tjout>sarg yeah, I guess that is the better option for my setup. I will be back with a lot of questions^^
<vivien>thank you troyfigiel
<radio>There is any particular reason for the xdg-desktop-entry record having a entry that receives an alist? I thought it was not desirable since, citing archwiki, "every recognized key can be found on the freedesktop site."
<radio>Is there*
<Guest56>guix is now my new home system, I still have my mac, but I want to stay on the system for the rest go my life
<Guest94>guix with with i3 is just wholesome
<Guest94>I really love, that I  am on an open source system, that uses a lispy language
<kitty1>trying to boot the USB installer on a Z440 station I picked up a while ago, but just getting
<kitty1>error: invalid magic number.
<kitty1>error: you need to load the kernel first.
<kitty1>Guest94: ye :>
<kitty1>not really sure where to go from here kljasdjkl
<ekaitz>hi, does guix provide a zoneinfo/leap-seconds.list file in any package? I'm searching in tzdata but it doesn't provide that
<ekaitz>ok so it looks we are not installing it in tzdata
<anthk_>ekaitz: hyperbola doesn't have that file too :S
<anthk_>uh, neither has that file
<ekaitz>looks like it happens often
<anthk_>mmh, brb in a few hours, hope the issue with scummvm get fixed in mosts distros, as jxself has a few Z-Machine games on his repo section
<anthk_>and these just need some quick fix under scummvm (chekcsum and ID)
<anthk_>inb4 "there's always frotz", SDL managers to run libre distros on really small/odd displays where a terminal would not be enough but scummvm could
<anthk_>ok, brb
<vivien>lilyp, the sysprof upgrade broke the mutter tests, but if I try and replace the sysprof input of mutter with either sysprof-3.44 or sysprof-3.45, the tests fail the same way.
<vivien>So it must be deeper than that.
<vivien>I cannot find where sysprof is used aside from mutter though, so I don’t know what is happening.
<lilyp>if you roll back the sysprof upgrade, does it work or no?
<Guest94>I just found flameshot is also packaged for guix. Really nice
<Guest94>man, how I love guix. It feels like I want to spend my time with. its a really nice level of abstraction
<lilyp>vivien: the propagated inputs look suspicious
<lilyp>in particular libadwaita propagates gtk4
<Guest94>which is the best Windows Emulator for guix ?
<lilyp>this isn't really a topic to discuss here, but if wine doesn't work, you still have qemu :)
<nckx>I'm not aware of any Windows ‘emulator’ that isn't Wine, ever, anywhere, on any distro.
<nckx>And there is a 99.992% chance that any other one is just a rebranded Wine.
<Guest94>can I start ubuntu with quemu?
<nckx>It just emulates a computer.
<nckx>You'll need to string together an arcane command line to do so, but there are quite a few (GUI) front-ends to make QEMU more newcomer-friendly. I know Guix has gnome-boxes and the more complicated libvirt packaged.
<Guest94>nckx is there an easier program than qemu?
<nckx>Probably the aforementioned gnome-boxes.
<nckx>It uses QEMU under the hood. Almost anything will. Which is good, because QEMU's good.
<lilyp>vivien twas libawaita btw
<Guest94>nckx okay, i will check this out and something like virtual box is not good in your opinion?
<nckx>VirtualBox is fine but not packaged for Guix.
<Guest94>nckx is this worth maybe to package for guix ?
<nckx>Last time someone looked it had one stupid mandatory dependency on a non-free thing that made doing so impossible. Which is frustrating, since it's free software, but you can't build it with only free software.
<Guest94>nckx ah okay, makes sense. is it hard to package something like virtual box for guix ? I mean in general, is it hard to learn something like packaging ?
<ieure>Guest94, IMO, Guix packaging is pretty easy. I used to be a Debian developer, and it's much, much easier than dealing with Debian packages -- both creating the initial package, ongoing maintenance, and running package repositories.
<ieure>It's very, very difficult to run a Debian package repository that works as well as the official ones. Guix channels are dead simple.
<ieure>(Where "as well as the official ones" means, more or less: incremental updates, support for multiple releases, and signed packages/release info)
<nckx>Guest94: looks like it's still not resolved, but at least they are still responsive.
<peanuts>"Change the license of Open Watcom ? open-watcom/open-watcom-v2 ? Discussion #271 ? GitHub"
<ieure>You can make a half-ass Debian package repo in seconds. But it's very difficult to make a whole-assed one.
<nckx>Guest94: I'm the wrong person to ask. I found Guix packaging easy but came from Nix & Exherbo & Gentoo so it wasn't entirely new to me.
<Guest94>ieure okay, nice thank you for the encouragement, I plan to look into it .
<nckx>s/responsive/I misread GitHub's response quoting ☹/
<civodul>yarl: re ISC DHCP EOL, i heard about this a while back, and it’s a problem, but i have no idea what to do
<Guest94>nckx will check it out and then judge for myself :)
<civodul>Guest94: also, check out this newfangled interface to get started:
<Guest94>civodul awesome, thank you , I put it in my notes
<ieure>Anyone have perspective on bootstrapping a Guix Home configuration? I have a chicken-and-egg problem: the ~/.ssh/config, gpg and gpg-agent stuff I need to access the private repo holding it is the same stuff it sets up.
<ieure>One perspective might be "don't store it in a private repo." But I committed secret keys to that repo many years ago, and would prefer not to expose them.
<ieure>I think I have to make a separate thing that configures just enough to access the repo with the real stuff. But it seems complicated.
<ieure>Another perspective might be: rotate all the secrets so any key material in the repo has been verified inert. Unfortunately, some of those keys are for third-party systems I have no legal access to anymore, so I cannot.
<ieure>And while I hope my erstwhile employers have disabled any of my access, I don't want to potentially expose them, but also cannot verify that the credentials don't work.
<ieure>So I think the main repo has to stay private forever.
<civodul>ieure: if it has private material in its history, definitely
<oriansj>external key material on say a luks flash drive encrypted via a strong password?
<ieure>These days, all my key material is on the hardware token. But that wasn't the case when I set this all up.
<oriansj>and hopefully with a backup hardware token in a safe or locked box
<oriansj>as failure modes multiply
<ieure>Yes, I have alternate/emergency access if needed.
<oriansj>then use the hardware token to decrypt the private repo on setup
<nckx>Is emacs-guix incompatbile with emacs 30? Or is there another reason I'd get ‘Symbol's function definition is void: guix-emacs-autoload-packages’?
<nckx>Incompatbile is indeed my current mood.
<Guest94>is there something like sudo adduser $USER username in guix ?
<Guest94>I need to add an new user on the fly
<nckx>You can do so but it won't be persistent.
<nckx>I see no reason why manually invoking useradd would be preferable to editing your system.scm and reconfiguring, but both work. The latter just works better.
<nckx>nckx: It's not an emacs version incompatibility, weird.
<nckx>nckx: Actually, not sure where you got that ‘won't be persistent’ from, it's clearly bullshit.
<nckx>nckx: You're right, sorry.
<Guest94>nckx but guix says command not found, so adduser is not something, that works, right ?
<nckx>It will be persistent until you reconfigure.
<nckx>I've never heard of ‘adduser’.
<nckx>I have heard of ‘useradd’.
<Guest94>nckx my bad, thank you
<nckx>Not bad, seems like adduser is a Debian(?) perl wrapper around useradd.
<nckx>So both exist.
<nckx>Just not in Guix.
<nckx>(I can't find proof that it's a Debian extension, only people repeating that as fact, so take that with a grain of salt.)
<Guest94>nckx ah okay, did not know that either, I just though, that it was a typo from the person, how send me that command
<marco>I've a Guix system where `hostname` returns 'graviton.instanton' and `hostname -s` returns 'localhost'.
<marco>I expected `hostname -s` to return 'graviton'. What is the issue here?
<nckx>nckx: The issue was apparently that this was a fresh installation and you needed to log out & back in to make emacs see your packages (!?) you highly silly person.
<nckx>I could have sworn I once read a whole discussion on ‘should localhost be the canonical hostname or not’ but I don't remember where, or even the conclusion.
<nckx>I'm pretty sure that having ‘localhost’ as canonical is not a bug or issue though.
<lilyp>nckx on the emacs thing, stuff that ships from emacs itself should still work, but EMACSLOADPATH won't look at your $HOME otherwise
<nckx>And thanks, if belated.
<lilyp>you can get the same effect by sourcing the profile though (that's what that weird message is trying to tell you)
<nckx>Clearly, the lesson is that I don't reinstall my systems enough and I should do monthly drills.
<nckx>lilyp: Which weird message?
<lilyp>The one that tells you how to source your profile? You should get one after guix package $WHATEVER when a new variable pops up
<nckx>Ah. Unless you put ‘fixes’ in your .emacs and then keep testing with those ‘fixes’ trying to ‘fix’ it.
<nckx>You underestimate my genious.
<nckx>(I had some old manual 'load-path munging commented out in my .emacs, presumably from some dark time when this was needed for some reason, so of course the first thing I did was uncomment them. It didn't work, but it greatly frustrated debugging, so that worked.)
<nckx>marco: Have you tried adding an explicit ("" "my-preferred-short-name") entry like the 'add-extra-hosts example in the manual? I'm curious if that would work.
<mirai>nckx: got a minute?
<sneek>Welcome back mirai, you have 1 message!
<sneek>mirai, lechner says: / Hi, is there a way to deprecate or supersede service configuration fields?
<sarg>Hey guix, does anyone have an example of how to set up a network bridge? I am struggling to get it to work after a reboot because the service that is supposed to set it up starts before the interface has been renamed by udev and fails.
<nckx>mirai: Maybe. Kinda busy but occasionally have to wait for the machine.
<sarg>maybe I can somehow make the service depend on the presence of `/sys/class/net/<if-name>`?
<mirai>lechner: a specific mechanism no, but you can accomplish this by use of a custom-sanitizer and setting that field to a maybe-type. See mpd-service-type for an example
<mirai>nckx: no hurries, I've dropped you a PM
<mirai>sarg: I've never done it but it looks like a doable approach
<marco>nckx: Let me try.
<sarg>mirai, I've used `wait-for-link` from guile-netlink:
<peanuts>"Wait for net device to appear before creating bridge ? sarg/dotfiles@b5c0507 ? GitHub"
<podiki>sneek: later ask efraim any thoughts on status of mesa-updates for armhf? has barely moved on substitutes (bordeaux does better). aarch64, powerpc64le, and x86 all look good though
<sneek>Got it.
<efraim>podiki: I think it's progressing finally on Bordeaux
<sneek>Welcome back efraim, you have 1 message!
<sneek>efraim, podiki says: any thoughts on status of mesa-updates for armhf? has barely moved on substitutes (bordeaux does better). aarch64, powerpc64le, and x86 all look good though
<podiki>efraim: is there a public status/builds page for bordeaux?
<efraim> I've been looking here
<podiki>yes me too, just wasn't sure if it had the running evaluations and builds like the other ci
<Kolev>efraim, thanks for helping me with my audio. Looks like I just need to update alsa-lib?
<bdju> this looks neat. would love to see it packaged if anyone had time
<peanuts>"GitHub - hyprwm/hyprpicker: A wlroots-compatible Wayland color picker that does not suck."
<cbaines>podiki, is sort of the status page, it needs some more work though
<peanuts>"Activity Build farm"
<podiki>cbaines: thanks! looks nice for seeing what is currently running
<cbaines>for bordeaux, the similar thing to "evaluations" are done by and, so you can look there for information as well
<cbaines>e.g. you can see that armhf-linux builds haven't really started happening yet here
<peanuts>"Builds - Revision 8d2a5a3 Guix Data Service"
<cbaines>there's still more aarch64-linux builds that are higher priority
<podiki>gotcha, thanks