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<ieure>This seems to work, though it feels graceless to me:
<peanuts_>"debian Pastezone"
<ieure>I'll report a wishlist bug to improve this.
<Kolev>Efraim, posted about chromebook alsa lib to help mailing list
<Kolev>Hi Guix.
<lechner>Hi, is it possible to roll back a system remotely (i.e. corresponding to 'deploy').
<Kolev>Still having the audio issue.
<adanska>Hi Guix!
<Kolev>adanska: hi ☹️
<adanska>i feel like the home zsh service's omission of an alias field is pretty odd, especially when both the bash and fish services provide it. is there any reason why it's absent?
<adanska>it seems pretty trivial to implement, it would almost be a verbatim copy of the bash version
<ieugen>I have sent a patch for clojure-tools on the patches mailing list - however I am not on the ML
<ieugen>it did not appear in the archive yet - I imagine it is in pending
<ieugen>can anyone take a look?
<peanuts_>"Mail Archive Search: <clojure>"
<ieugen>cc elevenkb : it is the same patch I sent to you.
<efraim>if I use cross-libc and target the hurd will the correct glibc version be pulled in? or do I need to specify the hurd's glibc
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<henk-utrecht>Hello guix'ers, how can I contact the maintainer of python-xyz?
<henk-utrecht>There is an important but easy upgrade for python-pyyaml out
<efraim>from a git checkout of guix you can run ./etc/teams.scm list-members python, or you can send a message to guix-devel (or a patch to guix-patches) and I'm sure they'll see it
<henk-utrecht>@efraim, thanks I'll look into that
<efraim>is it possible that our llvm doesn't have support for compiling code for windows?
<gabber`>hi! i get "error: resize-fs-configuration-partition: invalid field specifier" for line 33 on -- what am i doing wrong?
<tribals>ieure: Continuing about package arguments, there is (guix utils) which also contains some helper functions (and macros) for keyword-arguments modification. Does not sure that package arguments qualifies that "keyword", though.
<slack15>howdy guys, I'm desperate, I can't figure out what is wrong, I've tried and tried and tried, but no luck
<gabber`>slack15: what seems to be the problem? what are you doing/trying and what is failing?
<slack15>trying to install guix the process is stopped at configuring, saying guile-git is missing.. but guile-git isn't missing from my understanding, but clearly missing from guix understanding.. I've tried both /usr/local/share+lib and /usr/share+lib
<slack15>I'm on slackware 15
<slack15>I decided to stick with /usr/share+lib since gnutls and everything else "site" related is in there. and both /usr/share/guile/site and lib, contains what looks like all the guile-git files it should need
<slack15>I just can't figure out why guix tells me gule-git is missing
<slack15>it should be noted I did not make-install, but used make-install into a fakeroot folder to package it and deploy it.. but this functioned without problems for scheme-bytestructures, which is a similar thing to guile-git, in that it's a site package
<gabber`>WDYM "tried with /usr/local/share+lib" is that a path? i think you can test the presence of guile-git by entering a guile REPL and executing "(use-module (git))" in there
<slack15>nah, I mean /usr/local/share AND /usr/local/lib
<gabber`>ok, but WDYM by "use". did you set some env var to (one of) these paths?
<slack15>I ended up using /usr/share and /usr/lib instead, not /usr/local
<efraim> these are my notes from when I last built guix from source
<peanuts_>"View paste CKNQ"
<slack15>I'm not using /usr/local/, and I did try to set guile_load_path to /usr/local/$path when I installed guile things there at first, but it made no difference
<slack15>so, I changed everything, and put everything directly in /usr instead
<slack15>I see
<slack15>but, I think both /usr/$path/guile and /usr/$path/guile is in my guile_load_path, should I still set it when trying to build guix from source?
<slack15>"sh: line 1: build-aux/git-version-gen: No such file or directory"
<slack15>checking if (git) is available... no
<slack15>configure: error: Guile-Git is missing; please install it.
<efraim>what distro are you on?
<efraim>oh, I see you said slackware15
<slack15>these site packages, they are somewhat like Perl, right?
<slack15>I don't need to do something with guile manually I suppose
<gabber`>they must be available by setting the path correctly
<slack15>gnutls works with /usr/share/guile/site/3.0 path
<slack15>so did scheme-bytestructures when I installed guile-git
<slack15>so, the guile_load_path should work fine
<slack15>everything SHOULD work, but it's not working, which makes it so difficult to figure out
<slack15>the thing is, also, that bootstrap message, complains about the load path in the build directory: sh: line 1: build-aux/git-version-gen: No such file or directory
<slack15>it made me think I had to install guile-git in guix, but since I'm trying to install guix, that makes no sense
<gabber`>does build-aux/git-version-gen exist in your current-working-directory?
<gabber`>what's the output of $(ls build-aux/git-version-gen) ?
<slack15>but I just downloaded the source
<gabber`>i know. this directory should exist *in the source tree of guix*, which i suppose is where you start your ./configure and make commands from. or am i missing something?
<slack15>the directory exists, but not the file git-version-gen
<gabber`>do you have a git checkout or just the extracted tarball?
<slack15>there is a bunch of stuff in there, but not that file
<slack15>extracted tarball
<gabber`>maybe the file was deleted by accident?
<slack15>perhaps, how so?
<gabber`>probably by some human involved in the process....
<gabber`>maybe start in a new tree with a freshly extraction of the tarball (or just git clone the repo)
<slack15>I download it again now, extract the tarball, that file is not in there
<slack15>I download it again now, extract the tarball, that file is not in there
<gabber`>did you run ./bootstrap ?
<slack15>same message on bootstrap, that file is missing
<gabber`>which tarball did you download?
<slack15>I suppose that is the reason for the problem it seems
<gabber`>and you are following these instructions: ?
<peanuts_>"Binary Installation (GNU Guix Reference Manual)"
<attila_lendvai>some of the calls to display-error are wrong in ui.scm. it leads to: Wrong number of arguments to #<procedure display-error (_ _ _ _ _ _)
<slack15>uhm, no, I download from source
<gabber`>slack15: sorry, i seem to be somewhat incapable to read :(
<slack15>I just follow ./bootstrap, ./configure, make regular thing
<slack15>like regular instructions for these source packages from guix/gnu
<slack15>nothing unusual
<slack15>not that it should be relevant, but instead of make install I package and deploy, but with guix, I haven't gotten that far on account of it saying guile-git is missing
<slack15>when inspecting the directories of */guile/site/3.0, everything looks like I suppose it should in regards to guile-git
<slack15>but I can't say I know 100% how a working file tree of guile-git should look, but it looks about right
<gabber`>ok, i get the same error message ("sh: line 1: build-aux/git-version-gen: No such file or directory") but there is no hint towards failure of either ./bootstrap or ./configure
<slack15>perhaps I try an earlier version of Guix
<gabber`>i think if you get guile-git in your GUILE_LOAD_PATH (you can pre- or append any path to that env var) you should be fine (if no other issues emerge)
<gabber`>slack15: please don't. v1.4.0 is already quite old (in Guix parlance)
<gabber`>and i'm rather sure all the versions need guile-git anyways
<slack15>I did read a little in ./configure and ./bootstrap, but I can't exactly figure out what it does looking for guile-git, so I didn't really get very far with that
<gabber`>as soon as $(guile -c '(use-modules (git))') stops throwing errors (and returns 0) you're ready to go on
<slack15>I know that
<gabber`>what is your $GUILE_LOAD_PATH set to? and where is guile-git installed to?
<slack15>but that's the problem, I've tried all to get past that problem, and everything looks like it should work fine, but it doesn't
<gabber`>so the above code with guile and use-modules works?
<slack15>sh: /usr/share/guile/site/3.0: Is a directory
<gabber`>that's not good
<slack15>why not?
<slack15>that's where my extensions were installed with --prefix=/usr
<gabber`>where does the error message (the one starting in "sh: /usr/share") come from?
<gabber`>the GUILE_LOAD_PATH LGTM tho
<gabber`>and there's git.scm and the git/ directory in that location?
<slack15>bytestructures/  git/  git.scm  gnutls/  gnutls.scm
<slack15>everything looks like I suppose it should
<gabber`>and what's the output of `guile -c '(use-modules (git))'`?
<slack15>git/bindings.scm:66:8: In procedure git_libgit2_init: Function not implemented
<slack15>the rest looks unimportant, and I suppose I can't just paste it here anyways
<gabber`>use a pasteboard (:
<slack15>actually, this..
<slack15>In unknown file:
<slack15>           1 (primitive-load-path "git" #<procedure 7f46c7a26360 at …>)
<slack15>In git/bindings.scm:
<slack15>     66:8  0 (_ . _)
<slack15>git/bindings.scm:66:8: In procedure git_libgit2_init: Function not implemented
<gabber`>please don't paste directly in here
<gabber`>it seems like you don't have libgit2 installed ? i am no expert in that question but i suppose you compiled and installed guile-git without *any* error messages?
<gabber`>for Guix' libgit2 we use the commit tagged "v1.3"
<slack15>I used source tarball 1.7.1
<slack15>I have libgit2 installed
<slack15>it was a prerequisite for guile-git
<gabber`>the error message above hints towards a different interpretation of the situation (but i can not know)
<slack15>this is what guile-git tells me on ./configure
<slack15>checking for libgit2 >= 0.28.0... yes
<slack15>but I put that in /usr/local still
<slack15>since it's a regular lib
<peanuts_>"guile.scm\packages\gnu - guix.git - GNU Guix and GNU Guix System"
<gabber`>hints towards
<peanuts_>"libgit2 1.4.3 directory owner validation breaks Guix"
<gabber`>but i'm not entirely sure these are actually related to you issue. maybe considering another installation path might be worth your while?
<gabber`>although i'm also not sure installing via the binary way would simplify the solution
<slack15>trying to make a reproducible build for Slackware, so another path is not really a great option
<slack15>can you give me a gist of your understanding of "owner validation"?
<gabber`>installing Guix thorugh a binary doesn't compromise the reproducible builds generated with it - you can (as soon as Guix is installed) rebuild the whole world reproducibly and check the integrity.
<slack15>it does for a source based distro
<gabber`>you can check later on whether your builds are bit-by-bit identical to the ones that were bootstrapped, so no
<gabber`>ACTION is afk for a bit
<slack15>from those links, the people there seems to hint that the issue is with guile-git
<oscarvarto>Hi! Is the  emacs-pgtk-xwidgets package compiled with "native-compilation" support?
<oscarvarto>How could I tell?
<gabber`>oscarvarto: you can have a look at the package definition. i.e. $(guix edit emacs-pgtk-xwidgets)
<gabber`>is it possible building qemu-minimal with a --system command takes *veeery long* / many resources? my build attempts seem to get stuck and i need that dependency to build $(guix system image --system) stuff
<gabber`>guix weather even shows 100% for qemu-minimal --system=aarch64-linux (on bordeaux, at that specific point in time)
<slack15>using libgit2 commit v1.3 makes no difference and throws the same problem
<gabber`>slack15: are you sure the correct library build is being used and not one installed previously on your system? i guess libgit2 is a rather common occurence on modern systems
<Guest7816>Hello, I'm trying to set up the iptables service, but my rules are not being applied. I followed exactly the directions in the manual under Networking Services. When I list the current iptables rules I get a lot of weird rules, but none of my own
<slack15>I package these files, and use a simple system to deploy and remove them, and I removed them.. /usr/local/lib64/ shows I'm pretty sure they were removed properly and only the new libgit is in use
<slack15>it's also not a default part of Slackware
<slack15>I suppose that leaves the option to try that patch in your links.. but I don't exactly understand the concept of "owner validation" in this context
<slack15>it does seem related
<slack15>guile-git can't properly bind with libgit2, and although guile-git installs, it is not what guix expects
<slack15>or guix use the "owner validation" and it hasn't been implemented in guile-git properly
<slack15>thus no libgit2 bind to guix, I suppose
<gabber`>Guest7816: have you restarted the service after reconfiguration?
<slack15>guix test for guile-git during configuration seems rather complex, and takes some time, but that was also the case with guile-git test for scheme-bytecodes, which passed
<gabber`>slack15: what's the output of $(sudo ldconfig -v -N)? does it include libgit2 in the correct version?
<Guest7816>gabber`: it is a vm image. So the whole vm is created from scratch every time i reconfigure
<slack15>in /usr/local/lib64 --> ->
<gabber`>Guest7816: i have little to no experience with iptables-service-type, but if you share your config (either the relevant parts or the whole thing) we could glance
<gabber`>over it. please use a pasteboard for that (:
<gabber`>slack15: hmmm
<slack15>iptables service?
<slack15>you load and flush iptables
<slack15>no service
<gabber`>it's a service in Guix System
<Guest7816>gabber`: it's the exact same as in the documentation, except for the contents of the rules.
<Guest7816>the problem is not in my configuration of the service
<slack15>perhaps the rules?
<gabber`>Guest7816: you could search /gnu/store for the existence of the file you pass to (ipv4-rules) -> $(echo /gnu/store/*-your-file-name)
<gabber`>Guest7816: have you checked the logs? maybe they have hints for you?
<Guest7816>the rules are fine, they were copied from the (autogenerated) rules file on an existing system
<slack15>Guix is quite fascinating to me
<Guest7816>What logs?
<slack15>both the distro and manager, it's quite beyond my understanding though, from reading about it (although I have briefly tested both guix distro and manager in the past)
<slack15>a very interesting concept nonetheless
<gabber`>ACTION is tempted to state that that's what happens if a bunch of hackers refuse to clean up for 40 years of hacking and suddenly *cough* desire for reproducibility of our little end-devices emerges
<Guest7816>I don't use an actual file to pass in the rules, but use a `plain-file` like described in the docs. Anyway, I searched for the filename of the fake file, but it was not present in the store
<gabber`>it's not a fake-file! it's as real as it gets! it's a simple (or: plain) text file that gets to live immutably in the store - as soon as it is created
<slack15>when I tried the distro, I could quite wrap my head around what was happening/what I was doing, haha... I'd like to rectify that with guix manager.. and well, it's very useful in practice for many Slackware users
<gabber`>if you can't find it in your store it might not have been created, hinting towards either the configuration that is being used or the command that is supposed to make use of it
<Guest7816>found it
<Guest7816>I searched for *exactly* the name, but it was prepended with stuff
<gabber`>slack15: if it is useful in practice for Slackware users then i'm sure there's a way to install it?
<gabber`>Guest7816: i had an asterisk in the command i showed you .. for a reason :)
<Guest7816>anyway, here is the relevant part of my config:
<slack15>that reminds me, there is another path for me to try to troubleshoot this issue
<Guest7816>And this is the command I use to build the vm: guix system vm system.scm
<Guest7816>But as you see everything is fine there
<gabber`>Guest7816: have you tried simplifying it down to maybe just one rule? what's that "*nat" on line 2 (the first non-commented line)?
<Guest7816>I could do that
<Guest7816>dunno, I've made this set of rules interactively by using iptables commands. I would guess it is the nat chain?
<gabber`>ACTION has not the slightest clue
<slack15>no current maintainer of guix packages for Slackware, hasn't been since guix-0-12.0, so that's not exactly helpful now, hmmm.....
<slack15>that just leaves me figuring out the issue, haha
<slack15>so, what's your involvement with Guix anyhow? gabber`
<gabber`>i'm a user
<slack15>only/mostly use Guix as a distro?
<Guest7816>turns out it was working all along, I just used the wrong iptables command to inspect the rules and was confused by the output being different than what I expected
<slack15>hah, nice
<gabber`>slack15: not "only" but i guess mostly
<gabber`>Guest7816: happy it works!
<Guest7816>I'm embarrassed
<gabber`>don't be. it (apparently) happens to the best
<Guest7816>Glad I was on a guest account ;)
<slack15>there are quite a few newbies using Slackware, and they, and many non-users often whine about the lack of a "package manager".. I think for some of those people, Guix is a perfect solution, and likewise for my curiosity
<slack15>I mean, Guix manager
<slack15>some people just want it easy, I want it difficult ;)
<Guest7816>slack15: then guix is perfect for you ;)
<slack15>such things happens all the time Guest7816, we've all done it at some point
<gabber`>slack15: if your problem remains send an email to the mailing list. the IRC channel is either frequented by people who can help you - or it's not. the mailing list is a more sure way to get actual help
<slack15>yea, I need to figure this out. I'll take a break and just do testing of that patch to see if that goes somewhere, but I've been stuck on this for a few days already, and it makes no sense to me.. it looks all dandy and like everythig SHOULD work, but it just doesn't, and it's puzzling..
<slack15>if I was to make a wild guess, something is wrong with guile-git... that's the last bit that was installed, and that's what Guix complains about too..
<slack15>that's also why I think that patch might be worth looking into
<slack15>besides that, last update of guile-git was 2 years ago
<slack15>but in theory, looking at the patch, it should have worked by rebuilding with version 1.3.0 of libgit2, rolling back from the previous version 1.7.1
<slack15>but, I might try on a clean Slackware 15 too, and also another build environment just for testing sake
<slack15>I would try the clean Slackware 15.0 later, but my current environment could be messed up somehow, although it should be clean in theory
<Altadil>Hi all, if one of you wonderful experienced guixers is feeling like spending some time helping a noob, I’d like to humbly request a review for
<Altadil>It’s objectively not important packaging work, but I’d like to learn from feedback before sending more things. :)
<peanuts_>"[PATCH] gnu: Add pantheon-stylesheet."
<slack15>other than that, it should be straight forward and easy to get Guix to install on Slackware, rather one of the easier distros to install it (manually) on
<gabber`>Altadil: i think the plural of Guix hackers is still Guix ;)
<Altadil>gabber`: oh ok, I’ll keep it that way then. :-)
<hapster>hej guix o/
<sneek>hapster, you have 1 message!
<sneek>hapster, nckx says: #emacs, yes.
<hapster>unmatched-paren: Do you have a blog where you post other lisp-/scheme-/guix-related content? I really digged your series on Guix :)
<hapster>hej guix o/ (sorry, testing if my registration was successful)
<gabber`>hapster: \o
<hapster>gabber`: Thanks :)
<podiki>hi guix!
<attila_lendvai>is there anyone running guix on a Banana Pi BPI-R3? is everything working wrt networking? i'm considering buying one and replacing my home router with it.
<Guest7816>Is it possible to configure vlans on guix?
<ieugen>hi, can I find a sponsor to take a look at ? :D cc elevenkb
<peanuts_>"[PATCH] Upgrade clojure-tools to + clojure-tools-deps transition"
<peterpolidoro>I would like to make a package using gnu-build-system and the git repository contains multiple Makefiles buried in subdirectories. How do I specify the location of the Makefile and can I build multiple binaries using multiple Makefiles in one package or should I make one package per Makefile?
<gabber`>attila_lendvai: i guess this should be possible :)
<lechner>peterpolidoro / i might try to override the 'build phase with (system* "make" "-f" makefile) etc as needed
<lechner>Hi, can someone confirm this bug is 'guix shell' please?
<peanuts_>"lechner/shell-bug - shell-bug -"
<InstNEON001>Maybe the documentation is not up to date, maybe the package online search is not either, but where can I find the latest GNOME for guix?
<lechner>InstNEON001 /
<peanuts_>"gnome.scm\packages\gnu - guix.git - GNU Guix and GNU Guix System"
<Guest781`>guix's grub-install doesn't work. When trying to bootstrap a disk via `guix system init` I get "error: unknon filesystem" from the guix grub-install. However, if I run the exact same commandline flags for a working grub-install on th
<Guest781`>on the same computer from arch, it works
<lechner>Guest781` / grub-install probably can't find some of its files. what's the command, please
<Guest781`>sudo /gnu/store/6aka8zyrwd22i4ffyw3pwnqrxh36v052-grub-efi-2.06/sbin/grub-install --bootloader-id=Guix --efi-directory /mnt/boot/efi
<Guest781`>It is probably not very well supported to bootstrap a system install from a foreign distro
<lechner>Guest781` / it is
<Guest781`>more words please
<peanuts_>"Running Guix on a Linode Server (GNU Guix Cookbook)"
<Guest781`>That looks pretty standard I think, doesn't seem to be anything special required
<Guest781`>oh wait
<Guest781`>bootloader stuff
<lechner>Guest781` / does arch ship the guix package manager?
<Guest781`>but that part is working okay, I've been running guix home for a while now
<lechner>do you plan to retain arch?
<Guest781`>for the moment yes
<lechner>which part isn't
<Guest781`>`guix system init` isn't
<Guest781`>because of the grub-install error
<lechner>Guest781` / which type of filesystem?
<Guest781`>the efi is a vfat
<lechner>is the error about that one?
<Guest781`>it doesn't say
<Guest781`>error: unknown filesystem.
<Guest781`>that is the whole error
<Guest781`>But after reading your link a bit more thoroughly I see that they had a hack to avoid installing grub, so seems like this is a known problem
<lechner>guix system init fails, right?
<lechner>what's arch got to do with it?
<Guest781`>it is the foreign distro I'm on
<Guest781`>I don't know if it has anything to do with it
<Guest781`>But might be worth mentioning
<lechner>you wrote that arch does not ship a guix executable
<Guest781`>Yes, because you asked me about it
<lechner>how did you boot?
<lechner>efi or mbr?
<lechner>what's the output of efibootmgr, please?
<lechner>also, if you booted into Guix, Arch is not being foreign
<Guest781`>I'm not booted into guix
<Guest781`>I'm on arch like I said
<Guest781`>Why would I say that if I was booted into Guix?
<lechner>how did you get a guix executable?
<Guest781`>from the internet
<Guest781`>Following official instructions
<lechner>sudo bash | curl ?
<lechner>how have you been using guix home?
<Guest781`>guix home reconfigure home.scm
<Guest781`>But can we stay on topic?
<lechner>d you want to boot guix?
<Guest781`>I'm trying to bootstrap a disk for another machine, on which I will boot guix yes
<lechner>i'd use a usb stick
<Guest781`>Much easier to do it like this
<Guest781`>The config is on this machine
<Guest781`>I'd rather figure out why this doesn't work than to keep having to do an impractical thing for the rest of my life
<lechner>well, i don't. i have a three week old baby in my arm and type with one hand
<Guest781`>Are you one of the developers/maintainers?
<tribals>Hi, folks!
<Guest781`>the whole point of guix is to define systems in config files and to deploy/install/reconfigure from these. Using a bootable usb and doing manual labor is not the guix way of doing things when there are very nice tools like guix system init. This also introduces undocumented steps to the setup process, while just running a config is selfcontained and repeatable. If you don't want to help me then don't but don't be a jerk about it. And
<Guest781`>don't use your baby as a weapon
<tribals>How to add more channels system-wide? Is it possible to do so using some service configuration?
<lechner>nckx / Hi ^
<vivien>I have the feeling that package tests cannot open any server, even on localhost, in the build container
<vivien>Is this true?
<lechner>vivien / probably, which package please?
<vivien>The one I’m trying to package
<vivien>If this is true, how can we run a xorg server in the build container to run GUI tests?
<vivien>(we do if I understand correctly)
<lechner>sorry, i think i misunderstood you use of localhost. the loopback interface should be available
<vivien>Mmh that must be it
<vivien>Maybe the containers can’t listen to "any interface please"
<vivien>(or rather, every interface)
<vivien>xorg must do the stuff in a clever way
<lechner>a network wildcard should work, if that's what you mean, but my experience there is limited. it may be worth a message to the mailing list
<vivien>lechner, that was a pebkac-type problem, localhost network works
<lechner>vivien / yay!
<Andronikos>Building guix 1.4.0-14.a60ff46 on ARM aarch64 returns "Signals delivery fails constantly at GC #114". What does that mean?
<peanuts_>"Shell-mode: File completion breaks editing previous commands"
<ulfvonbelow>my understanding is that happens when some signal used by libgc is either blocked or not handled for an extended period of time
<ulfvonbelow>SIGXCPU I think?
<Andronikos>It tries to apply 26 grafts on guix 1.4.0-14.a60ff46 and fails with that error message. Is this my fault or is it broken?
<Kolev>My audio doesn't work.
<Guest781`>Okay, I tried to install using the usb installer now, but that one also fails on grub-install with "error: unknown filesystem"
<vivien> has already been applied (8cd5eebd11f8cf72c0b560e5bca538a8615edf83), so it should be closed I think
<peanuts_>"[PATCH gnome-team] gnu: adwaita-icon-theme: Update to 44.0."
<luis-felipe>lechner: I hear you're typing with one hand. Maybe give ibus-speech-to-text a try:
<peanuts_>"ibus-speech-to-text ? Packages ? GNU Guix"
<luis-felipe> it needs a lot of ram but maybe your machine can handle it
<luis-felipe>ACTION dictated the text above to the machine using ibus-speech-to-text
<Gooberpatrol66>does anyone have powerdevil/brightness slider working in KDE?